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Bolt Thrower lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Driven now by fetid winds, we came to this place of despair Fresh visions of death filled my mind with disgust Yet still we stood here and stared A world steeped in torment Where agony prevails With cruel sadistic torture All hope of life now fades The time has come, you have no choice, now you face your death Choke at your last breath Your mind now screams Could it be you're insane To live your life Within the lost souls domain Lost souls domain Plead for mercy To your gods now pray For in this place You now shall stay No way out Tripped within This reign of terror Shall now begin Shall now begin City of the damned - hear the screams cry out The agony within - untold without a doubt Feel your life - slipping through your hands A new reality - held now by this land

One In Their Pride

Celtic Frost
artist:CELTIC FROST NECROMANTICAL SCREAMS by CELTIC FROST from TO MEGA THERION album. Necromantical Screams Only You Are Deaf Is There Life Beyond Death? You Entreated Death,The Answer Will Come Debris Of Earth,Even You Are False Immortal Morals,Catched Up With Time Vault Of Darkness,Filled With Hate (chorus) Deny Life,Addiction To Death Procession Of Damnation,Expulsion Of Light Hazardous Ways Into The Rush Soul Is Frozen And Flesh Is Weak Necromantical Screams Only You Are Deaf Intelligence Is Mute... Respect The Thoughts,buried Long Ago Pleading For The End,Blind And Dumb We Won't Feel,There Could Be More I Will Remain Alone In The Dark ...Only You Are Deaf inspired by the song Buried And Forgotten by Tom G.Warrior ,fall 1983

Overt Enemy

SLAYER "Diabolus In Musica"
I breach your life Indoctrinate Police your thoughts Ask why I hate I lose control When I see your face Abusing power I infiltrate Continue lies Then masturbate I walk the line I'll do no time I hate your church I'll burn your state A bleeding heart A seal of fate There is no crime Within my mind I'll sell your life and preach your death A wicked plan born of contempt Bleeding my ideology through pain [Lead: Hanneman] Audacious plans I calculate A new world view I'll re-instate Don't cross my path Or I'll see you burn You'll meet your end Find death alone No grave to mark The seds you've sown You've pushed too far My secrets I defend I'll sell your life and preach your death A wicked plan born of contempt Bleeding my ideology through pain [Lead: Hanneman] Demonize what is feared profane architect Skull and bones through the mind Barbaric thoughts of old Celebrate all unknown At last the dead await The die is cast for the meek Inherit endless dead time Smell the victims are near consume the catalyst Hunting masses for game implanting septic thoughts Reaping terror through words while armed behind your back Pseudo leaders betray enslaving all of mankind Cast out the Demi God Dethrone the demagogue Cast out the church God I command your life And I don't care Let bullets rain From everywhere No suicide Will save you from yourself

The Anti-Christ

SLAYER "Decade Of Aggression"
[SLAYER - 1983 - Show No Mercy ] [Lyrics - Hanneman; Music - Hanneman, King] Screams and nightmares Of a life I want Can't see living this lie no A world I haunt You've lost all control of my Heart and soul Satan holds my future Watch it unfold I am the Antichrist It's what I was meant to be Your God left me behind And set my soul to be free Watching disciples Of the satanic rule Pentagram of blood Holds the jackal's truth Searching for the answer Christ hasn't come Awaiting the final moment The birth of Satan's son Screams, From a life I live Torment, Is what I give Torture, Is what I love The down fall, Of the heavens above I am the Antichrist All love is lost Insanity is what I am Eternally my soul will rot (rot... rot)

Infection Of Death

There comes a time in everyones life where they dwell in death for some of escape the grip is what they seek for others, it's what they seek Deep in my mind and flowing through me is a plague that some can't see to blame it on your musik is quite absurd when it's brought on by your society Infection spreading through my mind turning my brain to pus confusion comes so easily infection of death I can't deny To kill myself would it solve anything to foght this infection is it worth it to me the confusion I face everyday may be beyond comprehention because of the life you lead Condemn us and say it's help torment for our good cut our freedoms down protest with what you differ Challanged against everything in which we beleave trapped in your society which tries to deceive with an infection of death spreading through me but one day our power will rise above thee

Call Upon Your Gods

DARK LOTUS "Tales From The Lotus Pod"
[Violent J:] I think it's funny how...the toughest criminals and thugs and whatever... when they're on their death bed... you know like the day before they fry in the electric chair... all of a sudden they want to get religious. I heard that 9 out of 10 inmates on death row are all ultra religious. That's because they know they're about to die. That they are about the meet whatever's after death. It's funny...nobody wants to turn to god till it's too late. Till it's time for you to fuckin' die [Violent J:] Baggin me Pain Suffering Bang Bang Chains Devices Torture things Is this hell Might as well be It's what's next and shit I live life filthy We sexed every bitch in the gutter Then we rob or mudda Find a shutta And shoot fo or fo each otha I blame it all on the people around me It's because of them god never found me Right (wrong) [Blaze Ya Dead Homie:] Before I hit the ground When I got three in the chest I should've guessed my time was over Should've worn the fucking vest But I wasn't thinking straight Caught up in the thug life Was the king on the streets Now I'm asking god to take my life To the pearly gates So I can rest peacefully But he wasn't helping me Why has he forsaken me To eternity in hell Left to rot in the grave And if it wasn't for the Lotus I'd still be there today [Chorus:] Call upon your gods Beg for them to help you Call upon your gods Religion has left you Got a final hour Cross the final line Life will end But there is no end to time Call upon your gods Beg for them to help you Call upon your gods Religion has left you Got a final hour Cross the final line Life will end But there is no end to time [Shaggy 2 Dope:] Skin seperates from bone Seperates from bone One hot flash of metal Now your on this earth alone Laying face down in you're own blood With nowhere to turn Everything from your finger tips to toes burn Heat sets skin deep Open up your eyes The cold clutch of death's hand He could care less about your life As Hell's Chariots come to carry you away You finally realize It's to late to pray [Monoxide Child:] Help me out I can't understand the way you think Or what you're talking about I see you sitting Perfect circles With disciples of Satan I got my shotgun cocked Newspapers and revelations Every bullet is a story They keep it glorified The media's the target And now they gots to die Son of Sam Sam of son Buck you with my shotgun Wicked work will be done Fuck it catch a hot one [Chorus] [Jamie Madrox:] There ain't no end in time You hear me hethan bitch boy Bite your devil tongue Before I stab you with this pitch fork All that shit you talk about 'My God is ashamed' Crying in pain Calling his name Your such a hypocrite Low down inconsiderate Piece of shit And you ain't worth an ounce of spit Blasphemous Dissing my lord And clocked out Where's the tough guy That told my God to go and fuck himself [Anybody Killa:] I called apon my god He told me which path to take I just hope it's not another mistake Confused by the things that I'm feeling Guns that I carry, hoes that I'm drilling Tell me is this just another fucked situation Calling on my God cause he's the cause of all creation Never was told things would be like this Always visioned that my life would be filled with happiness What [Chorus] [J Speaks in background]

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