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BOB DYLAN lyrics - Another Side Of Bob Dylan

Ballad In Plain D

Original and similar lyrics
I once loved a girl, her skin it was bronze With the innocence of a lamb, she was gentle like a fawn I courted her proudly, but now she is gone Gone as the season she's taken. Through young summer's breeze, I stole her away From her mother and sister, though close did they stay Each one of them suffering from the failures of their day With strings of guilt they tried hard to guide us. Of the two sister, I loved the young With sensitive instincts, she was the creative one The constant scapegoat, she was easily undone By the jealousy of others around her. For her parasite sister, I had no respect Bound by her boredom, her pride to protect Countless visions of the other she'd reflect As a crutch for her scenes and her society. Myself, for what I did, I cannot be excused The changes I was going through can't even be used For the lies that I told her in hopes not to lose The could-be dream-lover of my lifetime. With unseen consciousness, I possessed in my grip A magnificent mantelpiece, though its heart being chipped Noticing not that I'd already slipped To a sin of love's false security. From silhouetted anger to manufactured peace Answers of emptiness, voice vacancies Till the tombstones of damage read me no question but, 'Please What's wrong and what's exactly the matter ' And so it did happen, like it could have been foreseen The timeless explosion of fantasy's dream At the peak of the night, the king and the queen Tumbled all down into pieces. 'The tragic figure' her sister did shout 'Leave her alone, God damn you, get out' And I in my armor, turning about And nailing her in the ruins of her pettiness. Beneath a bare light bulb the plaster did pound Her sister and I in a screaming battleground And she in between, the victim of sound Soon shattered as a child to the shadows. All is gone, all is gone, admit it, take flight I gagged in contradiction, tears blinding my sight My mind it was mangled, I ran into the night Leaving all of love's ashes behind me. The wind knocks my window, the room it is wet The words to say I'm sorry, I haven't found yet I think of her often and hope whoever she's met Will be fully aware of how precious she is. Ah, my friends from the prison, they ask unto me 'How good, how good does it feel to be free ' And I answer them most mysteriously 'Are birds free from the chains of the skyway'

Missin' U

XZIBIT "Man Vs Machine"
[Intro] This for you (uh) there ain't one day that go by where I don't think about you (yeah) This for my mother, Rest In Peace (uh) To you and yours (yeah) Ride with me (uh) Come on [Verse 1] I know you watching me, guiding me I know from up there it's like you watching 'Menace to Society' Listen you was thirty-two I was only nine But I've learned so much with so little time Now I'm surrounded by the best of my kind We put it all together, couldn't waist your pearls on Swine ma You taught me better You can't protect me or expect me to not struggle n fight Cause see death is a part of life What I wouldn't give for 1 more day wit you One last embrace n face to face wit you Explain everything that made me what I am a grown man From the ground up with my own hands Will I forget you Neva Down right angry sometimes that we ain't here together You can feel your roots and see how strong we are Who would've thought we could get this far, damn I miss you [Chorus: Andre Wilson] Even though I know it's been tough I can't stress enough no matter what - mama I love you You've always been there by my side You've taught the wrong from the right - mama I love you [Verse 2] Yesterday was you fifty-ninth birthday Time flew missing you in the worst way I still feel the same pain since the first day You left through death on God's request I can't complain through the year's mama I've been stressed Through them bullets and the bad times I've been blessed For the times that I fail but I tried my best Able to do for my loved one's, real success Your the source of my strength I was blessed with your gifts Your insights, your wisdom, your penmanship Fun n games, I'm doing thangs, I know you wouldn't agree with What I drink, what I smoke, who I be with You made sure I got some love when there wasn't none Opened up my heart showed the world where I'm coming from Your little grandson is just like your little boy Mama what you built here no man can ever destroy, your bundle of joy I've been through so much I lose touch and sometimes I feel that life sucks My women try to get close I push here away She wanna talk I just sit there with nothing to say Feel me its all the pain I contain on the inside You in the right place but left me at the wrong time Use to cook, clean, and sing me to sleep Now I only go to bed with my heat, damn I miss you [Chorus] [Verse 3] The school of hard knocks where I learned life's lessons With not enough answers and too many questions When you had me you gave birth to a soldier Now I'm much older now the world much colder Our lives in the hands of politicians that don't care We ponds in the game biological warfare The family's so spread out n disconnected Trying to hold things together put my soul on records It's hard; you know your daughter had a baby too A beautiful baby girl just another little piece of you Another branch we can add to the family tree Responsibility bringing out the man in me You ain't a man if your not taking care of home Raise and protect my own, until they full-grown No matter how much these streets try to change me I'm never 'gon forget how you raised me I Love You, Forever. [Chorus] [Ad Libs] Yeah, all the mothers, all the daughters, yeah, come on Sun, Moon, Earth, yeah, this for you, uh, Damn, Damn I Miss You

