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Bolt Thrower lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Remembering promises, Once made but now unspoken, Born of child-like minds, These shadows of the past are now forsaken. From the dawn of your first day, To this death bed on which you lay, To survive we must comply, With the ritual of your life. Can you remember things we said, The dreams our expectations, Like ashes scattered in the wind, There is no recollection. Throughout the passing years, Faith will allay your years, Follow the holy rites, In the ritual of your life. Life an endless ritual Continuation perpetual Throughout the passing years, Faith will allay your years, Follow the holy rites, In the ritual of your life. Try to remember if you can, The pacts we made most solemn, Hands of time have bought decay, Those memories are forgotten. Now as you reach the end, All pain you must transcend, When you die you can't deny, The ritual of your life.

All Life Long

Mo Thugs And Family
'MO' THUGS LYRICS All Life Long [Layzie Bone] Yeah, Mo' Thug [Felecia] C'mon [Chorus 2x: (Felecia, Layzie bone)] All life long Can we be in this forever? All life long (Our love lasts life long) [Felecia] They say that opposites, attract And I believe, that ain't nothin' wrong with that Cause you're the thug that I love and I'm down for mine I'll be there when you call at the drop of a dime [Layzie bone] I never woulda thought that I'd be your kind You so sexy, you so fine You play the front and I'll play behind But lately you always on my mind You the sun and you like to shine But I'm here to let you know I'm the moon and I like to glow But I be that thug for you fa sho [Felecia] Will you ride for me? [Layzie Bone] Always [Felecia] Will you die for me? [Layzie Bone] Constantly [Felecia] Stay tru to me? [Layzie Bone] Util my dyin' day And I'll do anything you want 'cause you my lady, hey [Chorus 2x] [Layzie Bone] If bein' a thug in love is a crime They might as well take me to jail They might as well throw away the key 'Cause livin' with out you was hell Wear my ring and be my queen I'm yo king it's like a dream Funny thing, how life can bring Together untouchable teams [Felecia] Nothing or no one Can take your place (that's right) With you by my side Anything, I can face You keep it tight And you got my devotion Just from me, I'm just tellin' you this Just to go through the motion [Layzie Bone] Will you ride for me? [Felecia] Always [Layzie Bone] Will you die for me? [Felecia] Constantly [Layzie Bone] Stay tru to me? [Felecia] Until my dyin' day I'll do anything you want 'cause your my baby [Chorus 2x] [Felecia] From sun up to sun I promise to down I ain't ashamed to show it I'll let the whole world know it [Layzie Bone] I can dig it I'm wit it It's L-O-V-E Little Lay and Fe-Fe Two deep when we creep Like Bonnie and Clyde We ride wit a heat Still flossin' off in these streets [Felecia] Now follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me Take this riding ecxtasy The magic takes me His and her Bentleys' [Layzie Bone] Ya spoil me with loyalty Thanks for the watch with rocks like boulders When you need to lean baby this your shoulder When you feel horny I got somethin' for ya girl [Felecia] Ooh now ya talkin' (now ya talkin') And I be lovin' the way when we be lockin' (uh hunh) We be so good as a team We even jockin' [Layzie Bone] Forever we keepin' it on and poppin' Haters is watchin' and it ain't no stoppin' us [Chorus 3x]

Where Lovers Go

COLOR ME BADD "Now Forever"
(Asian Bonus Track) I have a plan, a woman and a man against the wind but living free the price for love my life for thee don't run in fear, I need you to be here I will climb the walls you hide behind I will search the world until I find I know that the ride we take a life we'll make above the fears, beyond the tears happiness remains through the years I can be the one, you know I can when you're following me home, your heart in hand helplessly controlled to another land to a place where lovers go I see the light, endless in your eyes shining through, calling me, I forget the hurtful memories dodging the stars, to get where they are they fought until they made it through I will fight the same to arrive with you repeat a companion and a friend, I will love you til the end til the end of time, through the years repeat


Crown of Thorns
See my light it has gone away - My fire is dead but here I stay Time is passing by though nothing heals its breath does tear my life Endless pain throught my loveless heart I feel my soul grow deadly cold Still I breathe and and still I stay - Still I live day after day Sorrow surounds me day and night So tired of life but scared to die Visions passing through my head - Words you once in silence said Beyond the point of no return - I can't go back the bridge is burned Still I breathe and still I stay - Still I live day after day The shadows are breathing - Can't you hear? The darkness feeding off your fear Endless pain through my loveless heart But still I breathe... The shadows are bleeding - Can't you see? My darkiness feeding off these years Still I breathe and still I stay Still I die day after day Lights of darkness lead the way Towards the breathing, awaiting end Always there to erase it all - Always there to take us home We are all just born to die - But never living we just survive All will die no eternal life - But still you try... To hide the truth in comfort lies The christian dream has made you blind My eyes can see - I don't believe But still you pray day after day My youth has passed away Time is passing by though nothing heals its breath does tear my life Will it ever pass away? Life is passing by and there's nothing left for me but Eternal Death Why do I still go on? - Living this lie I die because I do not - Die! Broken beyond repair - Alone across the years Will it ever pass away? Life is passing by and there's nothing left for me but Eternal Death!

Apocalypse Woman

My Dying Bride "34.788%.. Complete"
I am a victim of his endless faith He is a killer She gives suffering She is a walking tall saint I am your stalking cruel fate He licks the face of your god for nothing He's coming closer She shows no fear But she will seduce him She gives suffering I am a hopeless witness He is the falling worlds tears He knows the way to our heartland She's coming Through my short life I've been given no reasons I've looked but all I found was treason I've become lifeless so I'm taking you with me Why should I suffer for gods own misery Kindness is always going to evade me Ill will is all I want you to see Life is a war that you must win outright Leave nothing standing in a show of your might Draw upon him my sighing breath And I will love him to my wicked death There is a song they sing her A sad war like murmur She leaves the crying with nothing Then takes that too Now I'm a killer, and I have no faith You are the victim as I come for you We're all the same little loosers But we fight like hell So come on, drop your guard now I'm coming through

I Once Was Blind

Bane "It All Comes Down to This"
Welcome to the day that you opened your eyes So wide that it nearly took your life away And you are finally seeing all the things That you have been missing Could it really be that you have been so blind Or just merely looking the other way Today the world comes into focus And the hardest truth that you have ever known Grabs you by the throat There never was a light at the end of the tunnel The tunnel you have been trapped in all these years And one simple answer cuts down all of your questions And two and two suddenly makes five And it's a revelation that you can no longer hide from You are falling, sinking, drowning, burning in lies (There is nothing left for you to hold onto) You've found the landmine with your foot And your world is about to flip upside down Falling lower than you've ever been You will have to fight to ever get up again It's uglier than it's ever been This World But it's yours now and you finally know What you are up against It's up to you to take it This World You stick out your tongue and taste the rain Because there will be no going home again This is the hollow point The truth that you've been searching for All these long years All the horror that you've uncovered With you now and forever more The bullet that tears right through you Leaves you broken Scarred for life All the lies that your teachers told you All the things your parents said Soaked through with gasoline Gun shots echo through your head This world will run right through you This world will run you through

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