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BOB DYLAN lyrics - Love And Theft

Things Have Changed

Original and similar lyrics
A worried man with a worried mind No one in front of me and nothing behind There's a woman on my lap and she's drinking champagne Got white skin, got assassin's eyes I'm looking up into the sapphire tinted skies I'm well dressed, waiting on the last train [Bridge #1:] Standing on the gallows with my head in a noose Any minute now I'm expecting all hell to break loose [Chorus:] People are crazy and times are strange I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range I used to care, but things have changed This place ain't doing me any good I'm in the wrong town, I should be in Hollywood Just for a second there I thought I saw something move Gonna take dancing lessons do the jitterbug rag Ain't no shortcuts, gonna dress in drag Only a fool in here would think he's got anything to prove [Bridge #2:] Lot of water under the bridge, Lot of other stuff too Don't get up gentlemen, I'm only passing through [Chorus] I've been walking forty miles of bad road If the bible is right, the world will explode I've been trying to get as far away from myself as I can Some things are too hot to touch The human mind can only stand so much You can't win with a losing hand [Bridge #3:] Feel like falling in love with the first woman I meet Putting her in a wheel barrow and wheeling her down the street [Chorus] I hurt easy, I just don't show it You can hurt someone and not even know it The next sixty seconds could be like an eternity Gonna get low down, gonna fly high All the truth in the world adds up to one big lie I'm in love with a woman who don't even appeal to me [Bridge #4:] Mr. Jinx and Miss Lucy, they jumped in the lake I'm not that eager to make a mistake [Chorus]

What Am I?

