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Bolt Thrower lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Again we rise, to gain control From the burnt out shell, of our ruined world Reconstruction of civilisation This world - once ripped apart Now as life - again shall start Without thinking of our future generations Our world descends to apocalyptic wars Through desolate wastes of infernal devastation Man shall rise to take control once more From the wreckage of civilisation Through the ruins of this world Man shall rise to power And grow in strength once more But will man seek to destroy All that's been recreated Have we learnt through our suffering Only time shall tell Time shall tell

Beautiful Death

AB-SOUL "Control System"
[Verse 1: Ab-Soul] My only fear is fear itself I ain't afraid to die, more afraid of myself Niggas looking at me like I don't hear myself Like I don't know pain - I been here myself (This life will drive you crazy) Only if you let it I'm just an American expressin' - Just give me credit Won't be surprised if before I rise, I'm beheaded These are the days of our lives Nightmares of a thief comin' takin' my life I go to sleep thinkin' I may never wake up In this reality, at least I keep my bed made up I just wish they all could see what I can see If we could stop it with the violence and apply a lil' logic I believe We could thrive to be a promise, see - Civilisation We may die individually, but as a nation We'll rise, nigga, change lives, nigga Break ties from the everyday lies, nigga It's not time, until it's our time [Hook:] (Don't be so afraid to die) Until it's our time (Don't be so afraid to die) It's not time, till it's our time (Cause we'll never die) [Verse 2: Ab Soul] All I see is confusion and chaos Blatant disorder, authorities pickin' on the minorities Unfortunately, the land of the free has little to offer me And got me awfully thinkin' about offin' me I wake up in the morning and I ask myself Is life worth living, should I blast myself? I'm tired of being broke and even worse The upper class acts like they want me off this earth (This life will drive you crazy) Only if you allow it That's only if you a coward and you're sure to get devoured To no avail, tuck your tail, and all you do is give them power Who's gonna take a stand, who's gonna be a man? Who do you work for? Please help me understand You could be the victor in a situation We may die individual, but as a nation We'll rise, nigga, change lives, nigga Break ties from the everyday lies, nigga It's not time, until it's our time [Hook] [Verse 3: Punch] Pardon my immortality I'm Martin Luther shooting back at the balcony Escapin' in a Lorraine until they call in the cavalry Out from 184, oh lord, nobody blast for me If it takes me to be a martyr to push the envelope farther Nigga show me to the slaughter I gladly sacrifice what is percieved Sow my seed, so my seed can live it's dreams My spittin' image, see my stitching in his genes According to my likeness, this breath of life is priceless My enlightenment's the ancient Chaldeans Penetratin' America's culture, to it's very being It's not political though, it's more critical Spiritual warfare, you can murder me in the physical But I advise y'all to keep me alive In the event of my demise, I'll be bigger than life Beautiful death, nigga [Bridge: Ab-Soul] Tragedy after tragedy, it's sad to see America killin' her babies like Casey Anthony We try, we try to cope and hold on to our sanity Poppin' ecstasy will surely shorten life expectancy We travel the seven seas in hopes for a little peace We promised pie in the sky, I'm dyin' to get a piece Put down your piece, I'm wish you all a beautiful death Peace

A Year To Forget

Useless Id "Bad Story, Happy Ending"
return back home after three months on the road i know that it's time to piece my puzzled life into an ordinary frame life goes on but for me it seems to go the other way nothing worked out for a while then it all just seemed to change looking hard for the easy way to get away from it another year has gone by and i feel that i've slept through it all i'll be gone like the thieve that's on the run who's got the world in his hands and is trying to get away from everyone he knows thinking back to a time when i was moving here leaving it all behind to start again and it is all these lessons that i haven't learned one day i will... searching for you until you ripped my life into another piece that meant nothing for a while, back then i just thought that way some feeling changed but i'm better off this way when i'm without you just because i know whoever is with you is going through the same thinking back to a time when i was moving here leaving it all behind to start again and it is all these lessons that i haven't learned one day i will... so tell me when will i find the path that is meant for me i know that it's out there and it'll always be for now i can just try to figure it out what this situation is all about life goes on and one day it will move on without us but i'll have my faith, someday i'll move on to something mo

