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Boom Shaka lyrics - Rebel-Lion

Press Along

Original and similar lyrics
dreadlocks natty deh pon a mission dreadlocks its the time of decision this world theres so much pollution mankind is headed for extinction physically fit well fit spiritually fit well fit this race is not for the swift but for the one who will endure to the end press along press along press along be strong why does the wicked reign so long? all JAH children press along press along press along press along be strong dont care what they say youre not wrong all JAH children press along in this time we break down those barriers these are the walls that separate us JAH music comes in every town them that have ears let them hear you take away the truth and justice pillars and foundatins of reality and force on us confusion and hypocrisy in a world that is crumbling down clean up time yes JAH reveal it clean up time dont be left behind press along press along press along be strong why does the wicked reign so long? all JAH children press along press along press along press along be strong dont care what they say youre not wrong all JAH children press along dreadlocks the root the root the root JAH see and know all things the stone that builder refuse will always be the head corner stone dreadlocks the root the root the root JAH see and know all things the stone that the bulder refuse will always be the head corner stone

Stone Rill

Ens Cogitans
Once upon the time I was traveling, Burthened with a Task. Sad'n'aweary. The Gloaming inside of me deepened with my ache. No one can be free, and no one can succeed against. Have you seen my childhood? Time, when I was just myself! When I had no bounds! When I really dwelt and felt! Traceries are painting the Sky. I have no brines in my orbs to cry, Have no stay. I'm wandering like a fenceless fetch, Trying quietude to find and catch. I am a stray. Moonlight mesmerizing me. My emotions turn into Stone Rill, Hyaline in. Stone Rill is unique. It controls Beings. Everyone sees what they want to see. Sensitive ones hear the water's babbling. For the others it is stone debris. Nascent cogitation scare. I am, unmurmuring, pursuing my fare Via my being. BLACK BROTHERHOOD: My playthings - quite docile. Obey me like a sheep flock. Each action - just self-wile. And even Life given them as a taunt. I heard, but couldn't behold The Waves of dole. Stone flowed, And it were charming tears, I couldn't sob with. And every time that we return, We do forget preceding lives. And water turns into dead stone. Get back your haze and sightless eyes. Doomed Nous' sigh. Eyesight always lies.


TOM JONES "Say You'll Stay Until Tomorrow"
Everyday my papa would work To try to make ends meet To see that we would eat Keep those shoes upon my feet Every night my papa would take me And tuck me in my bed Kiss me on my head After all my prayers were said And there were years Of sadness and of tears Through it all Together we were strong We were strong Times were rough But Papa he was tough Mama stood beside him all along Growing up with them was easy The time had flew on by The years began to fly They aged and so did I And I could tell That mama she wasn't well Papa knew and deep down so did she So did she When she died Papa broke down and he cried And all he could say was, "God, why her? Take me!" Everyday he sat there sleeping in a rocking chair He never went upstairs Because she wasn't there Then one day my Papa said, "Son, I'm proud of how you've grown" He said, "Go out and make it on your own. Don't worry. I'm O.K. alone." He said, "There are things that you must do" He said, "There's places you must see" And his eyes were sad as he As he said goodbye to me Every time I kiss my children Papa's words ring true He said, "Children live through you. Let them grow! They'll leave you, too" I remember every word Papa used to say I kiss my kids and pray That they'll think of me Oh how I pray They will think of me That way Someday

