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BLUR lyrics - The Great Escape

Mr. Robinsons' Quango

Original and similar lyrics
Mr. robinson and his quango Dirty dealer, expensive car Runs the buses and the evening star He got a hairpiece and he got herpes His private life is very discreet A nicer man you're never going to meet A self professed saviour of the dim right wing He's got respiratory problems and a masons ring Mr. robinson and his quango Drinks with the general and the county wives Yes the family business is doing all right They are doing tangos down in the quangos He makes them tick and he makes them tock And if he doesn't like you he'll put you in the dock He just sits in his leather chair and twiddles his thumbs Gets his secretary in and pinches her bum He ran into the toilet in the town hall Got a biro out and he wrote on the wall I'm wearing black french knickers on under my suit Wearing stockings and suspenders oh I'm feeling rather loose Oh I'm a naughty boy Oh I'm a naughty, naughty boy Oh I'm a naughty boy, oh I'm a naughty, naughty boy Oh I'm a naughty boy, oh I'm a naughty, naughty boy Oh I'm a naughty boy, oh I'm a naughty, naughty boy

Back To The Family

My telephone wakes me in the morning -- have to get up to answer the call. So I think I'll go back to the family where no one can ring me at all. Living this life has its problems so I think that I'll give it a break. Oh, I'm going back to the family `cos I've had about all I can take. Master's in the counting house counting all his money. Sister's sitting by the mirror -- she thinks her hair looks funny. And here am I thinking to myself just wond'ring what things to do. I think I enjoyed all my problems Where I did not get nothing for free. Oh, I'm going back to the family -- doing nothing is bothering me. I'll get a train back to the city that soft life is getting me down. There's more fun away from the family get some action when I pull into town. Everything I do is wrong, what the hell was I thinking? Phone keeps ringing all day long I got no time for thinking. And every day has the same old way of giving me too much to do.

One Nightstand

TRACE ADKINS "Comin' On Strong"
Well it aint home But itll have to do for a while Got a fold down bed Two windows on the parking lot Three plates in the kitchenette A table and chair where i can eat A little black-and-white tv A shower stall and a bathroom sink And one two-drawer nightsand Barely enough room to be a man And on the nightstand Sits a photograph Of my wife and kids Reminding me of how good it was And right now, how bad it is Beside it there's a coffe cup Where i keep my wedding ring and stuff And some nights it still keeps me up How i got where i am Funny how a man's life can be reduced To one nightstand On the fifth of last november On a business trip in strangers Alone for the night She said 'hi im angie And im from boston Would you drink a beer with me If i bought'em? So i hit the hotel bar with her Figured,what would it hurt? Sittin' on the bed Leanin' against the wall With a bible and a gun One of them was gonna save me The only question was which one So i got down on my shakin knees Asked the lord forgive me please Dropped the gun and grabbed my keys That picture and my wedding band Funny how a man's life can all come down To one nightstand One nightstand One nightstand

Halfway To Heaven

HARRY CHAPIN "Verities Ba"
There's no tick tock on your electric clock But still your life runs down. I'm halfway to heaven and my home in Forest Hills It's halfpast eleven and I've got some time to kill. I missed my bus connection 'cause my train got in too late And I'm forced into reflection by this half hour wait. Now I have been a straight man and I've played it by the rules I been a good man, a good husband, yes a good old fashioned fool. I have a fine wife and two children just like everybody's got But after fifteen years of marriage the fires don't burn too hot. You see someone's played a trick on me. They set me up so perfectly Gave me their morality And then changed the rules they set for me. Someone must be laughing now, Though it don't seem funny somehow, How the world's accepting now What they once would not allow Back in my younger days. The world has changed in so many ways. My mother once said to me so many years ago now Don't you touch those bad girls, so I never had girls Until I met my Mary when we married. My Mary then had my two sons My life as a lover it was already done It was over before it had really begun. You see someone played a trick on me. They sent this little girl to me, She is my new secretary And she's something to see. She's a nice girl, but it's a young world And she lives her life so free, and she sure gets thru to me She brings her pad into my office, she wears a sweater and a skirt And somewhere deep inside of me something starts to hurt. She's wearing nothing underneath, and I can see what's there to see And she smiles and says, You wanted me? and I'd have to agree. You know how much I want her, And I know that I could have her. I know I could, I know she would Make love to me, so wonderfully. God damn, I'm one horny mixed up mixture of a man. In my head all my life I've been a sinner, And in my bed with just my wife I'm still a beginner, But tomorrow night I'm taking that little girl out to dinner! There's no tick tock on your electric clock But still your life runs down.

