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Bob Crosby lyrics

In A Little Gypsy Tea Room

Original and similar lyrics
You'll find your life will begin The very moment you're in Argentina If you're romantic senor Then you will surely adore Argentina You'll be as gay as can be If you will learn to si si like a Latin For mister soon as you learn Then you will never return to Manhattan. When you hear yo te amo You'll steal a kiss and then If she should say manana It's just to let you know You're gonna meet again I'll bet an old castanet That you will never forget Argentina Where there are rhumbas and tangos To tickle your spine Moonlight and music and orchids and wine You'll want to stay down Argentina way.

I Say Yes

Hallelujah God is speaking to someone Right now I don't know where you are, who you are God has a message for you You see, oh, thank you Lord See, whatever it is That you've been searching for Searching and looking Looking all over You're searching and you're trying to find it You don't know what it is, God is gonna show you He's gonna show you right there What you're looking for And all you have to do is say yes Help me I'm gonna say yes, I'm gonna say yes I'm gonna say yes, I'm gonna say yes I'm gonna say yes, I'm gonna say yes I'm gonna say yes, I'm gonna say yes I'm gonna say yes, I'm gonna say yes I'm gonna say yes, I'm gonna say yes I'm gonna say yes, I'm gonna say yes I'm gonna say yes, I'm gonna say yes All of my life, I'll say (Shhhh!) Make sure you get this now My friend said he needed someone Not searching for just anyone I recommend the name of Christ He said he didn't need Him in his life But mother's sickness, daddy's lung disease Financial burden found him on his knees He searched his heart and realized Although I'm down, my soul can rise Am I lost in sin? (I'll say yes) Is there anyway that I can be saved? (I'll say yes) If I run to You, will You, will You hear my cry? (I'll say yes) Will You dry all these tears from my eyes? (I'll say yes) So many questions, Lord All of my life, I say yes But I'm ready And I'm willing To go all the way Yeah, say yes You're spinning around on a ferris wheel Trying to find what's really real Now old Confucius is wise, I'm told But him and Buddha can't save your soul Ol' Elijah didn't die for you It's time for someone to tell the truth When critics say, it don't make sense I'm the living evidence When it feels like I can't go on I'll just say (I'll say yes) When the world say no You'll still hear Montell, when he says (I'll say yes) When I'm talked about, and lied on, and criticized (I'll say yes) Even then, He'll make everything alright (I'll say yes) I wanna testify All of my life, I'll say Through the storming rain You know I'll say yes Heartache and pain You know I'll say yes Everyday You know I'll say yes All over the building Everybody, stand up on your feet And say All of my life, I'm gonna say yes Ad lib until fade

Love Will Conquer All

Here we are out hear, me and you Reaching out to each other Is all that we can do Here we stand trying not to fall There's no need to worry Love will conquer all Do you really want to know Just how long will last Will all of the bad times pass? How can we make things right? Ooh and why, why is the world so unkind? We surely can find peace of mind If we only see the light Can't you see that? Can somebody tell me why? Why do our dreams go wrong? Why can't we all belong? Oh where did we start? Oh and tell me when When will we ever learn There's nowhere else we can turn The truth is in our hearts Here we are together Sometimes the road gets hard to travel Sometimes the pains too much to bear Sometimes when life seems to unravel That's the time oh to say We're gonna make it anyway Can't you see that?  

