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Blackburn Fiona lyrics

Nadu Nadudu

Original and similar lyrics
Nadu Nadudu, Nadu Nadudu... Sleep now, my darling, sleep. Sleep now on my breast. This is what you are dreaming: Hold me, nurse me and love me That I may grow strong and be a great man. Then, like my fathers, Go to the streams for fishing. To Hanmas, to catch the spring salmon. I will fish at the Echo Cliff And find gifts for the Thunder Woman. Sleep now, my darling, sleep. Darling baby boy. Dream well while I hold you safe. Nadu Nadudu. When I become a hunter, I will go to the mountains. There, where my grandfathers went. I will go and set my bear traps. I will find food for my people. No one of you shall be hungry. Nadu Nadudu, Nadu Nadudu... Dream well while I hold you safe. Nadu Nadudu.

Sleep In Deep

Bel Canto "Shimmering, Warm Bright"
while the cold wind blows the heroes return left are troubled souls that nothing but yearn for a better day for some rightfulness will their wounds get healed? rest body and mind let them sleep in peace their minds demand a release from the dread they hold, oh do I need to see what eyes can not bear? do I need to hear that nobody cares? for the things I have done and the things I've learnt are now scars in me rest body and mind let me sleep in deep and disembody the fear and the fright I hide but until then I will pray that I'll hold on to...

I Wish Tonight Could Last Forever

AGNETHA FALTSKOG "Wrap Your Arms Around Me"
It feels so good to be by your side Oh darling let me be your guide From tonight let's stay together There's a blue moon in the sky Tonight, It's there for you and I Darling, let my love surround you Oh but I'm so glad I found you I wish tonight could last forever Oh darling can we stay together From now on let's vow we'll never part 'Cos darling that will break my heart And when the light brings tomorrow Oh darling, will it bring me sorrow Will you let me hold you in this way Oh I wish tonight could last forever Tonight I feel it in the air Just look around it's everywhere Who knows where the night will lead us Oh it feels so good to hold you tight Hold you close without a soul in sight We came together without warning And stayed together 'til the morning I wish tonight could last forever Oh darling can we stay together From now on let's vow we'll never part 'Cos darling that will break my heart And when the light brings tomorrow Oh darling, will it bring me sorrow Will you let me hold you in this way Oh I wish tonight could last forever

Viii Bewitched Whore (Does Belong To Eternity: Cry For Selind)

Divina Enema
(When he had so spoken, I beheld the Angel, stretched out his arms, embracing the flame of fire, and he was consumed, and arose as Elijah. Note. This Angel, who is now became a Devil, is my particular friend. We often read the Bible together in its infernal or diabolical sense, which the world shall have if they behave well. I have also The Bible of Hell, which the world shall have whether they will or no.) SLEEP DEPRIVATION THEME: Sleep and then you will see, As you even can't imagine yourself As sometimes all of the things Overturn upside-down... Oh, my dearest! They seem to be real And all of them - I mean those people are sheep who do not differ from one an another Sleep and then you will see... Have a look at your dreams - They are burning in flames Like the rags torn asunder. And under you feet... Can't you see dying days? You cannot leave Your sweet sleepering chamber Nobody minds, That's only a dream. It's high time to go ahead to bed... Nothing yet... Almost done, Two-faced devil's child, Rise and cry; Nobody won Anyone, And lost this one either... Having arrived from the other side, Forlorn in silent pride . Mist and disease do exist in your dreams. Strange flames are waltzing so beautiful now Under your feet And on your way home; There is no need to cure: They are your sick overture Before you go insane at all. Autumn flames stole your dreams... Dancing flames stole your soul... Nobody minds if you fall asleep. Sleep if you can, Sleep if you will. Sleep if you see the bright light next to me. Sleep if you dare to watch my surprise. Sleep 'cause I don't care Haven't you heard my nice lullabies! THE WOODEN LADLE THEME: Some people only need in food and want to muck Some of them got to live in fight and have bad luck Some of them born with a silver spoon in a mouth And the others with a wooden ladle... You'll have seen as... Shall we be fighting with the sin Has spread abyss as endless sea? You mean us: It won't touch me Even if I follow all these fools... Some people have got to drown and die In seas or in a glass of wine And if you share their way - You will have got the most of attributes. Dominion do we need? Not quite... Oh, you had better listen to the rustle of the silent days. Watch as poor mankind does make a million ways - During its countless nights and days Caught in a trap full of deadly haze. - It always does search for itself. Betray! Don't give them another chance anymore. Let them disappoint themselves more and more Let them drown in bloody sea and stay on the shore. - They yet wanted all the cares and got them all! What have you got in a mouth - in a mouth of yours Who knows of this delicious one tell me - I can't suppose Let me look at this one in a mouth of yours Perhaps it sounds great and looks so fun... I suppose You cannot stay outside the death. First one that's looking very sad Don't try to be a GOD Therefore you cannot be a GOD, Poor mortal whore You will have known it very soon Who gets a ladle or a spoon Why did you get your wooden one And who had thrown it into your mouth. Nobody did believe this: Thou art not a GOD. The thoughts of thine with thy wrath are falling apart Because of idiotic ae thou dost keep in thy mouth... With ladle thou wert made... Thou shalt not become the devilkin before it is too late. Thy wooden ae doth make thee weep It doth not want thee to eat or sleep - It doth make thy path pass away Thou art getting paler day by day... Try to appease thy angry daemon and keep him in thy mouth Feed him by thy flesh and thy bones far more than usual Thou art poor mortal whore... There is wonderful place - there is beautiful place Keep your temper - you are not to be in a maze There is haze of oblivion - wonderful haze There is wonderful place for your future remains. SLEEP DEPRIVATION THEME: Sleep fast and do not be afraid: When you will have awoke You'll be rich and mighty as before, Mad sea alike thou winna know Of thine shore, poor mortal whore! Sleep and then you will see Dark and bottomless sea, Sleep and then you will buy Hidden essence of thine. Come along side by side Next to your filthy pride. Evil demons of time Will have not passed thee by. Wonder I if you'd mind Dying now in a sleep? You are poor mortal whore. You're degenerate sheep! Sleep and then you won't see As the hollow - eyed darkness comes. Sleep and then you won't see As the blind moon is arising, Sleep and then you won't see All of the sudden cares, You even do fear To think of them again and again Sleep and then you won't see Sleeping grim entity If the nightmares of yours Not suffocate you before. You are poor mortal whore. You won't wait for salvation Whilst you have your nightmares And sleep deprivation Sleep and then you will see Two faces of GOD!!! Well, it's time to reveal our forces and might You don't know how to manage him who has arrived You have done all the screaming already and now Wring your hands in despair and o don't ask me How Am I t' stop it? - If you leave off rowing it will Stop of itself - What are you to reveal? So the boat of yours was left to drift down the stream So you're desperate one's left to drift down the stream Lo the blade of one of the oars got fast in the Water and would not come out again And the consequence was that the handle of it Caught you under your chin thus got under your feet!

