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Bolt Thrower lyrics

Through The Eye Of Terror

Original and similar lyrics
Humanity prevails, through the eye of terror A twisted reality - mutilated eternally Here now you shall stay to grow in strength return some day To seek revenge on human prey, mutilated as your mind decays Choas god took your soul, your destiny they control Warp your foom with power untold, watch as your life unfolds A warrior of chaos see, ripped apart internally Now face unreality, destroy mankind totally Through the eye of terror, a place no man dare go Through the eye of terror, worlds of chaos overflow For in the eye of terror, power of chaos wait To bring mankind's destruction, they come to seal your fate Lost now for ageless time, soon your gods shall give you the sign Unleash the power, vengeful wrath, destroying all within its path Fall to your knees, and worship me Your twisted minds - reality As vengeance takes its deathly hold Watch as the darkness unfolds I am your master - you are my son I'll take your soul - now we'll be as one Together we can rule the worlds Watch as the darkness unfolds The darkness unfolds

How We Roll '98

BIG PUNISHER "Endangered Species"
[dice being shook up and thrown, i.e. 'Tumblin Dice'] [Big Pun] You know I'm well known like Al Capone, fully blown like Ton' Montana In a zone, sittin on chrome, stoned sippin on cham-pagna Rollin ganja up in bible papers, see how high the lye can take us Through the eyes of Christ, John, Elijah, Jacob I make the kind of green a hustler dream Bustin out the custard cream Viper custom piped up with the mustard seams Clustered green Fort Knox and hard () medallions Mockin God even Italians see my batallion pull out the broad I got the +Squad+ over-qualified, pullin over Karl Kani Range Rover tilted, three-wheelted hydraulic slide Sparkin lye in the clouds and reppin my housin Like the Wu do in Shaolin [Chorus: A. Rios, C. Rios, V. Rios, Veronica] There's something I want to tell you (I want to tell you) There's something I think your crew should know Big Pun is the largest (so large) we straight out of the projects That's how we roll.. (that's how we roll..) [Big Pun] I keep my Desert Eagle cocked back in my tuxedo with my top hat What you broke motherfuckers know about that Lookin fat in Marc and Pelle leather like Fonzarelli Sparkin Phillies with the Gods like Makaveli On the celly blown Benz, chrome rims Shinin like the stone gems on my gold rings I got it sewn Twinz, I can't begin to tell you the story that soared me from livin poorly to a modern day Cinderfella I've been a killer and a drug dealer, a bugged nigga But now I'm like Puffy cause money's thicker than blood player I'm still a threat but now I think before I flip Call my connects together and figure which cleaner's the best for the hit I get the job done, Pun's handlin business Candlelight dinners, havin a toast with the most glamorous bitches My road to riches was no Christmas Now we blessed with gold Lazaruses so expensive my whole family's religious [Chorus] [Big Pun] Aiyyo I want it all you can call me greedy and superficial long as my crew's official and pulls they pistols soon as I whistle I'm tryin to triple a million and split it three ways Joe the God, Full Eclipse, and myself - that'll be the day I need a way to get it already got the ambition Start the ignition, watch for the NARCs in the marked Expedition I'm on a mission which requires a higher position Desire and vision keeps the fire inside of me glistenin I'm infinite like math, so I'm gonna last But you wanna laugh all day, bullshit and sittin on your ass I'm all about cash and the power A stash with the power that lasts like hittin ass for an hour Let's get it locked, I want a watch with baguetted rocks so I can clock hoes with the glow that never stops Forget the cops, we got Deserts and glocks too Ready to rock whoever tryin to stop our cheddar from stockin forever [Chorus - 2X (with variations)] [Big Pun] Straight out the PJ's Twinz, Soundview! Castle Hill, can't forget Bronx River Lil Villes.. huh, the Forest Projects, Eden Wald Bronxdale, the Bronx baby straight out the PJ's That's where we from

