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Boom Shaka lyrics - Freedom Now


Original and similar lyrics
The sun will smite this concrete jungle today The rain will fall in Africa Sunrise rising in the east From where I stand I see Jah moon rising right over yonder From where I'm standing Jah love got the groove From where I'm standing Jah works got the move Despite the wickedness Jah love got the groove Despite the runnings (chorus) Rough system well rough Got to come Well red ready, red, red, red Down in South Africa, war, war War are go down there so One set a man got the means and the schemes The ways oppress the other one well Their darkest fears soon reveal I hear freedom fighters wailing in Soweto Brothers let me tell you I feel your pain Feel your strain chorus Longtime we root Longtime we dey ya so Longtime we fighting for what For what we really wanted Concrete jungle, concrete jungle well ram African, Blackman, Chinaman, Indian here Whole lotta love Look at the rainbow people out there A there so we born A there sow the roots now With our futures hanging in despair chorus

Come Here You

Carlene Carter "Little Acts of Treason"
(Carlene Carter) Well all the boys are talkin' 'bout your brand new car Drivin' the girls crazy like a movie star They say it's shiny black and really sexy Baby don't you know by now that stuff don't impress me I don't need four in the floor, three little words will do If you wanna get next to me, well, Come here you Come here you Hey, you can come on over here Come here you I'm ready, willing and able my dear Come here you Well, who do you think I'm talkin' to Come here you Well a girl like me needs verbal stimulation When we're down to the final negotiations I'm not puttin' on airs, I'm just tellin' it straight I feel an urgent need for us to incorporate Don't need Kreskin here to tell us just what we're gonna do Hey, pay attention boy, I'm talkin' to you Now, come here you, I love to watch ya walk that walk Come here you, I love to hear you talk that talk Come here you, do everything I tell you to Now come here you I must admit at times I may be overzealous But I've been tryin' out some things mothers never tell us Girls I'm here to testify to each and every one of you Every sin that's been committed, your little mamma did it too Oh! I'm sorry little darlin', look how you drive me to distraction Now let's get back down to business, how's about a little action Now come here you Hey, you come on over here Come here you, tell me what's a girl gotta do Come here you, I love to watch you walk that walk Come here you, I love to hear you talk that talk Come here you, do everything I tell you to

Genny Glenn

Kingston Trio "New Frontier"
John Stewart/Bob Shane/Nick Reynolds Well, I'm not gonna brag but I been courtin' all my life. They consider me a roguish lad, especially for my size. Chorus: And with you, and with you, and with you, Genny Glenn. I'll take you down to Glasgow Town and dance you home again. (Repeat) Now, Genny would come a-callin' while there was still some light. I'd sit her down with a pull or two. She'd stay most all the night. I'd put my arm around her and then I'd bar the door. There'd be laughin' and some squealin' like you never heard before. (Chorus) Well, a lot of girls would-a liked me and they're pretty, heaven knows. But there's something about my Genny that keeps me on my toes. She'd tickle me and squeeze me till I could hardly moan. Then she'd light out a-runnin' and I'd chase her half way home. (Chorus) Well, she wouldn't come to see me for about a week or more. She'd do it just to tease me 'cause she knew it made me sore. Then I'd do whiskey drinkin' till the jug was getting dry. I'd go lookin' for my Genny with a mean look in my eye. (Chorus)

Right Direction

Standing on this dusty road Listening to my radio If you could see me, I'd know you swear I'm a thousand miles from anywhere Well it may seem stong insane to you, baby But I guess it's just what I gotta do Just to get myself to where you are Don't you know I traveled many times as far Well I hope I'm headed in the right direction Got no time for making wrong decisions What could give me such a sense of mission Only love..... could've brought me here In the right direction Well it takes a strong man and a mighty wind To send me off to the places I've been It takes more than one of a tales to tell, baby Searching for some weak will And I'm, hope I'm headed in the right direction Got no time for making wrong decisions What could give me such a sense of mission Only love..... could've brought me here Everybody knows that love will make you crazy Make you play the fool that's so intoxicated So don't you be surprised if one leaves the afternoon I come knocking on your door baby Cause you know I'm not amused Well I may not pass this way again And if I do, I don't know when But it seems to me, unless I'm wrong, baby Our paths will cross before too long Well I hope I'm headed in the right direction Got no time for making wrong decisions What could give me such a sense of mission Only love..... should've brought me here (repeat 2x) Only love can set me off in the right direction (repeat until fade)

