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BLUR lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
For coughs and colds ans scabby holes Itchy pimples, unseemly moles For funny turns and chinese burns For aching heads we're not concerned For staying lively, getting it nightly This we guarantee That's Ultranol, here's the new remedy Before you go to bed take 2 or 3 When you wake you'll feel better lalalalala lalalalala lalalalala lalalalala For aches and pains and jellied brains Help you sleep and smile again They're aimless, blameless, almost nameless You get much more although you pay less Revitalise that sexual drive In fact be born again Yes Ultranol will put you on the map Take 4 or 5 then have a little nap When you wake up you'll feel better For coughs and colds and your scabby holes lalalalala lalalalala Keep you young although you're feeling old lalalalala lalalalala If you're not protected you're gonna get it lalalalala lalalalala So suck them and see you won't regret it lalalalala lalalalala Suck them and see Suck them and see Suck them and see Suck them and see

Heart Of The Way

Ens Cogitans
My Death is in earnest. It's the logical end (of mine). I must go to the mysterious Land. The Absolute now may be slaked. The Past crumbling away. My time has come, I have to pay. The play goes on, I lost Thee. (I am no longer me). Now I wash off grease-paint. Curtain crushed my ethereal dreams. My physical Ego lies in state. All to nothing. So be it! Levin took me to the World Fine. Mentality built my bower in the mountains. The lined body of mine died. Grains of Mind cleared from membranes. Who we are? Where are we from? Fourth Race. Do we know our History Before Christ was crucified on the Cross? Wreck you own. Step into Eternal Space. Human beings won themselves. Great Sorrow (rising over the Universe). Uncanny wainds ensnaring your will. You have no shape, you have no words. Around your essence is absolute nil. You're on the threshold of the Unknown. Solos: The Unfleshed Element, Stone Rill Deep inside I feel my sadness gnawing me. I've got the affright. I'm roaming through this boundless sea. I've got the aim, but I don't see a hint of course. I'm the errant one. I am between worlds and I'm cursed. Chorus Of The Damned. I'll tell you more than truth. I'll tell you what I feel. I'll tell you my innermost dream. You better close your eyes, You better close your ears, And give yourself up to stream. I see the sunset on mead. The incarnadine Day-star bid farewell to me. The last shafts of light are buried in the creek. Invisible steeds I can feel. Their blindness hinders them to see. No water. Nourishment is weeds. VOICE OF EVIL UNKNOWN: Odour of Guilt Return your home Be a King Know 'bout all. SPLIT INDIVIDUAL: The terrestrial stretch of mine has elapsed Now I free from the Hive! I'm not sorry for what I've done. I decided die! And my ephemeral human life ends. My Nous obtained by space into Space. It's soulful level, which everyone will reach. The only way to realize human futility. Epilogue. Music by M. Mathoney. Here I take you, Queen of Death, (King of Gloom) To my wedded wife (man), to have and held At bed and at board for fairer, for fouler For better, for worse, in sickness and in health Till new life us do part And thereto I plight thee my throth In the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Amen!

Meet Your Fate

[Verse 1 Pimpstress] My click picks your pockets, splits tha profits, choose the targets, and take out the garbage, Fill tha cartridge, more lead than Zepplin, tryin not to step in the blood I left em' in. Wrestlin with withdrawls got me sippin purple medicine, Dead rpesidents movin up like Jeffersons. Lets begin, it began, so begun The story of one who went from girl to woman. From crums to slums, to laced in diamonds. Son by guns that sound like drums. Its no ones fault his life came to a hault, should I open up the vault like I opened up my sliss more. But instead h chose to be another skeleton, I popped his head and his brain looked like gelatin. A defenition of a cursed individual, original, you caint see the invisible. [Hook] 1-2 Better call yo crews 3-4 Need to lock yo doors 5-6 Better loaad yo clips 7-8 Time to meet yo fate [Verse 2 Pimpstress] Some of yall niggas aint wit this, Well then get tha fuck on bout yo business. Cuz my kind dont take kinds who doze, who act like hoes while I sip Irish Rose, And smoke some of the worst weed youd ever tasted, Fuck it blaze it lets all get wasted. Still a Ja-ca, you need to face it, Mad cuz yo house costs as much as yo bracelet, Never patient, compitition, sound ancient, Im gettin followed by a Federal Agent, Engagements, gangsta banquets, piggarements, stainless, Leave you brainless make it painless. Hanus, 27 holes in his anus. Make em pay when they mistake us for entertainers. Cant blame es, young, dumb, and famous Mary Jane is whut her neme is, I keep her where my cane is. [Hook] [Verse 3 Pimpstress] My money flows like a runny nose, All I gotta do is find a place to throw away these bloody clothes. I pacanina while I shop at the Gallaria, Stay on my toes like a motha fuckin ballarina . From Pasadedna to Amid that you know a Baby Bash beats the brotha of a Gras Groa. Raheed he wuz raised on the wrong street, SPM had a fatha made of concrete, Low G lest the dogs loose fuck tha troops, And Grimm is the spider called the Brown Recluse, Juan Gotti got the shotti puttin holes in they body, Murdaholics kill a nigga while he sittin on the potty, Hillwood Hustlaz and 24-7, Dope Game Legends, feel they presence. The young and the sensless, a message from Texas, Dope House Records eats you hos up for breakfast. [Hook] [Spm] No more chances

