BILLY GILMAN lyrics - Music Through Heartsongs: Songs Based On the Poems of Mattie J.T. Stepanek

I Am Shades Of Life

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I am black I am white I am all skins inbetween I am young I am old I am a change that has been I am scrawny I am wellfit I am starving for attention I am famous I am criptic I am hardly worth a mention I am short I am height I am any frame or statue I am smart I am challenged I am striving for a future (Chorus) The color of the sky is blues and greys The color of the earth is greens and browns The color of hope is rainbows and purple And the color of peace is people together (Shades of life...) People together (Shades of life...) (I am...) I am able I am weak I am some strength I am none I am deep I am thought I am often said than done I am born I am died I am dust of humble roots I embraced I have pain I am able of real fruits (??) I am slain I am free I am bonded to my life I am rich I am poor I have wealth of real strive (Chorus) I am shallow I am glory I am hiding from my shame I am here while I lose While I'm yearning for a name I am empty I am proud I am seeking my tomorrow I am growing I am fading I will hope I make this sorrow (boy speaking) I am certain I am doubtful I am desperate for solution I am leaving (?) I am student I am fate, and evolution (Billy, singing) I am spirit I am voice I am memory not recalled I am chance I am cause I have never thought and walked I am him I am heard I have reason without right I am past I am hearing I am present at all times I am many I am no one I am season by each being I am me I am you I am all sorts now degreeing... (Chorus) People together... (I am...) (Shades of life...) (Fade)

Project Blowed

Aceyalone "Accepted Eclectic"
Yo this goes out to hip hop world wide. Straight from Leimert Park, California, los Angeles. Yo, everybody in the hip hop struggle, in the life Struggle, makin' a name for themselves, makin' history, makin' a change. Yeah all the project blowedians, all the tape Slangers, all the record pushers. This goes out to everybody doin' it on they own Livin' Legends, C.V.E., Hieroglyphics, Likwit Crew, Global Phlowtaions. Project Blowed what's the code I been rockin' mics since I was 12 years old I was born in the jungle, the concrete slab Where people take any and everything that they can grab Some niggas chilled on the block, but chilled in the lab My project was to blow you up and break you off a slab People are strange, and people are bad But the gift of gabrier was something beautiful to have It started at the good life, house of the first sightin' We snatched raps out of they mouths when they were biting There was nothing more exciting then to serve and perform On Crenshaw and Exposition God was born He said please pass the mic to whomever is tight Me and the Fellowship took it and we held it for dear life The Inner City Griots, the wild, the style, the crew The ones they got their styles from, but claimed They never knew Already...Yeah The underground source, which everyone Eventually feeds from. Influence the industry in a round about way. What up to Dilated peoples, O.M.D., Pharcyde, Jurassic 5, Erule, Hobo Junction What's up Saucey, what's up Trend, Medusa Manifesto, Hip Hop Clan. Well the parties jumpin', the Blowed is packed And when a crowds like this I'm ready to rap But before I can bust a rhyme on the mic I gotta serve you in a cipher just to ear my stripes The scared battle dog, with the underground catalogue Fuck it, tryin' to make the world a better place Instead of duckin', still tryin' to make the ducktes Make the knowledge rain down in buckets Make a little somethin', and tuck it, just to give it away Build a work shop round where I stay Some people got the love, but they don't know the way Some people know the way, but they don't know what to say And I'm the sensei I greet'em from far and near Better watch the light in your eyes, a stars in here Leimert Park's very own Aceyalone The one who made the whole world come off the dome Up at the Blowed What's the code Yo I'd like to send a special shout out to Ben Caldwell Much respect, thank You for everything you've done. Richard, 5th streets, World Stage - Billy Higgins. Much respect due to the Watts Prophets. The Last Poets, and all the other poets out there Much love What's up A.K. Tony You ever seen a rapper with fire in his eyes Wired up off the bud smoke tryin' to fly Rap, rap, rappin', rhyme, rhyme, rhyme Leimert Park and 43th turn into a landmine B-boy's tryin' to flow they rhymes, and b-girls Lookin' oh so fine My man Bad Drew gots the fresh designs And Cheatum got the sound set bangin' from behind 5000 boomin' watts, KAOS network state of the art Audio-video, filmin' and editin' , capoieria and meditations Computers and telebeams, at the workshop every Thrusday night Where we give the new definition to open mic I hope y'all don't mistake glitter for gold While we doin' it, and puttin' it down at the Project Blowed What's the code Yo, special shout out to all the god love, and all the Energy out there, Positivity all the righteous men and women. Yo, what's up to my homie Djinji Brown, Diamond D, Black Star, De La Soul, Organized Konfusion, Common, Bahamadia, KRS-ONE. There's a whole lotta people out there I respect. Project Bliz-ni-iz-no...puttin' it down.

