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BLUR lyrics - The Great Escape

Bank Holiday

Original and similar lyrics
Grandma has got new dentures To eat the crust of pizza Bee taken out by daughter Because she thought she ought'a The kids are eating snickers Because they're so delicious Then there's sticky fingers And mother looses her knickers [Chorus] Bank holiday comes six times a year Days of enjoyment to which everyone cheers Bank holiday comes with six pack a beer ...Then it's back to work A.G.A.I.N. Bar-b-que is cooking Sausages and chicken The patio is Buzzing The neighbours they are looking John is down the fun pub Drinking lots of larger Girls and boys are on the game All the high streets look the same [Chorus] Back to work A.G.A.I.N. [chorus] Bank holiday

What's Golden?

JURASSIC 5 "Power In Numbers"
[Zaakir] Check it out now... I work the pen to make the ink transform On any particular surface the pen lands on The camera stands on, what's the beef The Cooley High cold chief high post techniques I drape off poetic landscapes and shapes Illustrate the paper space off the pens that paint Then design what have a National Geographic a magic With Taylor made status and plus favored is automatic [Chorus] We're not balling We take it back to the days of yes y'all-in' We holding onto what's golden [PE Sample] *On a stage I rage and I'm rollin'* We're not balling, or shot calling We take it back to the days of yes y'all-in' We holding onto what's golden [PE Sample] *On a stage I rage and I'm rollin'* [Marc 7even] Melancholy mundane so I tame the hot flame Big rings, fat chains, and y'all quest for the same No name, use fame, strictly new to the thang We stay true to the game and never bring it to shame We tight like dreadlocks or red fox and ripple We pass participles, and smash the artist in you The saga continues, this I won't get into 'Cause there ain't enough bars to hold the drama that we been through [Akil] Yo... We still the same with a little fame A little change in the household name but ain't too much changed We in the game but, yo not to be vain I refrain from salt grains to season up my name We entertain for a mutual game from close range Steady aim, drum at your head to hit the brain I'm labor ready, Rhode Scholar for the dollar Work for mines pay me by the hour [Chorus] Hip...Hop Music [a bunch of times] [Charli 2na] Yo... Well, it's the verbal Herman Munster The word enhancer, sick of phony mobsters controllin' the dance floor I been in dark places, catch you when you stark naked Your heart races as we pump you for your chart spaces The taut taces be bringing these hot styles through Some of you bum a few chairs from shock value Word power can plow through acres of cornfields Paragraphs cut like warm steel, preform ill... [Chorus]

The Ropes

[Slug] Hey man, you remember Stephanie's little cousin? Yeah, a little feminine motherfucker Used to be scared of the football, yeah man Nah, nah I saw him the other night down town Wilding out man, it was crazy Running around headpin Waving a gun at frat boys and shit Ay dog, I heard you got those trees Wait dog, you can't possibly pee Even thirteen, what you doing open this late? You ain't got no older brothers to hold you in place Yeah I know, you gotta get your hustle on and life does go on and fronts like nothing's wrong State law says you're too young to work But a couple of bucks will put a gun up under your shirt Coke, weed, junk and speed Teach me another type of hide and seek Chemistry, economics, math and business Already a pimp before high school's finished Even the rich kids get in the mix Only difference is them bitches did it for kicks And we quick to say it's just a game that's dealt that gave you that rope so you can hang yourself It goes... [Chorus 2X] So big kid, where did you go? We made you grow up quick, showed you the ropes Do it up so... [Slug] The movies and the music taught me how to do it And how to build a crew, and how to get it moving Supply and demand came and held my hand Should've seen me back then, didn't even have a plan Only had a pistol cause they had a pistol Cocked that hammer and blowed them missiles I only had a handful of minutes So if we gon' talk then we only talk business Now tell me what you want from me I got a few females, you need some company Because y'all don't be where those junkies be But hold up now, you gon' pull your guns on me? Nah man, I'm a big kid with big dreams You gon' treat me like you know that I'm only sixteen Huh, well fuck it right? Shut my eyesight Only squeezed out a couple and I only got double life [Chorus: 2X] [Slug] Hey there girly, you got your worm early Jumped off the branch, fly little birdy Look around, but don't look down cause you see no need to touch foot to the ground Sex, drugs, rock and rolled up Them older boys got you thinking that you growed up Spent the whole day getting high Putting work on them little thighs And I ain't tryna criticise You gotta live your life, you gotta get your stripes Take aim and kiss the sky Don't be another one wishing that you did it right Nah do your best, it's all we can expect Try to see the game while it deals the death Got to keep keeping on, move it along cause there's a whole lot left when today's all gone, now [Chorus: 2X]

Resort Girls

Holiday resorts are really quite amusin If ya don't watch out you can really take a bruisin Lots of pretty girls in very scant bikinis With rum, boyfriends too busy with their surf skis Let me tell ya bout a few in particular A latin lover who was good at her arithmatica Secretarial work 9 to 5 pay Just to get her once a year holiday She wants to know If he's ever gonna take her home, Yeh He just want to know, if he's ever gonna take her home (is he ever gonna take her home) Louise was a middle age chemist's wife Fond of young boys and of the gay life Reported missin after a day cruise A torch light found her examinin the boat boys cruises Hol-holiday resort

Mother's Day

[Slug] She lost one to pneumonia, gave the other to prison and now she spends mother's day sitting in her kitchen Looking at the pictures of her past felt surreal She had a couple of people, some friends that helped her heal But days like today, she doesn't want to be a bother and as far as she's concerned, them boys didn't have a father Nuh uh, she had to teach 'em the ways Teach 'em how to behave, be brave and even how to shave Some days it makes her feel like a soldier and other times it makes her feel like a failure Why did the stronger one die from a cold, huh? Why did the smarter one end up in jail? Nah She gave them boys everything that she could Two full-time jobs to keep 'em in a good neighborhood They understood how to love and how to live Now she doesn't understand how it comes down to this Maybe she should go work in her yard and take her mind off the past and try to let the days start But she's waiting on one of those annual calls while she's looking at the photos on her hallway walls [Slug] His big sibling died, and mom's by herself and now he spends every day inside of that cell Looking at the photos of his past makes him crash So he never takes 'em out that folder under his mattress Days like today he doesn't think about what happened, no Still gotta call mommy, wish her a happy one Uh huh, mom, if only she'd had been around Maybe big brother would still be living now Some days it makes him feel like a traitor and other times it makes him feel like a martyr Seems like some displacement of anger Seems like he blames her more than his father She was gone all the time at work Never around to play the part of the police or the nurse She understood how things fall apart So why'd she let the nest hit the ground this hard? Well maybe he should go walk in the yard and take his mind off the past and try to let the days start Cause it's so difficult to admit it's his fault when he's looking at the faces in his hallway walls


BEN FOLDS FIVE "Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold"
i thought about sitting on the floor in second grade i couldn't keep the pace i thought i was the only one moving in slow motion while the other kids knew something i did not but if i acted like a clown i thought it'd get me through, it did but that don't work no more you're not a kid no more i thought i'd do some travelling never did regrets, regrets i thought about the hours wasted watching t.v., drinking beer i thought about the things i thought about until immobilized with fear and all the great ideas i had and how we just made fun of those who had the guts to try and fail and then i ended up in jail regrets, regrets ... but just for a day seems the police had made a computer mistake said there must be thousands like me with the same name anyway, i thought about the things i settled for or never tried i never visited my grandma even once when she was sick before she died so i don't blame you if you never come to see me here again regrets, regrets...

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