Chino XL "Here to Save You All"
(Song intro) (Girl talking) Yo stop driving crazy! (Chino) Shut the fuck up yo! I drive...Yo word is bond i need a sign yo I'm stopping right here till i get a sign (Lightning Sounds) (Chino) Look at that shit! What's that nigga? Ohh shit yo! I can't believe this... (Angel Speaks) Chino my love although many will come before you trying to be just like you there will never be another you. You've traveled so far to get here. Don't allow the world to make you forget why. Our ancestors are with you, and will lead you. Never let your mental conquer me (Chorus) Never love my enemy You could never take my history You could never block my destiny Never did love follow me And i'll never return to poverty Never fooled by satan's jealousy Until my heaven inherits me... (verse 1) I won't lie, some nights i feel like i've been forsaken by God, victimized, plagarized like Speilberg did Amistad, He who laughs last laughs best but never again is the montra that I cry... I spit like Ming the merciless, blissless bliss high risk piss clench fist, the massicistic sadistic from every verse on this Behold my serpents hair like purseus ill impossibly, larceny, broken velocity through lightning speed viscosity My philosophy, speak animosity keep shit in a bag like a colostimy im pro you're junior varsity, If twelve angry of you was on MTV dis my shit i'll hunt down and kill 'em all individually, I make headlines considerably, Sorcery with no plea bargain, or glossary, Fuck the Insane Clown Posse, of rap their making a mockery You'll retire like Seinfeld waiting on titles that i've held rockin' gold like Dennis Leary blasting assasins sent to kill me feel me, you take notes like court stenography, you better watch me, I take beef personally to your villa steps like Versace More Colt 45's than Billy Dee, collecting disability I'll shoot out with Bill Hillary, still won't run out of artillery While you trying to make all net like Iver-son or Jor-don I'm extor-tin trying to make all net like Forbes the mega for-tune Stick that ass in phone booth's, drinking 151 proof, laughing at that bitch with a gold tooth, flicking my ashes out of a sunroof Uncooth industry snotty and shady can't no Bible save me, From throwing you offmy tour bus like Bobby did Whitney baby Get with me? Maybe, but then be hunted You ain't no killer or gangster smiling or dancing interviewed by Teen Summit My multi-topical written flows containing subjects that vary, but still all relative like West Virginian's before they marry I blind you in stereo or mono i'm deluxe while you ride econo out of there, broke like the first host of the Vibe show Your wives know I fuck like Marky Mark on Boogie Nights while Guinessed out, while famous bitches give me head with Pop Rocks in their mouths Me dissapear? Never again, go to war with Vattican men, it'll take a whole cast of yall to have your ass walking again You're an over-rated player that white fans love like DiMaggio You off-air like Wendy Williams, out of the air like John Denver till forever you remeber, i'm falling off? Never... (Girl Singing) I'm god... 4X (Chorus) Never can you stop my hostility Never love my enemy Never get me out your memory I am never beaten lyrically Never fear, go head murder me So my God will be right next to me... (Verse 2) I'm descending from the sky like Gabriel the arch angel with weight of world on shoulders like Aretha Franklin's ankles You liars, i'm tired of all your fake drug dealing tales the only time yall see grams is when yall drink them gingerales I hold the hammer to, your head piece flush you! like genitals I'll battle bring evil that'll make your priest abandon you Through translucent fuschia zones poems, my vocal tones are dark Catacombs that'll scatter domes with the phermones of old bones in Germany eternally my victim hemorages internally untill the scent of decaying flesh, accompany Manson's death If you ask, bet, i'll take your breath a diffrent aspect enter the lung get shredded by person to person contact But beyond that, any rappers death i'm behind that I'll get that ass touced in any jail you do time at In every verse ditto, my defeat you better have more blind folded fate than the kidnaped version of pinky's widow Kiddo, you ain't worth hospitals till im hospitable enough to put you inside of a hospital after i smoke critical amounts of dust Thus my mind spoke on Jedi pedestals and roasting demos semi seminals who try to test testicles of this mc's quotables I'll make the proudest of all Dominicans swing flags for Puerto Rico And kill any blanco gringo reffering to Chino as chico By summoning the smoldering murdering minister thats mastering mayhem slaying day out day in out'spoke'n like a dayton Rim that be keeping 'em staggering through lyrical pattern traveling through my abdomen unraveling at the speed of a javelin still reppin' Vatican And invade like Mexican notify next to kin cats i'm invested in Don't worship Christ, they worship the theives crucified next to him Poison men cringes, from poison pen syringes these niggas couldn't be stars if they were thrown by Chinese ninjas Chino you bring phantasm plus you G like the dwellas and been touched by an angel like Della, me fear yall niggas? Never...

Sugar Daddy

Doo doo ba doo doo dood oo Doo doo ba doo doo dood oo Doo doo ba doo doo dood oo Doo doo ba doo doo dood oo Ooh, brand new boots I bought ya, fine, fine, blew your mind Fin'ly thought I caught ya and you love was mine all mine I see you walk by with other guys, step, step, stepin on my toes The whole world's talkin bout how I'm your stand by Santa Claus But ooh, your kisses thrill me, sho love your angel eyes The devil in you kills me, but I made up my mind I'm gonna be your sugar daddy, give you honey all my money Well L.A. to Cincinatti thats how far I'd crawl for you Oh baby I'll be your sugar daddy, give you kissin when its missin, yeah Oh baby, I'll try to keep you happy cause I got a sweet tooth for your love S-U-G, listen to me, listen to me A-R, what it is, what it is D-A-D-D, Y spells I'm your good thing King of fools they crowned meand the crown just fits me to a T Cause you only come around me just to pick up what you need You just play on my emotions, with please, please, pretty please Well everybody's go the notion Im your goodwill industry (Oh Henry) He's driving me nuts, while Im giving you the candy, he's gettin all you love (Mary Jane said, Mary Jane said Im just your lollipop, sucker) Well my flavor's longlasting girl, it aint never gonna stop Baby Im a fool just a fool in love with you, (I cant help myself, oh no) Oh no I cant help myself I'm gonna be your sugar daddy, give you honey all my money Well L.A. to Cincinatti thats how far I'd crawl for you Oh baby I'll be your sugar daddy, give you kissin when its missin I'll even let you drive my caddy, when I get one Now listen, I'm gonna be your sugar daddy, give you honey, all my money