Love Letters

Jude "430 N. Harper Ave."
Way down in soho town where the lovely people love to be And they all write all their best lines down And they hope their hair turns white like Andy There's a man who was almost king He was lionized when they left the ring And some time away was soon the end And the truth is there's no one you can depend on And Love, I know you're gone for good I can't go back, but I know I should A Boticellian beauty was with a body of jelly and A boot there because she turned the corner She turned some heads and Before it was cool she wore black and blue keds Sit and spin his old thirty threes It was groovy again to know Chucky's in love with a friend You can fall in the arms of each other And nothing is like that brother And Love, I know you're gone for good I can't go back, but I know I should Love is larger than letters Taking up his sword again It was a Mont-Blanc monogrammed pen And he wielded the power of his PHD While he sat there And glouded his green screen tragedy And Love, I know you're gone for good I can't go back, but I know I should Love, I know you're gone for good I can't go back, but I know I should Love is larger than letters

Summer Time

Sometimes I tiptoe by I look for telly love I understand there's no such plan Thata fits just like a glove Feet a little high feel a little shy You're the reason why I know you It's summer time with sleepy eyes I'm sorry, I'm sorry Gotta dream in mind Don't worry worry no no no So dry that tear in the sun burn your skin we just begun a summer dream Yes my dear chilling shadows dissapear Dive on in to this foolish ocean It's so full of love swim swim with me I don't wanna dream hold me baby we're going down

I Hope I Sell A Lot Of Records At Christmastime

PRINCESS SUPERSTAR "Last Of The Great 20th Century Composers"
Ah yo Santa let's get something clear I'm half Jewish I shouldn't even be talkin about this time of year But I'm near tears tryin to fund my record label career While everyone drinks beer like they at Cheers makin Nintendo bets on debts from bad rekkid deals for real I'm probably next I'm here sweatin my ass off, it's July But by the time this comes out I'll be behind my release schedule and Mariah Christmas will be sellin out- why? I never did nothin bad to nobody I'm still friends with all my Ex's who stole money (Aw honey) Don't aw honey me/Just give me the money please One of those cards with a pocket for cash A big stash or check to cash I'll snatch it before you realize you acted rash and come at me all mad I've been good, well pretty good, at least in my mind Please let me sell a lot of records at Christmastime I'm too poor to afford life size cut out cardboard of me poured into a size 4 with a floppy Santa hat On the record store floor Need ace product placement/Listening Station so while I'm on vacation I got my face On Raisin Brans round the nation I'm impatient need my wax to sell by the cases Like Mase's in God's good graces I'll be gracious Just let me retire with his wages I'm not aimless I wanna be A-list Hang out with someone famous, then my friends and I would all have someone to date us Like Tom Hanks, Billy Blanks, Shabba Ranks or any of the Franks- Stallone, Purdue, Avalon, or Delanor Roo Bill Gates too-(Ew!) It's true, all I gotta do is sell through Go on tour then put out a live record real quick like Frampton or Badu I got a cold, it's gonna be Xmas soon and I'm getting old Hi Tower? Hi it's me again, how many units we sold? You mean we didn't go platinum or like gold? (Beep beep) Oh-that's my Rolls- Wait-- I'm on a payphone please don't even try to put me on hold!! Ok you're all listening to my song that's a good sign So either you bought it, it's on the radio or your friend is sayin 'ha ha listen to this funny song!' That's fine But if that's the case don't even think about the blank tape Take a date with your lazy ass go to Virgin or Other Music they close late And in case you don't make it visit my web site blah blah dot com See old sexy pictures of me, order my record, buy the clean version for your mom Santa, just one hit, one seasonal favorite One tear jerker piece of commercial shit for the ages or just enough to get an agent Watch how fast I'd sell out, get the cash get the hell out Be on VH-1 Where are They Now Eatin filet mignons by the pound Round baby, fat and gettin down baby No need to fit in fancy clothes now baby Hey get the Camera crews off my grounds! Call me flash in the pan, the blonde chick who thought she could rhyme Please, just let me sell a lot of records at Christmastime!

Runaway Love (Extended Version)

EN VOGUE "Runaway Love"
Are you ready to roll?/Funky divas, with a cool isle stroll/Sending smooth vibes to all our great fans/It feels good to be grooving again. Chocolate cream to me baby (so sweet to me)/Like some honey to a honey bee/I am drawn to you baby like a (strong magnet-oh!)/Once I'm there, there's no turning back/There is no real excuse, for take this abuse/I keep (running back, taking slack-don't know what to say or to do)/It's amazing, but I'm not crazy/(I can't win/It's a sin, so I feel I have to fight out) (chorus)(Runaway love)/Like a train on open tracks now/It's too hard to turn it back now/Feels good without a doubt yeah/Has to stop before it turns me out. Oh I'm not qualified (to put up with games with out)I've been hurt hard lately (I'm not for being used) no more/Just a little lovin'/It's like a drug and I'm a drug addict/I just don't know why I just can't let go/I can't (walk away, fade away, everyday my love grows and grows)/It's cause of sickness/Or is it weakness/Should I cope?/Is there hope?/All I know is it's hard to go on. (chorus) (High-h-h-h)Take me/Take me, take me(higher, higher)(High-h-h-h)Ohhh, take me/(repeat) (chrous)Like a triple contraction/It's too hard to turn it back/Feels good without a doubt yeah/Has to stop before it turns me out/Ohh, just a runaway love/Feel's good without a doubt baby/Has to stop before it turns me out.

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