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Black Sheep lyrics - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Strobelite Honey

Original and similar lyrics
When I first saw you, I thought that I knew you. Now I know I don't Just wish that I did. Honey made a right Stepped of took flight Upstairs, up more, Made a left and head. Looked down at my shoes And the cuff in my slacks. Hand inside my pocket Coming out with something sticking, Double mint goes in my mouth, Jaws are breaking north and south. Look around to see who's looking, Figure that my breath was kicking so, In the bathroom I go And fixing his fro. You guessed it, the Long One. 'What's up Black?' Goes the hand smack. I get the feeling that it's time For some Black Sheep fun. The club is on the bush. Where you are holding a cigar. Then you never know Probably a Philly. Long cracks a smile, Oh no, here it comes and says, 'Yo Drez, honey made you look silly.' Step back in the joint, And gear is kinda funky. My breath no longer kicking So now it has peep. Strobe light ho That I don't know, Walks up, asks your sign. We quickly do the step. Where you at, hon? Where you at? Where you at, hon? Where you at? Where you at, hon? Where you at? Then I change my style. Moving through the crowd, The smoke has got me choking. Funny that I'm choking, Could it be that I am smoking. Pounds are going round, But this is nothing new. Hoping that eloping, With the dip is what I'll do. System's kinda booming Like a rhyming courting sonic. Find the board, kid My state of mind is like a tonic. 'There she goes.' 'Where' Take my forts Out of the dumps Long over there Over there, look at bumps. From the time that she was born, She was raised to be all that, Gave her no food, Purely Similak. The lack of punk on Dick Street A coupon in the ghetto. I said, 'Hon, whacha drinkin'?' She said milk and armireto. I took a seat beside her. I would not be denied her. Ordered L I I T Fill 'er up, she's got a rider. She showed her dental work, And said I looked familiar. I touched her on the hand, I had to feel her. Similak child Drivin' me wild Simi-limi-lak child You're definitely with it Similak child Drivin' me wild Simi-limi-lak child You're the woman I said, 'Hey' She said, 'Hi' I said, 'Us' She said, 'Try' And if you're thinkin' Strictly boots I'll say 'Baby, bye bye' She said, 'I know you got At least a dozen that you see. You think you own the world, At least New York because you G. You claim to be the man. You want me for a lover, So you can do my girlfriends, And my sister, and my mother.' I said, 'You're very blunt, Put quickness to the cue. So what's up with your mother, Does she look as good as you? I'm playin' But let me not delay What I'm sayin'. Initially attraction found your way Before the way in. I'm single so I've got At least a dozen on my door step. Doesn't boost my ego, It doesn't mean we've slept. I'm in the public eye, So I try to be an eye full. Do not own the world, But yes I have some pull. My coerce rolls a brown. She's curious of me Please give me more ice tea, And her vitamin D.' She said, 'Me, yes. Why? Yes. Sweetheart you've got ten cushions Besides I like your dress. I'm playin' But let me not be weak And let me speak, Your mind is brighter Than your bootie. It's the courtin' that I seek.' Similak child Drivin' me wild Simi-limi-lak child Your definitely winning Similak child Drivin' me wild Simi-limi-lak child You're the woman


Breach Of Trust
Let's pretend that there's no hole in the wall Let's pretend it never broke your fall Let's not have our little talk tonight Let's pretend everything's all right Empty bottles in a blackened light And the kids cried themselves to sleep last night And I'm just trying to do the best I can So I can't promise this won't happen again Were it not for faith or a little child I could see myself running wild But I'll stay with you after our feelings died So lets got out tonight, tonight Freedom comes to me in thoughts and dreams Better life then my reality Without my choice, threw family by divine, Well, I'd want you too be mine But the sun retreats and the full moon's high So let's go out tonight Were it not for faith or a little child I could see myself... So peaceful so quiet You say you're leaving, but I don't think you should try it My anger, my hatred You can't go anywhere until you taste it I love you dearly and I'm nothing without you I can't let go and I'm not about too I never meant to cause you any sorrow But I won't know how to go on if you're not here tomorrow Nothing growing, nothing changing We haven't seen anything new for ages My prison, my hatred Really sorry, but you have to face it Couldn't look into the mirror today Still that stranger wouldn't go away And I can't bare to look you in the eye Cause I become all that I've ever despised Were it not for faith or a little child I could see myself running wild But I'll stay with you until someone dies Let's go out tonight