Eye Patch

DE LA SOUL "Buhloone Mindstate"
Verse 1 I am Posdnous I be the new generation of slaves here to make papes to buy a record exec rakes the pile of revenue I create But I guess I don't get a cut cuz my rent's a month late Product of a North Carolina cat who scratched the back of a pretty woman named Hattie Who departed life just a little too soon and didn't see me grab the Plug Tune fame As we go a little somethin' like this look ma, no protection Now I got a daughter named Ayana Monay And I can play the cowboy to rustle in the dough so the scenery is healthy where her eyes lay I am an early bird but the feathers are black so the apples that I catch are usually all worms But it's a must to decipher one's queen from a worm who plays groupie and spread around the bad germ I cherish the twilight I maximize, my soul is the right size I watch for the power to run out on the moon (And that'll be sometime soon) Faker than a fist of kids speakin that they're black When they're just niggas trying to be Greek Or some tongues who lied and said We'll be natives to the end Nowadays we don't even speak I guess we got our own life to live Or is it because we want our own kingdom to rule? Every now and then I step to the now for now I see back then I might have acted like a fool Now I won't apologize for it This is not a bunch of Bradys but a bunch of black man's pride Yet I can safely say I've never played a sister by touching where her private parts reside I've always walked the right side of the road If I wasn't making song I wouldn't be a thug selling drugs But a man with a plan and if I was a rug cleaner betcha Pos'd have the cleanest rugs I am. Verse 2 The Plug Two brand with the flavour in the flute watch the sniffin' so a sack of shows in demand I read the diction from the second page I got the one-two gauge baritone to the izm fan Trees fall so I can play ground with my ink So let me need ya to my ems go I push the infinite and carry it My carrier's the three over one so my pluggins already know Lick shots with moo catch the boo from a ghost in the heckling crowd if I give a foot Jack Ville caught a spill when a still came from my mouth I brought a head down south I don't check for the noose and the neck So I never tell my ems that finesse is knocking at my door I choose to run from the rays of the burning sun and dodge a needle washing up upon a sandy shore I bring the element H with the 2 so ya owe me what's coming when I'm raining on your new parade It's just mind over matter and what matters is that the mind isn't guided by the punished shade I keep the walking on the right side but I won't judge the next who handles walking on the wrong Cuz that's how he wants to be No difference, see I wanna be like the name of this song I am Verse 3 I am Posdnous I be the new generation of slaves Here to make papes to buy a record exec rakes the pile of revenue I create but I guess I don't get a cut cuz my rent's a month late The deeds of a natural are seeds that are no longer planted so the famine in the mind is strong Tactics of another plane is now proven sane Sane enough to let you know from within this song I stabilize many cableized viewers So my occupation's known But not why I occupy And that is to bring the peace not in the flower but the As-Salaam Alaikum in the third I am

