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BIZZY BONE lyrics - Heaven'z Movie

Mr. Majesty Ii

Original and similar lyrics
MR. MAJESTY:Bizzy Bone: Heaven'z Movie [Crowd cheering] This is Mr. Majesty representin' on behalf of the 7th Sign Regime. [Laughs]. [Yea, yea, yea, 7th Sign Regime representin'] Thunderstorms when they mourn fallen angels. Mental methodical mind, niggas wanna tangle. 365 I'm live at every angle. Mental methodical mind, niggas wanna tangle. Everybody knows 7th Sign got the hoes. Everybody knows we divine wit' the flows. Shouldn't have to tell you when it rains wear your coat. It's thunderstoms because we mourn the dope. Manipulatin' metaphors I take full credit for. You can rest assured you'll never more suffer through flaw. You can steady toughen the law; they'll be harder criminal brushin' the shores. Tuck in your jaw. If your confidence is lower, minus lead blower, sinus flaired to the smallest odor. Tried to get open but just a file folder, next man style holder, weightless chest a tasteless death, I'm compound to be a sound souljah. On tracks compact, bolder abstract flava, drift like the mist holdin' a black fist with right shoulder. Addition to the culture went fishin' with these vultures, enlistment predicted to be held over. Hired wired cobras to work front desk, smoke, dress the dress, pure moist no choice but to be less. His ploy to decoy the congress, skills, too broke to pay homage. In a craft he shows his ass, in a trash conglomerate. Had your staff astonished. Precise math, most dominant. Switch. Enchanted romantic mechanics will banish no talents damaged in fragments unbalanced and silenced. Stompin' the housing, crowdin' kids that's pounding playgrounds and courts where small missiles went through. So often a sport on the wrong course trailing the horse. Raps biggest divorce needs figures. For me, my niggaz: weed, food, and cloth. When the greed mood falls off, the danger remainder is a hard rock slagged soft. Walked past slop almost crushed by a bus, not lookin', in a rush, might have been a mascot for I.H.O.P. as human slush. Keep it lower than hush. The diploma for lust and slight comas when I bust and then again works skins to heavy musk, everready cuts. Coincidentally is simply a mystery melody rush. Thunderstorms when they mourn fallen angels. Mental methodical mind, niggas wanna tangle. 365 I'm live at every angle. Mental methodical mind, niggas wanna tangle. Everybody knows 7th Sign got the hoes. Everybody knows we divine wit' the flows. Shouldn't have to tell you when it rains wear your coat. It's thunderstoms because we mourn the dope. Percussion rushin', crushin' the sounds. The inner raggamuffin', got me bustin' them down. A nine milli really make a nigga worship the ground. Preparering kings. Courtship is now. Ignite torch for sundown. Quiz of a ninja disguised as a stupid nigga. This biz will injure the unwise and traumatize offenders. White lies turn shades of gray like skies in November. At the brink of dismay. My eyes will never flicker. Herbs, got the nerve to pray when the city gets sicka punks intellectually drunk with butter flies in their liver. Have no ties to the beginning. Cold fries, but I've put in work for dessert and dinner, no perks. Incentive: soul search the whole earth extensive. Had a low chirp, slow birth in placenta, incubated and escalated to contender. Pushin' through gush waitin' for air on mush. Now sexually molest ovaries, finessed. Locally approach me with respect and royalty - Majesty. And after this you'll call me 'Your Majesty' Motion sicknes prevents the wickedness from overseas magnificence. No talents with instruments, but the choke-hold vocals compensate the difference. Society full of menaces--abnormal residents. It's like I'm floatin'. I think I'm floatin'. Got me open. I guess I'm floatin'. No jokin'. I'm movin' as my words are spoken. A vibe in groovin', lightening movement. I feel so exclusive.

