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Bolt Thrower lyrics

For Victory

Original and similar lyrics
The candle burned down from it's place on the sill The curtains caught fire but the house remains standing there still. Turning around, saw you looking at me With tears running down from the place where your eyes used to be. Walk through the door like your brother before A lifetime remains until dawn The trees seem to say you'll be passing this way In the wink of an eye you'll be gone. The flames leaping higher, the rope is made fast Blinded and burning, the first bearing gofts for the last. Turning around saw you leaping away The rose in your hand caught the sun at the close of the day. (chorus) The stars and the shadows each have a share I called out your name, but the wind stole my words from the air. Looking ahead, saw you pale as the sky The circle is closed, I said as I turned and walked by.

Slob On My Knob

Slob on my knob Like corn on the cob Check in with me, and do your job Lay on the bed, and give me head Don't have to ask, don't have to beg Juicy is my name Sex is my game Let's call the boys, let's run a train Squeeze on my nuts Lick on my butt The natural curly hair, please don't touch First find a mate Second find a place Third find a bag, to hide the ho face Real name rover I said bend over I started to knock, then came the odor Smelled like mush Shouldn't had a woosh Told her to stop, and take a dush When she did that I didn't want the cat So I bounced out and never came back Suck a nigga dick or something [4x] My nigga D-Magic Said he had to have it I said just forget it, it's too crabby I Know a little freak, in Hollywood Sucks on dick, does it real good She'll give you money, to feel up your tummy House full of kids, parents all schummy Once had her down, backyard ground Hit it from the back Enjoyed the sound Lay on the cover Always use the rubber Till I got caught, fucking with her mother She blamed it on me We fought in the street She pulled out a knife, so I had to flee Called up the boys Went to her house Charged the whole place Threw the bitch out Police busted in Where the niggas at We left just in time, and never came back Roll through the hood, waving at the freaks Who's sniffing all the rocks, and smoking all the geeks Made another stop Police station Saw a few cops Drove by and sprayed them Licensee tag number A nigga said he saw Bogus all the time Never get caught


I've been in a daze It seems like days that I've been waiting For this dream to pass It goes so fast It seems nothing lasts I think I've lost something Stuck here with these people Wide awake, the crush of bodies in one space I feel your hot breath on my tongue I wonder where you've gone And the ever-turning spinning wheel of people, places, lies I feel the restless beat of the sleepless night to come I just want to be numb Hopeless these three years like smoking gears I go from place to place just aimlessly and half asleep Like I'm falling alone in some endless breach I don't know where I am I don't know what I've done I just go over it and over it again and again and again I can't sleep at night I cant breathe But If I drink tonight, I'll get you off my mind And the ever-present pit I feel I'm turning on some spinning wheel The faces and the scenes I see And none of it seems real to me Just the bleary haze of the morning still to come I just want to be numb [x5]

Penny Dreadfuls

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE "Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished"
Time'll change, Slip through the dust, As the bus pulls away from waving hands and the child star. “I bought a comic in the mail and the sign said the stories will shake the sheep from off of you” So gather 'round, just four more stops again, we'll reach our teachers hallways in the end. Expect the foulest 'cause doubt does not allow it, I see the driver in the glass, this car moving past, While they're standing, "There's no standing!" The five-year olds eat defeat, soiled in the seats when, "Attention!" and short attention spans. The boy who sweats when he's caught is touching a palm of a pretty sex who's cawing, "Where's my baby doll!" Manny the thief, just lost all his teeth to his mama, playing baseball. Ahh oooh... Pick a place and settle, too fast to fright, he pauses at who fought the likes of his older pal. And when they find out who he is, Her eyes were sorry for her brother who waited away "go time" her dead costume just flipped her for the fall[?] And watch the pain go through her The entire body twisted Soldiers in the coldness. The bully grabs at my hair, And punches they fell toward me, tells me, "gonna get me now" The driver pushes the gas, the bully's schemes caught fast so he spins back, got his attention now. He hits the brakes and we slide and his head hits the side And he screams out, “Creeps, I'll take you all!” And then he grabs penny dreadful, and looks on the check fulls, And my head sinks, my friends have left my shore Then there's the stop where Sarah climbs in, she says, “Darling, where's your heart been?” He laughs in his place. She spits in his face and says, “Bully, you leave my boy alone! Everybody came down just to see me leaving. Baby take my hand now can't you see I'm happy? When the story's mine I think I'll tell it different. It's a shame to hear the sound when the penny hit the ground and I want to go back home. When does this bus leave?”

