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Black Rob lyrics - Life Story

I Love You Baby

Original and similar lyrics
I Love You Baby Black Rob Puff Daddy Verse One: Black Rob I met her uptown on Dikeland, to heighten Talkin that, how she only dealt with businessmen Niggaz baggin joints, money off and on the books The ones who stand firm like ain't, nuttin shook about them, I doubt them cats waitin for me You know them niggaz, them big dudes across the street She say, Yeah, they from over on Mayfair Bullets from out of nowhere, told her to stay there and duck down I hit the ground but managed to pull a piece out This bitch over them with them pointin the chief out They want beef out here, they gon' get it in the worst way, I'ma show em how Black play Roll the dice, fuckin with me is like snake eyes I break guys, sit back and watch my cake rise It's all about the Benjamins, true that be the motto Ran out of ammo and started, throwin bottles Runnin, and I ain't lookin back for shit Crooked ass bitch, today I get you back for this (I'll get you back) Chorus: repeat 2X I love you baby No you don't You drive me crazy That's right I'll never betray thee Uhh I love you baby C'mon Verse Two: Black Rob (starts rapping during the chorus) Yo since the last altercation I been goin to street Seein honey at the club ery week and I speak I'ma rock that ass to sleep before I strike I ain't know the real deal until last night How, one of them brothers was locked with bankroll Used to call my crib to see seventy-four Kick rhymes over the phone for hours he had the dac babe bro told him, 'You wanna get money, see Black when you get home', we never had chance to get up And wouldn't have, if his gun had left me hit up He'd explain how his whole crew was slappin honey Besides all that, she owed them cats a lot of money Funny how it's a small world, baby girl Youse about to get, fucked with no jail I'ma sit back and watch this cake finish bakin And plan your extermination, word Chorus Verse Three: Puff Daddy It took a while to peep your style, Miss I-be-in-workin Low profile single, house in Staten Island and Manhattan while, them same cats you sent to get me boo, is on they to get you Fuckin witchu, that small time crack dealin nigga He a bitch too, they gon' bust his shit too Shit's real, you think you gonna set me up And get away scot free without some type of injury Nah kill it, I'ma flip the script on you Same thing you did to me, I'ma do it to you Who knew she was the female Rambo Fill one of they chest with four soon as he came in the door Life is out, snuffed all they mans in In the end, she had to be the Last Bitch Standin Not for long the buck the forty-four strong Just like that she was gone, now it's over Assumin I'll go back to my everyday life Of a rich millionaire just rockin the mic Gotta pause, and think about honey no doubt and admire how the chick went out Chorus: repeat to fade

Always You

Jennifer Page "Jennifer Paige"
I see a mystery ship out on the water I wonder where it's sailing to Is someone waiting in some other harbor These fantasies they blow my way Like sirens to a fool And in the stillness of my soul I keep returning to (CHORUS) Always you You know I live on the wind where love runs free I come back to you Always you And when I fall to earth you're always there for me I come back, I come back, I come back to you Looking at myself 'til the mirror shatters I hear a madman sing his tune (he says) It's only love that ever really matters I wake up in this dream tonight That's when I see the truth Of all the faces in my heart There's only one I choose (CHORUS) Something in my soul never changes baby You're the one that's keeping me sane There is no other that I have ever conceived Could be my lover and never leave when I run free Could be my lover, could be my lover

You're Insane

ROD STEWART "Blondes Have More Fun"
You must be crazy or half insane Look at your eyeballs, street cocaine You drink that white rum, you hit the roof What do you expect, one-five-one proof You drive your mustang down Sunset Strip And in the back seat, a big black whip Look at your lipstick, all 'round your face Everything you do is in bad taste Chorus: Baby I think you're cute But there's no substitute for love Honey it's a crying shame This whole mad town thinks you're insane You take me dancing but I can't dance but when I try to, you start to laugh You shake your hips child like a rattle snake You make me jealous make no mistake You went to Woodstock and all that trash Your generation is fading fast You wear them hot pants, they're out of style You like brown sugar, I think it's vile (Chorus) One of these nights child, it won't be long Somebody somewhere who's big and strong In a dark alley, a blood stained coat He'll stick his long thing right down your throat (Chorus) Lord have mercy Hey baby, I think you're insane baby You got no brain, you're insane Tell me baby, can you play harp Can you play bass Can you play guitar Can you play drum Then you're insane