Pain & Torture

JADAKISS "The Last Kiss"
[Intro] Yeah niggas! HAHAHA HEEE!! So this is what it all boils down to huh? HUH? This is what it comes to huh? HUH? PLAYOFFS!?! Yo Poofs fuck that we back baby [Jadakiss] I ain't ask you to fear it Mandatory you think about it after you hear it And it's the evil that's gon' make you have to compare it You know me I swing back thru it See who got hit after I air it But it ain't about shit Niggas mumble about my outfits But I'm humble, I keep my mouth shut Lacin' em well, it was destined for Jason to sell I can make you a reservation to hell Then blow you out of the water I'm out of your order Me versus any rapper is slaughter Somethin' like a poet and a author The only difference is that I make slick talk wit pain & torture [Hook 2x] One false move will cost ya These lames will cross ya Don't let the game extort ya Try to learn from what the game has taught ya I'm the author of slick talk, pain & torture [Jadakiss] Yo, I'ma take the responsibility for bring it back They rappin' wit hostility meanin' they wack But then again I feel 'em Knowin' that they up against a nigga just like myself that'll kill 'em Gotta spend a buck at the dealer for suede ceilings Lotta bodies drop because of betrayed feelings What other rappers you know made it and stayed dealin'? Smart niggas just felt back and they save millions These are pedestrian bars for the civilians Shoes is Italian, handgun Brazilian Open it up and see what Kiss brought ya Slick talk, pain & torture [Hook 2x] [Jadakiss] Yo, I flip words around sorta like birds and pounds Rub shoulders in the industry wit nerds and clowns Give it to whoeva deserve the rounds Hollow tips move organs and nerves around Get money, fuck riffin' I'm definitely cut different, I twist hunnies, puff piffin' Get my insight from an OG wit a good job and all that but he loves sniffin' Shit talker, Playboy British Walker Rappers be home like "God, please get 'em off us" After the sunshine it gets darker Yeah, slick talk, pain & torture [Hook 2x]

People Ever Ask You?

Mac Mall
featuring Confident One *(Khayree)* Check one two. (Uh) Check check one two. Hot shit. (Oh yea) (Uh) Young Black Brotha hot shit. (What?) Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh. Confident One (Representin!) (Wha what?) (Spit this shit for me than man) (This Mac Mall in here) (You feel me playa?) (Check this out) (I'm gon' let these niggas know what's really goin' on though) Chorus 2x *(Confident One)* Do people ever ask you why you smoke so much weed? Why yo pants saggin' while you sippin' Hennessy? Smashin a V-12 doin' one-sixty tryin to get this money so we in this bitch deep. Verse 1 *(Confident One)* Here's the reason why TC-1 don't give a fuck cuz niggas won't lend you a dime when you down on yo luck plus they buck when you up these hoolagan niggas 'll leave you stuck an if you as cold as starvin' nobody put a nickle in your cup reprehensible attitudes is what we dealin' wit an in this Millennieum we die from one stroke of our dick what a world when you ain't got nothin' they say He ain't bout shit. An when you ball to often these niggas they want you to quit (stop, stop!) We up against all odds as we sippin' Hennessy avoidin' shady niggas quick to blast at racist police an to you money hungry bitches I won't even waste my time I give a fuck how fine I won't spend a fuckin' dime I'm tired of you niggas an yo repitious talk how you's a killa that stalks a pimp wit that walk let me shake my ashes as this THC ignites Khayree turn the beat up an pass the weed to fix your sight beware of them niggas who won't look you in yo eye smilin' all the time but in they heart is dispise check the blueprints study the (sclumatics??) learn the lesson an as you roll four deep in your whip my niggas here's the question. *(Chorus)* Verse 2 *(Mac Mall)* I wrote this fo' them inquiring minds who need to worry bout they own an stay the fuck outta mine punk niggas always whinin' an lyin' all on my mutha fuckin nuts juss like them chickens in the beauty salon, choppin me up suckas get so emotional when you ridin they hoe or when you ballin an they out there broke but I'd a seen niggas wit loot hatin on me too cuz I done treated they boo juss like a prostitute let her slide on my dick an she gave me ya whole script how much mail you workin wit an where ya hide them kicks but I ain't trippin off you trick, I'd rather spark me a spliff the white widow wit the Afghan-hashish mix bitches get so passionate when a nigga fuck the pussy steal the heart an take the chips an then dip an when you tell all your friends they like, No he didn't! an in yo face they might tell ya that Mac Mall ain't shit but that was one big mistake that was made by this chick see she told 'em how I fucked now her cousins my new bitch real mackin' hear me go on an crack the Henny go on an spark the Philly we goin' straight to the land now if I dropped ya on the track hit the block in a Lac when I see you later you besta have me a grand call me more than a playa fool I'm more like the coach runnin plays on the bench Go deep young hoe!! *(Chorus)* Verse 3 *(Mac Mall)* I show the world no mercy shall let no nigga serve me shall let no bitch disturb me she juss ain't worthy born in the game, forced to get my hands dirty an life is like a house party an I'm strapped plus perkin' always off the Roper you always see me loaded I always stay paid punk an all you marks can quote it I spit that true game an you been fiendin fo' it like every line is heir-on coated hip-hop an you own it! *(Chorus)* *(Mac Mall)* Deep, deep, deep! Fa sho. Let 'em know about it. Let 'em know about it, Mac Mall in this bitch nigga. Fa all my mutha fuckin folks What's up to my niggas out in Oakland. What's up to my mutha fuckas in Frisco. Fa sho. Uh-huh. My niggas out there in South Central. Watts!! What's up!! (Keep it poppin man) Yeah mutha fucka. Always, always keep it poppin. (Mac Mall) (Get that money so we in this bitch) *(Khayree)* Vallejo. I ain't forget you baby. I ain't forget you. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. Uh. (Tryin' to get this money) We in here. Ferg! What's up baby! I'm comin' off a cold man. Hit these suckas wit some of this... super simple funk, one time ya know. Yeah sumpthin' for that trunk.


