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Black Sheep lyrics - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

For Doz That Slept

Original and similar lyrics
Intro (by Mista Lawnge) Van Damme! Let's see what kind of flavor I want... Do I want, vanilla? Or do I want a taste of chocolate? Hmmmmm... I want something different, I want somethin slammin. What's the slamminest flavor out this month... Let's see... Yo black! Hmmmmm, what flavor are you? First Verse (note: the way he says listen, I wanted to spell it lehsen) Listen For a second, I'm wreckin I got ya double checkin Then again, when to you knees did you beckon Hold me only if you wanna get naked Play before a crowd only if you wanna wreck it The name is Dres, like silk I get slick Drop rhymes like a basehead Bic flicks Constantly, yes it's me D-R-E-Ssssss So yes, I guess, unless, confess you can get down To serious business, with this I never boned a honey that I didn't like I never saw a mile that I couldn't hike I never had a spliff to make me choke I never had a pocket that was broke Hate no one but love only a few Franklin, Grant and yeah mom too I run buckwild for self or with the crew But then again, huh I thought you knew Now I hear the voice Is it what you want? I hope it is kid you're the flavor of the month Chorus I heard you got the fever for the flavor three times Somebody said you got it goin on I heard you got the fever for the flavor three times Hurry up and get a scoop before it's gone Second Verse So you got the fever for the flavor of the other Chocolate, sasspirilla, or is it you like another Flavor in my socks To the curly locks Black Sheep rollin hard and kncokin peons out the box Never have I ever never ever felt much better Did the whole nine on the tenth I was no wetter Ready and I'm eager Eager as a beaver On the radio and good to go says your receiver Not to be the baddest or the oldest nor the wackest Neither am I needest or the newest or the blackest Just a brown fellow Who's not afraid of Jello To the people of the world I would like to say G'day Had to wait a while But the while has been waited Never gave up hope in myself, nor debated Didn't shed a tear when I wasn't picked Cause I got a cone now, want a lick? Chorus Third Verse Now I catch a number when before I caught a glare Now I give a pound when before I got a stare Now I guess I kinda got it goin on I get a wake-up call on the lawn I used to try and push a demo Now I have a Coupe That's a bit more than a little But then not quite a few Funny how they find you when they told you get lost Tell me why you're grittin when you have no dental floss Wasn't my loss Thought you were the boss? You never knew how much the Sherbert cost Forget it, I never sweat it Your girl will give me play I'll wet it It only happens just because you let it Now everybody wants to play my phone I see em with a spoon I see em with a cone You never knew I knew it but I knew you would pursue it Hurry up and get a scoop before it's gone Chorus (hope you like it all... I'll get the rest to ya soon BTW as you probably guessed by now I'm a lyrics fanatic... got any more you can send me? Peace out homes!)

If U Don't

MIKE JONES "1st Round Draft Picks"
If you dont work you dont eat you dont grind you dont shine no if ands or buts bottom line thats why i'm on a mission to keep the paper flippin' i gots to get a house before i start wood grippin 2x verse 1 (Mike jones) My routine 100% grindin 10% sleep I peep game when I sleep I hole heat when i creep i'm mike jones I hold chrome, Break microphones, I flip in my slab all alone I wish a mutha fucka would try to steal my leather wood it's gonna be no good understood cuz i shoot stray's, when the tapes play i'll have you lookin like a client thats on x-ray's, I don't delay when you comin' shootin' bullets you talk down ima pull it represent this gangsta shit to the fullest, I pack a ruger and get scareing like Fred Krueger you talk down on Mike Jones and nigga I'll do this cuz I aint trippin', I got the ruger rippin while i'm flippin expedition, come in Mike Jones home and I'll shoot shot's till your teeth missin' First Round Draft Picks you come at us wrong and you will be dismissed Mike Jones Chorus 2X Verse 2 (Magno) Uh, it's Magno, I dont mind, I let a stray one cross, but if you got beef cool I got that A-1 sauce, you must forgot I pack a big mac i'm runnin' mickey D's, pop yo ass up leave you bleedin' on yo big mac, keep you bent like a car fender I fight dirty I'm throwin bottles in the club like a bartender, fuck fightin stud, niggaz remember who won, in these H town streets you gotta remember your gun, you dont wanna get stuck with the 5th, you dont wanna hospital trip with IV's stuck in yo wrist, my best advice is stop stay in yo spot cuz these bullets got a mind of they own they hate to stay in the glauk, you like to keep it to a snapples cost we got checks to your chest we about to make you look like applesauce so if you want a snapple I got 17 reasons to make folks forget about yo like 7 countin' Chorus 2X Verse 3 (Mike Jones) You might see me in the Lac 4 18's black on black sittin low holdin gat waitin for a nigga to jack when it's time I get krunk I got rugers I got pimps, my name show when I pop trunk, Mike Jones is no punk, I got ho's down to die for me, niggaz down to rob from me I got friends I got robberies alot of niggaz watchin you can look but don't touch cuz if you touch then I'll bust Swisha House Swisha Blast y'all done know we cant be touched (Magno) we can't be touched becuz we move like powder and I dont mind shootin' at a nigga if his mood is sour, I'm a technique flowa this aint New York but you better stay undercover like (?) cuz we lookin fo ya, big gun's 49 we not from San Francisco but we got 49 and if ya prolly heard the gat it was me trigga pulled cuz I roam the woods like (wally zerbiak?) Chorus 4X

