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Bobs lyrics

Share A Load

Original and similar lyrics
Him: Pardon me I couldn't help but see That you only have a small amount of laundry I don't have much You don't have much Why don't we both share a load? Her: No, but thanks I've got too many colors And I wouldn't want your underwear to turn all pink But it seems I've left all my change at home If I asked you for some quarters What would you think? Him: We can wash in cold We can use my soap and my quarters Oooo... Her: I've never washed clothes with a strange man before But what the hell, let's try it! Let's go 'round the corner, have ourselves a cup of coffee together (Romantic interlude) Her: I think that sock is mine... Him: No, it was a gift from my mama Her: This must be yours... Him: Do you really like the Grateful Dead? Her: I wonder if you'd mind if I kept this old bandana? Him: No, go ahead -- I'll use your pillowcase on my bed Her: I don't have much You don't have much Why don't we both share a load? Him: I don't have much You don't have much Why don't we both share a load? Both: I don't have much You don't have much Why don't we both share a load?

The Space Race Is Over

Billy Dean
Between Marx and marzipan in the dictionary there was Mary Between the deep blue sea and the devil that was me If ever anyone could help me with my obsession with The young Susannah York it was Mary If my pink pyjamas she asked me for something I gave her the short answer She read our stars out load And I knew then that we should have gone sailing But we stayed home instead Fighting on the waterbed Like the honeymoon couple on drugs Me and Mary What happened in the past Remained a mystery of natural history She should have been the last But she was just the latest If she wanted to be a farmer's wife I would endure that muddy life I would dig for victory And the sound of happy couples Coupling happily in the dark While you and I sat down to tea I remember you said to me That no amount of poetry Would mend this broken heart But you can put the Hoover round If you want to make a start All my friends from school Introduce me to their spouses While I'm left standing here With my hands down the front of my trousers I just don't know what's to be done I wonder sometimes how did Dad meet Mum And how did they conceive of me Tell me Mary The boys who came to the shop Always made her laugh much more than I did When I told her this must stop She didn't bat an eyelid She said you know honey it's such a shame You'll never be any good at this game You bruise too easily So said Mary Her two brothers took me out Of circulation for the duration So we went our separate ways but does she still love me She still has my door key Like a bully boy in a Benetton shop You're never happy with what you've got Till what you've got has gone Sorry Mary

Mama I'm Strange

What's this little lie They keep on telling me It's just another high They keep on selling me I was only five They fed me so much jive They said just have a ball Just be a Barbie doll They churned and burned me out Until they turned me out Over and over again Mama I'm strange The thoughts and the wants are the locks On the back of my brain I'm descending pretending I'm blending I'm going insane And they want me to change Mama I'm strange I'm on a shaky wall I'm tripping down the hall And all the king's men can't Can't sew me up again I've got a leaky head Don't know the full extent I'm drowning in my bed I'm just an accident They chewed and blew me out Until they threw me out Over and over again If I could tranquilize I might just vaporize They couldn't supervise They couldn't criticize I have no evidence I have no reverence It makes no difference I have no innocence Help me mama help me now

Don't Mess With U.s. Truckers

Dave Dudley "American Trucker"
Almost forty years I never missed a run with any load But what happened just a while ago Makes me mad as hell Some cavemen want to change things on my road No dirtbags gonna change my life With this rig I'm living in This old driver seen at least two county fairs And you won't be putting any funny stuff On any truckers load Or you'll be dying under 18 wheels I swear So don't come messing round with U.S. truckers How long you'd have to live it's hard to tell If you want to try to trash our trucks and truckers You are gonna wind up dead as hell Now you'll need a stronger backbone In our truckin world Don't try to run on our highways Where we live Hey, if you wants to beat Mohammed Then give us your best shot You'll get a damn site more then what you give Ya, we stand proud and tall Cuz brothers of the road And I'll tell you right now Bout our land Would you like to see a trucker Come on take a look It's the last time you will see him, understand Don't come messing round with U.S. truckers How long you'd have to live it's hard to tell If you want to try to trash our trucks and truckers You are gonna wind up dead as hell

