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Bobs lyrics

Food To Rent

Original and similar lyrics
Down at the grocery store They got those things I like to eat Oh, yeah Down at the grocery store I got enough for a box of Cream of Wheat Oh, yeah Don't you know I'd rather have a pound or two of prime red meat Down at the grocery store Countin' out my pennies for some bread Oh, yeah Down and out, you know I'm poor I'm sick of having margarine to spread On bread Listen Mr. Manager I'd like to rent my food instead You rent it to me I'll bring it back You rent it out to someone else You'll make more money than you ever did before Food to rent, food to borrow Deposit required, I'll return it by tomorrow Down at the grocery store I'm tradin' in my chicken for some beef Oh, yeah Even though I may look poor I rent my food, I'm not a common thief Oh, no The roast I got is A.O.K. its former owner had no teeth You rent it to me I'll bring it back You rent it out to someone else You'll make more money than you ever did before Food to rent, food to borrow Deposit required, I'll return it by tomorrow Down at the grocery store Now everybody's got enough to eat Oh, yeah People walkin' in and out the door Hear the thunder of their feet Oh, yeah Kids are trading bags of brussel sprouts in for their favorite kind of treat (Tofutti!) Food to rent, food to borrow Deposit required, I'll return it by tomorrow

Two Scoops Of Raisins

Common Sense "Can I Borrow a Dollar?"
[Immens] Yo man.. I'm hungry man [Common] Ay whatchu want man You want some breakfast or somethin [Immens] I want a lil lil somethin.. yeah yea milk and cereal or somethin Somethin man! Just a little breakfast food, y'know [Common] Mmm I don't know man (ay) let's see what I got in my cabinet [Immens] Hold on, let me see what I got in my cabinet Somebody hit me with a little, baseline or groove, knahmsayin Yeah, breakfast food, UHH! [C] When you wish [I] When you wish [C] Upon a star [I] Upon a star [C] To follow what [I] To follow what [C] And where you are! [I] And where you are! [C] Party over here, party over there [I] Where [Common] Look! I made ya look, ya dirty crook Then picked your pocket, watch me book.. .. like Guiness I'm a Menace, so call me hip-hop's Dennis So open wide, and say (AHHHHH) And I'ma slide my yolk, in your throat, and watch ya choke on the Uh the Ah the Uh the Daddy Long-Stroke [Immenslope] Stroke Long Daddy Money, if my name was Sunny I'd share a scoop, Runnin shit like Rebels You can call me Barney, cause I took your Fruity - Pebbles Dibble like an office on Top Cat, top that, I'm fat troop Drop the loop, then a scooper hoop ya like a hula To school a fool I present, a church to repent I get you Guess'n like jeans, you're just a hill of beans I'm all that jazz, and I kick, kick, kick, kick.. [Common] The razzamatazz oh please oh please just give me just one more blast I +Gett Off+ like Prince, but I don't have to show my ass Pass the rest, like a test, if you slip then you'll get ripped with your handicapped pass route, and Tales From the Crypt I whip on that ass like base ba-bay The Sense is good-GOOBELY-goo, ask Gravy [Immenslope] Or LaMont, or Rollo, down at the, Apollo Come follow me now (BO! Where's Sue) I don't know Even En Vogue, be tellin me ya don't go When it's time for show (yea) everyone says ho (ho) ho (ho) couldn't be a slider cause I never slip, kick it like a Damme Van flip So don't come with your judo, cause you're just a Menudo emcee gettin chewed like vegetables [Common] Ahhhhh cabbage is a cabbage, a lettuce is a lettuce I'ma tear this whole joint into scraps I bust