Black Smif-n-wessun

Black Moon "Enta Da Stage"
Verse 1 Buckshot: I woke up in the night grabbed my forehead wipe my forehead with the sweat on to the bed Deep inside thought thinking of a way to strapped and walk the streets without getting clapped Just because I'm tieing the fuzz growing in my buzz I'm doing my justice, bust this slug to the ignorant Who said I didn't have knowledge of self So come and feel the wrath So listen First of all let me explain That when i drop a rhyme I I make it hard enough to gain The god is heavy I blow you up like dynamite Into my dome I let the L ignite Fight, I take you on flight here The war starts here. BCC: See we murder MC's every day, motherfuckers dont play, straight from the Bucktown side of the block Keep your shit hot Like we said, That's when all the madness stops Verse 2 Buckshot: To all the Godz who know who's the coloured man the colored man is the obvious, you understand? I kill him, and drill 'im in my bootcamp Who can't survive in the creek? You can't Champion, bootcampian click stick and move I bust your shit Move and stick It's the original crook Stomping through your army, what! Gortex to your head Keep your eyes shut But, I'll take you in consideration My occupation is to bust your federation with my ammunition Flipping precision, being precise He's right, I'm nice You can check my status and my apparatus See the baddest Buckshot shot the boodah Murder hero to clean your pipe like Ruger Smoke a bag of charm then I drop the bomb, Buckshot I represent the Arm Leg Leg Arm Head, natty dread, boy big him up Roll thick like syrup cause chaos and terror Chorus I had a vision It appeared to me in the form of a devil but the rebel wasn't there to see for me this is the year to be the son of the seven, representing the sea the heatseeker the cypher maker quick to take a sec to re-a-lize, I burn right through you Double guage I'm pointing the rage at your culu .... We blew the motherfucker Now we outta here. Chorus Buckshot: MURDAH! MURDAH! MURDAH

Please Understand

MC LYTE "Eyes On This"
[ female voice ] I just want you to understand I just want you to understand [ male voice] - Understand what? [ VERSE 1 ] I met a guy named Tommy, damn, he charmed me Met him at the mall, but I knew he wouldn't harm me We exchanged numbers, hopin to meet again We couldn't wait for the romance to begin The relationship grew strong I didn't wanna be right if this love was wrong But oh no, came the problems, the first segment The dumb kid went and got some girl pregnant The second segment: started wheelin and dealin Didn't give a damn about how Lyte was feelin But then he got wise, started treatin me better Cause all of his friends said I was a go-getter He knew he was usin me, and abusin me He also knew that soon he'd be losin me First I clocked him, yeah, I docked him But I rocked him - and then I dropped him [ VERSE 2 ] Then there was Dave, couldn't behave So I punished him and put him in my Lyte-as-a-rock cave Then he got bold, tried to play insane So Bigfoot threw him off my paperthin train He tried to 10%-dis me, but he pissed me off Cause I'm the boss, and you know I'm not havin it Lyte is too dope, and you know I ain't crabbin it Then there was Henry, way too friendly I needed a trip, he said he would send me Pay my airfare, if he could come with me I said, Listen, honey, I don't need your money Believe me when I tell you, I've got my own Cause I'm MC Lyte on the microphone Yeah [ VERSE 3 ] Here's another story: a dude named Corey When I used to work, yes, I was a clerk At the Worldtrade Center, back in high school This little player musta thought I was a fool He took me out to lunch, offered me a ride home When we got there, he asked could he use my telephone I said, Yeah, sure , flipped him to the floor Cause he said What's up? and tried to feel my butt I kicked him down the stairs and said, What you're provin? Rolled him to his car and said, Get movin! He tried to score it, I wasn't goin for it You can't play me, I'm Lyte Thee MC Never saw his face again until last week All beat up and bleedin down the street I looked to my left, there was a girl with a pipe in her hand Sayin, Why oh why can't you understand?