Give My Life

Army Of Lovers
Chorus: I give my life Give my life give my life Give my life to be in the book of love Give my life give my life Give my life to gods above When I go when I go when I go Come see my spirit fly Give my life give my life The night I'm sacrified (Repeat chorus) There's a wizard who Pampers the virgins He's collecting a portion of blood There's a blizzard when Browning the valley Take the virgins away By the flood On a mountain the wizard perfecting He's collecting An ancient perfume Every tear every Drop of the essence Breaking hearts In the temple of doom Chorus (2*) There's a castle The height of construction There's a pipeline Directing the stream In a chamber a lizard extracting To the godess A potion of dreams At the top of the stair Hail the axman And the angels The peak of the scene Pass the virgins on Army Of Lovers Looking grand on A video screen Chorus(2*) The night I'm sacrified Chorus Give my life give my life The night I'm sacrified

Hood In Me

I-pod in my ride Ain't no headsets Your girl in the front seat givin me head sex My nigs in the backseat yellin out he's next We be in the pjects eatin like trex Smokin kush heavy Never seen no sets Till I left the west the greatest alive But u ain't seen my best I ain't reach my gold yet But you still upset You know my face niga You know my silloutte You know why I'm here The real niga's champ The real world love the j cause I'm born to rap He got a punch line or two but he ain't for jac When I was poor nigas left me hanging like a bat Only got it night time with a jawfull of crack Crack spittage and all Go hard at the trap drug dealer fa sho And how I carry myself is really starting to show So I married the life, keep the shit on the low Know what I'm sayin [Chorus:] It feel good to me Maybe it's the hood in me Maybe I should leave it alone Maybe I should give it away Clearly it's what's making me strong Clearly it's what's makin me stay Livin life in the cadillac drinkin purple sippin yak Caught up in this life got this rap shit on my back If you see my life yeah crown ya boy for living that Brought up in a house full of mice and them insects Seen it all done it all cutty I've been that Niga that you see add jack to your friends list Never get enough of me I was sent here to lead Bukin the hard times Follow allah times I'm ready to die tryin I was in the range steady dreamin the blood flyin They say they better than jac them nigas lyin They wish they was high as I am All the time hatin on me Boy they never shine [Chorus] 100 racks gotta nigga feelin amped as fuck Smackin messy marv smokin like "that's whatsup" Wasn't at the liquor store holdin it up Made em gimme all they scrill then I opened his guts I was thinkin bout my kids they future n growin up I was thinking bout the years for court I'm never showing up I'll never see my nigas again I'm on the grind It ain't never been easy is what they tell me It'll never be either Smokin tree to take a breather With the felons We hella deep but we ain't chillin Everybody sellin d and it's all in front of children Shoot outs everyday chips fallin from my building At the same time it's the place that I live in So I send my grace for everytaste when I'm eatin The streets got me fresh mother fuckers think I'm cheating I'm a king who ain't never been beatin of all time I suggest you fall back close your eyes and relax Before you leave the scrape with your brains in your lap [Chorus]