raps, perhaps caps, and trap the wack tracks Givin the max, for the minimum, not the minimum for the max Get more sex than Wilt the Stilt so you can call me the Stiltest You're takin shorts like Arnold, so what chu talkin bout, Willis [I] Bout Willis [C] Yeah Willis [I] Willis ain't talkin about nuthin! [C] It's Different Strokes [I] Let's get back to umm, breakfast foods [I] because it's, early in the mornin.. [Common] Well you can have your Wheaties [Immens] You can have your Flakes [Common] You can have your Kix [Immens] And you can have your Trix [Common] You can have your POUNDcakes [Immens] You can have your Loops [*both*] But you still gotta get your Two Scoops! [Immenslope] To keep the hot raw, I'm rollin, rollin Bowlin - spare me! Fuss ya hushed mouth mush Lush alcohol's excessive like a Jefferson Movin on up -- progressive One time for your brain, cell And when I get through, you say -- aww hell man! Styles that I free won't, stop til the end Paper I go on and go on with the pen Get a max of funk, attack or sunk *huff, huff* One blow, and emcees are gone with the wind Kickin the dumber rhyme, I'm not a print but I'm fresh, heatin up like the summertime, summer rhyme I'm a dime a dozen, but I keep you buzzin like a bee, a dozen attempts is in the toilet Cause I flush the dime and I'm not a Leader cause I Busta Rhyme, a rhyme If I kick with Rakim, you +Run For Cover+ brother But I kick it with Petey cause I'm just another mother (sucker) Blo Pop time (it's Blo Pop time) It's Blo Pop time (it's Blo Pop time) In the mix, the dimension, J.B., and Chico It's seven, not six, my shirt extra-large but I wear, I wear I wear it well like DeBarge to the finish, makin ya eye pop, like you ain't spinach Then it's, time to let you know We count it up, one two three and fo' [I] UHH! Count it up [C] Nah we gon' count it down [I] Nah man, we're gonna count it up [C] Mmmm, let's get back to that umm, food tip though, the breakfast tip [I] Food tip Well you just check [C] Cause you know what we need [I] What can I have [Common] You can have your Life [Immens] You can have your Bran [Common] You can have your Puffs [Immens] You can have your Pebbles [Common] You can have your Krunch [Immens] And you can have your Loops [*both*] But you still gotta get your Two Scoops! [Common] Around and round and upside down and upside down we go WHOAHHHHH! I'ma sneak in the front row Not Jethro, I'm not a Jethro, on skid row I don't wear Monie's hat, but I was a Monkey +in the Middle+ Hey diddle diddle, you can Kibble a Bit I take a squat, and booty MC's be sayin OOOOHHH SHIT! Yo, I turn Bucktown into Fucktown You're just a field goal kid, and I'm a touchdown With the next point to the next joint, so tell Spike about it I'm all that, that your bitch be writin home about it Shout it out, praise the Lord, hallelujah! This could be love, but umm, don't let em fool ya Cause when I do ya, come down come down after me come Yeah sorry Sugar Plums but umm, I gotta run Run Jesse Run, keep hope alive I'm down with the b-boys, FUCK the Jackson 5 You jive-ass turkey, a-pit-apitta-a-aperk be You can get ill, but don't, HURT ME, HURT ME Or urk me, cause see I'll outsmart you like the Urkel B-boys at the school of hard knocks, in a circle Pass the sess blunt, yeah stud, you ain't know I wanna go bang, I said, bang-o, bang-oh bang-oh or bojangle jingle jangle on the jaw Hip-hip, hooray, oh now you wanna be all lovable Don't push or pull, or you'll see, I'ma wreck it out MC's be checkin in but they don't be checkin out I leave em out on the canvas So click your heels twice and take your ass back to KANSAS..