ICE CUBE "Lethal Injection"
[Intro:] Every January 16th, it's 'The Dreamer, The Dreamer.' And all of you say, 'I have a dream; The Dreamer.' And what did he dreamIt stuck him right there. And little black boys, and little white girls will one day hold hands together. Shit. Is that where it's atIs that where it's at now Them little blacks hands are yours. You can't hold the black brothers' hands But you gonna grow old holdin' crackers' hands before you hold each other's hands You gonna walk with your enemy before you learn to walk with one another How sick can you be (Enemy) [Verse One:] Where you gonna go when the brothers wanna bust a shot where you gonna go when I wanna kill bloodclot Supercat said that the ghetto red hot bust a gloc, bust a gloc, devils get shot nappy-headed, no-dreded look where ya read it buck the devil, buck the devil, look who said it listen what I say after 1995 not one death will be alive god will survive, him protect the civilized who really cares if the enemy lives or dies not me, not me me never eat from the tree with the apple I'd rather have a Snapple do you know where you're going to do you know where you're runnin from scared of the sun, I live in the sun You shrivel up like a raisin and burn like the blunt that I'm blazin Ku Klux Klan scared of my nutty beats cause them nutty beats equal bloody sheets out number you somethin like 15 to 3 see, don't love your enemy [Chorus] Enemies, enemy runnin from the G enemies, enemy, you're my enemy enemies, enemy, when will I see enemies, enemy R.I.P. [Verse Two:] Where you gonna run when God wanna do ya J. Edgar Hoover, I wish I woulda knew ya with the boom ping ping is the ring from the fire me not afraid, cause me know Elijah goin to the East but straight from the Westside swing down sweet chariot nad let me ride through the fire, through the fire that will please us I know that Farrakhan is your baby Jesus devil don't you know I'm a soldier in God's name and the baby claim I'm gonna hold ya like Folger's Crystals feds I'ma pick your ass like Juan Valdez you don't care if me die from the cracka you don't care if me have a heart attacka you don't care if me get car jacka you don't care cause you're nothing but a cracka now it's Judgement Day, and Allah'll never play 'freedom got an AK,' them Guerilla say Bobby Seale said, 'please make it rough, bro' when God give the word, me herd like the buffalo through your neighborhood, watch me blast tribe of Shabazz, get in that ass you shoulda took heed of my word and became a friend of me now you're just a enemy [Chorus] [Verse Three:] Now I change my style up, my style up,bodies pile up just to trouble you, throwin out the W sent me a subpoena cause I kill more crackas then Bosnia, Herze - govina each and every day out a siz-tre Chevrolet with the heavy A to the muthafuckin K now you treat me like a germ cause your scared of the su - per sperm please don't bust til you see, the whites of his eyes the whites of his skin, the whites of his lies nappy head nigga with the bone in his nose ya scared I'ma put this bone in your hoes but I don't wanna, I've been to cona from the cavebitch with the nasty persona hit me with the big black billy club cause you white and your hoe than a silly nub three men in the tub, rub-a-dub-dub and it's really scary, now they're in the military Sodom and Gomorrah, devil read your Torah, Bible, Holy Qur'an once again it's on, got the hollow point teflon and the brother Ron [2X] so who's next (devil) with Dub C, Brother G Crazy Toons is a crazy coon ready for the enemy high off the Hennesy hundred ten degree, no it's not Tennesee West L.A., what the hell can I say niggas wanna play, each and every day pass me the pill, a nigga shoot the J rougher than the roughest rough muthafucka, had enough muthafucka handcuff this muthafucka with the duct tape, tie it to the bumper grab his bitch, dump her, cause nobody wanna hump her they call me Thumper cause I thump til it hurt knock your dick in the dirt, puttin in work Master Farad Muhammad comin like a comet when they see em, they all start to vomit 1995, Elijah is alive Lewis Farrakhan, NOI Bloods and Crips and little ol me and we all gettin ready for the enemy