Man's World

[Sigel] It's a man's world 'This is a man's world!' -> [James Brown] [Sigel] Bitch, uhh 'This is a man's world!' -> [James Brown] [Sigel] Man's world prick, yeah 'This is a man's world!' -> [James Brown] [Sigel] Man's world - all y'all little kids out there [Sigel] run around with y'all little gats, man 'This is a man's world!' -> [James Brown] [Sigel] Man's world - go to summer school nigga, get your G.E.D. [Beanie Sigel] Yeah, this a man's world pricks, no broads allowed All my niggaz with that raw allowed All my niggaz with they fours allowed who won't hesitate to bang a nigga - right in between they brows Let's roll, fuck them bitch-ass niggaz, wearin thongs and skirts Tryin to catch 'em while they goin to work Hit them niggaz on they job at they lunch break, make the pump quick Leave 'em ump-slayed when the fuckin pump spray I roll with a sick all-out squad Ten deep, let's roll-out squad Bring heat when it's cold outside Mack stick to script and stick to street Stick in clip and flip your Jeep Got extended shit and different heat Mack M-1 double now [bluk, bluk, bluk] I'm knockin feathers out your bubble-down Stop the blood claat cryin Blood claats from the iron, you're dyin, no lyin [Chorus: Beanie Sigel] This a man world nigga, sit down you girl niggaz 'This is a man's world!' -> [James Brown] Man, this a man world nigga, sit down you girl niggaz 'This is a man's world!' -> [James Brown] This a man world nigga, man.. man.. 'This is a man's world!' -> [James Brown] This a man world nigga, FUCK what people think [Beanie Sigel] This a man's world bitch, all you whores bow down It's B. Sig., I pimp like TA-DOW - peep game I sling meth in vials, hit your kitchen cook your pies up Bring the coke back in piles, I'm that () .. .. oh yeah I almost forgot Bitch, get a foot up your ass if you don't get your foot on that ave and start lookin for cash Just get mine right, your money like, don't make me come out there I smacked you whore and get you done right there Leave this imprint 'cross your forehead, from the moray Bitch know my forte, I'm not for-play Hit your block, let the glock four-play Finger fuckin a trigger is not fore-play One more time - I'm not for-play It's a man's world - how it's supposed to go Only the soldiers roll, you young like () though I move like Sonny, but never backwards Weave in and out of traffic, holdin that package Weight don't get moved, it get pressed off the bench Move through an alley and a hole in the fence I see when you move you tense It's a man's world nigga, sit down you girl niggaz It's a man's world kiko, they shoulda told you from the get-go that you fuckin with them South Philly sickos Think it's all raps 'til them gats start to hit you Black talons cripple, Operation Lockdown the town with them nickels Dopeman, dopeman! But peep it, I ain't goin to court I bang people that be goin to court And know people I ain't goin for shorts Bring straight money, cake money That tan coat, razor blade, straw plate money That grab coke, never weigh to pay for it money Grab toast laser hater break for it money Shit, you think you fast Run nigga, dumb nigga Don't get your skin grafted up, chin tacked up Fuck around, and get your men racked up Whatchu think all the gats is for, you can't last a war It's a man's world nigga, sit down you girl niggaz [Chorus]

Looking Back

DAN HILL "Dan Hill"
Looking back at public school Reading playboy magazine Insisting that the articles Were the only things we'd read Thinking then that love was meant to Conquer And if a girl said she liked you Then you'd bonk her Don't try to lay that mush on me Looking back a high school Getting drunk for the local dance Lonely boys - nervous girls Grappling with romance Thinking then that love Meant something frightening A sudden end as brutal As bolts of lightening Don't know what it was, but it scared me Chorus: From one night stands to wedding bands To struggling to stay free Watching time move faster As hold on helplessly As love smoulders waiting to be tamed We grow older staying much the same Looking back a college life Seemed like such a compromise Unsure of my direction Using brains as my disguise Thinking then that love meant to remember You only felt its warmth When you surrendered don't know what it was, but it scared me Repeat Chorus

Love Me No More

[Chorus:] Now how u gon’ tell me you don’t love me no more (How you gon’ tell me that?) Cuz I’m out here getting this bread (You hatin on this paper chase?) Tryna get my Momma a crib (Shit don’t even sound right) Tryna get up out the ghetto Now how the Hood talkin bout they don’t need me no more (What’chu want me stuck in the ghetto, listen imma get out) Cuz a motherfucka push that GT (Then you what, Imma come back for the niggas need to be reached for) It’s a problem tryna take that from me (You niggas is slippin) Cuz im packin heavy metal uhhuh I hear the streets talking funny (shit) So I laugh (haha) tell em keep talking funny (keep talking funny) Imma keep talking money (yup) And all different types (what) The yens and the pounds (pounds) Nigga just for spite push, the Bentley round town (sparrows) Tripin’ in ice I still be up town (Harlem) I hear em kicking up dirt on my name (so what) But I could clean em up like detergent on a stain Or ill beam em up we got birdies on the chain (easy) Respect my mind or respect my grind (cause what) Gone to the bank when its cheque signing time (okay) Its Tito Borough when it’s jet flying time (clear-port) And we so thorough we the set fly or die (Dip Set) The bitches funny I’m talking bout life (yup) It was Sunday to Sunday on New York’s chilly nights (that’s right) And we was hungry nauseas for a bite But if the world’s apple pie of course you want a slice (yup) [Chorus] Now how u gon’ tell me you don’t love me no more (hoe you gon’ tell me that Cuz Im out here getting this bread (you hatin on this paper chase) Tryna get my Momma a crib Tryna get up out the ghetto How the Hood Talkin bout they don’t need me no more Cuz a motherfucka push that GT It’s a problem tryna take that from me Cuz im packin (Jones) heavy metal uhhuh Heard somebody speak my name, but death was next to it (pray for me) My next breath was let’s do it (kid) Got me runnin through the game with my vest and my best shooters (who’s next) Best of event VVS and best ya jewellers (new year) Nigga outta lame ya shit, gets chewed up (get em) And im tryna kill the pain with like two sluts (what’s up baby) Use to say money ain’t a thang to I blew up (what) Then money’s everything, but that thang can break your crew up (true stills) Where did love go? (where) And where does that leave us? (where we at) They holdin’ grudges on how they receive us (fa sho) And show the judges on how they perceive us Hate to see a thug Nigga whip the forein features (ballin) Secretary’s that Condoleza (yup) Cash first, secondary we use the visa (uh huh) Blast first, never worry about police cuffs (nope) Ya either leave us or you free us I need money! [Chorus:] Now how u gon’ tell me you don’t love me no more Cuz I’m out here getting this bread Tryna get my Momma a crib Tryna get up out the ghetto How the Hood talkin bout they don’t need me no more Cuz a motherfucka push that GT It’s a problem tryna take that from me Cuz I’m packin heavy metal

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