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Bolt Thrower lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
You watch in terror, in fear of your life Their execration revealed, only your death will suffice You cannot conceal, this reality from your mind As unknown powers, are unleashed upon mankind Unleashed upon mankind Running - in search of safety No escape - from the deadly wrath Screaming - you beg for mercy Silenced - by the searing blast You are forced to believe, this is for real Mind frozen with horror, as your body trembles in fear No prayers for deliverance, your gods you now forsake Summon courage from within, face your unperceived fate Unleashed upon mankind Awaiting - with expectation Impending - life's annihilation Annihilation Mass genocide - the resolution Now verified - out termination Now the stench of death, abides throughout the world As infesting plagues, cause agonies untold Unleashed upon mankind You are the final victim, no one else has survived Alone you now suffer, eagerly waiting to die The ending draws nearer, our extinction is justly deserved Through thoughtless intentions, this holocaust incurred The closing chapter finished, now face the torment and pain Through death it becomes clearer, mankind alone is to blame

Without Your Face

[Verse 1:] Somewhere in the sand On a beautiful vacation The water looks like glass Not a single wave is Breaking The sky's an orange red Sunsets for relaxation But a trip without your face Is a trip that's not worth takin' [Speaking:] Let me explain further... [Verse 2:] Half a million fans And none to rush or laugh with Pluto drops a beat Now me and Drake your rappin With groupies in the van We hit the pool to splash in But the fame without your face Is the fame that's not worth havin' [Speaking:] You get it? Not yet? Damn I really gotta drive this home huh? [Verse 3:] Stood on my own two feet and I fell No hooks cause I know these verses speak for themselves When I hit the ground right before my casket was packed Your body came from heaven and gave me the illest piggyback Fourth and goal with my soul your hands carried me You subtracted the bullshit before you added me One hundred percent so I am always fraction free I swear I multiply myself so I am about to be The definition of anything that you need from me So close your eyes and listen to the scenery This here be soundin like a stroll down easy street So make the face I love and let's run Cause a life without your face, Is a life that's not worth livin'

Vision Divine

I know all, mind set in stone, as I gaze in awe beyond the sky. Vision divine came to me, who we are, one true answer is mine. Around us all revolves, all that came to be. At his mercy all dies, enforced by the deity. Blind leads blind, prophets revealed, declares answers that he can = never know. Faith completes eyes are now sealed, all explained man's existence = controlled. From man's mind born a god, figurehead bestowed. Now he no longer sees, beyond the shell of his earthly throne. Divine right lost and retrieved, one more fool to explain eternity. The laws of what was, is, and will be, reclaimed refabricated = belief. A god dies one more born, from the mind of man. Once again truth denied, blind fools. Strain to see beyond their grasp. song: Hate I hate you and your kind, burned in me through time. Every facing thing about you I learned to despise. A vision etched in me, you I do not see. Just another random face, one of the enemy. Conditioned to despise, aggressive sense of pride. Replace the murdered unity, a quest to end your life. And as I see you fall, your life crumbles away. I am only glad that it's you instead of me. From an early age taught the way it's meant to be. Molding of my mind into a blur of hating fear. A world of black and white, clean divisions of the human race. Now I go to fight for my land the only thing I've ever known. It burns, inside, these thoughts of vengeance smoldered in my mind. The blows, repressing me to keep me under hold. Your hand, contorting, my emotions for so long. Enough, my hatred for your oppression explodes. Now rise, to fight, our vision blurred, our anger to unite. No fear, intimidation pushes down deep inside. As one, we ripped to shreds the Czar that held us down. In awe, the proud new owners of the tyrant's throne. Conscious of the adrenaline that overrides my fear. Aware of my developed power, my calculating mind. But blurred are my perceptions as I complete the final kill. Animal inside me wins, my origin in time. Drenched in sweat I wake, another vision of my morbid past. Knuckles white, a grip of fear recedes but still reside. Forever changed, the hatred twists my mind into a fractured state. Servant to my god, my country, slave to dark emotions. Thought. Unknown. Diseased minds, brainwashed through the passage of extended time. Born into intimidation, watched in every move. Turbulent, the hate inside me tapped I will explode. Used, enraged, I now become a valued tool, my inner self controlled.

