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Original and similar lyrics
I'd be alone again A thousand voices call to me A cry that splits the night Woke up a soul inside My memory I chose to walk along To search and find my destiny So many lonesome roads Keep me away from where I long to be I lie awake and see a cold and empty room I sit alone and think of places I once knew Of friends that I had loved and left behind Oh how could I have been so blind (Chorus) Back home Where all the love is that I need Where my family waits for me Back home Back home I close my eyes and I would see Where the river meets the sea Back home There is no better place than home to me My home is where I find my destiny Instrumental I'm going home again And I just can't wait to see Old folks that I have missed A mother's tender kiss So soft, so sweet I'll hold her in my arms Like I'd never left my home My families my home Now I'll tell them that I miss them so I know I've been away so very long That I hurt you when I left and I was wrong And I see that home is where my heart belongs So hang on heart cause here I come Chorus X 2 Back Home

Break My Heart

ATB "Addicted To Music"
1. I can check out any time I like Nothing hurts like brave tomorrows At the end of your line Close the door and hide the phone Nip the bud and steal the branches That you're leaving behind CHORUS: I should have told you That's not the way That's no way to break my heart I should have told you That's not the way That's no way to break my That's no way to break my heart 2. I could tell by the way you walked I could tell by the way you gave me What I knew wasn't mine Doesn't matter if it's all night long Doesn't matter if you're gone by Monday Just as long as you're right CHORUS 3.I don't know what side you're on I don't know what makes you happy Except watching me cry Like a ghost in an old hotel Hanging onto bits of nothing I'm leaving you now CHORUS (2x)


ASLYN "The Grand Garden"
The smile on my face is cause you know that I know Everything there is about you and you can't live with that Go on and go and I'll stand by the door And watch you crawl to start a new life, I couldn't love that anymore Cause you've run out of time Give me back what's mine For the taking, man This is getting old You took my heart and you made a puzzle of it And now I'm left, picking up the pieces from it How long must it take to right a wrong, to mend a break? Can you put it back together, back together again? A piece on the counter and one on the bedroom floor And an unnecessary mag and piece lingers on the porch Don't look for forgiveness cause it's out of your reach Where I still feel the shadow of what you've taken from me\ So let the world stand still There's no space left to fill When you cannot find All you leave behind You took my heart and you made a puzzle of it And now I'm left, picking up the pieces from it How long must it take to right a wrong, to mend a break? Can you put it back together, back together again? One day, you will see You will think of me And you'll realize What you left behind You'll be on your own With this upon your soul You took my heart and you made a puzzle of it And now I'm left, picking up the pieces from it How long must it take to right a wrong, to mend a break? Can you put it back together, back together again?

Anita's Heart

Fernando Ortega "This Bright Hour"
She tells you how her canyon walks Can ease a mother's fear. The trails and big groves comfort her; She feels close to God out there. But that's just how she makes it through; She's given up a lot inside. And even in those spreading trees, She'll still break down and cry. Chorus: She's praying again her daughter will land with both feet on the ground. Nobody knows which way she'll go, or if she'll ever come around. Maybe this time she'll finally find the pieces that have come apart. And there'll be no more breaking, no more breaking either heart. She carries around a photograph Of her beautiful, coltish girl. In a big white shirt, her head tossed back - A free spirit in this world. You want to forget all that she's done And all she's compromised. You can close your eyes and believe that now She's the same girl in disguise. Chorus Her mothers heart, wide as the sea, Would rock her back on a rising tide. She cradles the memory, then lets it go... She has to leave the girl behind. Chorus There'll be no more breaking, (3x) No more breaking either heart.

