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We Are Tomorrow

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(FLAVA) i just want you to listen, troubled minds of the troubled times, keep yourself together, don't listen to other peeps, cause a lot can happen on the streets, and peer pressure is a killer, so listen to these wise words that i preach it aint safe out there, i know this from experience cause this is serious, and that's how lives get messed up, i took this time, just eight bars to explain, to the kids what's up, (KENZIE) you're living in dangerous minds, dangerous times, thug life, you're growing up on the street all that crime i've been there before i've been through it i realise the pain, i'm drawn to it it feels terrible when you're on another level to the rest of them trainers, clothes, you're not in with the trend, it's just a teenage beef that's bothering you, it's just a phase in life you'll have to go through (CHORUS) you know i never will amount to you, but is it pain you gotta put me through you know i never will live up to you and all that you do and all that you do, you never tell your enemies from friends and life will never be the same again you never know where the story ends, that's right my friend and that's where the story ends (KRAZY) i hear these things again and again and again dress to impress for a friend all it ever does everytime i hear will it ever stop it just sends me round the bend it ain't easy to be a teenager i should know it puts your life in danger do you ever really think that it will stop all the muggings and the bullys and the weapons, i think not (FREEK) i can sit and write lyrics all day, but my teenage problems never fade away, my fashion sense never led astray my smell my phone is what portrays the person that i am the person that is me whatever you believe, imagine or perceive a brethen or a chief educated or naive my popularity brings friends and enemies **(REPEAT CHORUS)** (ROCKY B) teenage life you've gotta deal with it somehow no point in complaining, gotta live with it somehow unfair job but you're still with it somehow it ain't fair but you've gotta get through it somehow all the teenagers that have had enough that are tired of scuffs and just want love just take some time and unleash your mind and you will find it somehow (SPIKE-E) what's wrong kid could be making it? teenager in trouble and you're hating it you wanna leave the crowd you're with lead your own life but i know you're scared of it in a week there's seven days 168 hours and a million ways everyday's different and your life will change trust me it'll never stay the same again **(REPEAT CHORUS)** (MELO-D) growing up seems so hard when you're young you never wanna listen you just wanna have fun try to make things right but it soon turns worng people say the best years come when you're young you never listen to what people say always wanna try and do things in your own way never think straight always play life as a game and in the end it's another life thrown away (REEPA) teenage troubles thoughts that run through your head trying to impress cause of what your mates said wanna get in the crowd you ain't got the clothes so you're out for a teenager that's what life's about the pressure of the drugs violence and racism that faces them it's a part of life, don't ruin it for yourself or you might end up by yourself (STRIDER) if you think about back in the day of what you could have had but you threw it away to be the top boy on the street to be the boy everybody wanted to be can't you see? **(REPEAT CHORUS TO FADE)**

He Works

DC TALK "Nu Thang"
Well I'm a Christian, and you know that's true But sometimes things are lookin' blue Because, I lose sight, and I fall back I start chillin' to the wrong kinda rap Suddenly I look to see where I am I call upon the Lord to give me a hand My nature is sin, my flesh corrupt, y'all But, thank God, things are lookin' up, cause He works (chorus) He's workin' on my walk And I know He works He's workin' on my talk And, my God, He works He's workin' in my life And I said, He works And we will get it right In school Monday mornin' at 8 A.M. First period and I'm stuck with gym Get dressed in the locker room and head out the door Not quite feelin' like I've felt before My boys grab my arm and pull me aside Yo T, [Yo, what?], it's time ta get high I thought for a second, didn't utter a word Looked 'em in the eyes, said haven't ya heard About a change in my life, now I'm free Christ took time on a brother like me I turned, took a step, as I walked away I just smiled and couldn't help but say He works (repeat chorus) (bridge) God is always workin' God is always workin' Now ya know what I'm sayin when I tell it like this Some brothers might ill, in the form of a dis But I know one thing that is guaranteed Through Christ, I can do anything For Him to work in ya life, ya gotta be on track Commit ya heart, then live like that I guess it does take two to make a thing go right But the two that I'm talkin' of is you and Christ He works (repeat chorus 4x) (repeat bridge 2x)

