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Bolt Thrower lyrics

Forgotten Existence

Original and similar lyrics
Storms calm neon skies Still chilling winds roam the nulear wastes Haunting the conscience of a forgotten existence Civilisation's mistake Peace at last takes it's grip on the land For a moment time stands still Existing in the debris of bygone wars Hope breeds an incentive not to kill Existence declines, extinction mankind A lifetime of time slips away Resurrect mankind sacrificed to power From ruins to the birth of a new reality Rising from the ashes of past destruction Civilisations, new existence Lost in a void without future or past Shattered mind in the presence of pain Domineering desolation Controlling the solitary plains Existence declines, extinction mankind A lifetime of time slips away Darkest fears dwell in man's mind Insight to depths of what will be Reclaimation from the paths of destruction From ruins to the birth of a new reality Construction from destruction Bringing back life to mankind Rebuilding an existence sacrificed for power A future with hope to find Existence declines, extinction mankind A lifetime of time slips away Existence - Declines Extinction (of) Mankind Lifetime - Of time Now slips - Away

Beautiful Stranger

Deacon Blue and Ricky Ross "Walking Back Home"
Seven lonely days in a fifty ton lorry I know you made me what I am And I fall to pieces Johnny Cash in black singin' Undertand your man from St. Quentin crossing to Tarbert to Gigha Oh lonesome me howled box car willie Coming out of Tobermory to the sound In the morning Patsy Clines on the air say's I've loved and lost again From now on all of my friends are gonna be strangers So I fell in love with a beautiful stranger It's just an arangement I'll leave the first light of day This one goes out To my beautiful stranger I slipped so quietly away By the window where she stands She counts the beads in her hand And knows it wasn't God who planned to make Honky tonk angels She makes the bed all alone but a house Without love is not a home plays on the radio She says why can't he be you I hear You've gone from Brown to blue Since the holiday for two But I don't need to know that right now I love you so much it hurts he cursed As his truck tyres lurched down the Old dirt track road again She fell in love with a beautiful stranger There's no arangement He leaves the first light of day This one goes out to the beautiful stranger Time slips so easily away Time slips so easily away Time slips so easily away

Once In A Lifetime

Cuando noche esta, te esperaré Quiero volverte loco esta noche Con la luna llena, te esperaré Hoy morirás entre mis brazos Y nunca soñarás de algo mas When you're near me, I close my eyes, I want to feel you by my side When you kiss me, I close my eyes, I want you by my side When I realize there's no telling lies, Then I know that once in a lifetime Making love to you, every time it's new, You know you're my once in a lifetime Todo tu cuerpo temblará, Pero esta vez, es realidad Aún que el tiempo pase, Nunca, nunca, lo olvidarás, Sera, solo una vez en tu vida When you touch me, I burn inside, Colder chills run down my spine When you take me, it's hot in love, - Can't get enough! When I realize there's no telling lies, Then I know that once in a lifetime Making love to you, every time it's new, You know you're my once in a lifetime Once in a lifetime, once in a lifetime, once in a lifetime Giving all I've got, I'm your love-me-not, You're my lover, once in a lifetime Taking care of you, every time it's new, You know you're my once in a lifetime


Kevin Max
You come into the threshold of another starless night of fear You're running from the demons that would drag you down again Illusions of the world are spinning out of time and frame and simplicity You're so sad You're such a sad-eyed girl You're so sad in your sub-plot Chorus: What is this, what is this, this mess of my existence is All these politics of life and death and relevance It's my existence Wassup Girl It's my turn You cry and your eyes burn What's your life's turn Beautiful girl Who all the guys yearn What's more to your story You still learn Despite why your eyes burn Soul-Searchin' I seek and find the ole merchant The high beacon Your eyes talk When you ain't speakin And at school You cry out Why does water deep dry out? Your getting gyped Flat out Another morning it comes running up your bedpost with the wind You face yourself just like you always do, time and time again The mortal coil of image, inner peace and satisfaction And so you keep it on the down-low Hiding all the secrets that are down below And so you keep it on the down-low Tell me baby was it worth it all Chorus Oh just take it all, make it work and make some sense Just take it all, You're my existence You're my existence I LOVE YOU BAILEY - from Kevin