Paradise Lost

SWOLLEN MEMBERS "Monsters In The Closet"
(feat. Brady, Tony Da Skitzo) [Brady] scared i'm gonna trip my fingers these fingers stuck in your third eye as i gotcha paralyzed your heart venture bad tidings residing in liberal until nightfall i might crawl outta the shadows in your sleep cuz my wristbone's connected to the hand bone's connected to the jizz nasty i can never let it walk on by why do i feel so high when it strikes mid-knight in shining armor cybernetic snake charmer all you can get your sweat glands and pores in your skin release spores from within leviathan can't hang unless you swing by the neck untempered instrumentals got you smooth as thinking continental cruise your core bruise until your spine and press rewind too many times and catch several shurikens to your mind and soul as i swallow it whole i see you grippin on cybertron optimist call me crypticon synchro on quartz tryin to thwart the uppending doom croonin like coyotes at the moon when its almost high noon niggaz swoon like ninjas unite west coast avengers drift fine swollen member [Madchild] sparkling crackling tackling stacked assailants medievel magicians practice under heavy surveillance the ultimate quartet indestructable unpredictable symbolic sorcerers collaborate with one trick to pull the trick is to focus make millions from swollen billions seek the weak and destroy soldiers controlling civilians deploy the daredevil dimension competition cringes they couldn't get open if they came equipped with hinges addicted to dope injected by swollen syringes this flame thrower singes and burns you to a crisp of ashes i'm ill suffer from constant hot flashes bad rock annihlates violator retaliates vertibreaker will mutilate ghost causing sirens hands of hostility strangling evil tyrants who worship the power plant i've seen many strange things protect the sacred circle and beware of the changelings [Tony Da Skitzo] move the masses changing your acetone mono we're high tech phonos slash labyrinth spreading chaotic activity wide open door frivolling away like cumulus clouds your a black rose lost in my black flag motel strange corridors with the only sensor receptacles receiving technical difficulties mics philiac no gimmicks a patch over your left eye while the venomous serum leaks in your heart print indent a paragraph and the message is sent transparent sentiments that are radioactive and leave a fritz like apocalypse leaving the former attempt your consciousness like triplets back to back to back like in a foreign country we still excavate doves isolate you to a torture merchants in my village remains of no life just cold breezes and past souls mistaking fake saviors blessed in his own castle now its just relics left back and the color is tinted [Prevail] enter the uncensored sensor of lord magenta a member of mensa doctor mind bender middle earth fabric tearer like my crushed velvet cape drags through the quicksand and long last and scribe masters with poisonous penmanship summer equinoxes and winter solstices shift liquid land i lift my crooked hands and orchestrate the blatent containment of force so florescent youre surely asking for your melting pot to be a meeting spot for contaminate contestants even nostradamus couldn't predict these Nosferatus with advanced sharpened lance and pierce you


It's an overdose for most a shot in the brain Blows your mind like the winds of a hurricane Put you hands to your head to stop the pain And hear a scream louder than a freight train Street sounds merry-go-rounds So up-tight while your mind is windin' down Toss and turn on aa sea of tranquility Crimes of insanity-how many guilty? I can see their blank and dull faces Another episode of how the human race is Sick to death have we lost our senses? I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take this They gave you the shaft and you know where they stuck it It's pay back man your head's in a bucket Pull it out look about what am I sayin'? This a pleaa this is no bargain Junkies for TV live in soap opera sitcoms They're cop-outs for dropouts and no minded morons See it you can be it and so it goes on and on Livin' the good life singin' a swan song Hear the news blues pick and choose Try and understand you get more confused Pull the plug it's too much information 24 hours 5 million stations Check it out we've got to change this reel The more we see the less we feel Compassionate passion it's so easy to fake it I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it Payin' dues sellin' shoes Always complainin' and prayin' and sayin', So what's the use? It's a zoo the animals are me and you Turnin' tricks jumpin' through a point of view Like change so fantastic More street homes for more and more spastics Outside it's a turning tide And so you learn there's no where no way to turn Back from behind the window Get a dose takin' in the freak show Find the ugly truth that is wisdom A home is a castle a castle can be your prison Anger is your reaction You can use it to take action No time you whine your line is so basic I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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