Everytime I Think About Her

JAHEIM "Ghetto Classics"
[Jaheim] have you ever been in love well well well [Jadakiss] uhhh yeah uhhh yeah yo things was fine when the sun would shine but when the rain came thats when the pain came. sittin up in the range she feel some kinda way she doin strange thangs but i aint with the games keep it secret yo she aint but a keeper bro two wrongs dont make this right but we equal though its gettin better though i can't sweat her though i love her but i can't let her know i can't let her go [Jaheim] she was 5 foot 4 from the floor prettiest little thing iv'e ever seen before her body was so tight and her hair done right, but who shorty with tonite? I got that big boy sittin outside all i need to know is she mine if i took her for a ride I couldn't wait to meet her on that first day to treat her i just wanna to please her [Jadakiss] so we jumped in the range then she started actin strange her attitude began to change ohhhh as it began to rain shorty started to complain about every single thing [chorus] everytime i think about her i can't make up my mind ohh no no no no and its hard to explain just the way i feel about her but i tell you what i know brown sugar love me real slow heyyyy and i don't care what my friends say i just can't let her go [Jaheim] two years go by i'm tryin to find a reason why i always seem to make you cry i just don't know why well could it be you always runnin in the street come home from work aint nottin to eat just your little dough runnin home for more then u straight back out the door some body tell me baby [chorus] everytime i think about her i can't make up my mind ohh no no no no and its hard to explain just the way i feel about her but i tell you what i know brown sugar love me real slow heyyyy and i don't care what my friends say i just can't let her go [Jaheim] now i finally realized got like heaven in my eyes i took a long time i apoloigize even though at times u messed up shaken ur ass up in the club thats messed up but u coulda hit the block when the crib get hot when my dough get low u be holdin me up but im still out here chasin out here pay day makin what a brother gotta do.... [Jadakiss] money is nothin but this ones gon get purchased house so high in the hills phones don't get service just listen even though we be griffin without you around i think things would be different and not for the better neither my friends tell me i better leave ya i tell them to get some better ***** yeah we gon make it pop mami but u shakin ur ass in the club gotta stop mami yeah get my yak get my dutch when i fall and i need u to be my crutch and we can just take it from there and see if the love can over power all the hate in the air. [chorus] everytime i think about her i can't make up my mind ohh no no no no and its hard to explain just the way i feel about her but i tell you what i know brown sugar love me real slow heyyyy and i don't care what my friends say i just can't let her go [Jaheim] some things she should know i dont ever wanna let her go but if she keeps on with the moments.....