Labyrinth Of The Mind

Evil Dead
(Music: D. Flores / Lyrics: J. Garcia) Deadly tumor in your brain, Can't think are you insane? Lifeless zombie you've become, Your fate lies in their hands, Vegetable to be, Death can set you free, One slip of the knife And you're paralyzed Enter the trauma room, X-rays show a jagged skull, Blood clot pressing at your brain, Prop the head make the incision, Aneurysm, power drill to saw, Needles nibbling under the skin, Silence you hear no sounds, Impending claustrophobic thoughts. Fight to cling to life / State of dementia Lobotomy! Labyrinth of the mind / State of dementia Insanity! Psychotic lunatic, Serial killer number one, Left no choice to the state, Except to correct your warped mind, Threat to society you've become, Now locked up in the mental ward, Ending life is your motive, Surgical guidance is your warning. Subconscious / Metal rage Brutal / Violent maze Transforming / Killing spree Torture / Inflicting pain Fight to cling to life / State of dementia Lobotomy! Labyrinth of the mind / State of dementia Insanity! Solos: JG, DF Deadly tumor in your brain, Time's here to end the pain, Lifeless zombie you've become, Your fate lies in their hands, Vegetable to be, Death can set you free, One slip of the knife And you're paralyzed.

(E.o.c.) Cross God's Face

Brainstorm (Metal) "Metus Mortis"
Silent surroundings, black skies On top of broken trust A face frozen with fear In memories dreams are lost Can a device, read my mind Just look in my eyes Black as pitch the picture is there (to horrify) but why should I care Raising hell and they're ready forfighting I know by the greed of a thirsty God war hunting humans and drinking white lightning my fear no you ain't got enough Shifting Shadows in a demons race Edge of chaos, cross God's face They have watchers everywhere But you don't know. (you will never know) Never born of the seed Took life from a barren hand Come from greed Like a child in the form of a brokenman Sadness in the heart Like a storm that ripped apart Walk through the ashes of man Will there never be an end


WU-TANG CLAN "Wu-Tang Forever"
[Method Man] Apocalypse Now Mind over matter next batter be Tical Put it on a platter how much uncut raw shit we dealin wit, murder track what Slang killin it, touched You feelin it, in your bloodstream deadly venemous elixir Hammer like Sledge that be Sister All and together now, follow me, the Mista Meth Candyman, farewell to the flesh Death come, in the scripture, two-thousand one Bring the rap arma-gedde-on, let it be known When you walk up in this Dead Zone wit all that wack shit, now you know you dead wrong, one thousand lashes [Raekwon the Chef] Detonate that, pussy Massengil rap cleanse that The kids rank, snatch collars off, while ridin off Float boat big boys, Oakland A's stashed away blades Ventilation let the sharks, ani-maze Somethin sheist like, seven butcher knives, rollin Rover style twice, finger itchy like lice hair fell out somethin to conquer, stomp ya like that cat Blanca Toy Tonka truck ten carat on ya monsta Ring Rocky like fuck switch sides like water rides The DAT bubble life preserve the other guys Now FUCK Y'ALL act wilda The style wilda than a praying mantis Chillin like [*long inhale*] [Masta Killa] As my brothers and I reign rebellious, changin the courses of time, devils no longer exist as God Cypher Divine, all minds one no question Now check it... Perhaps we can go through Lessons Or might SHOT me a pussy protestin Comin with that lip professin, you must take Allah for fool, where's his Jewel Was he usin Mathematics as a tool Tell me, the struggle is God and I came to build Shit is so real, inside you distilled Back in the form of mist You wishin you did the Knowledge before speakin Seekin, where you went wrong And why would I bring you such physical harm [Inspectah Deck] Yo, mind arson, my squadren, surround the Sound-Garden Guns for hire plus you under fire and a target Sniper in the cypher, I, Pied Piper Move the housing by the thousand, I watched out the Chrysler Bombs strike ya like the mighty Thor, blast the door Recite a page like a tidal wave, past the shore Two pulls, I'm wild like mechanical bulls Pack a full house, it's girls night out, pull a hairful Heavenly laced, stimulation make you feel slow paced I motivate and await my sober state [Ghostface Killah] Magnificent, heavenly the God stay bent Five Percent Range whippin soul controller of the lynch Mackin phone rings, Stephen King trauma down at Danzine My mood swings, suplexed off the rope, magazine Coconut jewels, wore no color shoe, knife annual Moses lost his sandal, hidin the manual Blow the vandal buggin off of Bon Jovi hits Grammer lo-ve, famous murder weapon was a trophy Seize posin in Oshkosh, guzzle cries Sabotage massage rap bandit at large Wolverine Carnation Milk, Wu denim jeans Thurston Howell the Third kid's back on the scene Call it chopped meat, cause every word is choppy My logic crunch all crows to death, Kobiyashi couldn't stop me Gettin caught up in my world, Haagen-Daaz world Backflip and then twirl, cave your whole world in [*gun blast*]

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