Tibetan Black Magicians

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Visions Of Gandhi"
[Canibus] Jedi Mind Tricks... Canibus Yo I grab Mics bust the raw Take flight adjust the Yaw Break your bicuspid with your own jaw Metaphors started menopause in your moms before you were born Technically you don’t even exist, God A flick of the wrist, you’ll be gone Lost in limbo like pink shit camouflaged in a pig farm I’m an enigma I rip bars Or burn your star with 5 points Plus the mic I ripped thus far I stomp on ya forehead Peel the top of your fucking face off like an orange And eat the carnage My God that sounds horrid, eating MC’s Is like eating garbage they make me vomit Discombobulate prostates re-hydrate dry lakes Wipe Ammonium Nitrate across the side of ya face Anthropomorph, illogically speaking I’m out of ya league Who can match the Bident with my top speed Scourge of the earth, verses are merged into dirt Heart line is flat lined through the therapy era Sentences go through re-synthesis I leave em looking bleaker than Memphis Without Rockefeller membership Don’t be an optimist and try to rock with Bis You end up in an iced-out sarcophagus [Vinnie Paz] Every rapper better fear me Coz Vinnie Paz is a beast And ya’ll steady screaming for war but want peace You trying ta walk through the fog where sun leaks Ya trying to walk two dogs with one leash You can’t overstand the mathematics How rip bars, walk through walls perform magic Tibetan Black Magic, I’m a warlord I’ll stab you through your fucking temple with a floorboard I’m a born lord, I was baptised To see the universal through a cats eyes Here come the black skies; It’s all darkness I breathe life into Jesus Christ’s carcass! [samples] [Canibus] Once I duct tape ya to the front of a Mack trucks, face ya Drive through a brick wall, pull the park and brake up Ask you for you proof of registration, say what? I cant understand a word you saying, you fuck! Peel you off till you drop on the floor Drag you to the manifold, Make you put your mouth around the exhaust Squeeze your neck harder when you start to cough I bet you never thought this could happen just for pissing me off I’m in for hardcore Hiphop, the surrogate father Protecting rap like the exoskeleton of a Lobster I’ll moonwalk on water, harpoon jackers And drag em back to the harbour for the local photographers Now point four fingers and watch through binoculars Look what Harry Potter did to Andrew Galotti, Kid Whether enemies exchange negative energy But you can’t forgive and forget with an elephant memory Coz You-Know-Who snatched the mic from You-Know-Who But lets keep that between me and you! Me and JMT, Rippers that’ll rip your ass I got an empty mag- Get em Vinnie Paz!!! [Vinnie Paz] I get a bloodlust when I see a slug bust Hit your mug with a .38 snub and watch the blood rush Nothings above us, ya’ll better back off Cos you a devil like the Canaanite in Sackcloth We busting Gats off It’s a clean kill It doesn’t seem real when your spleen spill So listen to what im spittin at y’all La illaha, il Allah il Allah Come on y’all your getting hit in the chest Coz Vinnie Pazienz and Canibus is the best Ripping the rest And all ya’ll seek is ashes I love reading Koran in pitch blackness I love reading the psalms to bitch actors I love reading the palms of bitch rappers! [samples]

No Woman, No Cry

FUGEES "The Score"
[CLEF] A dedication to all the refugees worldwide One time say, say, say I remember when we used to sit in the government yard in Brooklyn. Observing the crookedness as it mingled with the good people we meet. Good friends we had, Good friends we've lost along the way. In this great future you can't forget your past, So dry your tears I say And to my peeps who passed away, No woman, no cry, no woman no cry, say say say. Hey little sister don't shed no tears No woman no cry say say say. I remember when we used to rock in a project yard in Jersey, And little Georgie would make the firelight, As stolen cars passed through the night And then we'd hit the corner store for Roots, paper, and brew. My drink's my only remedy For pain of losing family, but while I'm gone Shorty, Everything's gonna be alright, everything's gonna be alright, Fugees come to the dance tonight, everything's gonna be alright, O everything's gonna be alright, The gun man's in the house tonight, But everything's gonna be alright. [CHORUS] Oh ah oh ah Oh ah oh ah Oh ah oh ah Oh ah oh ah Oh ah oh ah Oh ah oh ah Oh ah oh ah [CLEF] No woman no cry, no woman no cry. Hey, little sister, don't shed no tears No woman no cry say say say. I remember when we used to sit in a government yard in Trenchtown. The hypocrites as they mingled with the good people we meet. Good friends we had Oh good friends we've lost Along the way hey. In this great future, You can't forget your past so dry your tears I say And no woman no cry. No woman no cry say say say. Hey, little sistser, don't shed no tears No woman no cry and to my peeps who passed away [CHORUS] Oh ah oh ah Oh ah oh ah Oh ah oh ah Oh ah oh ah Oh ah oh ah

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