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BLUR lyrics - Parklife

Magic America

Original and similar lyrics
Bill Barret has a simple dream He calls it his plan B Buildings in the sky and the air is sugar free And everyone is very friendly Plan B arrived on a holiday Took a cab to the shopping malls Bought and ate until he could do neither anymore Then found love on channel 44 [Chorus] LA LA LA LA LA HE WANTS TO GO TO MAGIC AMERICA LA LA LA LA LA HE'D LIKE TO LIVE IN MAGIC AMERICA WITH ALL THE MAGIC PEOPLE Bill Barrett sent his postcards home To everyone he'd ever known they read Fifty nine cents gets you a good square meal From the people who care how you feel [Chorus x 2] With all the magic people [fade to end]


Tired bored sad people, tired bored sad lives Endless cars on endless roadways endless shopfronts with endless lies Even the winners, even the punters, tight lipped packages, think it's bad Can't imagine a revolution could deal with anything so sad It's all set up so you can't do it Not let up so you don't make it All arranged so you can't have it All enclosed so you won't take it Set in little pockets of isolation Separated by regulation Crushed for product in a rich man's passion Relative ration for the ration nation Tear a bit, smash a bit, cause a little pain That's a contribution then they build it up again Fool yourself thinking it's a holyheld belief When all the time it's just another light relief Oh boredom psychological stunt You never really feel it when you're up at the front It doesn't really matter where the hell it's going As long as everybody has the hot blood flowing.... Excitement and thrills, Will put off the ills Radical frills, docility pills New Wave, splash in the plan Real music by dildo dan Tired old discos, shame balam Soddern modern christ, futurists again Play the machine Crank up the dream We're just what we seem Know what I mean? But no-one can wipe out the last five years There's other ways of living than in supergloo pairs Marry me darling? Fuck off, creep! Tired and lonely, life on the cheap Didn't plan it, but now we're very happy Another poor fucker drowns in its nappy Bakunin and bollocks and fun and farts Hit the right fantasy and come up the charts Treat people like shit and that's what you get

Green Onions

Blues brothers
Speech by Elwood: All right people. The rest of the hard working all star Blues Brothers are gonna be out here in a minute, including my little brother Jake. But right now, I'd like to talk a little bit about this tune you're hearing. This is ofcourse the Green Onions tune. It was a very big hit in the early sixties in this country. And ofcourse it was composed and recorded in Memphis, Tennessee, right here in the United States Of America. You know, people, I believe that this tune can be acquinted with the great classical music around the world. Now you go to Germany, you've got your Bach, your Beethoven, your Brahms... Here in America you've got your Fred McDowell, your Irving Berlin, your Glenn Miller, and your Booker T The MG's, people. Another example of the great contributions in music and culture that this country has made around the world. And as you look around the world today, you see this country spurned. You see backs turned on this country. Well people, I'm gonna tell you something, this continent, North America, is the stronghold! This is where we're gonna make our stand in this decade! Yeah, people, I've got something to say to the State Department. I say Take that archaic Monroe Doctrine, and that Marshall Plan that says we're supposed to police force the world, and throw 'em out! Let's stay home for the next ten years people! Right here in North America and enjoy the music and culture that is ours. Yeah, I got one more thing to say. I'm just talking about the music, people, and what it does to me. And that is, as you look around the world, you go to the Soviet Union or Great Britain or France, you name it, any country... Everybody is doing flips and twists just to get into a genuine pair of American blue jeans! And to hear this music and we got it all here in America, the land of the Chrysler 440 cubic inch engine!

Pink Houses

There's a black man with a black cat livin' in a black neighborhood He's got an interstate runnin' through his front yard You know he thinks that he's got it so good And there's a woman in the kitchen cleanin' up the evenin' slop And he looks at her and says, Hey darlin', I can remember when you could stop a clock. CHORUS: Oh but ain't that America for you and me Ain't that America somethin' to see baby Ain't that America home of the free Little pink houses for you and me There's a young man in a t-shirt Listenin' to a rockin' rollin' station He's got greasy hair, greasy smile He says, Lord this must be my destination. 'Cause they told me when I was younger Boy you're gonna be president. But just like everything else those old crazy dreams Just kinda came and went CHORUS Well there's people and more people What do they know know know Go to work in some high rise And vacation down at the Gulf of Mexico Ooh yeah And there's winners and there's losers But they ain't no big deal 'Cause the simple man baby pays for the thrills, the bills, the pills that kill CHORUS

House I Live In, The

Writer(s): Robinson/Allen What is America to me A name, a map, or a flag I see A certain word, democracy What is America to me The house I live in A plot of earth, a street The grocer and the butcher Or the people that I meet The children in the playground The faces that I see All races and religions That's America to me The place I work in The worker by my side The little town the city Where my people lived and died The howdy and the handshake The air a feeling free And the right to speak your mind out That's America to me The things I see about me The big things and the small That little corner newsstand Or the house a mile tall The wedding and the churchyard The laughter and the tears And the dream that's been a growing For more than two hundred years The town I live in The street, the house, the room The pavement of the city Or the garden all in bloom The church the school the clubhouse The millions lights I see But especially the people - Yes especially the people That's America to me

Senorita With A Necklace Of Tears

I have a wisdom tooth Inside my crowded face I have a friend who is a born-again Found his savior's grace I was born before my father And my children before me We are born and born again Like the waves of the sea That's the way it's always been And that's how I want it to be Nothing but good news There is a frog in south america Whose venom is a cure For all the suffering that mankind Must endure More powerful than morphine And soothing as the rain A frog in south america Has the antidote for pain That's the way it's always been And that's the way I like it Some people never say no Some people never complain Some folks have no idea And others will never explain That's the way it's always been That's the way I like it And that's how I want it to be That's the way it's always been That's the way I like it And that's how I want it to be If I could play all the memories In the neck of my guitar I'd write a song called “Senorita with a necklace of tears' and every tear a sin I'd committed oh these many years That's who I was That's the way it's always been Some people always want more Some people are what they lack Some folks open a door Walk away and never look back I don't want to be a judge And I don't want to be a jury I know who I am Lord knows who I will be That's the way it's always been That's the way I like it And that's how I want it to be That's the way it's always been That's the way I like it And that's how I want it to be

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