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Blue System lyrics - 21st Century

Lady Unforgettable

Original and similar lyrics
Oh, it's five o'clock and I cannot sleep You were in New York and my heart is weak I'm watching you on this photograph I'm the biggest fool and I hear your laugh Lady, careless memory Lady, be my guarantee What a difference it makes Alone again Lady I call your name Oh, lady unforgettable, hold on me Oh, lady unforgettable, can't you see Oh, I'm losing my heart And I'm losing my mind But a lonely heart, it can't survive Oh, lady unforgettable, talk to me Oh, lady unforgettable, can't you see I got what I want but I lost what I had It's a crazy world when a love goes bad In this bed of fire I feel loneliness And my lost desire of your sweet caress I'm too proud to beg and too weak to cry I'm alone again It's my last goodbye Lady, it's emergency Lady, oh, please come back to me Emotion of fire is burning inside Lady, don't lose your pride

Lady Of Delight

THE POLICE "Strontium 90 - Police Academy"
Just the kind of lady to really set you sailing On emotion's ocean Just like a river she's rolling on forever Got you running around now you've found She turns the tide of your tired heart Back to the place where you made a start She's got the power to burn you up But she's turning, turning your golden heart Lady, lady of delight Lady, lady of the night Don't stand in the gutter boy, mumble and mutter that the world ain't treating you right I'm talking to you - I can prove it too - You'd better listen to me - I've got a guarantee Now who told you life was meant to be Happiness, Light, Love and Free What made you think you had a right You're just a frightened child in the middle of the night Lady, lady of delight Lady, lady of the night Wild dogs baying at the moon Alley cats singing out of tune Hoot of owls across the lake - These are sounds that follow her wake Don't think you can change her - I know she'll rearrange you You might disagree but just you wait and see You think you're winning but look at the state you're in Danger - stranger: Some call her goddess some call her a whore But she's a sister - a lover - a mother and more She keeps on coming - she makes it clear That if you let her in you've got nothing to fear Lady, lady of delight Lady, lady of the night

Sophisticated Lady

CHICAGO "Night and Day"
They say into your early life romance came, And in this heart of yours burned a flame, A flame that flickered one day and died away, Then, with disillusion deep in your eyes, You learned that fools in love soon grow wise, The years have changed you, somehow; I see you now... Smoking, drinking, never thinking of tomorrow, Nonchalant, diamonds shining, dancing, dining With some man in a restaurant Is that all you really want? No, Sophisticated Lady, I know, You miss the love you lost long ago, And when nobody is nigh you cry. Is that all you really want? No, Sophisticated Lady, I know, You miss the heart you lost long ago, And when nobody is nigh you cry.

A Night In Summer Long Ago

MARK KNOPFLER "Golden Heart"
My lady may I have this dance Forgive a knight who knows no shame My lady may I have this dance And lady may I have your name You danced upon a soldier's arm And I felt the blade of love so keen And when you smiled you did me harm And I was drawn to you, my Queen Now these boots may take me where they will Though they may never shine like his There is no knight I would not kill To have my lady's hand to kiss Yes and they did take me through the hall To leave me not one breath from you And they fell silent one and all And you could see my heart was true Then I did lead you from the hall And we did ride upon the hill Away beyond the city wall And sure you are my lady still A night in summer long ago The stars were falling from the sky And still, my heart, I have to know Why do you love me, lady, why?

Be My Lady

I just look at you And I'm hypnotized Like I'm drowning now Drowning in your eyes You are beautiful Past imagining And I want you more More than anything And I cannot speak And I've lost my sight All my senses gone Lost in you tonight And I want ... your love Be my lady ... Be my lady Do I ask too much Do I want too much Want to know you now Want to feel your touch You just look at me Feel the fire start Want to make you burn Want to touch your heart Chorus Got a racing heart And my mind's a roar Never felt like this Never loved before And it's dangerous I would willingly Burn to ashes now If you'll stay with me Chorus

Lady Ice

Lady Ice, slips into her soul Lady Ice, leaves a house so cold Lady Ice, did you know that the world was lonely too? Drifting snows searching flames and hide Burning stones, as she looks for the heart somebody stole She knows the violation, lovers' arms, without occasion.. Who knows where to find a true heart for Lady Ice? - Mezmerized in the candle flame Compromised by the cruel bands of steel around her breast She knows the desolation, of lovers' arms, their isolation.. Who knows where to find the true heart for Lady Ice? - Lady's eyes, slip away from the part she plays in school She knows of roles and hide-aways Suppose she knows the time's away? She knows where to find the true heart for Lady Ice.. Lady Ice, step outside your soul Lady Ice, do you know that the world is frightened too?

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