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Bolt Thrower lyrics

Laid To Waste

Original and similar lyrics
Countless numbers die in war's path Armies falling to our wrath Warriors of power marching to fight Destruction, killing, all that's in sight Raise the shield or be cast into death Take a final look, your final breath Innocent victims of war No turning back, in battle there is no law Awaiting the slaughter, time stands still Thoughts fade away, so does your will Enemy close in, blood on their minds You won't die once, die a thousand times Soldiers of hatred, killing corps of war Bodies litter the field, what was it for? Stench of death, no victory for this night Plead for mercy, you have no right

Soldiers Of Metal

ANTHRAX "Armed And Dangerous"
We are fighting for your lives Oooh, we are the soldiers in the line of fire Down in the trenches we wait for the night The time is approaching We're ready to strike We'll stop at nothing There's no holding back Born to raise hell We will attack Pounding away Tearing through flesh Soldiers of metal Fight to the death Blasting the cannons Shaking the ground Hacking and killing We're not fooling around Warriors in battle All dressed in black A slash and a thrust A stab in the back The rages of fury The cause of the fight We're soldiers of metal And we rule the night


Thousands of cruel warriors They bring only death Leading Imperator You're losing breath His brain covered by wrath And heart full of hate Selfish hunger for the throne In his eyes you can read. Dressed in a war-suite He drank the blood of brave men He was sure That their power will come Into his veins He loved courage over all And most of all his weapon Sword that so many times Was killing his enemies Imperator Imperator Imperator Imperator Once somebody put Poison in his cup He will never again Drink the victory There's not any crying Around his grave Only the burning cross Will be burning on ... Imperator (8x)

Into The War

You who have become the legend! I summon you mighty warriors! Your power, honour and pride Shall encourage all of us. The same blood runs in our veins. But our brothers' minds are poisoned. Their spirit should be purified. Enemies' temples burnt to the ground... We raise the swords and start new war Against the plague of foreign Gods. Fidelity and pagan pride Will lead us to the final glory! Nothing can deafen voice of blood. Instinct decodes every lie. Strong arms will soon throw down the chains And bring the lost dignity back... Let's raise the swords forged in blood Together with forefathers' ghosts. Invisible astral power Shall turn us into cruel beasts. Immortal are the ideals for which we fight and proudly die. There is a flame of heritage, that every man has to protect. We are the last bastion of truth. Those who have never betrayed their roots. The heathen fire of our hearts Can only raise but never go out! We take an oath on our swords To raise them when it's time to fight. When alien offend our faith. And spit on forefathers' grave...

Following The Voice Of Blood

When the dark clouds in the sky full of the black ravens, Announce the time of great trial. Each man takes his sword, His shield and sets out on a journey, where sounds of horns summon him. No one will spare his blood. When on the battlefield, Regent of the Gods lead us... Raise your swords brother and fight. On the horn's sound we will move. We will follow the ravens in the sky. Blood for blood! Fire for fire! Death for death! Armoured man by armoured man, They stride, step by step. Sword by sword, shield by shield, They're marching in silence... Many of them will die tomorrow, But none of them is afraid of death. When the horns and kettle-drums sound steady rows of warriors will move. Man by man, without shadow of fear Like the winged chariots of fire. Every man bears his shield. Every man holds his weapon in the hand. Ravens circulate over our heads. Tomorrow we'll feed our dogs on christian hearts. Brother! Blow the horn of war! Tomorrow's war will be watched by our Gods and forefathers And we must take revenge in their names! Over the horizon dark clouds appear. It's cold and clouds of steam hover over us. We are marching silently... We are overwhelmed in thoughts, Marching for victory... Hate and wrath burn our hearts. Our thoughts echo in the space. Into the battle we go to win... Into the battle that will determine the world's fate.

Curse Of A Fallen Soul

DROPKICK MURPHYS "The Gang's All Here"
Another wake, another time, a premature goodbye I've watched you grow and I've seen you pass I always knew it wouldn't last Together now we mourn the loss and remember all the fun We'll drink the beer and hangout where death took another son So all for one and one for all do we ever wonder why Though reasons clear, this friend so dear was taken before his time -CHORUS- So may this round be on the corpse of a dead man With a toast that tells of a love you never shared So as we dance on the grave of the misbehaved Raise your glass and sing the praise of a fallen soul Many bow their heads for this man they knew so well With solemn thoughts they drink and drug for a resurrection (Facing death you fear no danger) While Mothers shed their tears through a veil of desperation These fiends of vicious breed raise holy hell -CHORUS- How many times can fate be chanced, the dice be rolled Is their no path of least resistance for the bold (Never sought and rarely taken) Shocked and dismayed at how it stole his life When this fateful course of action takes its toll -CHORUS- (x2) Now let's all gather round in our costume suits and ties Telling now this soul was a source of inspiration (Love him now, he lives no longer) But you never tell the tales of the times you turned your back On this friend who never found the righteous path -CHORUS-

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