On The Strength

WU-TANG CLAN "The Swarm"
[Intro:] Okay God it's like this If we don't manifest our power to the fullest Man, you know what I'm saying Nothing will become of everything that we plan Understand and understood God See we goin' show them the strength in what we doing Cause this is for he babies (indeed) That's why it's on the strength Everything is on the strength [Verse 1:] Simultaneous anger to this life I'm no stranger Galaxy mission to attack in the track black Diplomats in the world called rapture Death was a concept I didn't want to capture The laughter singing over mantress d Street colleagues slow up, Their man got tow up Guts be throw up sipping on rum We sing from the creed of a begger's last son Cash fast fun, no life undone Take what you need son cause you daddy made mo' than one And it was fun 'till reality formed screaming >From a palace where the weather's warm Yo you have to be the father and the lord of the score Used to hover here now it's cutting your vocal cord No mo' speaking the lies to the weak 'Cause I'm about killing these guys with my feet Today it's a stage maybe later it's a cosmic course The general I be rocking on the horse On the strength of course don't let it be in vain Cause it's time for The Beggaz to reign, remain [Verse 2:] A vision my facility a death world trilogy (you see that shit) Now fictional plots speak out through gunshots Battles won and lost at the of heaven's throne The sky rains blood drowning the earth with red mud I be sitting on the edge of Mars counting stars Finding me a place in space unchaseable No mortal can't fulfill such skill they incapable Of keeping all the planets in-line with one mind Make the sun and moon both shine at one time I orchestrate the guns that air for God's sake Precipitate make rain, hail, snow and earthquake Levitate the gravitational pull of Haleys comet Shake the chords of earth make a euro-volacanic vomit Ebonic with sonic waves that blaze the human flesh It flames extra-terrestrial it's time to reap professional Feel the untestable force burning your course Hints of visible thoughts be the source of Begga sorcery ....Begga sorcery [Chorus] ON THE STRENGTH Time is money and gain ON THE STRENGTH Math is one and the same ON THE STRENGTH Whining is something for pain ON THE STRENGTH Beggaz for ever remain [Repeat] [Verse 3:] Buddah Hava who lives the ways by nature Escape on a galactic space caper To the nexus, transportation a glass Lexus Forever present is Wu Chi in the essence Of life is immortal we travel through portals thats phenomenon, paragon through the octagon My Chi gong is calm, express through Alvatron Love hell alright is the day destroys the night Knife divides today feathers are harmonious And universal ways to escapades We take what we need to survive and stay alive Draw more sometimes as we break through the other side [Verse 4:] The Knoliton master law and order Astrolgoic civilize the human family throughout the populous Live forever like metabolics Everything I speak has logic Estimated all partsman of the chief king fistboxin' Inscribe within the Begga doctrine Manual infold I roll protect my physic from elements of the globe We communicate like space probe, Remainder of the square frag the author of the final chapter seven star grandmaster Pugilist John Trappa M.D. Go-go thirteen professional MC I bomb squads like Hank Sharpley Expose a fraud like hardcopy I know click and shoot like paparazzi With the never conclusive euro language of usage Street persona, my thought is blacker than the pre-madonna Far and beyond, If lickin' who warfare like Sadam Invade everyone like Ghangis Khan Forever will remain And the Beggaz will continue go on....... [Chorus] mixing then fade away......

Go On And On

On and On On and On She broke my heart, he hurt me too That's something that only unworthy souls do They said goodbye, we say hello An introduction for a perfect love to grow Let's stop thinking about the past And start thinking about the future So that love can go on and on Let's stop thinking about the past And start thinking about the future So that love can go on and on She said she'd stay, he said that too So sad when you find out your love has found a new She made me cry, he made me weep But life has love in store for us that's ooh so sweet On and On (love keeps going on) On and On (they've got the whole of life) On and On (love keeps going on) On and It's time to say goodbye to crying eyes and broken dreams And get back to the joy that to each other we will bring That starts from summer love to last through autumn, winter, spring Our hearts will sing forever, love


Buckshot Lefonque
Tell you 'bout the future Of a heart that heals with time... Still I see in you Someone I once know Way back in the past When my song had words And the words were meant for you Tell me when did our future end? Now I see the truth staring out a window At love gone astray Running from herself Trying to make believe That it was just a dream 'Cause when love asks of you More than you can give You find a way to disappear Don't you think it's strange That love could make us strangers? To be your friend You ask too much of me For now I need some time to be Alone, yes alone Isn't it strange to love alone I know 'bout the future Only time will tell If you see in me Someone you once know A shadow in your life Before your song had words And your words will ring true About love you left in the flames Well when the smoke clears and I rise You'll see pain deep in my eyes But you won't see a tender heart afraid of breaking The time for tears is yesterday The time for my life is now It's time to say My heart will rise again I will rise again

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