Turning Blue

MADNESS "Keep Moving"
With the ease of a practised smile The tears of a crocodile Well shake then wash your hands Of the smell of foreign land The propaganda woman said It might be worse you could be dead Now we've an impressive show Let's wind it up and watch it go Still a strange thing to me Is there's no place I'd rather be Rollercoasting backwards to Up and down and turning blue No pie in the sky For the small man gets smaller But a poke in the eye From an unwelcome caller Still a strange thing to me Is there's no place I'd rather be Rollercoasting backwards to Up and down and turning blue Policeman's eyes on overload A fractured island might explode A million pieces washed ashore From Disneyland to Warsaw Let's have a rehearsal run An underground holiday in the sun Take time to sit and reflect A white wall where the sun collects Still a strange thing to me Is there's no place I'd rather be Rollercoasting backwards to Up and down and turning blue

Trans Df Express

DUNGEON FAMILY "Even In Darkness"
[Hook] Grab your ticket Come get wit it Trans DF Express, Trans DF Express Grab your ticket (Ticket!) Come get wit it Trans DF Express, Trans DF Express (Oh shit!) [Cee-Lo] I am the one and only son of a machine gun Untrapable, meaning I can't be place between none _Even In Darkness_, I already ate this diction It's so bold you could smell that funk with a cold It's unbelieveable, bare a resemblance to Broken Mold I'm op-timistic, I'm the air in the open road Make ya move it's moderate, no need to speed It's inevitable you arrive in due time indeed Now is the, time and place to in-vade the empty space I'm a profectionist, I never pressure the pen space But I wouldn't be amazing without God's Amazing Grace I can travel outer space while standin in one place [Hook] [Andre Benjamin] Hippy to the hop, like a digi-log frog Throw me the cat and I'll throw you the dog [bark] Simple as a dimple ain't it A hole in your cheek, let's hit the town so we can paint it, Red -- or maybe baby blue for two As sure as you are my lover, that is my favorite color and we get down - off to my castle we drown In each others love we puddle, huddle - break, fourth down, and inches (Ahh!) We all some players don't ride no benches (Ahh!) Elegant princes come to your senses (Ahh!) I noticed that your one of a kind That's makes you kind of the one I'm, sharing my spaghetti with -- The Lady and The Tramp, the mystery the myth Not into runnin frames, but I got a thang for ya Swoosh! I will do ya, surely I adore ya [Hook] [Big Gipp] Gipp, a 2002 boy What'chu think it say 2A, ya goin my way Went from Ragtime buddy to a cakewalk stage Didn't ask cuz I past you made this weight My empression is one and no other Kinda-sorta yo, Dr. Demental Had you come through the lab Doctor, Organized instrumental We gon' keep it on the track and the gristle This Ex-press, here the whistle [train horn] [Backbone] Who the fuck changed the face of the game And bought it back '5, Deuce, 4, Tre' The alliance of elite emcees Attention, salute, at ease The world renowned, from here clean across seas It's the critical acclaimed, Dungeon Family We are now boardin, all seats and all rows But it ain't no more tickets cuz it's a sold-out show [Hook] [Big Boi] I Stank I can, I Stank I can, I know I can, I will lil' P-I-T be knockin players off the field, for real Dungeon Family got my sword and my sheild To Campleton not Camelot, let's smoke the 'dro and chill (Chill) Like four babies, and now you want the pill Used to be raw dawg but now you want the grill SeVille flawless, so now you want drill And takin a groupie home is just like lovin some roadkill Pimpin and panderin, on a level you can serve Ths metal, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, and verbs I spit the words of Wordsmith, how ya gonna burst shit Sip-sip, sip-sip, 'Sippin on Some Syrup' like Three 6 Engine Number 9 is on the grind Like ya molars when ya rolled and that's your backteeth bitin down Now open up and say it, the D to the F's the greatest The talented town, then tip up your drink, your head has been deflated [Hook 2x]

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