Just 'cos You Got The Power

MOTORHEAD "Hammered"
You might be a financial wizard, With a sack of loot, All I see is a slimy lizard, With an expensive suit, Go on and run your corporation, Go and kiss some ass, You might buy half of the nation, But you can't buy class. You bastards think it's funny, Lyin' and thieving all your life, Think all there is money, Got your future strapped up tight, Just 'Cos You Got The Power, That don't mean you got the right. You can take my fingers babe, You can take my eyes, You can take my past and future, It won't make you wise, You can have me thrown in jail, You can steal my booze, You can even read my mail, Step on my blue suede shoes. You bastards must be clever, Got it mapped out in black and white, But don't forget you'll never, Get a dog to walk upright, Just 'Cos You Got The Power, That don't mean you got the right. Go on out make another deal, Feed your big fat face, Go on out and cop a feel, Get on somebody's case, You surely would be satisfied, If you could have it all, But time ain't on your side, You're going to the wall. You think that life's all dollars, Greed and lust and spite, But I wasn't born to follow, Like to get my sleep at night, Just 'Cos You Got The Power, That don't mean you got the right.


Kool Keith "Matthew"
Man it's been quiet in the Bronx since Kate Rich got killed I heard some kid wearin a mink fakin like he live in Brooklyn squealed We gon' need Johnny Cochran man, I'm tellin you Gotta get everybody out.. [Kool Keith] Chill at home watchin the Mets I'ma tell Suge Knight to call Big Kap and Funkmaster Flex Tony Green is out of jail with a five billion dollar bail I'ma hire two men with machine guns to do retail Independent promotion, a couple of people got they legs broken Record exec found dead, body in Hoboken Autopsy explainin what parts remainin New York police department, the F.B.I. said this guy wasn't playin Tape around this punk's mouth, what is he sayin? Turned the radio up and cut his arms off and throw him off the top of the Waldorf Call Fat Kat in prison Tell him his right hand mand already did that Ten cars, meet me at the Lincoln Tunnel with stockin cops We're gonna count to the one-oh, put butter on the bun-oh Black killed the program director but first let him sniff some blow See the man with the suit? Light up the kid with the bomber jacket and Timberland boots Comin at you like Tupac in Juice , I'ma get loose Chorus: Kool Keith (repeat 3X) We work nine to nine, we never sleep full time.. Diamonds, we bring violence! [Kool Keith] Send a coffin up to Billboard with flowers in the lobby A picture of me with Gene Griffin holdin a hand-grenade I'ma fax you a copy - and let you know my job ain't sloppy Extort the industry cause Nicky Barnes is gonna be in charge of every label's distribution My street team is gonna be eight men with loaded tecs Ridin around with Chrysler PT cruisers from a mental institution Whip mob style, Tone Capone AZ in charge of publicity on the phone Crazy Joe outside to meet the mixtape DJ's with carbombs in the parkin zone - purple Cadillac lavender two-tone A box packed up with a chopped off human head with a murdered pitbull with a knife in his stomach Federal Express to your secret home Sonny D handle the Wherehouse and Tower Take Coconuts and Sam Goody and hire David Berkowitz as a receptionist for more power Extreme impact when Uniter Parcel bring bazookas and bombs in from Iraq Close the George Washington Bridge when we attack Carryin duffle bag sacks Larry Davis is workin with a thirty-eight magnum Big stations won't have any problem hearin the wax (I'll play it!) With Kingston, Jamaica Sendin the video to HBO and Cinemax Chorus [Kool Keith] Look at the bottom of your car, now start it Wire on your doorknob That's me across the street, wearin a pinstripe suit with a (???), with black glasses talkin to Grandmaster Flash Lookin at your black asses Chorus

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