Get Ya Shit Together

T.I. "Urban Legend"
[Intro - T.I. talking] As you see the O.G.s from Grand Hustle done laid it down again T.I.P. shawty Hey yo, this for all my homegirls like to see a baller do his thing Get ya shit together come on All the eight, nines, and dimes I'd like to welcome y'all to the best time of ya life Ya understand that All the stones is real And it's all chrome on the wheels, ya know Anything less is uncivilized [Verse 1 - T.I.] Pull up to the club, lift both doors up Hopped out clean and yo ho chose us Walked in the door, make the show hold up Cause my neck and my bracelet is so froze up The kind of stones bitches wanna see close up So we don't appraoch them, they come and appraoch us Roll the dro up then go post up Look down with the west fixin' go sho' nuff In the V.I.P. and all eyes on us Hoes chill, poppin' pills blowin' dro no dust What cha say, got a man so what I don't know him baby and he don't know her I got a new Phantom and my own chauffeur Ya think ya fixin' be thinkin' bout him, no sir Probably prefer to tel ya man good night Unless you don't wanna know what the good life look like [Hook - Lil' Kim, T.I.] [Lil' Kim] If you ain't gettin' money good night I know what a broke nigga look like When ya ridin' in ya wheels get ya shit together Boy them diamonds ain't real, get ya shit together [T.I.] Now we can ball seven days, six nights If tht head and that pussy hit right Hey, match ya panties with ya bras get ya shit together Go get ya hair and nails done get ya shit together [Verse 2 - T.I.] Hey, I'm off the scene with Louis the thirteenth Chains swings to my jeans, and my T-shirt clean In case you been researching, I'm the King With a style as mean as the Earth seem Chest on ice, and my wrist on gleam 30 karats in the ring, money ain't no thing You think I'm playin' but I ain't joking The dro king, if it ain't purple, I ain't smoking Rubberband bank rolls, fifty thousand dollar cheddar knots Try to shine, is you out your mind, boy you better not I walk around with more money than you ever got Shrewd attitude like I never had to sell a rock Shawty I can get you in whatever spot Backstage, front row, what I got to front for I'm getting bored, don't even know what I stunt for Got a lot of rides, what it hurt to cop one more [Hook - Lil' Kim, T.I.] [Verse 3 - T.I.] To all my hot girls, if you wanna come chill Or roll on chrome wheels, let me tell you what it is We fixin' throw a little party at the crib Where the floors tricked out and the rooms like ill The basement's cool, but the pools unreal Where that millionaire lives, shit remains concealled So pop a pill, put on your blindfold I'm hitting the dance floor, and grab eighty-nine more Let em' know we on the way where they been trying to go I knew I had em' when they asked me 'What kind of diamonds are those' Headed to the spot pouring double shots of XO Play the 'Love Below' ane watch'em undress slow Flicks on the flat screen, make em' want to 'Get Low' And spit shine this dick of mine until it gets swole When they kick it with the king, they don't wanna let go So whatcha gonna tell a nigga, when he tell ya 'Let's Go' [Hook x2 - Lil' Kim, T.I.]