All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You

HEART "Road Home"
Was a late night, when he came into sight, standing by the road, no umbrella, no coat, so I pulled up along side, and I offered him a ride, he accepted with a smile, so we drove for awhile. I didn't ask him his name, this lonley boy in rain, fate tell me it's right, is it love at first sight? Please don't make it wrong, just stay for the night. Chorus All I wanna do is make love to you, say you will, you want me too, all I wanna do is make love to you, and your loving arms to hold onto. So we found this hotel, it was a place, I knew well. We made magic that night, oh he did everything right. He brought the woman out of me, so many times, easily. And in the morning we he woke, all I left him was a note, I told him I am the flower, you are the seed, we walked in the garden, we played in a tree. Don't try to find me, please don't you dare, just live in my memory, you'll always be there. Chorus We made love, love like strangers, all night long, we made love. Then it happened one day, I came 'round the same way. You can imagine his suprise, when he saw his own eyes. I said please, please understand, I'm in love with another man, and what he couldn't give me, was the one little thing that you can. Chorusx4

Concrete Jungle

JIM JONES "Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product Of My Environment)"
Yo, it definitely is a concrete jungle And yet, there's more to life than misery We have to have unity in our community We have to work together brothers and sisters (I'm from the ghetto) Yeah this is Dr. Ben, I'm with Jim Jones (Lord knows, I was on the run confused) DipSet forever (shit) We're talking about a concrete jungle (yeah it sure is a jungle) Life or Death, you have to choose life (I done seen it all, at least I think I seen it all) [Verse 1] I'm with my concrete jungle, no Tarzans and Janes (no swinging from vines) Diesel by the bundles, and the hard grams of 'caine (we on our grind) D's when they come through; it's hard to get some change Smoking weed getting drunk, in the car for a flame (slow down nigga) Yeah I see the traffic, but we dipping on the shoulder (break laws) Winter start to set in, it's only getting colder (dress warm) And I miss you all my political soldiers Most are doing life for moving bricks or doing hold-ups Damn I know we caught up in the fast life Some life a fiend when they caught up on the glass pipe (we pookie out here) Me, I'm still caught up from last night Same clothes from the club, on the block getting cash right (I'm on my G though) Damn, you know this world full of misery (pray for me) Some get tore up 'til they hurl off the liquor B (gettin twisted) Somebody told me that the girls need the chivalry (fuck a bitch) That's why I cop ice 'til they ass get the shivers B [Chorus] Ain't nothing sweet living in this ghetto (ain't nothing sweet about it) Been there, done that, running in the streets (running wild) Now put your lighters to your head, nigga ride I'm trying to make the most of my hustler (I gotta hustle) Been there, done that, so I can live out all my dreams (live out my dreams) Now put your lighters to your head, nigga ride [Verse 2] For the coke I would sleep hard But the game drove me nuts, in the streets, I'm a full-fledged retard Was the city block overseer Man your life is Chuck E. Cheese, mine is a pizzeria How many pies I done flipped? I lost count How many guys I done gave shit? I lost count Holding, but I can't ignore cheating Any day your life could be the hot topic at that board meeting They discussing who'll stretch you for your trees For your thievery, you living, you breathing for no fucking reason That's how it is when you make a man That's why your man's gotta learn to make himself Then you shake his hand Man, I'm into catching heavy clams And when Dezzy cans when it comes to dumping I got heavy hands Ain't gonna be right for your picking jet This is ours, the square is where we eat, this our kitchenette [Chorus] [Verse 3] I let my temper hit the floor I be staring through the mirror as I serenade my halls I'm fond of the juices that marinate they drawers My shorty, she bank a carrot with the four, cause If you take us out, the streets will evolve Some niggaz they live to eat, some niggaz eat to survive And my conscience keep disturbing me, fucking with my energy Niggaz that I thought was friends, really the enemy Dear Lord please grant me the serenity To accept the things that I cannot change Locked up for eight years and ain't join no gangs Been converted to true nigga, I'm as real as they come And any moment I have you staring the barrel of my gun Put my dick up in the streets, but I'm married to the slums Put the chips up in the ante and tally up the sum I'm having fun, hitting the fiends in the allies with some jums [Chorus] Alright, yeah but in choosing life, you got choices (oh yeah) The jungle is full of everything It's the mother and the father of creation (ain't nothing sweet about it) But listen up, you have to choose something for yourself Do something for yourself, make something of yourself That's what time it is (don't let go) Go strong, be strong, stand for something in life (all my young soldiers) Yeah, concrete jungle I can feel it, I can smell it (sometimes it gets hard) Jim Jones is spitting truth, the power (don't let 'em pull your car over) Now and forever more Making life the way it should be Ain't nothing sweet about it Make me want to scream and shout it But I know I got to hold on, and just roll on

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