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Blackjack lyrics

Merry Go Riding

Original and similar lyrics
Two tickets, Merry-go-riding I gotta see in the paper today Who missed it somebody's lyin' We're gettin' nowhere tellin' a tale Questioned, till it make 'em bleed Answers, kiddy got a need Hands up, put 'em on the wall Backing up, pushing till they make 'em fall Escaping go into hiding Who never tells night is the day I didn't wish it somebody's cryin' They're gettin' nowhere running away Questioned, till it make 'em bleed Answers, kiddy got a need Hands up, put 'em on the wall Backing up, pushing till they make 'em fall There you stood wanting to ride it It's getting late boy you couldn't stay I can't believe nobody's tryin' They're getting nowhere hiding the pain Questioned, till it make 'em bleed Answers, kiddy got a need Hands up, put 'em on the wall Backing up, pushing till they make 'em fall Two tickets - Merry-go-riding I didn't wish it somebody's cryin' Two tickets - Merry-go-riding I didn't wish it somebody's cryin'

Under Glass

Legendary Pink Dots
The air was thick with scented smoke; the talk was much to small. The words would fall and crawl in corners, wind up eaten by the cat, but still they spat and groped each other's fat. Danced with rubber arms and granite feet. The planet creeped. The ceiling flaked and floated in the beer. We stayed clear. We stayed here, under glass. And you I know you're trying though you haven't got a clue. See them laughing in the showers. Twist and grab a shouting Jew... Did they ride you through the corridors, make you climb the wall? Did you fall? Did she cry? Did you look for other fools to fry? To fortify your island under glass. I know how and where you work; it's written around your collar, sweat and dirt and sloping shoulders. You keep tripping on your hands, yellow hands, tired hands, pushing pens and pushing sixty, waiting for the man to push you off your shelf. Send you rollercoasting frozen to your hole under glass. And you may be tough and loud; you throw your weight around. But you're jelly when the lights go out - you're hearing every sound. The wailing chambers, whispering walls, the bitching neighbours' spirits call, accuse you with their fire eyes that freeze. You fry, you slip their nails inside you. You try and try to hide out under glass.

Never Stops

I'm all right Tell me you're all right Almost there Barely here I knew that this day would have to come Wailing on the wall Watching giants fall I know there's a message to receive Written in debris It's meaning's hard to see The loss of innocence Means nothing in the new world All our hands are red Everyone is guilty now I'm all right Tell me you're all right Stop my eyes... Open wide Another idiot glued to the box Frozen to the screen Scared to turn it off Quiet shock gives way to righteousness Rattle on the bars Vengeance will be ours Fanatics on their knees Pray for a swift and just revenge Become what they condemn Mirror image men Hands across America, let's catch contact hysteria Our flag erects from broken homes, July 4 for evermore Colors of democracy Fly from every SUV The misspelled bumper sticker's here Where did all the honor students go? Numbers on the news This time with familiar names This time on familiar ground This reality in your back yard So the fences fall Will you redefine them all? Will you choose shelter or empathy? The world we share has come too close With borders blown from glass We collect stones and cast them They say the party never stops But I know we cannot get off Another idiot comes on the box Breathing privileged air Preaching to the fair Rallying one muscle under God Leading on the cheer Leaning on their fears The state of ignorance means nothing to the faithful God is with us now They disregard the world beyond the wall

Falling Down

'Now I can taste the war that I've been fighting. Start to fall but I'm still standing here behind the wall of dying faith. I can't forget the fight that's growing stronger. Face to face with hopes of longer days to build on something we should save. I stand alone. I'm on my own. My hands will bleed. (my hands will bleed) I'm holding on to what is gone. What's left of me? I'm fallingdown. But i should find my strength in this: a light that burns to reconnect my heart for what it's meant to give. Walk. Fall. Stand again so I can...'

Until The Nipples Gone

ATMOSPHERE "To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy - The Atmosphere EP's"
[Slug] Ninety-nine bottles of ink on the wall Stare at the stars, blink and they fall Stand tall and shrink, small Maybe they all fell asleep at the mall Y'all not clear what to call a career Stop the bus, I'm hopping off here Get down, snuck and got near Just to watch you drown in them crocodile tears Dressed up all black with a clown mask Shred the system, sound clash Fall back when my feet touch ground Hit the Heathrow tarmac like where the pound at? Self-service, getting it to go A lot of work for a little bit of dough Wipe the dirt out the window of the soul Fish with my pole from the middle of the snow Still running, bound to build something Even though we all surrounding by hills crumbling Lil young'n, we kill assumption Come hit us up, you wanna feel the function? We proof of what you could do if you would have took the lead to speak truth You look cute little sheep in a wolf suit Lost on a rook move, shoot that sense of direction, misconception Get your check and then skip the lesson Get paranoid and collect protection Get destroyed by the boy just stepped in Ain't nobody gon' stay when the stack cracks Nowadays they ain't tryna save a rat's ass Hit the gas and mash past the trash I wouldn't want it any other way and that's that On this tit till it's going flat When I'm gone you can taste my frozen tracks My crew stay deep and we don't relax Ain't going to sleep, too old for naps They say go to hell if you're tryna fold some cash Well ring the bell, there ain't no more class Pot or smack, but don't know the facts Spot is packed, who owns the map? I'm not convinced, y'all overact You're on the bench tryna choke the bat I headline shows that they hoping that I get mine, they can go cloak and dag' You had the chance to hold me back I still advance, fade slow to black Y'all are just ants till it all collapse Put both your hands up and throw me claps, c'mon Clap, clap, clap, everybody clap Clap, clap, clap your hands to what he's doing We get 'em jumping around like a swarm of crickets and that's ordinary normal business And you trying to ignore the visit But your girl's online bout to score some tickets I was born a crumb, I'm a poor decision I'll die a crumb, I'm sure it's written But first I'ma smash over ornaments and then bounce 'fore they announce the court's opinion We all rapper rappers We all wanna capture stature like any of it matters Ass backwards and a lack of words Only thing that you're killing me with is laughter They used to cap and call me a backpacker But they was mad I had my mack mastered Went up the ladder and I seen the ants So now I treat each track like it's the last chapter Can't take it for granted, cause when it's done I gotta subject my breath to the shit I've run Gotta respect the mess I'm sitting on So let's get it on until the nipple's gone

Black And Blue

Fading everything to black and blue You look a lot like you Shatter in the blink of an eye You keep sailing right on through Every time you say you're learning You just look a lot like me Pale under the blistering sky White and red Black and blue You've been waiting a long time You've been waiting a long time To fall down on your knees Cut your hands Cut yourself until you bleed Fall asleep next to me Wait for everyone to go away And in a dimly lit room where you've got nothing to hide Say your goodbyes Tell yourself we'll read a note that says I'm sorry everyone I'm tired of feeling nothing goodbye Wash your face Dry your eyes Cause you've been waiting a long time You've been waiting a long long time To fall down on your knees Cut your hands Cut yourself until you bleed But fall asleep next to me Have a dream I'm falling down On my face Scrape my knees Scrape my hands until they bleed Cause you're fast asleep next to me Next to me [3X]

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