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Who's To Blame?

Original and similar lyrics
She is gone, seventeen And her son, just turned three Lives off of society and contempt Feeds her son pays the rent And I wonder who's to blame And I wonder who's to blame Daddy loves his little girl She's his pride, his joy, & his world But they took her from his life She's been missing since July And I wonder who's to blame And I wonder who's to blame He takes a promise that he'll lead the way Finally to stay tomorrow Shine a light upon virgin roads to peace Where no one dares to go Let's come together all as one For to change this road that we're on There's an answer it's called love But we nailed it to the cross, along time ago And I wonder who's to blame And I wonder who's to blame And I wonder wonder who's to blame And I wonder who's to blame For the suffering of the children For the lying and the killing Who's to blame For the hurting and the sorrow And a hopeless tomorrow Tell me who's to blame I know we can make it better We can always come together Cause there's evil everywhere And it's much more than I can bear There's a cross that we can carry And a burden we can bare Still it all remains the same Somebody tell be who's to blame Who's to blame

In Love But Not At Peace

Dar Williams "Honesty Room"
Love took a long time, it followed me here And it landed on light feet, and it whispered in my ear Love spoke of my past as a valuable test And smiled, and said she who loves last loves best 'Cause you know life is hard, but now you also know your mind, So now you're going out to love, but on your own side this time Where you still think of famine, and you still dig up train fare And you won't mind the wrinkles, 'cause you know how they got there In love but not at peace In love but not at peace. Once for me love was the boat inside of a bottle, It felt like a gondola ride, When you float with the nicknacks, and you don't hear a sound Where the fish never lived, and you don't miss the ground And the moon hangs above like a Valium pill And I say I'll be fine, but I don't think that I will But today I got work, and I like it that way It's a case of a still life gone cin¨¨ma verit¨¦ In love but not at peace In love but not at peace. And I still need the beauty of words sung and spoken And I live with the fear that my spirit will be broken And that's the way I thought it would be That's the way I always wanted it to be. So I'll keep you wondering what time I'm arriving And you'll drive me crazy with your backseat driving And I'll talk in my sleep and you'll steal all the covers We'll argue it out and we'll call ourselves lovers And I'll stay in my body and you'll stay in your own 'Cause we know that we're born and we're dying alone. So we turn out the light while the sirens are screaming And we kiss for the waking, and then join the dreaming. In love, but not at peace In love, but not at peace.

Its Not About Blame

Dunn Holly
(Linda Hargrove/Chris Waters) Love is gone but feelings linger There's no point in pointing fingers Finding fault where there's no fault to find Along the way we discovered We are better friends than lovers Forever wasn't meant to be this time It's not about blame It's not about wrong It's about change and moving on We were just two people who weren't where they belong Better to go our separate ways than to regret it if we stay It's about life and love and time and us But it's not about blame We could stay and be mistaken Longing for the road not taken Or we could do the right thing and walk out And baby there's no way of knowing When we get out to where we're going We may end up closer then than now It's not about blame It's not about wrong It's about change and moving on We were just two people who weren't where they belong Better to go our separarte ways than to regret it if we stay It's about life and love and time and us But it's not about blame

Where Joy And Sorrow Meet

AVALON "Stand"
There's a place of quiet stillness 'tween the light and shadows reach Where the hurting and the hopeless seek everlasting peace Words of men and songs of angels whisper comfort bittersweet Mending grief and life eternal where joy and sorrow meet There is a place where hope remains In crowns of thorns and crimson stains And tears that fall on Jesus' feet Where joy and sorrow meet There's a place the lost surrender and the weary will retreat Full of grace and mercy tender in times of unbelief For the wounded there is healing, strength is given to the weak Broken hearts find love redeeming where joy and sorrow meet There's a place of thirst and hunger where the roots of faith grow deep And there is rain and rolling thunder when the road is rough and steep There is hope in desperation there is victory in defeat At the cross of restoration where joy and sorrow meet

The Institute Of Dreams

Human nature beams for all to see, The story now unfolds. As they wonder into wonderland, Their lives, the starring role, He makes his move so carefully, As he takes her by the hand. He whispers that he loves her, So she fails to understand. Strolling lives, angellic passages, With visions crystal clear. He demonstrates his love for her. She hides away her fears. He showers her with prizes, She's the first in his love life! He piles on the emotions. But she don't want to be his wife. You and I will build a dream together, Give me your heart I'll love forever, When I hold your hand, I start to understand, What they mean when they say love. What we mean when we say love. Well now you really better love me so Or I will hate your guts??? Your mine all mine no ifs or buts, No one else must ever touch, And to you I now give all my heart, As I knew I would right from the start. Our gold band now engages us Within the institute of dreams. They ride the path towards married bliss, But soemthing's just not right. Those visions now seem so distorted, They disagree and fight. Both now miss their freedom. But this contract they've created. In acceptancve with society's morals, A tradition that's so dated. Looking back in time she thinks What's life got in store from here? Confused, twisted, sick inside He drowns in another beer. With tears in eyes he walks away He's convinced that, that is that! But absences makes the heart grow fonder, And now he begs her to come back. She finds a man to compensate He wins at home, she plays away, It's been going on a while now? All seems lost is it too late? But meanwhile he's out there finding solace with another, She holds sweet truth, he keeps dark secrets she Looks, he knows he loves her. But he also dreams up images of all the thoughts of Her he's missed, They patch it up for the umpteenth Time as this tale takes another twist. Loves a never ending question always asking why's it Wrong to hold love and feelings for more than one, And well that's another song.

Last Light Radio 11:41 PM

As I've been cleaning up around here, I've been thinking about the ten plus years I've spent talking to you every night. I've got the original microphone from when I used to broadcast from a pirate station. Not way up there where the air is rare, but from the filthy basement with poodles of ooze on the floor. And I used to rap into that mike; that's what we called it: RAPPING. With my God-damned Uncle Sam button pinned to one side of my chest and the one that said "killing for peace is like fucking for chastity" on the other. Still got those buttons too, hahahaha, it's been a great ride. We could make it through this hard time folks, feel our way through this darkness, but it's gonna take time and it's gonna cost lives. Yet the answer IS self evident; like those truths we used to hold dear; and the love of mankind may still come out on top. Our children's children might still live in a better world, more beautiful world. Do I believe that, hee, yeah. With a glass of Jack in one hand, I manage. This next song is pure nostalgia at this point; harking back to a time when the world economy was going down the shitter, and we really believed that things couldn't get any worse. Haha, but what did we know? The costs turned out to be higher than all the government bailouts and stimulus packages combined. Here's some real stimulus, Summer of Rage, by Hierophant. I'm Will 'O the Wisp.

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