Korean Bodega

Fun Lovin Criminals "100 percent Colombian"
He got the pizza and brew, sensational 20,000 out on the street and accidental Here's to the one, the one around my way Giving love to the peoples, many hours, many days See he is both the hero and the pragmatist Doing push-ups in the back, and waving his fists The kids from the school, call it subterfuge Scars on his limbs is about to use Chorus: Korean Bodega, it's in my favor (2x) See him hangin' on the street with the ill shopkeeper Breakin' down a broken parking meter Sprite on ice, fruit loops And Jesse James gotta lot of customers but don't know their names Downtown like Pittstreet they run outta hope They far from ligit sellin' heroin and coke He says you catch me doin' that you hangin' out on a rope I gotta Korean Bodega, my shit is dope Chorus (repeat to fade out)

Other Side

Gettin' tired of looking over my shoulder Tired of walkin' around alone Gettin' used to myself gettin' older But not accustomed to getting' spit on I've been takin' too much lately And myself not takin' my share So watch out steppin' stone walkin' over me People I've had it up to here Spent my whole life lookin' back Not lookin' ahead to see Trying to keep my feet on track Doin' what was expected of me Kick my shoes off so they can't trace me Leave no forwarding address Before they all drive me crazy And I leave 'em all in a bloody mess Chorus: I've gotta ride Fly high Everybody gonna eat my dust I gotta move so I won't rust Got me a one way ticket to the other side And I gotta ride Maybe folks will think I'm dead Maybe even change my name Maybe they'll forget about me Forget that I ever came I'll come back one day just watch me Back when I think I deserve You know they're all gonna drive me Yeah they're gonna drive me to a ball of nerves (Repeat Chorus) (Repeat Chorus)


MC LYTE "Ain't No Other"
(chorus)(x3) Gotta what yo Gotta get a ruffneck (verse one) I need a ruffneck I need a dude with attitude Who only needs his fingers with his food Karl Kani saggin' timbos draggin' Frontin' in his ride with his home boys braggin' Lying 'bout the Lyte how he knocked boots last night But he's a ruffneck so that's alright Triple o baldie under the hood Makin' noise with the boys up to no good C-low on the down low cops come around so ruffneck front like he gotta go Evil grin with a mouth full of gold teeth Startin' beef is how he spells relief Actin' like he don't care When all I gotta do is beep him 911 and he'll be there Right by my side with his ruffneck tactics Ruffneck attitude,the ruffneck bastard (chorus) (x6) (verse two) I need a ruffneck I need a man that's quick and swift To put out the spliff and get stiff Boxer shorts and everything is fitting large But he don't gotta be large to be in charge Pumpin' in and out and out and in and here we go He knows exactly how I want my flow and that's slow Never questioning can he get buck wild He's got smack it,lick it,swallow it up style Drinkin' a beer ,sittin' his chair Hands in his pants fiddlin' with his dick hairs He's a rudeboy,a raggamuf Ready to bag another brother that he ranks ruff enough 'Cause if it ain't ruff it ain't right And if he ain't ruff,well then he's all wrong for the Lyte I love my ruffneck and ain't nothing going down Or going up if my ruffneck ain't in town (chorus) (x6) (verse three) I need a ruffneck I need a man that don't stitch like a bitch She'd tears or switch Doin' whatever it takes to make ends meet But never meetin' the end 'cause he knows the street Eat sleep shit fuck,eat sleep shit Then it's back to the streets to make a buck quick Quick to beg even though gimme gottem here Hit'em wit a bit a skins then he's out of there On the avenue girls are passin' thru Too much of ruffneck so they ain't havin' you Hard boppin' always grabbin' his jock and braggin' about his tec That's the rep he'll pull the plug on the tour Pissin' in corners Doing 80 by funeral mourners Showing little respect Now that's a ruffneck (chorus) (x18)

The Kids Are On High Streer

In a wake of some change Stones in the pipeline Like some new mountain range We leave the lowlands behind (Chorus) They take your photograph You come into existence You realize it's your path In this very instant Some heroes are we To pass outside these gates With a will to adjust Adjust to what it takes You add another year to this And it all has gone to waste Other plans have been made To pursue your own separate fates (Chorus) The kids are on High Street The kids will not sleep tonight The kids got in a knife fight We trained them well They're gonna be alright I'll be joining with them soon I can't even wait to get away from you 'Cause it's only in hindsight That we will know what was right to do I always thought we had it made Ambition spurred the plans we laid (Chorus)

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