Gotta Make That Money

TQ "They Never Saw Me Comin'"
Yeah uh mm give it to me Mmmmm yeah Yeah yeah Mm no no no no Seems like every night, right before I go to sleep I say a little prayer to the Lord that he keep me, that he keep me I used to be the kind of nigga that didn't give a fuck about nobody The slightest little thing would make me mad Especially if it involved my money And I can't tell you 'bout the next man But I love pullin' up in big sedans Wit all my niggas in a caravan Holla if ya hear me Now I'd love to break ya, bring ya down And take you back again But that would take too much time And I gotta hit the streets again [Chorus] And even if the sun don't shine, I'll still be hustlin' Gotta get that money, make that money Keep it comin', if it takes all night, can't be strugglin' Somebody come help me Can ya tell me why is slangin' always on my mind Must be buggin' I guess they figured I would quit and they could get me If they tapped my line Don't mean nothin' I'll still be hustlin' Now I hate to be the one to tell ya, but I don't mind Niggas can hate if they want to And I'm still gon' get mine, still gon' get mine Yes, I still be ridin' in a SC on dubs And I won't be seen at none of the clubs And uh, all your women would know who I was (And that you wouldn't like) And that you wouldn't like If everybody kept they mind on gettin' they scrilla Won't be no time to fuck with mine, so won't be killin' I'll just sit back and recline, smoke this Philly And keep my fingers laced with diamonds like Big Willie But for now, catch me on Compton Avenue With a handful of hundreds and a strap or two Puttin' it down for my niggas like they told me to You need some candy, so won't you come thru [Chorus] And even if the sun don't shine, I'll still be hustlin' Gotta get that money, make that money Keep it comin', if it takes all night, can't be strugglin' Somebody come help me Can ya tell me why is slangin' always on my mind Must be buggin' I guess they figured I would quit and they could get me If they tapped my line Don't mean nothin' I'll still be hustlin' [E-40] Sometimes I'm suited up Sometimes I'm bummy, lookin' like a crook Hair all nappy and wild - we call it the full nuk Mashin', mobbin' and thrashin' Woopers, horns and tweeters blastin' Throbbin', hoggin' and doggin' Godzilla ballin' When it's money callin' War-rank, war-rank Just ride your runners fool Be 'bout your bank Sittin' fat like chupling All about my money, duffle bags full of scratch Artillery fire arms and gats Reep my mill, cap my feddy, get my bread Hirries on my tail, but I'm tryin' for them, but they want me dead, dead Cuz I made it out the game without a clue or trace Used to sell that bass Rock cavvy candy, Never had to stop, enemies on the block, they knew it (they knew it) As far as I was concerned, man I do it Check it out Money schemin' Chris Alberchuck, Chocolate Philly, Glocks Garcia Vegas Black and Miles on the pack again (yes) What you know about that TQ and E-40 Fonzarelli a.k.a. Charlie Hustle, easy Biatch!!!

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