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Blue System lyrics - Seeds Of Heaven

Testamente D'amelia

Original and similar lyrics
I had a dream - it was so though An endless street - a restless love She walked alone on the lonely road That's the story old friend told me She was seventeen She walked through the midnight rain Captured by a burning flame A car crashed - can't you see That's a minute passed to eternity She was seventeen - baby can't you see She was seventeen Oh we're crying out El testamente d'Amelia 'Cause she's dying much too young ........... Let us pray Oh, we're crying out El testamente d'Amelia 'Cause she's dying in the sun ............... Let us pray She said to me it's time to go Her blood was running through the snow Got a date in paradise - I saw the tears in her eyes You see - she was seventeen Oh, every time her life been down Heard a voice - oh, on the ground Dead was just a breath away Oh, I heard when she said to me : I'm seventeen Oh she said to me : I was seventeen

Animosity Of A Gangsta

J-DAWG "Smokin' & Rollin'"
[Chorus: Insane] My black brother, we must, take a chill And stop bein', so damned hostile, tryin' to kill Hangin', hustlin', on the corner, all of the time But the feds don't much slow down, cuz animosity is all you find [First Verse: J-Dawg] Look You must have thought that you stopped the man I pull a strap from my belt and straight dropped a man Moms trippin' cuz she heard that I done popped a man But Ma, why these muthafuckas gotta knock a man? I'm on the block, curb servin' with the rocks in hand It's 3 o' clock and already I done clocked a grand Puttin' food in my Grandmama pots and pans Hangin' with criminals, growin' plots and plans Talkin' bout niggas shootin' pool and don't plot to stance Cross the boss, you and the Devil got'z to dance When it's over you ain't goin' to the Doctor man Cuz where you goin', you gone be covered with lots of sand Shots to land, I hustle cuz I got'z too man Burnin' trees, gettin' higher than the Rasta man Popo's done caught me smugglin' and contrabands I'm dead wrong, on the phone with Johnnie Coch-er-ran >From that O.J. shit, he got lots of fans Under pressure, time to dress up for the block again Now watch the plan Unfold Mama pray for my soul I'm burnin' in Hell for tryin' to survive in the World that's so cold [Chorus] [Second Verse: J-Dawg] This World is colder than a Polar Bear Collect my thoughts before I toss it back and roll up a square You don't scare me nigga, I know all you're blowin' is air Now I'm a fugitive because of what I hold in the air I have to be all dressed in black, come and show you the care And I'll be bustin' at the church before the opening prayer And ain't no holdin' me there And even though it ain't fair They find me guilty, I'm still walkin', fool I smoke with the mayor So fuck a load in the air Just come and roll to the square You cross the camp, you best to bail cuz you provokin' a bear Never start lovin' bitches legs until I opened a pair But now I'm fiendin' for the pussy, blowin' smoke in the air But watchin' out for burnin' bushes like I'm smokin' up there Ain't have no nuts when I was nine, I had to grow me a pair So throw up a flare And tell Mama pray for my soul I'm burnin' in Hell from tryin' to survive in the World that's so cold [Chorus] [Third Verse: Insane] When I catch you, bitches know I make it hard to return Bitch I'm Insane, you heard of me, the one that slaughtered your chirren And popos, makin' this paper thing harder to earn I'm like Jesus, still waitin' on my Father's return Makin' paper stacks, skills, slangin' water that burn A million and one camp niggas beauguardin' your firm Remember the time, we came to home and Brian slaughted some sherm? Heard the game's to be sold, it's gone cost you to learn I'm watchin' "Friday" thinkin' Big Worm's a dog for that perm Fuckin' bitches on the floor, now I got carpeted burn I hate a bitch with a pussy lookin' like it's crawlin' with worms I keep a six pack of rubber and alcohol for the germs Cuz this AIDS shit's definately cause for concern In the game of Life you gotta label it a loss of a turn Crosses gone burn Tell my Mama pray for my soul I'm burnin' in Hell from tryin' to survive in the World that's so cold [Chorus]

Stop Your Crying

Bob Mould "Black Sheets Of Rain"
A moment sits suspended in time what I a time I had with you Living in your fantasy world, well there ain't much of a view I rarely stepped outside of myself, always caught up in between Some place I thought was good for my health and the place I've always been So let me tell you now Oh, you better stop your crying 'Cause you're feeling so damn happy You try to make me feel like dying Oh, you better stop your crying 'Cause the tears that are running down your face They don't make me feel like dying I guess I never wanted to crash in the wave of your emotion I walked away from all of the trash looking for a perfect ocean But lately I've been finding myself fighting upward int he stream And who could tell that I'm living in hell? Lord, I must be dreaming Oh, you better stop your crying 'Cause I don't listen to you anymore even when you know you're lying Oh, I see the story on your face Stop your crying, 'cause you can't make me feel like dying So now the party's come to and end and to end a perfect time I send you love and all of the best, and all the rest is mine And I'd rather sit and talk to myself after all is said and done What happens next, hey no one can tell, and I ain't tellin' no one Oh, you better stop your crying 'Cause the tears that are running down your face They don't make me feel like dying Oh, you better stop your crying You ain't even trying, you better stop your crying

