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Bolt Thrower lyrics

This Time Its War

Original and similar lyrics
Within your mind, you feel a force Striving to gain control, it burns you deep inside No one can help you now You try to focus on reality, feel your mind slipping An outside air of composure, but inside you're screaming Inside you're screaming White blinding lights, now turns your world to black Alone in silence, you prepare to meet the final attack Your mind now out of control, a psychological disease Your greatest fears envelop your mind - Infect it with torment Now totally insane, you cannot remember your life before A final vain hope, as you grasp for the shreds The shreds of sanity The shreds of sanity You cannot hide the fear, confusion eats at your will You lived your life upon a knifeedge of sanity As your grip begins to fail, the words echo through your mind Look what has become of your world


Lunacy Sign of death In your thoughts and dirty eyes Losing mind Bloody arms Your fucking tired veins are incised Deadly pain Atrophy Soon you will suffocate Cracked brain Feel like dead Your reason in mutilation Alien I ives inside your fuckin' mind Controlling your life and all what you do This commander hates all mankino And now this bastard ordering to you Tear your flash Take in hand Your beating heart from your chest Drink all the blood From the veins And you will feel loathsome taste Take a knife Let loose hate And rip out your burning eyes Odliteration Fucking damnation You commit this suicide sacrifice There's the beast inside your morbid brain Commanding to destroy yourself You feel this fuckin' terrible pain But you can't break invisible cell Hey! You fuckin' fool! Look at your stupid face Now you passed this rules You're jackass in that case Searching problems for this stupid head This dumdum wants a lot to be dead He does not have all this buttoms I don't give a damn for these bastards I don't give a damn for suckers With their problems and their life God damn these fuckin' motherfuckers They may cut their neck with knife

Look For Something More

Brother Cane
(Johnson, Frederiksen) It's good to be so high It's good to be here on the moon I've seen it all collide, every time I look for something more But nothing seems to please my eyes And when I'm on the floor, I feel great, I feel fine, What the hell, come inside I can feel the mist it's falling Falling down upon my face I can hear an angel calling Calling me to grace Eat the seed and drink the water Let it grow inside my mind I believe I can find a heaven anytime I want everything And anything that it might bring So I let you in Never mind the way I'm livin' I'm running into empty space In a time where nothing's giving Exit to a better place Is it real or just obsession I'm higher than the sky... I look for something more

Can't Deny

It's late at night and no one's around And only my heart is making a sound I lay awake alone in my bed And I can't sleep should I call you instead I think of you far too much 'cause you, you're one of a kind I'm not like an open book 'cause I've got something in mind [CHORUS:] You know I can't deny the way I feel inside I won't be hiding my love You know I can't disguise you're always on my mind And now I can't get enough Give me love, I know that you can I like the strength of a confident man It's in my blood and all through my veins You feel it once and you're never the same Whenever I close my eyes you're there. I feel it inside But why am I holding in my love, I can't tell you why [CHORUS] I think of you far too much 'cause you, you're one of a kind I'm not like an open book 'cause I've got something in mind You know I , you know I, I can't deny Every day you're always on my mind You know I , you know I, I can't disguise Can't deny the way I feel inside [CHORUS]

I Don't Mind

Drain S.T.H. "Horror wrestling"
I wake up lonely your next to me I don't know if I've survived my sleep Don't you know me I'm your agony Don't detest me Try to live inside me I want to break through your skin but... I don't mind I don't care I can't see the sky from here What have you done? I don't mind I don't care I can't feel my soul down here What have you done? Your getting closer trying to leave Begging for mercy please let me be Can't you see it? Life becomes unreal Can't you feel it? Oh I'm inside your skin


PRIMER 55 "(The) New Release"
i can't stand your fucking bullshit, liar! turning me life into nightmares! pick apart my head inside, my head inside! [chorus] turn your back and you look away pray to god theres a brighter day feel my sanity slip away get me through another day it's my bed i made, i'll lie there my hole, my grave, i'm fine here these thoughts they cloud my mind the cloud, my mind [repeat chorus] [solo] how's your life without me so far you whore, you cunt, you suffer rehabilitate my mind, how's your life mines just fine...

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