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Bolt Thrower lyrics

A Silent Demise

Original and similar lyrics
As daylight returns The fires of hope still burn Crawl throught darkened light Sickened by the mournful sight Tears fall from eyes Not sure what has been done Sorrow creeps throughout my soul All is lost, none have won The battle smoke remains Begin to feel the pain Alone now stagger on Unsure how it begun Through time war prevails Thoughts, fears cast aside Face the consequence alone With honour-valour-pride As fire fills the sky We once believed in life Now time to die ...For Victory Now in deaths glory Mans final destiny The final price to pay ...For Victory They shall not grow old As we that are left grow old Age shall not weary them Nor the years condemn At the going down of the sun And in the morning We will remember them We will remember them


BUSTA RHYMES "When Disaster Strikes"
(feat. Lord Have Mercy) [Lord have Mercy] As we approach the current time frame of 1997.With approximately two and a half years before the year two thousand. Repeatedly it has been reported that there will be a time soon approaching. That major disaster will be striking, all levels of existence. It has also been reported that this disastrous thing will be approaching in the form of many, many as in squad, squad as in Flipmode squad. It has also been reported that everyone out of the many will strike, but this particular motherfucker will strike with an unmeasurable blast and fuck up everything within his 360o radius. Warning. Prepare yourselves. Store your food, stamp your paper, because when this motherfucker gets here, it's about to get real fucked for everyone and everything, everywhere!!!! [Dolomite] Well, Busta Rhymes. Come over here and let me talk to you son. See know. Dolomite just got back from some shit that you about to be it. Well are you prepared, I hope you are prepared nigga, cause you know this is album number two. Yes more bitches than before. There'll be more bitches, more and more and more. More thirsty niggas. Time to get inside your shit. Time to throw your whole chemistry off. Oh yes, there's gonna be a lot more money. Yes a lot more money than before. So son don't you worry about none of that shit. All you gotta do is just slap your dick in the mouth of these bitches that don't wanna act right, and put a hot one in any motherfucker that wants to get in the way of this powerful shit right here. Ok son, all right Busta enough of this shit talkin. Lets be on our way. Cause when disaster strikes there's gonna be a whole lot of motherfuckers pourin in. All right baby, lets go. [Spliff Star] Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. Ladies and Gentlemen. Straight from the motherfuckin street corner. Goin out to all you motherfuckers across the globe. On the return trip. It be the niggas. The niggas that live by the code of blood honor. My Flipmode niggas, ha. Spliff bring you that shit to another extreme. Her to hit you motherfuckers with a strike of disaster. I bring on to you once again. The eight wonder of the world. My nigga Busta Rhymes. And I be that nigga, that live nigga Spliff I Spliff comin through right at you were ever the fuck you at. Flipmode is da Squad comin through right at you were ever the fuck you at. [Busta Rhymes] A yo cut my shit off, get it off. A heh a heh, a heh heh. Here we go again motherfuckers. A heh, lets start this shit.

Another Time, Another Place

AVALON "Another Time, Another Place: Timeless Christian Classics"
I've always heard there is a land Beyond the mortal dreams of man Where every tear will be left behind But it must be in another time Oh-oh-oh There'll be an everlasting light Shining a purest holy white And every fear will be erased But it must be in another place Oh-oh-oh [Chorus:] So I'm waiting For another and another place Where all my hopes and dreams will be captured with one look at Jesus' face Oh, my heart's been burning, my soul keeps yearning Sometimes I can hardly wait for that sweet, sweet someday When I'll be swept away To another time and another place I've grown tired of earthly things They promise peace but furnish pain All of life's sweetest joys combined Can never match those in another time Oh-oh-oh And though I put my trust in Christ And felt His spirit move in my life I know it's truly just a taste Of His glory in another place Oh-oh-oh [Chorus]

Every Time

I laid the blanket there on the shoreline And saw the water shine with the moon What kind of fool would fail to notice The best thing shining was you Oh, I laughed kinda nervous I felt you move closer And felt the world unwind Once was a stranger, not quite a lover But steadily crossing the line Carry me far away Don't hold back; I won't break Leave the ghosts behind All I know, wrong or right Just the thought of this night Will get me every time Every time Well, the voice in my head said 'What are you doing' I thought not listening to you You see I'm taking a chance I'm thinking about flying over the blue And it's crazy to be this out of practice And have it all come so naturally Don't you love knocking logic right off its axis And watch it float far out to sea Carry me far away Don't hold back; I won't break Leave the ghosts behind All I know, wrong or right Just the thought of this night Will get me every time Every time Every time Every time Every time So now here I am reading my fortune In the winding lines of your hand Oh, and I see a lost unwanted orphan Head right for the promised land Carry me far away I won't I won't break Oh Carry me far away Don't hold back; I won't break Leave the ghosts behind All I know, wrong or right Just the thought of this night Will get me every time Will get me every time Every time

First Time

FINGER ELEVEN "Greyest Of Blue Skies"
I had never thought We were hanging on But the fall looks very far Staring at the ground What flesh will do to you Will do to me too Be free and on your own It's not that simple It's never that simple It feels like the first time That we'd fallen behind And we faltered too far down No one could save us It feels like the first time And we're standing about them And no one can touch us The worst is over I could say to you A bitter word or two There's no stopping now Just get it out in the air Heard it through the fog And hurt by it all I'd take it back today But it's out of my hands Lost in the film again All the signs were showing Watching a single frame When the wind begins You're never anywhere 'Cause you're caught in my weather every time Feels like the first time We'd fallen behind No use is the other one to wait But I can hold on As sure as I'm strong Get over the faithful yesterdays

Nobody's Home

KANSAS "Point Of Know Return"
Centuries of backward ways, have many left behind us Who can count the good men gone away The fruits of all our labors have left us as we started We've come too far to end it in a day It seems that everything we do is wrong A one way trip to nowhere all along Just look around and tell me what you see Another stupid page of history (Chorus) No one together, No one is touching ground Look to each other, Chaos is all around Same situation, Nothing is really new No one together, No one is me and you Lo the horn of plenty is bursting at the seam The harvest of the world will be our prize We claim to know the secrets, the answers have been found But how can one fool make another wise 'Cause nothing's better than it used to be To live and die is still a mystery We take away and we give nothing back We just consume it all and still we lack (Chorus) Each day passed by so quickly now You can feel it drawing much closer now The signs are in the faces of the people in the street The signs are in the sound I hear The voices filled with hate and fear You can feel it drawing near you now The multitudes are searching, and wandering in vain For what they seek cannot be found in men The truth that lies before us now is plain for all to see To grow without is not to grow within For in the promise is a victory To see the way that everything should be To feel the joy that we were meant to know We should have realized so long ago We're all together, Harmony will abound' Look at each other, All that was lost is found New situation if our direction's true We're all together, Everyone is me and you

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