Moment Of Truth

GANG STARR "Moment Of Truth"
[some Jamaican gwal] No matta wat we fyace We mus face de moment of trut baybe Chorus: Guru They say it's lonely at the top, in whatever you do You always gotta watch motherfuckers around you Nobody's invincible, no plan is foolproof We all must meet our moment of truth Verse One: Guru The same sheisty cats that you hang with, and do your thang with could set you up and wet you up, nigga peep the language It's universal, you play with fire it may hurt you or burn you, lessons are blessings you should learn through Let's face facts, although MC's lace tracks it doesn't mean behind the scenes there ain't no dirt to trace back That goes for all of us, there ain't nobody to trust It's like sabotage, it's got me ready to bust But I can't jeapordize, what I have done up to this point So I'ma get more guys, to help me run the whole joint Cultivate, multiply, motivate, or else we'll die You know I be the masterof the who what where and why See when you're shinin, some chumps'll wanna dull ya Always selfish jealous punks, will wanna pull ya down, just like some shellfish in a bucket cause they love it, to see your ass squirm like a worm But just as you'll receive what is comin to you Everybody else is gonna get theirs too I ain't no saint, therefore I cannot dispute That everyone must meet their moment of truth Chorus: Guru Actions have reactions, don't be quick to judge You may not know the harships people don't speak of It's best to step back, and observe with couth For we all must meet our moment of truth Verse Two: Guru Sometimes you gotta dig deep, when problems come near Don't fear things get severe for everybody everywhere Why do bad things happen, to good people Seems that life is just a constant war between good and evil The situation that I'm facin, is mad amazin to think such problems can arise from minor confrontations Now I'm contemplatin in my bedroom pacin Dark clouds over my head, my heart's racin Suicide Nah, I'm not a foolish guy Don't even feel like drinking, or even gettin high Cause all that's gonna do really, is accelerate the anxieties that I wish I could alleviate But wait, I've been through a whole lot of other shit, before So I oughta be able, to withstand some more But I'm sweatin though, my eyes are turnin red and yo I'm ready to lose my mind but instead I use my mind I put down the knife, and take the bullets out my nine My only crime, was that I'm too damn kind And now some skanless motherfuckers wanna take what's mine But they can't take the respect, that I've earned in my lifetime And you know they'll never stop the furious force of my rhymes So like they say, every dog has it's day And like they say, God works in a mysterious way So I pray, remembering the days of my youth As I prepare to meet my moment of truth ( You should know the truth And the truth shall set you free -- gt; from _Who's Gonna Take the Weight_) Verse Three: Guru Yo I got one lyric pointed at your head for start Another one, is pointed at your weak ass heart Now if I pull the trigger, on these fully loaded lines You're gonna wish I woulda pulled a black nine, I mack dimes Crack the spines of the fake gangsters Yeah the bitin triflin niggaz, and the studio pranksters Yo lookin at the situation plainly: will you remain G Or will you be looked upon strangely I reign as the articulator, with the greater data Revolvin on the TASCAM much doper than my last jam While others struggle to juggle, tricky metaphots I explore more, to expose the core A lot of MC's, act stupid to me And we have yet to see, if they can match our longevity But anyway it's just another day Another fake jack I slay with my spectac' rap display Styles, smooth but rugged -- you can't push or shove it You dig it and you dug it cause like money you love it The king of monotone, with my own throne Righteously violent prone my words bring winds like cyclones Stormin your hideout, blockin out your sunlight Your image and your business, were truly not done right Throw up your he-Allah-I now, divine saviors You got no hand skills there's no security to save ya No pager, no celly, no drop top Benz-y I came to bring your phone hip-hop, to an ending My art of war will leave you sore from the abuse Cause you must meet your moment of truth First Chorus

We Will Meet Again

JOURNEY "Arrival"
Was it the words she said or was it all in the way in which the lady said them? Her eyes that spoke to me were sending my heart a thought so deep I can't forget them I guess it wasn't the right time or the place For love right then But we met destiny, and it sealed our fate CHORUS: We'll me again (we will meet again) I know we will (we will meet again) On my heart it's written (we will meet again) Somewhere, someplace, somehow I'll find her then as I did now... Just for a moment And I will hear the wind that told me I will return again my love have patience Life's a circle, it all comes back around, so until then... I'll be waiting for you knowing somehow? REPEAT CHORUS And if she were standing in a crowd She'd be the one that I would find among the faces And if the music was too loud It'd be her voice that I would hear Above it all (we will meet again) I know we will (we will meet again) I know we will (we will meet again) And if she were standing in a crowd She'd be the one that I would find among the faces And if the music was too loud It'd be her voice that I would hear Above it all (we will meet again) I know we will (we will meet again) On my heart it's written (we will meet again) From this day till... (we will meet again) We'll me again (we will meet again) We'll me again (we will meet again)

Heal Me

Gamma Ray
When I wake up at the end of the day The moon comes out, the sun fades away I get myself out of my bed and cry Is it really me now - could this be the real thing Is there someone else to ease the pain So easy, so easy now, has it really gone too far It don't matter anyhow, sometimes I feel like an Echo in the wind, that's not coming back again I look inside my head and what I see Are the reflections of the world. And I see genius and insanity You're alive - you're part of the show You came to foresee the signs on the wall So many tried in vain - they know the truth Learn - how to live and fight and learn- How to fight them right and learn - how to give and take it all You can be strong if you know who you are The signs on the wall tell you move on before it's too late Can you see them? Do you want to be the one who's creeping on the floor? Could it be forever? Could it all be lies? The chaos is a killer and he knows who will fall Help me - I need some help Now is there someone out there What are you waiting for You're on the road to nowhere The only way I know Maybe I'm wrong, I haven't got a clue Don't know where I belong - tell me what is true Oh won't you come to heal me - hear me Oh won't you come to heal me - hear me Oh won't you come to heal me - hear me Oh won't you come to heal me - hear me Are you out there? Won't you help me? Don't know where I would go Is there real life... forevermore? And remember... Keep smiling... Jesus loves you! That's what they say... Can you cry forever? It's just a matter of taste But you say, Do you, do you know what the truth is? Think don't think - what can you see Our life is just a fantasy of someone we will never see Therefore I break down in laughter Now as I change my point of view There's nothing left to make me blue - never again - no more Come on in my friend and join the ball Everything is beautiful - even the band - it's magic Imagine you're superstar you gonna fly You gonna go far - so far Oh won't you come to heal me - hear me Oh won't you come to heal me - hear me Oh won't you come to heal me - hear me Oh won't you come to heal me - hear me Heal me! Heal me! Heal me!

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