Bringing Out The Elvis

Louise Hoffsten
(Larson / Hoffsten - Hoffsten) just like fossil frozen in time I couldn't move my heart, my soul, my feet then you unearthed me and put me in a hot pulsating groove now I'm a slave to the beat Chorus: you're bringing out the Elvis in me making my hips wanna swing you bring out the Elvis in me making me burst out and sing when I'm with you I never have to feel like a sardine in a little metal can I'm more like a wild shark who travels in a pink limosine together with my fans Chorus people think that I'm a silly fool cause I think you are so nice and cool and some people say that you're so square but I don't care cause you're bringing out the Elvis in me

Misery Needs Company

FAT JOE "Don Cartagena"
intro: [police sirens] [Noreaga and Fat Joe talking] [Fat Joe] Yo, yo, one's for the cash, two's for my facilty three's for all the M-3's Racin across the Tapenze Matchin C's followed by the white Lincoln drivin like I ain't thinkin Wit my hats and lights blinkin, let the lah sink in On the way to home BASE, first clown in my face is gettin thrown out the place We rush shit, untouchable Don shit, that's nothin new Sets with stone arms just to muscle you, enough of you That had a bad case of Joe, some even had to go Gangsta walk and nines, at times I be the last to know We laugh and joke, while we bag in the coke My A done make the worst things out the cast of Different Strokes I'm addicted to street life, although it doesn't seem right Many criticize but yo we all go to eat right And who's to say that I'm to blame(blame) we only pawns in this game(game) Decision: grow cocaine I don't want no cure for this, you switch, I pour the Cris And just, stay rich, and reminisce, while I count my chips Chorus [Noreaga] Yo you scared to death, misery need company Crab slackers, niggas actin like they mad rappers Even wit a record deal, our guns still peal Break a piece of your brain, wipe the stain Throw the Range off, police-iano Watch for hondo, they lookin at our poster now, playin us closer now The funds follow us, what, these bitches swallow us And you wonder why you can't find us [Fat Joe] I ton and tender wit millionaires, gave a million stares Made a million scared, my beats don' knocked For what seemed like a million years, yea This illegal life I can't avoid, I take the feds everywhere I go That's why I'm paranoid, but still I choose to ignore the fact I got the flawless Acs wit gats to get that enormous stack Joey Crack, the mack without the hat And all our hoes dine and ride in the back seat of my Cadillac I bet you hate it cuz we paid and floss, nigga we laid and lost T.S.'ll make the baddest crews take a loss Break your balls like Bahondo, call me Don Joe Coke slash sweaty rock, niggas drop a dime dough Booked the nine o'clock, flight to Alando So-called killers turned snitches like Rivono That nigga Gauno up in M-C, is bein friendly Everytime I see his wife and kids the shit tempts me My heart is empty, never feelin remorse I got a sniper one killed in the cross ready to kill your boss Chorus [Noreaga] Yo, yo Jose Luis, smoke lah like the reverand Look in the skies, clouds look like coke 'n heaven Like whoever sittin on pies two, gettin high too mad fly too, a thug too Yo we praise those, however you make your pesos Keep the shit tight just like, Jose Canseco's Batting stance, a majorly we glance, and gotta yell What, What! Cuz thug niggas don't dance yo I told niggas, that you did it for show, but niggas thought you was ill yo Even your hoe, yo for real youngblood I'm really afraid so Your colors got revealed and now you buy dough Impost-o's, locos, morenos, go-golos, boriquas, platin-o's My niggas rollin those, fontos and hydros You know how that goes, DE's light it up though We stay smokin it, tone-locin it, me and Fat Joe still provoking it Chorus (ha ha, mad rappers, stain off, range off, watch out polic-iano's, pabolos amigos...Fat Joe, Fat Joe, Fat Joe, yea yea)

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