i think about the time spent see the dooted line, sign the fine print ma minds bent and i'm about to get ma rhymes pimped tryin to find rent, set the record straight, uniform do decorate since performing for the second grade koolaid and cannabis i'm sick ot these scavengers i'm like a anarchist standing in panic demanding damages they only flash cameras at muthafucking amatures wanna trade a good review for some bandages? i've got managers that need to do more, i'm stuck inside this shoe-store thinking, what the fuck i need you for? all i try to do is rock a few floors, let me do tours and then off course, 'boatdrinks', see the blue shores gotta love life, might loose yours over some booze of loose whores or them dudes at war, until nothing is real, bagging up the muscle to chill it's all a hustle all this fussing for bills, but still chorus 'imagine that'- we handle raps like it ain't nothing 'ya crackerjack'- see that's a fact you can play something 'yeah you're handicapped,' paperboys- with the hat to match 'don't sleep' it's all about the boatdrinks x2 yo, whatever turn of events it's only paper that's concerning ma gets this tournaments leaving permanent dents i've got a burning of earning cents and i'm bent only human, thinking bourbon or rent? hmmm.. see ma strategy stumbles with vodka-battery id rather be straddled by a lady with top anatomy a bastard, filling ma pockets is all i'm after a little laughter, sick of freezing like it's alaska with choking astma and frozen fingernails got jehova sending mail, dream of climbing over with ma single-sales a little ginger-ale an gin makes a cinderella spin ma ears ringing lika a jingle-bell again i pop ma collar, get a glass, top it and swallow ma shit'll knock scholars, bet i'll make 'em hollalike a rotweiler *voff* euro's and top dollars, gimme that a cynics rap, i keep it rolling like a jimmyhat chorus x2 i've got a confession to make, cant escape depression and hate every session i tape i always think it's lesser than great, but i'm guessing it's straight i think it's just a test of my faith don't mean to desecrate, stressing, guess prfoessionals relate i got a cause, i'm a rebel in my drawrs get applause, better metaphores, tell 'em if you get it yours' grab my set of balls, rocking the floors like heavy metal tours we ready for whatever is in store, it's time to settle scores and if i said it before, it's cause i'm bored, i'm broke, but not poor, is smoke but got a lot more i'm not sure i'll ever make it but i'm trying, keep it basic i ain't lying, like i'm naked with the choir crying i'm just a passanger, a passionate ambassador, fashion massacre this chicken laughs while i pass at her fuck that, all i need is my family and paper shake your moneymaker calling breaker breaker, holla chorus x2

If I Run Into You

Joe Mcintyre "Meet Joe Mac"
If I run into you, here's what l'd do Probably say that everything is okay Say I met someone knew, it's really going well Funny I should see you today And I'd tell ya all the things I got going on Working on a deal for my new hit song Even though it really shouldn't matter too much to me If I run into you, If I run into you Yeah here's what I'd do I'd say, 'Listen I'm having a really crazy week and I can't talk right now, but I'm glad we're doing our own thing 'cause I think it's best for us, don'tcha think?' See ya! Wouldn't wanna be ya If I run into you, here's what I'd do Probably put on my shades, and act real cool And I wouldn't understand a thing you say... Like, 'I want it that way.' And you'd tell me all the things you got going on Found a new man and he turns you on Even though it really doesn't matter too much to me If I run into you, If I run into you Yeah here's what I'd do, I'd say, 'Wow you're looking kinda different, you do something funky with your hair? ...and that tattoo? oh, it's temporary?!' See ya! Wouldn't wanna be ya If I run into you There ain't nothing going on but the rent you see, there ain't nothing going on but a J-O-B, there ain't nothing going on but the rent, but the rent.... If I run into you, if I run into you Here's what I'd do I'd say the damdest things not one of them would be true 'Cause I'll be damned if I look bad in front of you...yeah I'll be damned if I look bad See ya! Wouldn't wanna be ya If I run into you, if I run into you If I run into you, if I run into you Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah Hey, hey Good-bye