Time To Confess

Gov't Mule
Only the darkness can keep you warm On an evil night like this Are you looking for someone To give your arm a little twist Everybody needs some danger sometimes I'm no different Just think of me as your equal I won't undress you I wont' hold you down I wont' stick a knife in your back They you did that clown Can you feel it - can you taste it Yeh, you must've seen it coming Surely you could've guessed The game is up I'm gonna take you down No more crying I think its time to confess You better pray for a miracle Or you better pray this never ends I, myself, can play the victim I'll do whatever the part demands You saw me watching you You had time to run Ain't it enough that you torture me You had to go for his gun You won't see no bright lights burning But you'll feel the heat This is how it happens When strangers turn to lovers to enemies Can you feel it - can you taste it Dont' look at me that way With that blood on your dress The game is up I'm gonna take you down No more crying I think it's time to confess


AER "Aer"
[Intro - Dave:] I could give you what you want If you give me what you need I could take away your pain And still bring you to your knees I don’t need no guns or drugs I just need my own company and I’m free Oh yeah, I’m free – I could never give in [Verse 1 - Carter:] The fruit of our labor always the ripest Time after time I’m clocking in the night shift Blow that green for the environmental crisis Motorcycle license, lemme see where Mike is Cuz we got problems but they all artificial They all stop when he pull out the whistle Our team to the game fires the missiles Armed w a pistol, scarrin that tissue Nikes with the red are my choice on the road Color of the revolution yeah my voice should be heard From misters to misses to hipsters and more This efficient you wish you had this in store But you don’t so move on we always rock steady Born for this purpose I’m way beyond ready This is way beyond trendy, way beyond Fendi Way beyond any story that’ll come to an ending [Hook - Dave:] Cuz the stars gon’ shine just a little overhead Get your mind right, limelight ain’t nothing but a test It’s okay for you to doubt me, but my inner demons live Through this music, and I use it to get ahead [Verse 2 - Carter:] Fair weather friends see the sun shining Need find a way to prescribe the mind when crunch time hits No stress, lets find out what unsigned is Been dreaming about this since the lunch line with the lights on my kicks I get congratulated but I need to work harder It’s time to open up cuz I can’t breathe with all this armor on Shield in hand, wielded sword, waiting for a milestone Keep peace, there’s no way in hell imma die alone I heard of something but I’m still unaware of specifics I don’t care if it’s by the Atlantic or the Pacific The FAM crew will be a perfect addition It’s obvious that I slur semantics Tryna make everything work to my advantage Careers with no spark tend to fade out and vanish So don’t take on more than you can manage [Hook - Dave]

The Last Laff

Lil' Rob "The Last Laff"
[DJ] FM 113.57 with today's up to date global news In news today, the infamous rapper Lil' Rob Presumed to be dead for the past two years Apparently has only been held down by jealous haters Lil' Rob releases a statement today stating You can't keep a good man down, and I will have the last laugh Haha [Lil' Rob] Aqui estoy, yo no me voy, lingolado Yo soy un malo, I be the vato that you follow You're barking up the wrong tree, swing swing like a chango Beat you like a bango, send you where the wrong go Al vando lado, but no one like my song go Look up in the sky, it's a bird it's a plane No, it's Lil' Rob flying high, stimulating my brain Assimilate the fame, accumulate my feria Make sure I stay ahead of ya, look back and I'll laugh at ya Cuz all you vatos swear you got some kind of steelo Simon you're pretty bad but you ain't bad like me though Latino, eyes like a chino from smoking weed though everywhere that we go They say Oh man there he go, the vato wearing the shades and the long chivo Guess who [Chorus] You pinche levas got me dying, dying of laughter You think it's funny, we'll see who's still laughing after You're not on the same page, not even the same chapter You shouldn't have been a rapper, you should have been an actor You pinche levas got me dying, dying of laughter You think it's funny, we'll see who's still laughing after You're not on the same page, not even the same chapter I'm gonna laugh last, I'll have the last laugh You heard a lot about you huh? Well was it good shit or bad shit? I bet you twenty bones that it was some bad shit But that doesn't even matter though Cuz any publicity is good publicity, as long as they mention me I must be doing something right But they ain't doing nothing right, I'm making sure that I'm busting tight Now everybody wanna be Hey holmes you heard Lil' Rob's new jam? He's talking shit about me Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't flatter yourself Later on you're gonna look back at yourself, and be all mad at yourself For acting like a little girl, chavala Roll the fuck up, you try too much, you need to slow the fuck up Hold the fuck up, shut the fuck up Silence is golden like the Daytons that I'm rolling around the town that I'm patrolling The town I live in is lonely, it's lonely but I still won't cry It's just me, myself, and I [Chorus] I walk up on the scene with my white sneakers My big ass Levis, my big ass t-shirt and look around to see who I see The same fucking people who can't see me You can close your eyes, it's getting kind of rough You can open your eyes, they're still not wide enough To even catch a sneek peek or Peek A Boo of what the Lil' Rob is all about When I leave they all follow out Lil' Rob be the one of a kind With the one of a kind mind, most of the time I can't find mine You ask me how I'm doing and I still say that I'm fine Walking on that fine line, no time on my time line Who left the door open? Your time just ran out As for patience, well mine just ran out And I got nothing left to do but to sit back patiently To make sure you continue hating me [Chorus x2]

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