For All Mankind

Kingston Wall
We all know this world's going through some big changes, it gets to the point where all phenomenons seem crazy and people start looking for ways to live outside from the system that makes them all so blind. Some try to find new fields to explore from outside their heads, some go in there and find that the richness of life is so easy to multiply, just by throwing away all the thoughts that keep us from learning to now the personality, that lives inside us and tries to come out, but facing it is the key to unwind from closing yourself as the surroundings provide. Look out world it's time to die No more crying with my mind Some of us have seen the sign the promise of a balanced time When we'll sing no lullabies and all of us have got real eyes The shamen seeds for all mankind One(*) day we will say goodbye to all of them who live the time nomore need to compromize nomore questions: tell my why balanced heart needs no disguise but shamen seeds for all mankind The shamen seeds for all mankind

The Right To Reply

The house, Looks for an answer to end all the violence. The ungovernable finally break silence, There's endless white papers, and new institutions. That still won't stop us, it's no solution The right and the left wing continue to bore, With pre-dated policies all heard before. This is mankind now see how mankind kills, We're hitting back hard now you see how it feels. They teach and preach examination tests, So the political privelaged can order the rest, Of the young parasites, Who live in a world without hope, To get back in line, and stay there, Then assure us they'll cope. In the new violent Brirtain they pledge to invest, In skills and communities with renewed interest. To build schools of education, Not colleges of crime A manifesto so perfcetly timed, Providing help for the helpless, Their new commissions strive, For a stable re-educated society by 1995. Meanwhile, we fight on in desparation Still trying to break through. Their barriers of insanity and even now they know it's true, That to irradicate violence effectively, Injustice has to unfold. But, instead they choose to compensate, to lie and Then collaborate, no interest in any true debate, Their courts set up the offenders fate, the new Secure units for the old custodial sentence. Well we have listened to you for long enough, Taken all your threats, and you ain't so tough. You intimidate, then punish the persistent hard-core offender. You condemn more and understand less, You'll get no apologies ever. In an atmosphere of moral panic, You blame us for fighting back. But it's us that's been dragged through your streets backwards, Battered shell-shocked and attacked. The pressure's building on law and order, But we ain't even started. They may think they have been tested, But no way for we still stand divided. More and more we're turning against our own, How come? How have we forgot? That this is the one thing they want us to do, To compensate For the freedom that we ain't got. Some mug old folks and these are SCUM It's the one main thing that just ain't done. We can deal perfectly with our own problems, By taking the law in to our own hands. We can protect our own, young, the weak, and Elderly, and therefore smash their callous plans. I shall not work to build my death Nor have decisions madeby fools, For my or your behalf. As though I can't see or hear Of that which surrounds me, As though I'm quite content With all that, that disgusts me. I will not build for another's gain, Although it always ends up the same, It's as though I can't see or hear, As though I'm content, With everything that disgusts me. How can they talk about low life? Whilst they're destroying the earth? How can they take away someone's freedom? When they don't know what it's worth. To the people with feelings, To those not totally succeeding, Those, shattered, torn, ripped right in half, And whose broken hearts are bleeding. Yet still they bash and batter, To them, man onslaught, does not matter. They create society's whitewashed picture, That everything is alright. Then when people voice opinion, and object, They show disgust, confusion and then demonstrate Their might. Don't you dare think for a moment, that it's only in a Riot that we show we're discontent. It's in every so called criminal act, That we demonstrate our contempt. You shove your outstanding promises, your respect I only have respect for the life. That you destroy time and time and time again, I'm still hoping for the hopeless, And making excuses for the lawless.

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