The Story

The following tale depicts the life of a vulnerable child born into a world of poverty and despair. The scene is set in a typical overcroweded and run down industrial city. A haven for ranks of the unemployed. A young and naive couple against all odds, ignore the advice of others and secretly marry. Ignorance playing a major role in their futile lives, their instincts sadly influenced, she is pregnant with their first child, while he searches frantically for a means to support them. As time grows shorter, and his chances slowly diminish, the pressure bears heavily on his brittle shoulders. Desperately he battles against his own weaknesses, trying to find strength within. No-longer can he smile, nor will his conscience give him the freedom to lie or cheat. Exhausted, weak and weary, he can't bear to face her. Passing a backstreet bar, he's easily enticed inside, while a stranger sensing his vulnerabilty, helps to alleviate him from the responsibilty for the couple's last savings. Dumped in a drunken heap, and the stranger nowhere to be found, the father struggles to his feet, as the alcohol suppresses his will to fight. Momentarily he sees a way out. A vantage point high on an empty bridge, peacefully he falls to his death. Frightened of exposing her identity, she gives birth in a darkenend backroom. The innocent child free of pride or prejudice, begins it's long journey discovering life's wonders, and tragically life's many weaknesses.


AESOP ROCK "Bazooka Tooth"
Some cats grow by the laws of the wild Some learn slower and lag in the mud Some stand up in defense of a style Some let the big dogs eat them up At exactly 11:35pm on January 21st I fell asleep sound At exactly 11:35pm on January 21st some shit went down [Aesop Rock] Now Benny was a New York City graff kingpin Five Borough fame guaranteed to itch pigskin Raided near the Brooklyn Naval Yards, juxed an undercover When they asked him what he pled he said, "You're fuckin' up my cover!" [Mr. Lif] Okay, Jose is working in the slaughterhouse Said he's living in the hood, but he wants to get his daughter out Slipped off a ledge, and fell into a machine Another dead immigrant, that's the American Dream [Aesop Rock] Miss Molly, helpless, made a penny with a data entry temp gig Overqualified with the rent stick Red brick bash with a texted green screen Like, "I entered my data right into your screen" [Mr. Lif] Jane went insane, she's an anchorwoman Sick of pushing skewed information And abusing the nation Had a few options: Either jump or run Critical ways or waving a gun Time for C-H-A-N-G-E Held a knife to the VP on TV She demanded that the format be expanded Beyond fear, everybody clear, understand it? [Aesop Rock] Billy was a coke fiend [Mr. Lif] Maggie was a cop [Aesop Rock] Like a dope he stole green [Mr. Lif] She patroled the block [Aesop Rock] Banking off his old scheme [Mr. Lif] She recognized his plot [Aesop Rock] He thought he was home free [Mr. Lif] She knew that he was locked [Aesop Rock] Now it's off to the jail in a blue squad car [Mr. Lif] She pocketed the crack before they got far [Aesop Rock] Billy watches Maggy from behind steel bars Like "Where the crack went" [Mr. Lif] "I'ma smoke it tomorrah" [Aesop Rock] They call him Larry Luck Blackjack, big spender He was married once Till he bet her ring finger Seen him leaving Las Vegas With a pick up truck, diamond Forty large, and beautiful wife piece Less than what he came with Itched to get rich found nickels in the couch Hitched back to the casino with in an hour Said "I'm here to make a dollar out of fifteen cents" And was immediately shot to his death over debts [Mr. Lif] As Colin died, his mother cried Then the EMS survived Said that he could be revived but they lied Afterlife realized that water from the skies Washes pain from our eyes so our hopes could rise [Aesop Rock] Now, J.J. punch drunk, acts like a dumb fuck Bum touched girls looking young enough to thumb suck One saw the light, thought it right to rat him out Now gets raped by Aryans in the big house (OUCH!) [Mr. Lif] Ted did 20 years for rolling some weed Though he used to snort coke and dabble with speed Welcome home, homie, here's a blunt with hash You know the rules, bitch, take two and pass Some cats grow by the laws of the wild Some learn slower and lag in the mud Some stand up in defense of a style Some let the big dogs eat them up At exactly 11:35pm on January 21st I fell asleep sound At exactly 11:35pm on Januray 21st some shit went down [Aesop Rock] I got one Jack or Jill Jill won't, Jack will Jill didn't, then did it Jack fell No cellophane secrets, b I guess I sense two felt bumps in the tar No cell But hell, you jump the bar so well Parted your partners veil and dipped I'm New York harbor Tale of a sail, ripped sorta Stuck on purpose for tha love of birthplace But would have carried you home inside of my teeth anyday Turns out I wasn't cast in the master plan anyway He holds no grudge, holds his tongue, wild Same one she used to hold in both smiles [?] instinctual last shout if it killed me So you can ride up in the sun city guilt-free One year passed, the table is wobbling and your hollerin' back Sippin the fits you skipped when shit cracks They never missed it Not a long haul, bullshit, kids kicked into the same Shoebox with the flicks and lipstick I'll love you forever, cuz you know me better For the record, that one time I would've married you in a second But kill the rekindling dreams and navigate the friendship Or else by the time the stress wears out we'll both be dead and friendless