Break Of Dawn

when you take the top and the sun is rising high across the early morning sky will you be there lay the demons down to rest feel the warmth is my caress as i slowly fall to sleep i will be there in your arms till the stormy waters come i relax and be your touch in the places that i lust hold me feel me never let me go dont let me go show me need me coz i want you to stay and lead me to the break of dawn will you be there (repeated) on the coldest darkest night are you sure well be alright? as we gently drift to sleep in a secret fantasy you are always there with me and i trust you in my heart do you promise that we'll never part hold me feel me never let me go show me need me coz i want you to stay anbd lead me till the break of dawn


in this lifetime you don't gatta prove nothin to nobody except yourself and after what you've gone through if you haven't done that by now it ain't gonna never happen yo, hey yo i'm never be what you'd expect me to be clever like that just when you cats think you know me never let the negativity hold or stop me never forget the knowledge hiphop has taught me even though the prophets might never get signed never drop a video or go platinum with my rhymes it'll be cool just knowin that we've touched a few and rocked the mic with some of the dopest mc's too you'll never catch jes givin anything less than my all and i'll forever be with mad sun until the day i fall i'll never be as dope as you dog but i can live with that you'll always give it up for me but you'll never give it back i'll never see a million dollars in this lifetime and you'll never be blessed to have a woman quite like mine to gain respect is a never-ending journey cuz i'll always be jes and i guess i'm never worthy never could find my voice lay down and die give me one good eye to see my influence fly forever i'll try to wear a genuwine smile because i've planted my style across a million miles i'll never turn my back on the heads i attract mic check need a breath to keep a step on the path never lose sight of what this is to me and how it helps my plight to let everyone else see i'll never go out of my way to hold you back i'm just here to make your head rock maybe make your shoes tap and with some luck maybe i can get stuck within your memory remember me i'm the one that does give a (what) and i will never be you and you will never be me but i'm like whatever we can work together and see all we need is the sun and some water for this tree and we can all be free and even i can get free and yo i'll never forget those who always believe and the ones who gave us R-E-S-P-E-C-T yo i'll never be the mc that you want me to be there'll always be something i do or say and you won't agree that's my individuality, originality even though some of y'all get pissed off and mad at me never forget my family or where i'm from never blame others for the wrong i've done yo i'll never hold a grudge i say peace and show love never believed one day i'd be rhymin with slug never know the ablities that you posses till you find yourself and lay all your assumptions to rest i'll never stop writing when there's no ink left and i'll never stop blowing even when there's no breath and i'll never find the words that describe my mind yo i'll never stop lookin and i'll never stop tryin better believe i'll never be the best word-worker instead i use the soul to take the flow further i'll never rhyme about guns, sellin drugs, or murder sooner see a future of flippin burgers i'll never forget about the city that raised me the women i've chased and the cops that have chased me the people that pushed me to become who i am and everyone that came to the jam (like damn) i'll never be the freshest never be the dopest even though sometimes it's hopeless i'll never lose focus i'll never be afraid to show the depth of my emotions there's a side of me that's deep within the belly of the ocean i'll never be the smartest never be the brightest i'll never be the hardest never be the tightest on the mic i'm just your average joe never bored but i've been more dedicated than ever before i'll never give up never call it quits you can never hold me down and i never did like to fool around i'll never be life for me ain't never been easy yo i try to be positive no matter the weather and no matter what i'll never say never and i will never be you and you will never be me but i'm like whatever we can work together and see all we need is the sun and some water for this tree and we can all be free and even i can get free well i hope you folks enjoyed yourselves catch you later on down the trail

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