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Blue System lyrics - Body Heat

Silent Water

Original and similar lyrics
Baby, you cross my heart And a heart of a clown - oh, just break apart Step inside - love will keep you all Oh, a river to cross - you did it with your charm Oh, come send me an angel Oh, come send me some love It's more than a feeling When I fall in love Silent water - nights are falling Silent water - full of tears I'm a man with a broken heart, babe I lost the pain and fears Silent water - where we started Silent water - full of pride Here the ocean in my heart, babe Alone ........... you've cried .................. Baby, just for love When a love is all - no mountain is high enough Here I stood - baby, we can't go wrong Just take my hand - in the lights of dawn Come send me an angel Oh, come send me some love It's more than a feeling When I fall in love

With Your Love

JOURNEY "Arrival"
WOn this day... To be standing here with you There's no doubt... I know this love is true See my tears... Only you can understand A state of grace... I feel blessed to hold your hand There's a room in my heart and you've unlocked a door That no one's ever opened before CHORUS: With your love I'm not alone... In your world... I'm never far away from home A life I thought I'd never find... In your eyes I see all that I am with your love On my own... I searched for something more In your arms... The kiss I've waited for I was lost for words... To say what's in my heart Just to be close ... To the beauty that you are If someone could see to the end of our lives I know they'd find me there by your side REPEAT CHORUS I've walked among the lonely... Watching lovers come and go Fate finds us here as one... You are salvation to my soul REPEAT CHOURS With your love With your love

The Promise

PLUS ONE "The Promise"
I know that lately Things have been so hard And looking out Through your broken heart All you can see is dark And lonely days ahead But remember Jesus said [c h o r u s] He knows every star in the sky Every single tear that you cry His love is here faithful and alive I know that this world can be cold In His arms you're never alone That's His promise to you and I When hope has disappeared And your heart aches You might not recognize The touch of grace But on the other side Of every dying dream His love is waiting patiently [c h o r u s] With every angel there's a love That never leaves your side His love is deeper than the ocean Or a mountain high You've got to know There's hope in your heart And if you listen with your heart I know you'll hear Him say You are My child and I am with you Each and every day He is the one who knows your soul [c h o r u s] That's the promise for you and I

Where Do We Go From Here

SARAH CONNOR "Green Eyed Soul"
[Verse 1:] No matter how hard I try A love like that keeps pushing me inside But after all is said and done You're gonna be the only one I wish that you were near me now And get tangled heart to heart I never felt a love like this before You're the one I adore [Chorus:] Boy come to me cause love won't wait Make up your mind, babe it's not too late Boy I can feel there's love around Uuhhh baby Treat me like a lover Sweet words of love I gave to you Let yourself go, cause I'm feelin' blue In my mind, you were always near Uuhhh baby Where do we go from here [Verse 2:] So tell me now can there ever be Anyone else for you but me No other love can take your place Or match the beauty of your face I need to hold U in my arms I got that lonely feeling again You trapped me in, don't wanna waste my time Please help me to ease my mind [Chorus:] Just like a planet needs water Love needs a heart to survive I hope that sooner or later You'll realize... [Chorus]

Hip Hop

ACE HOOD "Starvation 3"
I'm at a loss of words Just don't get it [Verse 1:] Dear the love of my life I'm sick and tired of the fights So we been fucking for years But you been cheating for life You give it up to them lames And then you blow em that night I Gave my heart to you baby But you ain't doing me right See I was young when I met ya Had me fallin in seconds Held me down in recessions I'm thinking God what a blessing Know my love runs deep I toss and turn in my sleep I need your heart in return And if it ever would beat I lost in touch with you once Had me stressing for months I started out in the barn We done been through too much I swear that life is a bitch And plus you easy to switch Ain't no worries lil mama I ain't taking the fence Keep on doin them lames Keep on makin em rich I'll be here for a while You'll be back on my dick Misses hip hop love I forgive and forget Still I wonder in time Will you ever commit I'm saying [Verse 2:] I went to war with some sinners Laid in bed with the devils Ain't no love in this game It'll turn a Christian to rebels Poured my heart and my soul I let my passion develop Why you playin with my feelings I ain't the type to be jealous Fuck that hip hop bitch Let that last line settle You fall in love with these rappers Know I'm ten times better Get it ten times wetter Plus I'm way more clever I'm from that fuck you era Plus I'm top 5 level What's a king to a God What's your life to my nine What's my life without you I can't envision my odds Why your hearts so cold Where the love at tho I deserve that shit You'll be lying if I don't You wasting time with them gimmicks Suck a dick for your critics Give a fuck who your favorite I'm the name that you mention You can look up the realest I'm your sure definition We been at it for years I think it's time for commitment I'm saying

Playin' By The Rules

Michael Mcdonald "If That's What It Takes"
(Michael McDonald & Ed Sanford) Who are you Are you someone that I knew Or did you come and go inside a dream Well, you look the same Even though you say you've changed You can't hide the shame of a guilty heart [Chorus:] Well, I know there's a reason love don't always rhyme So you think by leavin' you're not wasting precious time Love's not always happiness Sad, but it's true, girl Every fool's got to learn he's got nothing to lose Playin' by the rules What's your plan Will you try just one more man And trade a thrill that's gone for a brand new start Will you love him only Until you leave him lonely When he tries to change and tame your restless heart [Chorus] When are you gonna learn That a love is earned Sometimes you got to fight But, oh, baby-that's all right

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