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Birgit lyrics - Few Like You

Born Again

Original and similar lyrics
I was a dirty little swirl little crazy girl A runaway child in a fatherless world And everybody tried to be the one to save me No way it was never gonna be enough By the way I looked and the way I talked I was running away from the monsters in my head You see, I'm born again A new creation You see, I'm born again A new sensation I was so blind till I saw the light Everyday right before my eyes And this time I'm gonna show you that I really changed And there's a new day, where I'm coming It's a new day, where I'm going It's a new day, where I'm standing It's a new day, I'll be showing you Oh I'm born again A new creation You see, I'm born again A new sensation Know my direction cause I know where I'm coming from So full of confidence I embrace the day with loving arms You see, I'm born again A new creation You see, I'm born again A new sensation

They Are The Children Of The Underworld

Deicide "Once Upon The Cross"
In the creation of Anu were spawned Born of the Earth before they're known Evade destruction in their world below Their hands reach for our place outside Bestow their suffering on human life Nothing will stop them from re-entering Return to hatred in the heart of man They are the children of the underworld Before the heavens they were on the Earth To desolation and were never heard 'Cry rebirth' Lords of the plague, seven are they Born in the mountain of Mashu's magic Spirits of hate, they have no name Withered and wicked, the liars in wait In the creation of Anu were spawned With deadly vengeance from the ancient gods Their place on Earth, their race unknown Beyond the knowledge of the elder ones Provoking with our blood to rise The seven offspring for the sacrifice Reclaim the power of the crown of death Enter the body from the temple dead

Time And Time Again

COUNTING CROWS "August And Everything After"
I wanted so badly Somebody other than me Staring back at me But you were gone I wanted to see you walking backwards And get the sensation of you coming home I wanted to see you walking away from me Without the sensation of you leaving me alone [CHORUS:] Time and time again Time and time again Time and time again I can't please myself I wanted the ocean to cover over me I wanna sink slowly without getting wet Maybe someday, I won't be so lonely And I'll walk on water every chance I get [CHORUS] So when are you coming home Sweet angel You leaving me alone All alone Well if I'm drowning darling, you'll come down this way on your own I wish I was traveling on a freeway Beneath this graveyard western sky I'm gonna set fire to this city And out into the desert we're gonna ride

Let's Go Crazy

PRINCE "Hits 1"
dearly beloved .. we are gathered here today to get through this thing called LIFE. electric word 'life', it means forever and that's a mighty long time but I'm here to tell you there's something else .. the afterworld a world of never ending happiness you can always see the sun, day or night. so when u call up that shrink in Beverly Hills -- you know the one .. dr. everything'll be alright. 'stead of asking him how much of you're time is left ask him how much of you're mind, baby 'cause in this life things are much harder than in the afterworld in this life you're on your own ! and if de-elevator tries to bring u down go crazy .. punch a higher floor ! If you don't like the world you're living in take a look around you, at least you got friends. I called my old lady for a friendly word she just picked up the phone .. dropped it on the floor 'SEX, SEX !' is all I heard. chorus : I'm not gonna let de-elevator bring us down oh no, let's go .. let's go crazy ! let's get nuts let's look for the purple banana 'til they put us in the truck let's go ! all excited, don't know why maybe it's 'cause we're all gonna die and when we do, what's it all for? better live now, before the grim reaper comes knocking on your door tell me baby .. are we gonna let de-elevator bring us down? ( chorus x's 2 ) dr. everything'll be alright .. make everything go wrong. pills and thrills and daffodils will kill hang tough children .. he's coming .. he's coming .. he's coming !

Red Letter Year

ANI DIFRANCO "Red Letter Year"
New Year's Eve, we dropped mushrooms and danced around the house Making music with everything that we found Incantation replaced resolution And we vowed to allow each perfection that we could be And the Goddess sent word that this would be a red letter year They didn't mention how much shit was gonna change around here It's just as well we weren't swollen with unfocused dread We had visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads Dancing in our heads Oh, first you go under and then coming up gives you bends And when you break the surface all you see is your friends So you grab your purple crayon and flesh out the picture behind And finally the whole world is made of one unbroken line One unbroken line When you wake up sick as a dog with dull eyes and really bad hair Standing under a lit sign with the words on air And the water is rising, it's coming in everywhere Just remember you are there, you're always, always there And representing the white race a man with a monkey for a face Is flying over in his helicopter whistling Dixie and playing dumb In a town that might put a gun to your throat Or rip the roof right off your place There's a mold crawling up the walls and falling asleep in your lungs And you and I both know how to drink so We will always have work in this town And besides the police are stationed at the bridge And they're preventing passage to higher ground So let's pull up a barstool and get ourselves a ringside seat For one unnerving moment they're gonna show the truth on TV

Just The Way I Am

Angel Forrest "Believe In Angels Believe In Me"
Hey you Whatcha gonna do Get out of my way cos the girl's coming through I'm proud I'll say it out loud Never sitting pretty Standing out from the crowd If I want it, I'll get it Better give it up, cos you're never gonna stop me Having my way And I won't change no matter what you say [Chorus] That's just the way I am I do it just because I can Anything I want to I'm not gonna ask you no You better understand That's just the way I am Hey yeah, you say it's not fair I'm breakin boys hearts And I just don't care So what, if I take it too far Waking up the neighbors Crankin up my guitar If I like it, I'll do it Lock me in a cage and i'll break right through it Baby it's true I won't change no matter what you do. [Repeat Chorus x1] I'm frustrating Taking a left when everyone else turns right Infuriating Me and my girls rockin the house all night Fascinating Never know when I'm gonna blow your mind Drive you crazy as I'm takin the floor You'll keep coming back for more. That's just the way I am I do it just because I can [Repeat Chorus x1] That's just the way I am That's just the way I am That's Just The way I Am [Repeat Chorus x1]

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