Frozen In Time

(Chapter 1 - Will Of Suicide) Here at Stonehenge I stand in front of my nightmare. Preparing to travel in a dream. = Far into a subconscious mindscape. The meditation begins today. = As the full moon passes away. Not knowing what's to tell. = Concentration of my inner self. As pure as a glass reflection. = I gain control of my matter and perception. With my Grimoire. = Near the altar at Stonehenge. Casting my conjuration. = Through mighty pronunciation. As the first word of power echoes... TIAMAT The moon becomes eclipse. = The one eyed typhoon. Absorbes the sky. = The winds amplify. With the smell of GORE GORE...GORE... BLOOD The... The yelling of the second word brings forth damnation... Come... THOTH I open wide my veins to unleash the putrid inside me. Escaping reality from my body. = Everlasting lust of death. Blood falls from the sky. = My staff held high. Capting energy from reality. = Breaking the flow time. Torment the spirit cry. = Lost into the agonizing storm. Deathless carion. = Light field protecting. From forthcoming damnless evil. = Focus my energy Creating a cone of lightning. = A black hole, an opening. Of a gate for my destiny. = Entering the world of ABSU I'm about to die. Vibrating, Body collapsed with my soul. Suffocating, My spirit sucked in the hole. Summoning, Demons from the ancient past. Binding, Negative forces within. Disintegrating, Unhuman beings. Deep in the hordes nest. = The battle of Damians. In the eternal darkness. = Azure of dark guardians. Attacked by entities. = Psyche power is fading. Abuse be mental aggressivities. = Terror, inflicted pain.=0BTrapped in trance, as I burn. Spiritual, Without time and existence. My lost hope, No escape, as I suffer. In my grave, In darkness, I will raise. From my fear, Infinity blind. Forever tortured, mind. FROZEN IN TIME...KUTU...

Across The Wire

alberto hits his brother on the back of the head, looks to the north as he starts to get up his brothers still sleepy grumbles it's not light yet, if you want a new life, what's a few minutes wait? darkness on the road and over the land into the laws and out of the hands from those with so much and no show of heart you'd think it'd be crazy to ask for a small part spotted an eagle in the middle of a lake resting on cactus, feasting on snakes but the waters recede as the dump closes in, revealing a whole lake of sleeping children poison in the stream that flows to the sea out on the waves that crash within reach of those with so much and so little to fear you'd think it'd be crazy to be so far away yet so near some say a new day will shine here over these catastrophes and horrors of misfortune, all across the wire Alberto y Hermano on the coyote's trail and dodging the shadows of the border patrol out in the wastelands wandering for days the future looks bleak with no sign of change darkness in the eye and down in the soul all across the wire to those in control holding so much with no show of heart you think it'd be crazy to watch it all fall apart watch it all fall apart


Ikon "This Quiet Earth"
There used to be a way now it's gone Suffer the weak suffer the strong All I ever felts was so wrong The choice I've made that's torn us apart Uncertain we wait the path unknown The power of hate the power we're shown And now it's too late for what's been done Cry for the weak and cry for the strong I find it hard sometimes to keep my faith alive This search my destiny will darkness follow me Awake from the storm we have grown A shelter of grief a shelter of stone My trust has betrayed all I know No choice I've made an endless decay In sickness I watch all has been thrown Surrender dictate how can we know Is it too late for what's been done Call on the weak and call on the strong I find it hard sometimes I push my faith aside The search what can it be now darkness follows me There must be a way that we have known Strength for the weak more strength to the strong No clouds of doubt will cover us all Don't hide from the truth don't hide from the cold More certain I wait and all shall be known The power of faith the power we're shown It's not too late now it's done No more are the weak all are the strong I found it hard sometimes I've kept my faith alive I found my destiny no darkness follows me (Appolyon Version), This Quiet Earth, Subversion (US Version) Secrets Within by Chris McCarter Dino Molinaro

