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Bolt Thrower lyrics

Lest We Forget

Original and similar lyrics
The time has come to leave this place - Never to return Nothing's left but ashes - My body now is spurned Your sorrow will subside in time - My one, true, only friend There is one thing we can do - To avert this bitter end Up amongst the stars I dwell - Tranquillity is found I look upon the earth - To which all human life is bound Alone I wander aimlessly - For now my spirit's free My soul exists within you as I guide your destiny The tears of grief you weep for me - Through uncontrolled emotion You have given me your all - A life time of devotion So come my friend take my hand - Together we shall see The pathways through the darkness - For all eternity Eternity

Merciless Death

Dark Angel
(Hoglan) I am an angel of darkness Abhorrent to those who are frail The strength inside me is my will to believe In myself, with no self-betrayal My force is my own preservation My destiny mine to control I don't live my life to be judged by anyone Surviving intact is my role Lost time is never found again Screaming through my life of speed  insanity, mach ten I utilize the life I've been given Or else it's as if I've never been I take pains to make my presence known If it's a negative impression then I'll take the blame alone I have no regrets and I call my life my own I have no time for the words left in stone I acknowledge only one thing My own authority Answering to no one, I leave no trace of pity My independence rules my life I can't help what you are For this I won't apologize Because I leave scars!! I promise you agony If you attempt to intervene Just pay attention to yourself, you're barely existing I'm thriving on the life I lead A veteran of human wars For this I won't apologize Because I leave scars!! I practice angelic darkness My convictions keep wolves from my door I know what it means to have someone tamper with my dreams Deflowering my essence, my core I once sought no recrimination But now I seek the price be paid Forever wary, always guarded against anyone Who's mistaken me for easy prey Defeatist attitudes are only in vain As you wonder of my species  must I really be explained? Realize now that I'm ingrained Knowingly, forever on your brain Nemeses falter in their plebian ways Employing methods to usurp my reign, my inner maze Seeking clues to uncover the clever turn of phrase Salient words are found amidst the haze A mercenary I may be, I tend to feel I'm not My only need is to maintain my lot I have a lust for life that stands to be my legacy I'm proud to say, with my life, I am free To leave a mark, necessity, my memory redeemed I suffer not from lack of self-esteem Someday, my confidence will be a mass contagion I assure you this is no self-exaltation I cicatrize myself upon your mind You won't forget my actions as you will find I'm lord and master Of my own future!! I am the darkest of angels!! Indomitable in my will to succeed I have a goal to ascertain Entrenching myself upon your brain These words I've bled upon this page Have come from inside, how quickly I've aged My innocence has died and was buried long ago Eternally joined with a part of my soul The weak of heart need not apply I admit they're not for all  my caffeinated ways of life Those who oppose me will end in bitter strife Defacing human minds until I die Those with open minds will benefit from my vows A self-betrothal where I pay no heed to sacred cows Further discussion time will not allow Until we meet again, I'll take my bow And remember

Under Azure Skies

Music: Svee/Kråbøl March ´94 Lyrics: Hirsch April ´94 Darkness now surrounding me I gaze into eternity A burden I had to endure For a heart that was unpure A feeling of tranquillity At last my soul would be set free But the last thought in my mind A memory of faded crimes The wrath of darkness in your eyes I see it as I cry A wicked laughter, betraying smile I knew my life to be a lie Night I am awaiting thee Soon I will cease to be A life so long, a life of pain An evil side I could not tame A feeling of tranquillity At last my soul would be set free Regretting now but it's too late I step forth to meet my fate Plea of the dying: I see your hand, a palm so white I dream of day, here's forever night I know that I will never see The realms beyond, they are not for me


Pesticide in torrents, how fast it flows Total pollution the earth can't stand much longer Chemical industry brings new diseases The fear of self-destruction is growing stronger Nuclear waste in an uncontrolled deluge Reduces the earth to an airless planet Reformation lies far away Now is your only chance to save it Contamination in every place Condemn the human race Everything will decay Broken down by toxic trace New plagues have come and soon there'll be more Apocalypse not for the first time Suppression is alive and that's for sure Everyone will be annihilated Enforcement of the last eclipse Can't ignore predictions from the past Ignore the warnings of ancient Prophets Every minute of your life could be your last Contamination in every place Condemn the human race Everything will decay Broken down by toxic trace Metamorphoses of the earth to a lifeless desert Voracity for richness, ruin of Mankind Craving more and more, to the world's Requiem This is the earth's last century Now depravation from things that count, to make an easier life for me Total confusions for the non-believers who ignore the writings on the wall Times of suffering for everyone, no-one can hide from reality Social injustice will be no more, without exception, devastate all Times have changed from the past to now The earth is mankind's subject Perfect creation stands over all Experimenting with lethal objects Domination, submission, demand for more De-humanizes the brains of the rulers What gives them the right to menace us all This time will come but then it will be too late

I Will Not Forget You

I remember the nights I watched as you lay sleeping Your body gripped by some far away dream Well I was so scared and so in love then And so lost in all of you that I had seen But no one ever talked in the darkness No voice ever added fuel to the fire No light ever shone in the doorway Deep in the hollow of earthly desires But if in some dream there was brightness If in some memory some sort of sign And flesh be revived in the shadows Blessed our bodies would lay so entwined [CHORUS] And I will oh I will not forget you Nor will I ever let you go I will oh I will not forget you I remember when you left in the morning at daybreak So silent you stole from my bed To go back to the one who possesses your soul And I back to the life that I dread. So I ran like the wind to the water Please don't leave me again I cried And I threw bitter tears at the ocean But all that came back was the tide... [CHORUS]

Beyond The Seventh Sky

LENNY KRAVITZ "Are You Gonna Go My Way"
Beyond the 7th sky There's a room where we are with God Beyond the sun and moon Where the angels will be our guards Where the weather doesn't change Everyday is summer As the sands are numbered Instead of cannonball grey Do you think it's kinda strange Or can we be lovers as the spirit covers our electrified rage Hold me mama And we'll fly across the sea Way beyond the moon and stars and sky I'm talkin about you and God and I Now that the time is near I'm ready I have no fear I know you're the one my dear The stars will come out tonite In time for our sacred flight Together we'll be for life And I will burn in your flame Kiss me baby Take my hand and come with me I'm talkin' about the moon and stars and sky I'm talkin' about you and God and I Let's take it to the place where life was formed And to the place where Jesus Christ was born

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