Sweet Potato Pie

Extra Prolific "Like It Should Be"
(Snupe) I step in the gas station show my face Drinking Old English I embrace (Mike G) You know that the liquor store Got what you be looking for Get a 40oz and pour you some down your throat (Snupe) Slow and slip Forget all that shit Moet hits the wrong taste buds So I go and get An 800 drink it Tic tac in my pocket so my breath ain't stinkin (Mike G) Stumble down staggering But still humble when braggin To chumps, bout how much I drunk I'm seein' three of you Snupe (Snupe) Plus a girl that looks cute And when a nigga thirsty they know what to do And it's like that. *Snupe singing* When you ready (ready) Sip up on the rock steady And when you fiendish (fiendish) Drink up on the Old English x2 Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah At your local liquor store

I Don't Play

Kool Keith "Black Elvis/Lost in Space"
[Kool Keith] Yo yo yo Worldwide, worldwide Kool Keith in Bronx housing Ninety-nine, 2000 As we get biz, yeah I'ma let you have it Let's do this Yo, my life is clientele, while pro people talk about me Cut empty pocket, shark faces like electric sockets Sideburns with afro, nasty pro, throw like Rollo In Wells Fargo, cashin checks while you tryin to borrow My game is cut through, plastic come, we can see through disco music, jazz loops, I ain't tryin to be you Nineteen-ninety-nine, 2000 black, new design My head is on right Back up kid you wasn't born right Playin center I block your wack raps like Bill Cartwright Pick up your rebounds, plastic soft production sounds All MC groups will be cartoons like Mother Goose No joke I bust back Kid for real, watch your buttcrack Entourages, movin neighborhoods like Mr. Rogers Slam rhymes on concrete, mash em up in car garages Cadillac spin, open magazines, Vibe again You're jealous stare lickin, paws like you're Rin-Tin-Tin I'm back again, I stop your programs like Gentle Ben Yeah (yeah.. yeah.. yeah..) Chorus: Kool Keith (repeat 4X) I'll be the man, watch your backpack, pen and pencil School today! Grown man, I don't play [Kool Keith] Back up the turnpike, watch Mad Max turn into you Get gassed at truckstops, leave diesel fuel, burnin through you I come to boo you, best believe, I'm a damager Cancel shows, interviews, I don't need no manager Slash fan, half of y'all, think I'm the Elephant Man Look through my records analyze me like I'm Michael Jackson Collect my vinyl DJ moves spinnin on my wax and groupies in line, camera flashes, I don't need the action Sweaty hotels, dumbbells, I'd rather shop in Modell's while y'all wear backpacks, with corny macks, rollin L's CD's get melted, ask your favorite rapper, how he felt it I turn on others, light up this, when I'm cookin muffins That's on the grill, make your girlfriend buy my Ampex reels Pay for studio time, droppin verse with dope words I'm on the real herb, pick up mics you got some nerve Rahway State Prison bring my projects in the music business That's if you with this, yo Craig, there will be no witness I'm comin through with Bronx Crew, a black, boo-ba-babboon Tecs in my pockets make your feets dance, do the lockin Yeah (yeah.. yeah.. yeah.. yeah..) Chorus [Kool Keith] Yo, what are you doin lookin in my closet? Why are you tryin to try on my sneakers? Stop lookin around in my kitchen That's right it's Honeycomb up there, raviolis Everything a regular man eats I'm not the Elephant Man, whassup? You don't scare me, I'm the man that bought your girl some hair Walk in giant arenas and stop your show at Madison Square With security, you can't call the Secret Service Got your roadie cases packed up, your bookin agent nervous Backstage passes special units break your Fendi glasses Cancel your flights, Town Car, see me in the brown car Rip up your passport, I follow you through Kennedy airport Lock up the gates, town seize up, like Norman Bates Book Hotel Niko change my face up, in Puerto Rico Julio Gongado bumpin beats, in a El Dorado I'm movin swiftly, the game is fast, very quickly Greyhound bus tickets, I'll vick you for the whole season That's the reason I'll be easin, eatin cheese and that's right kid, yeah (yeah.. yeah..) Chorus Yeah, that's right, watch your backpacks For the nine-nine to the 2000 From Bronx Housing Housing..

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