Wishful Thinking

BIG PUNISHER "Endangered Species"
(feat. Fat Joe, Kool G Rap, B Real) [Chorus] [Fat Joe] What would you do if you could do the unbelievable [Kool G Rap] Once you rule the world every girl will want to be with you [Big Pun] First I get the money then I get the power [B-Real] B-Real of the hill eliminate the guitars [Verse 1: B-Real] Thinkin' of takin' a plane to take a flight out to the red light and smuggle 10 pounds of weed make it home tonight be the number 1 smuggler in the area got enough weed to fill up and air craft carrier erb slanger, Hasila Incorporated state to state and over seas gettin' faded buddah king had seen the green proton I'm bringing it on right back home to Don many different strains of erb in my brain I'm slippin' through customs in my hydro plane skunk and the one chocolate ty bud niggaz lets get high in the sky hit the blunts and the bongs, fill up the lungs, niggaz don't stop fools get sprung when they get there smoked up for crops like gettin' props, where all the soldiers in the board yo what would you do if the world was yours. [Chorus] [Kool G Rap] What would you do if you could do the unbelievable [Big Pun] Once you rule the world every girl would want to be with you [B-Real] First I get the money then I get the power [Fat Joe] Joey crack twist the caps enemys I devour [Verse 2: Fat Joe] Yo it's only a dream 16 battin' Beamers and Benz's lying penance with diamonds ill as lacin' in a face with avengances having blocks on in the lava parts dome my mankind with crime is how you shine if you can't rhyme dime droppers will give ya fad time if you sleep but momma single be mastera heater on city streets in the east I be known as Don Cartegena claimin' the () like () lacin' the china wit Menida to seller need repeater or be a leader like a preacher or presume a steeper peep the shit that I be on, sippin' Don until I'm drunk with a million in my trunk like Nikki Vons come on I be the top extortionist adopt adopted foster kids right out the muthafuckin' orphanage yea, I do it for the youth, I'm livin' proof all my peeps in the streets know I speak the truth. [Chorus] [Big Pun] What would you do if you could do the unbelievable [B-Real] Once you rule the world every girl would want to be with you [Fat Joe] First ya get the money then you get the power [Kool G Rap] G Rap bustin' the gats slangin' last by every hour [Verse 3: Kool G Rap] No doubt, I be the crime story of all ghetto territorys soldiers at war be blowin' up niggaz like glory with pharmasoticle lavatorys major to chemistry, PHD in streetology degree in drug industry combinin' HO with matter from crack batter rest it through molecules scatter launchin' rockets to make the pocket fatter mind bitin' an arm starts a crime G equals and MC dat aint near the square son I gets mine but yo the kill the fill with force fields and shields and holy steel, a nigga keep it real you know the deal, if the stakes ain't to high for me to grab I got's to have, stack all the cabbage from constructin' a drug traffic police a jam me in try to find a new pot to frame me in Aramians so I resort the evil thoughts like Damien this flame of fury to the D-A and the jury 100 grand the judges hammer slams I'm a free man. [Chorus] [B-Real] What would you do if you could do the unbelievable [Fat Joe] Once you rule the world every girl would want to be with you [Kool G Rap] First ya get the money then you get the power [Big Pun] Big Pun's the same son bustin' my guns for the Dollars [Verse 4: Big Pun] Yo, I'm walkin' waters spit fire and shit Hen-Dazs idolize no man like Conan and stand beside the guards be larger than life, twice as nice as ya idol pump you with pride, then guide you str8 to hell like the bible I'm lible to start manipulatin' minds infiltratin' clown 'm out the pitfalls of life entice with nickle plated nine it seems every time I'm dream I'm in a nightmare of fiend livin' a world of mothers and queens and men would fight fare [Fat Joe:] Hell Yea! I wish I could, I wish I could never forget this whole damn world aint shit I'm just a hood yo I change my life make my wife and get the chance for the pain and physical abuse, give her back her best years grab my chest hairs, pound my fist on the hard cement spark the scent, and cloud the sky till my heart's content repent and vow she be forgiven how could we be proud to live in a world which condems man, child, to women child to women.

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