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Bolt Thrower lyrics

Eternal War

Original and similar lyrics
From the gloving fragments of what remains, The soul shall rise from amongst the flames, From smouldering ruins the power grows, Feel the pulse of fear as we regain control. From the ashes of a million dead, The children of tomorrow now are led. Into the darkness as emotions slowly Memories of the past cannot be saved. Bowing down to face your new found life, There is no escape, you must comply, This resurrected hate can't be denied. Asking for redemption - we laugh and look away, There shall be no exception - Revenger on man begins today. You thought that is was all over, But its only just begun, For your life is mortal, Look to what fate will become. Learn to live afraid of what may be, For we possess this world - All that you see, Your life is no more than a game to me. Visions of the future reflected in the past, Existing in the present which surely cannot last. From the void terror takes its hold, Face the wrath as history unfolds.


Decisions Don't just go from one nest to the next Mama said to me It's not where you go or where you left. It's the flying in-between. She said be sure to touch the sky Don't put your dreams up on a shelf Right now you're lost inside his eyes I made the same myself. Oooh. Am I in love? Am I too young? I know my life has just begun. Does he set me free? Or put me in chains? When did my life get rearranged. Do I hold on? Do I let go? I know I can't escape tomorrow. Do I live for him? Or live for today? Suddenly the sky looks far away. I can see the wheels turn in his mind. The way he looks at me. He says our kids will have my eyes. And what a mother I would be. Does this all have to move so fast. Can't I just take it day by day? Am I building something that will last? Or am I just running away? Do I wanna go from being Somebody's daughter to Somebody's wife to Somebody's mother I need my own life. I though my mother's life turned out as planned But I never knew. Now that I'm grown I understand. All the things she longed to do. I've got to make it on my own. But I just can't leave him behind. So do I risk being alone What is it I'm trying to find? Am I in love? Am I too young? I know my life has just begun. Does he set me free, or put me in chains? When did my life get rearranged? Do I hold on, do I let go? I know I can't escape tomorrow Can I live for him and live for today? Suddenly the sky looks far away (far away) Suddenly the sky looks far away. Far away.


JOSS STONE "Mind, Body & Soul"
A loss that would have thrown A hole through anybody's soul And you were human after all So hold back the tears, my dear Release them so your eyes can clear I know that you will rise again But you gotta let them fall I wish that i could snap my fingers Erase the past, but no You cannot rewind reality Once the tape's unrolled Chorus If your spirit's broken and you can't bear the pain I will help you put the pieces back A little more each day And if your heart is locked and you can't find the key Lay your head upon my shoulder I'll set you free I'll be your security A moment of despair That forces you say that life's unfair It makes you scared of what tomorrow may bring But don't go giving into fear Stop hiding all alone in there The show keeps going on and on But you'll miss the whole damn thing I wish i had crystal ball to see what the future holds But we don't how the story ends 'til it's all been told (Chorus) On any clock upon the wall The time is always now So, baby kiss the past goodbye Don't let the future blow your mind Just sit back and chill Take things as they come You can't be afraid To live for today I will be with you each step of the way (Chorus)


The silence inside this place is screaming Here, were the roses never wither, as they never bloomed Here the sun never shone Even the darkness never came in No hope, no fear An ocean of tears, that never fell Tomorrow brings remembrance of openede wounds The light inveded the endless darkness A soul, which birth was denied A soul that became forgotten The darkness fades away even the brightest colour The street is empty, and leads to nowhere A shrilling scream, that no one heard Who cares? We can all be free Tomorrow is a new day, But today was new as well... ..For only thing is fear fealt The fear of life Fallen asleep, wrapped in a blood red blanket Two dead eyes are staring into emptiness From a soul, which birth was denied Death greets the one life forgot

Man's Soul

The more I meditate, I hesitate to even show face The more I hesitate, I contemplate my life is a waste My spirit levitates to take a glance at truth of its grace As my flesh emulates every act of disgrace So deceptive in perception of its hunger and greed Maliciously relentless to fulfill whatever it needs Undisciplined, rebellious, no regard for righteousness Ever since it tasted death, he desires nothing less Too many nights I spent in tears, drowning in fear I'm never making it, through all the time I spend faking it My soul is proving capability and prone that when alone Without the father's consecration flesh manipulates Constantly, continual battles might end up being goes through Why do I do the things I know I'm not supposed to Why don't I do the things that I know I should do Who s to blame except me and me alone I found my enemies home (Chorus) What could it inhibit a habit the dark corners lurking demonic principalities when other evils working you can't escape fate, allow what's in your heart to tailgate you're your only cellmate to unlock what locked the jail gate (2X) Somewhere inside the crevice, I long to face the limits The premise is death for execution of flesh past no authority and so control the tree of life I chose, taking shape of its mold Indulge in fruit too, whatever you do, I do, we crew Give it unto a city, evil, not for me, you you Doom can't loom if I no longer give it room zoom a zoom You're free to explode for miles with a loud boom Perfect tightly I hold with no attention To foe toe to toe and low to low, flow to flow I stand firm Learn to discern, circumstances are changed Do a dance with death, til my soul's last breath When I'm at my hardest Can salvage my image tarnish What can make me whole again The blood of Jesus Freed a deed Down the slanted hill I ski high speed Manage to get bandaged when I got tree (chorus) What lies in a man's soulÂ… I found that evil doesn't have a face, so let alone a place It just lingers in the void over an open space Searching out a victim To nuzzle up against, take under its wing, and habit, then reign supreme Think it control, it slowly conquers a man's soul Behold real TV, even real is when it takes its toll Unfold, with those punches, you don't have to roll Toss yourself at the cross, and escape the devil More vibrant than the radiant redhead W/ flashlights, the fingers, the illuminated words of Christ Put that on ice for a spell, pray tell, how in the world do you excel in the glory of God, and then rebel Letting death valley give you a fear falling down It will only breed your fears when you allow it to hang around So get down, hit knees where prayers don't cease What's lurking probably shouldn't even be working

Daddy Was Her First Man

A sweet girl of eleven years Within her brain: The darkest fear caught by absolute disaster Her virginity - lost to the own father There he comes with alcoholic breath Now her mind is fallen, emotions are dead Cold by routine she's accepting her fate Which she must endure since her age of 8 People close their ears And they close their eyes They're only open for a moment When somebody has died The weak, little victims have no voice And falling tears don't make a noise How long does it take 'til a bit of compassion awakes Something... disgusting! Covered as a harmless game Abnormality is reflecting In all the things that happen To other girls with different names - Left without being protected - Hey, your daddy is doing a crime To you and your little mind A defect will always be In your mental factory Locked inside the darkend room As the horror passed her by... The kitchen - place for the next rape In despair she reaches the butcher-knife And she refuses doing that once again At a certain point of panic she cuts away His little friend! Justice now is sealed But do you think now she is healed? You can give her shelter You can hold her tight But you can't take away this horrible frigth When memories of the past appear To control her life in fear...

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