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Bobs lyrics

Through The Wall

Original and similar lyrics
We never met face to face But I feel like I know you well You have the place next to my place I could see you by ringing the bell But I hear you through the wall I hear you in the morning shower How can you play that song at that hour Press my ear to the wall to hear coffee perk And watch from the window when you leave for work And I hide behind the wall Your boyfriend is really a jerk (jerk,jerk,jerk,jerk,jerk) Will he ever learn to play the saxophone He plays that same song over and over Your boyfriend is really a jerk (jerk,jerk,jerk,jerk,jerk) Watches daytime shows the sound is loud Watches daytime shows watches daytime shows I can't wait till you're home from work I like Saturdays best of all When your exercise records play The pictures shake on my wall Send a dozen leg lifts my way Cause I feel you through the wall I heard how you balked when they raised the rent It was the closest I've come to losing you Just fifty a month and it's money well spent To keep you beside me it's the least I can do Cause I need you through the wall Your boyfriend is really a jerk (jerk,jerk,jerk,jerk,jerk) Will he ever learn to play the saxophone He plays that same song over and over Your boyfriend is really a jerk (jerk,jerk,jerk,jerk,jerk) Watches daytime shows the sound is loud Watches daytime shows watches daytime shows I can't wait till you're home from work And I hear you through the wall And I feel you through the wall And I need you through the wall

Denmark Street

Kinks "Lola vs. the Powerman the Money-Go-Round, Part One"
Down the way from the Tottenham Court Road Just round the corner from old Soho There's a place where the publishers go If you don't know which way to go Just open your ears and follow your nose 'Cos the street is shakin' from the tapping of toes You can hear that music play anytime on any day Every rhythm, every way You got to a publisher and play him your song He says 'I hate your music and you hair is too long But I'll sign you up because I'd hate to be wrong' You've got a tune it's in your head you want to get it placed So you take it up to a music man just to see what he will say He says 'I hate the tune, I hate the words but I'll tell you what I'll do I'll sign you up and take it round the street and see if it makes the grade' And you might even hear it played on the rock 'n' roll hit parade Daytime, night time, every week you can hear that heavy beat Now the walls are shaking from the tapping of feet Daytime, night time, every day you can hear that music play Every rhythm, every way

The Load-Out

JACKSON BROWNE "Running On Empty"
(Jackson Browne & Bryan Garofalo) Now the seats are all empty Let the roadies take the stage Pack it up and tear it down They're the first to come and last to leave Working for that minimum wage They'll set it up in another town Tonight the people were so fine They waited there in line And when they got up on their feet they made the show And that was sweet... But I can hear the sound Of slamming doors and folding chairs And that's a sound they'll never know Now roll them cases out and lift them amps Haul them trusses down and get'em up them ramps 'Cause when it comes to moving me You guys are the champs But when that last guitar's been packed away You know that I still want to play So just make sure you got it all set to go Before you come for my piano But the band's on the bus And they're waiting to go We've got to drive all night and do a show in Chicago or Detroit, I don't know We do so many shows in a row And these towns all look the same We just pass the time in our hotel rooms And wander 'round backstage Till those lights come up and we hear that crowd And we remember why we came Now we got country and western on the bus R and B, we got disco in eight tracks and cassettes in stereo We've got rural scenes & magazines We've got truckers on the CB We've got Richard Pryor on the video We got time to think of the ones we love While the miles roll away But the only time that seems too short Is the time that we get to play People you've got the power over what we do You can sit there and wait Or you can pull us through Come along, sing the song You know you can't go wrong 'Cause when that morning sun comes beating down You're going to wake up in your town But we'll be scheduled to appear A thousand miles away from here

Critic's Carnival

Magellan "Test Of Wills"
The Solano County Engineering Archives, vault 1 Feel free, write your scathing indictment Pick us apart with your joke of a pen Pacified poet, standing alone you know it I hear you preaching: Do it again - won't you please do it again? Plenty of time - hear the hypocrites whine Pathetic business - take it, test it, know it, burn it It's all a game you play so mealy mouthed at the trough we lay I hear you pleading: Do it again - won't you please do it again? Take it all upon you now Make you mark somehow and keep it going With illusions that you're real and phrases that you'll steall At your best you'll drag them down I've heard it all before it's all been said before extending all an invitation - welcome to the Critic's Carnival - Where writers think they know more than you No, don't be a fool at Critic's Carnival A bully pulpit built to spin a phrase will pitch a sermon for you if you've got the money to pay at the Critic's Carnival buy fifty dollar words, try bull-shit No, don't be deceived at Critic's Carnival... Invite us to your ivory tower Impress me with your insightfull gift of genius Yes, you can dish it out A coward too much clout Hungry for power - Do it again - won't you please do it again? Monday morning's last draft quarterback Get it right get it wrong We've just dragged on too long It's all a game you play so mealy mouthed at the through we lay I know you hear me! Do it again won't you please do it again? Well?