Let The Rhythm Hit Em

Eric B. Rakim "Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em"
I'm the arsenal I got artillery, lyrics of ammo Rounds of rhythm Then I'm 'a give 'em piano Bring a bullet-proof vest Nothin' to ricochet ready to aim at the brain ~Now what the trigger say Tempos triflin' Felt like a rifle Massage 'n' melodies Might go right through Simultaneously like an Uzi Nothin' can bruise me Lyrics let up when lady say don't lose me So re-load quickly And you better hit me While I'm lettin' this fifi get wit me You steppin' with .007 Better make it snappy No time to do your hair, baby Brothers are bustin' at me Beats and bullets pass me None on target They want the R hit But wtch the god get Quicker, the tongue is the trigger 'Cause I'm real fast Let off some rhythm at 'em Let 'em feel the blast Penetrate at a crazy rate This ain't no .38 Hit 'em at point blank range And watch 'em radiate Runnin' out of ammunition I'm done wit' em You ask me how I did 'em I let the rhythm hit 'em I push a power that's punishable Better be a prisoner The hit man is the Brother wit' charisma Showing you that I have Powerful paragraphs Followers will become leaders But without a path Ya mentally paralyzed Crippled ya third eye Rhymes are blurred Then it occurred that you heard I Reduced the friction with crucifixion Let loose the mix then Boost the piston Eric hit 'em with' some of that Cut like a lumberjack And me gettin' hit back It won't be none of that I'm untouchable You see me in 3-D When I let the rhythm hit another M.C. Lyrics made of lead Enters your head Then eruptions of a mass production Will spread when Music is louder Full of gunpower Microphone machinery When I see a crowd of Party people pumpin' Their fist like this Ya hide in the back Thinkin' that I might miss But the R is accurate Plus I'm packed up with Educated punch lines that I have to hit Whatever I aim at I line 'em up Ya body is weak, feel with pain That time is up You been hit with somethin' Different, isn't it? Rakim is gonna radiate and nothing's equivalent Nothin' can harm me Why try to bar me You couldn't come around THE RA with aN army You'll get wrecked by the architect So respect 'em I disconnect 'em, soon as I inject 'em With radiation Put 'em by the basement Bust his chest open Bash his face in Let it split 'im Since he brought his main man wit' 'im He ask me how I did 'im I let the rhythm hit 'im Let it hit 'im Dance floor's dangerous Packed in like a briefcase Rhyth with ral rough rhyme Beats with deep bass Girls with tight pants Maybe they might dance Tonight if the Rs on the mike There's a slight chance The crowd is crucial M.C.'s grounds are neutral Now that you're here let me introduce you Get ready I'm hard read like graffiti but steady Science I drop is real heavy Radiant energy, that'll be the penalty Touch the third rail on the pain of remedy The prescription's one every hour Now it's a HABIT Ya need another hit from the freestyle fanatic Attention: follow directions real close Keep out of reach of children Beware of overdose Too many milligram NO ONE made a iller jam My rhyme is the rhythm of thoughts That kill a man Ideas for the ear to fear Might split 'im He'll never forget 'im He'll rest in peace wit' 'em At least when he left he'll know what hit 'im The last breath of the words of death Was the rhythm Now throw you hands in the air and yo, go Rakim will do the rest of this slow If I speed they know you'll blow the hell up If I slow up, THEY'LL catch up, hell no Wicked as I kicked it Don't need to remix it 'Cause I prefixed it Reversed and switched it To perform to perfection Section for section Rhymes keep connectin' Ya guessin' what's next an' Blood pressure rises, ya damn near lost it Ya hit the ground burnin' and woke up frostbit' 'Cause when I explained ya can't complain for pain Travel through the brain hit a vein Then remain, let it radiate Vibes will vibrate Why did you violate Now I'm 'a have to let the style brak Moans now the tone is ingrown After this here's thrown, gimme another microphone Before I get that fifi I met Whisper I wanna reach HER intellect Kiss her 'cause I wanna give her the most respect So I shine and let the write reflect Hold 'er, mold 'er, make 'er feel older Lay her on my shoulder EEverything I told her Makes her feel secure whenever I'm wit' 'er And you know how I did 'er Me and the rhythm hit 'er

Payin' Dues

Big Moe "City of Syrup"
Verse 1 [Big Moe] Motorola big face folder bumping grinding just to get it 3rd Ward, Texas block I bled it to rescore thats where I'm head it The streets is watching I'm not stopping cause my bills gone keep on stacking My ears in love from singing and rapping I love the game But want to know whats is my change So change the ballin I'm not stallin I rip down everybody Chorus state to state these hoes adore us Give us your fedi to divide among us The shop is wrecking count your blessing if you plexing you believe in Another family bill of bleeding So you better ride out [Chorus] Big Moe 1x Dedicated to the music trying to make some cash Motherfuckers in the street gon feel my rhythem Feeling like I hit the top at last I'm still on my p's and q's Should of known better than to let me shine Boss hawging in the game for nothing but good rhythem I stayed down with it now the cash is mine But I have to pay my dues Verse 2 [D-wreck] {Big Moe} Yep and nope an drank and smokin thats when the plan was put together Lets wreck the streets and the storm will weather Our platinum plaques gon make us feel better With so much money so much money {feel so good getting paid} So much money so much money{try to fuck over me you get sprayed} So much money so much money{you don't really wan't to fuck around} So much money so much money{i can pay to have living under ground} [Chorus]1x Verse 3 Big Moe {D-wreck} No longer local worldwide vocals I'm trying hard to make it gravy Customized have you seen it lately around these parts they call me drank baby Said I O.D. they don't know me we gon still smoking and leaning Hustling hustling juggling creamin living my life as if I dreaming {Please dont wake me Please don't wake} Lord please let me sip until I drown {Cause in reality life might break me} So when its small world lord can I ball hey Everyday I want fresh off the lot Cause yours Big Moe just sign on the dot Pull it out to get my screens install Dedicated to the game i'ma shot call (Chorus)2x

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