Teach The Children

Eric B. Rakim "Don't Sweat The Technique"
No more time to pass time 'cause these are the last rhymes, 'Cause we're living in the last times... They wanna go to war, more wars to come But most of us fight more wars than one Discrimination in the racial nation While they destroy our strong foundation Nature's balance is way off balance They tip the scale, now it's no more silence The hole in the ozone layer is outta control But they wanna fight for more oil and gold Unemployment, I got laid off The streets is the last resorts to get paid off For more, more mint, no doe for rent I gotta shed blood to make a red cent Maybe I should ask the president Somebody give me the president But he don't want to hear it, it's out of the question 'Cause in my section it's worse than recession So I go to a rich neighborhood and play Robin Hood Take from the bad and give to the good First I go to Bensonhurst, steal a Benz, snatch a purse Pick up my friends, that's when it gets worse 'Cause I need government and they need government Alot of mint spent, now I gotta pay rent Who makes the most dead presidents in the projects You're gonna get robbed and wrecked I parked up the block to plot on a kid that made a knot Let's get him for all he got I approached him slow like I was a basehead Put the fo-fifth to his face and said You see those kids over there wit the hoods Walk to them real slow and give them the goods First the gun and the doe and crush the jumbos One false move and no one knows 'Cause I got a silencer to hush the bust And I'm in a rush, so hush the fuss Plus the poison you fed will no longer spread You good as dead, I'm a fill your head wit lead That's when I pushed him into his building To murder him ...but I remember the children... chorus: We gotta teach the children everyday, keep a song Show them the light, teach them right from wrong Make some sense so they can carry on Teach the children We gotta teach the children so that they can sing along Understand the words in this song Can't be done when we're gone, so... Teach the children ,save the nation I see the destruction, the situation They're corrupt, and their time's up soon But they'll blow it up and prepare life on the moon Sounds like Total Recall But who gotta spaceship, you get it, we fall So hope for the best and expect the worst The end is near and it's U-N-I verse... The one's that interfere wit nature Labeled you limited and underrate ya, His plans over rule when he separates ya Now it's U-N-I verse, the one that hates ya So we gotta let them know, we're hip to the script Change the skit, or we're about to flip 'Cause we want access to happiness Livin' the good life and much success Equal opportunity Self awareness and unity Education, the kids need a sculpture Teach them the abacus and their culture... And that'll help stop the robbing, raping and killing Poison neighborhoods are illing But they import more keys from across seas A drug disease hits the streets wit ease So keep on building.... 'cause we gotta keep building Till the answers are filled in And make sure you don't stop till then... And if you do, remember the children!

Press Rewind

If you could press rewind and do it all again Would you change your mind, would you change a thing Would you make it easy, would you make it hard Would you play the game under another name Or ask the dealer for one more card [Chorus:] Bang your drum, sing your song Don't give up, keep the faith, it won't be long You've been high, you've been low Press rewind and let it go Have you had your say, seen all you wanted to see Or did your dream give way to reality Don't think it's all too late for you to even try Before you clip your wings, see what this life brings You've waited too long it's time to fly [Chorus] Do you believe in fate and what is meant to be Could you imagine life without a guarantee Would you appreciate that time was on your side A flash of second sight, a chance to do it right Is something money just can't buy [Chorus]

Children And Dogs

Graham Parker "Struck by Lightning"
INTRO: (A) B A E E A A (to get to the first B) B A B A She said she just wanted a friend And then she'd be good B A B A Something to play with now again And give lots of food C#m A B C#m We've got a yard that's big enough She says he's like a dream A E B A B But they've got us running round in circles Like a pair of clowns it seems CHORUS E A E A Children and dogs will always win Everyone knows that E A E A I won't work with either one again It's not in our contract E A (another A first time, 2nd time rpt last line)) Children and dogs Now I'm outside freezing to death Just walking the dog Instead of throwing myself at my wife I'm throwing a log We haven't slept for two nights He howls out at the moon The kid says sometimes he bites Can you bring a bunny rabbit home soon CHORUS A B Make you trip over your ankles Do all kinds of things that rankle A B E Make you wanna go and drink a tankful And remember when you were single INSTRUMENTAL CHORUS including Children and dogs C#m A B C#m The bedroom's got two carpets And one sticks to your clothes A E A B Let's take a photo of all of us Fixed grins in a family pose Chorus Key change up 2 semitones (F# B )

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