Klap Your Hands

Das EFX "Dead Serious"
Verse One: Dray Well uhh, ???? is macaroni and cheese Before I start, I gots ta umm fart, no I gots ta uhh sneeze not, I gotcha trippin, yippity-doo-da-day Shucks, I'm makin bucks so umm hip-hip-hooray and then some Cos I'm a powsy wowsy ace boom coon so shout Wa-bap-a-loo-ba-bawa-bam-boom! Drayx up for sure dang, now that I'm flexed My a-EFX'll quote, when the bridge fell down and I'ma good ship with the lollipop Left town so yiggity-yack, you booga-loo black Oki doki, oopsy Daisy, cos I'm Krayzie like that But it's the cat got snuffed, or Mr.Red and his crew so roll a spliff and rub-a-dub and then ya make beef stew Troop, I got the hoolahoop, baby woop, dooby-doo Lassie boy, you made a mess, now go and get the pooper scoop Oops, I wibble-wobble-wobble-wee while I make but hocus-pocus and yippy-yi-yo, yay for Dray and...... Hook: Klap your hands now (x3) Verse Two: Skoob Bon voyage, look out below cos umm I got my socks on, the popcorn, the Hubba Bubba, yep gum Skippity bum, you think I don't know the time Well it's half-past a cow's ass and I'm a real bad ass Yeah, shitty-bang-boom-bang, yo who rang? Abra-cadabra, jimminy crickets, set the wrists to my slang I got the knights all sniffin, sneezing, yes Stuffy-head, called for ???? and fever, sow you to rest Tight rhymes, ???? catch the fever for the flavor of a spliff or a Uzi, be careful who you choose, could choose a Marvin, choose a ship Lickity split, cos flippity-lips can sink ships And yo, a sandwich isn't a snadwich without the miracle whip in the morning, yawning as I stand for group check To back up, I slap up, r-r-rut put you're boo deck Yep, so what the heck, you gives rhymes like a cheque Because the A is for apple, the J is for 'ja back to book bets' and then S-K-double O-Be on *?mansel?* So if ya happy and ya know it, klap your hands Hook (x3) Verse Three: Dray Well uhh, woopty doody, abba doozy, it's time I'm on the yabber dabber, scribber scrabber, shimmy sham flam So, heavens-to-Betsy, golly wolly, gee whiz My lickity split got splat, the diddly squat was hot Oh yeah, dapper doodly do, you don't know Mr. Magoo? You heard I'm loco, well yo, I'm despicable too So umm, hi ho Silver and away we go The Lone Ranger got pissed and shot Tonto in his toes, so holy toledo, cowabunga, what gives I heard you shot my borough til *?blow at twins?* The name farmer's up in me, need no give me no more cos that soul lock ya stands, I can't stands no more So zippity doo, da day, woops I gots stuff See I'm sneaky freaky peaky plus I'm chock full of nuts But yo I am enjoyed for the clamp in his chest So hey, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck? If a woodchuck could chuck, fuck you know the rest So seizin it, seizin it, seizin it I shall Cos it's the Krayzie Drayzie wit the Books, that's my pal and...... Hook (x3) Verse Four: Skoob A diggity-cap, my slipp'ry style is ???? ???? I got the mics, the back pop, crackle and snap and all that, me and a gang of PING PING bang zoomer To freak ya outcha sneakers and knock your granny outta roomers Yo some say I'm Brooklyn bomber, some say Brooklyn boop but don't consider me as no follower, no runner or no poop But just rock, a by, rock, a by booboo Let your fingers do the walkin, hey I'm talkin, yoohoo Can ya, can ya hear me? Checka, checka 1-2 Aiyo, sit Booboo sit, shit cos I'm the one who kick a rhyme in singular, so son, you're used to it Cos Poof the Magic Dragon, I'll kick a rhyme in duplicate or triplicate, can't forget my boogaloo big jaw Umm, listen everyone as I kick the jigsaw M-I-crooked letter, crooked letter, I crooked letter, crooked letter, I hump back hump back, I, you can't touch I cos I's gots dem and dem is bound to make ya...... Hook to fade


Joyride Wayne Wonder & Baby Cham Oooh Yeah Yeah Oooh Chorus: Taking a ride, a ride, a ride, a ride, a joyride me an some honeys etc. Taking a ride, a ride, a ride, a ride, a joyride me an some honeys Verse 1: Cruising around wid a jeep full a honeys Each one want to introduce me to their mommy Some wan me pack up an come over wid me luggage The ride not only smooth it will be rugged My loving atttitude extremely cold bloodied If you want to ride make sure you can manage My daily menu is some peanut porridge What's left to do is to do some damage Chorus Verse 2: Its another day The breeze is blowing Like no other day So lets get going Got to get away The vibe is flowing Take you on the bay Take it away ! Chorus Verse 3: I request de honeys whether black or the browns Taking a joyride cruise on the the town Big fat Patsy waan loose a couple poun Watch de one Princess she sexy an roun Repeat Verse 2 Chorus Verse 3: Cruising aroung wid a jeep load a honeys Each one want to introduce me ah to their mommy Some want me pack up an come over wid me luggage The ride not only smooth it will be rugged My loving attitide extremely cold bloodied If you want to ride make sure you can manage My daily menu is some peanut porridge Don't forget de big basket wid some sandwich - yuh know wid some sandwich Backround: Ah just me an me honeys... Verse 4: I request the honeys whether black or browns Stranger an me on a cruise on de town Big fat Patsy waan loose a couple poun Watch de one Princess she sexy an roun Ah love to she de girl dem inna dem skin fit gown Whether yuh black an me say whether yuh brown Me say Baby Cham an Waynie Wonder ruling de town.

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