Inkubus Sukkubus
Child of darkness Child of lightness Child so bright that you dazzle weary cynical men Child of brilliance, wisdom, wildness We would thrill as our souls ignite when you are near us Wild! Wild! Passion plays a part in all you do Wild! Wild! Heart and soul as nothing else will do Live for magick Live for greatness Live for power to shape and change the never-changing Make a difference, bring some fire Light the world and our hearts and minds with inspiration Live for glory Strength and fury Play your part in the greater scheme of life and nature Show your brilliance Show your tolerance Show the beauty in doing what you will with your life

Die Geschichte Einer Mutter

Bel Canto "Shimmering, Warm Bright"
A Mother's Tale Sie hatte ein Kindlein so schwach, wie ein Keim unter'm Schnee. Dann klopfte jemand an die Tür kam herein, nahm den Kleiner und fuhr war der Tod She had a small child so weak, like a seed under the snow. Then someone knocked at the door, came in, took the small one and left was Death. Sagt mir, Nacht und Wasser wo'st mein Kind? [1] Geh mal durch die Wälder und du findest's. ''Tell me, Night and Water, where's my child?'' ''Go at once through the woods and you'll find him'' [2] Die Mutter, sie weinte und sie lief durch die Wälder so tief. Sie sah ein Treibhaus dort fern ging dahin, sie spürte ihr Kind war da. The mother cried and she ran through the woods so deep she saw a hothouse in the distance went there, she felt her child was there Sag mir, weiser Gärtner wo'st mein Kind? [1] Such mal unter'n Blumen und du findest's. ''Tell me, wise gardener, Where's my child ?'' ''Search under the flowers and you'll find him'' Sie fand ihr Kindlein kleiner Keim, mit dem Puls so schwach. Dann kam der Tod in das Treibhaus, es blieb kalt, ihre Hände kalt wie Eis. [3] She found her child, the small little seed, with a pulse so weak. Then Death entered the hothouse. It grew cold, her hands cold as ice. Hör mal, arme Mutter dein Liebling hätte nie gesund und froh gelebt. Reich mir dieses Keimchen, bitte dich und sein Herzchen sende ruh. [4] ''Listen to me, poor mother your darling would never have a healthy and joyfull life. Hand me this little seedling, I beg you, and put his little heart to rest.'' [1] The booklet says woh'st , clearly a typo. [2] The child can be either a girl or boy in the German version. [3] I believe this was meant to be Es wurde kalt . Werden , bleiben and sein are easily mixed up. [4] Anneli sings herzen which means heart , not little heart . Translation by Anne Deslattes, some adjustments by Ulrich Grepel and Kjetil T. Homme.

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