Unsatisfied Heart

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN "Greetings from Asbury Park"
Sir I am a pilgrim and a stranger in this land once I had a home here my salvation was at hand I lived in a house of gold yeah on the far hill side I had two beautiful children and a kind and loving wife (chorus) and you live with unsatisfied heart, can you live with unsatisfied heart, can you live with unsatisfied heart, can you live with unsatisfied heart and one day a man came to town with nothing and nowhere to go he came to me and he mentioned something I'd done a long time ago I allowed him into my home on his vow that secret wouldn't see the light at night I lay awake in my wife's arms she sighed Joe are you alright (chorus) day after day, time yeah time passed on by but I could feel myself changing yeah changing deep inside one night I woke up and as my wife did sleep I got dressed in the darkness and I fled into the street (chorus) (instrumental) night after night the same dream keeps comin round I'm standing high on the green hills on the outskirts of town the night air fills my lungs and rustles my shirt I can see the house where we live the building where I used to work as I draw near the town's lit by a red summer moon I feel your arms around me I wake up in this room (chorus)

Prayin' For Help

T.I. "Urban Legend"
[Intro:] Our father Who are in heaven I will be thy name Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven Give us this day, our daily bread Forgive us for our trespasses As we forgive those who trespass against us Lead us not into temptation But deliver us from evil God is tha kingdom, tha power, and the glory Foreva and eva, hmp amen [Verse 1:] Man Im prayin fo help While I lookin at the life I left Its kinda hard not to hate myself But quiet is kept Right or wrong its just tha way I felt I might be better off prayin for death On my knees I knelt, Still tryin ta find a way ta except That aint a way I can help nobody till I save myself Technically Im still a slave myself I gotta climb out tha grave myself Man, I played myself But when I look at all tha fans i touched I ask how can a man whos done so much, be treated so unjust Cause I tried to inspire tha folks You wanna condem cause they sell dope Well man, show em tha ropes Be a fatha or a football coach A role model lord asemble tha hope Take anotha approach Instead of testifiyin againt em in court Handcuffin em and closin tha doe, so they can be worse than befo Cant you see they only do what they know And you wonder why they don care no mo Life aint fair, I know But why Im hated everywhere i go Next time you wanna compare my flow just know [Chorus:] Im prayin fo help Askin somebody else to give me a hand, Im tryin hard but i am only a man Man, Im prayin fo help Hopin somebody else could see what I see, its like tha hood only matter ta me They got me prayin fo help Hopin sombody eles can carry tha torch, Im all alone wit no kind of support While I was prayin fa help Realized i'on need nobody else, If god wit me i can do it myself Tired of just prayin fo help [Verse 2:] I know its only one king, one thing, one being only somethin I believe without seeing And with all my faith I pray somehow, some way, regaurdless of what anyone say I believe one day That Ima change my life, get right, start livin like christ, to tha end of my fight Ima be defendin my strife Till somebody come and shut off my lights I aint neva gon quit No matta how difficult its gon get And you can bet whateva on this Im foeva gon spit Harder than niggas hatin on tip You can take away and place it on tip I double my load Carry it as tha trouble unfolds Hold yo'lls, and I bet I dont fold Put that on my soul If it take till Im a hundred years old Bet Im reachin everyone of my goals No [Chorus] [Verse 3:] Hah, just so many times I don wished I could change my mind Change my life and leave tha game behind And its been so many days I don prayed I could find a way Find tha heart and tha time to say Only so many are blessed Wit so many chances, So many checks, So many fans, Wit so many arrests And its been so many deaths So many prisons wit niggas in there And tha system keep playin them to tha left Man, so many tests, So many hatas love seein ya stress But tribulations come wit being tha best Still its so many who flex Singin bout texts When they greener than shreks Sellin dreams, never seen in tha jets That's why Im seen as a threat So many stripes Off tha streaks of my vest When so many rappers get so little respect Now niggas faith on tha shelf Cause of tha cards that a nigga was delt Or tha heart that a nigga don delt So many niggas don left out of da hood Instead of givin back they stayed fo they self So many playin they self Instead of readin, educatin they self The ones that don even pray fo they self Got me [Chorus]

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