Make My Day

So You're Telling Me Now All Your Friends Call You Honey There's Your Name On The Wall And It Ain't That Funny Guess You're Out On The Street Shakin' Legs Every Night And The Whole World's Looking At You Kinda Love At First Bite And The Same Old Song I Hear You Play On And On , Again You Gotta Make My Day Yeah, You Drank All My Wine N' You Gave All My Money Away No More Gas In The Car And Your Dog Wants Me To Stay Darling, You Know, You Go A Little Too Far But I'm Sure Not A Pawn On Your Chessboard Baby, No More And The Same Old Song I Hear You Play On And On , Again Gotta Make My Day Well, You Take It All For Granted You Got Me Hypnotised So Who Do You Think You Are, Honey I Want You To Make My Day Don'T Need No Pretty Lies Read My Lips Make My Day

Future Sound

JURASSIC 5 "Feedback"
[Akil] Yea [Soup] Turn me up though [Akil] Uh Huh,Yea [Soup] Come on [Akil] Anyway [Soup] A 1,2 what cha gonna do 2,3 what's this gonna be... come on now [Akil and Soup - talking over each other] Yea Yea uh, a come on now Let me hear you, Let me hear you [Akil] Uh yea Provoke emotions when I'm boastin and braggin Just imagine gun clappin' linguistic assassin Bout to shake the world up, slam it to the floor up You heard of us, real niggaz we blow the world up Rip off the planet, take it for granted when I manage With that home team advantage, automatic rhyme bandit Bout to hand it , Cause you cram to understand it When I land it open handed I'm a transatlantic slave, with that old black magic Got to have it from the demo, to the master Some brothers try to strike, but light the fire of disaster I'm the chainsaw massacre, brain ball acid dust Down shift, pump your brakes, ease off the clutch We fuck it up, when we conduct, load your pistol up Put this verbal dick in your mouth, until I bust a nut And let this jam tell you who the fuck I am Original black man from the Billali Sudan [Chorus: Akil and Soup] It's like that y'all, so go head and get up Sample (Be bad) This is the future sound [Sample] Without further ado, you don't see us, but we see you [Akil] Either you're here to teach [Both] Or you're here to be taught [Akil] If you don't plan to get away [Both] Then you plan to get caught I was born to lead, that why I run don't walk South-central MC what the fuck you thought [Soup] I set my first verse up, similar to a stake out The minute that they break out, they send jake out But I'm super laxative and I don't need no practice kid You're probably wondering what track this it [Akil] Uh, so carry on with that twisted ass street rap I ride for peace, but I will contradict that And bitch slap any rapper that act, uh Like he really want it I'm a have to mishap [Soup] So act like you want it, but don't get loud And you haven't seen a style this vivid in awhile [Akil] I rebuild cause I'm a rebel My education and rhythm is on a higher level Smash til the dust settles [Chorus] Yes, yes, yes y'all Mic test, test y'all Freestyle lyrics being thrown straight at y'all And we hype so and we might just flow from the get go Hey yo Soup, let 'em know [Soup] I'm one of the last cats, (That's right) puttin' the flavor back in the rap And make a sun roof straight to your cap Now the original black, now watch how the herbs react I play the block, where I learned to rap (tell em) Ain't nothing to it, I keep the word play fluent And tone will run through like the emperor Jones Now the inventor of poems and lymrics outstanding pitch Regardless if your feeling my shit Yo, I stay prime and plus I'm never outdated In time I break atoms from the way that I rhyme Now I created a line with no miscues, fake no moves So here's the rhyme I couldn't wait to use I represent, and put the pressure on your local event And drop heavy when the vocal commits To hit you with the hits, from the colonial prince The master of the ceremonial It's like that y'all [Chorus]

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