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Bile lyrics

Compound Pressure

Original and similar lyrics
I am the scumbag that you want to kick, because your girl - she sucked my dick. Frustration eats you from inside, knowing I got a piece of her hide. So we laugh at you as I'm flying the cum, I'm the home wrecker and the damage is done. Your little slut, whore, wife won't be the same, you make her cum - she screams my name! COMPOUND PRESSURE! You have no power, I devour. I got a big fat cock and I shot her face, swallowed my spunk with no disgrace. Did her doggy style up her fucking ass, BILE style - bloody and fast! Let all my friends dog her when I was through, she was thinking of you when she fucked my whole crew. I'm the lowest motherfucker now that is true, but I fucked your woman to get back at you. COMPOUND PRESSURE! You have no power, I devour. You ain't nothing, how does it feel?

Wishful Thinking

BIG PUNISHER "Endangered Species"
(feat. Fat Joe, Kool G Rap, B Real) [Chorus] [Fat Joe] What would you do if you could do the unbelievable [Kool G Rap] Once you rule the world every girl will want to be with you [Big Pun] First I get the money then I get the power [B-Real] B-Real of the hill eliminate the guitars [Verse 1: B-Real] Thinkin' of takin' a plane to take a flight out to the red light and smuggle 10 pounds of weed make it home tonight be the number 1 smuggler in the area got enough weed to fill up and air craft carrier erb slanger, Hasila Incorporated state to state and over seas gettin' faded buddah king had seen the green proton I'm bringing it on right back home to Don many different strains of erb in my brain I'm slippin' through customs in my hydro plane skunk and the one chocolate ty bud niggaz lets get high in the sky hit the blunts and the bongs, fill up the lungs, niggaz don't stop fools get sprung when they get there smoked up for crops like gettin' props, where all the soldiers in the board yo what would you do if the world was yours. [Chorus] [Kool G Rap] What would you do if you could do the unbelievable [Big Pun] Once you rule the world every girl would want to be with you [B-Real] First I get the money then I get the power [Fat Joe] Joey crack twist the caps enemys I devour [Verse 2: Fat Joe] Yo it's only a dream 16 battin' Beamers and Benz's lying penance with diamonds ill as lacin' in a face with avengances having blocks on in the lava parts dome my mankind with crime is how you shine if you can't rhyme dime droppers will give ya fad time if you sleep but momma single be mastera heater on city streets in the east I be known as Don Cartegena claimin' the () like () lacin' the china wit Menida to seller need repeater or be a leader like a preacher or presume a steeper peep the shit that I be on, sippin' Don until I'm drunk with a million in my trunk like Nikki Vons come on I be the top extortionist adopt adopted foster kids right out the muthafuckin' orphanage yea, I do it for the youth, I'm livin' proof all my peeps in the streets know I speak the truth. [Chorus] [Big Pun] What would you do if you could do the unbelievable [B-Real] Once you rule the world every girl would want to be with you [Fat Joe] First ya get the money then you get the power [Kool G Rap] G Rap bustin' the gats slangin' last by every hour [Verse 3: Kool G Rap] No doubt, I be the crime story of all ghetto territorys soldiers at war be blowin' up niggaz like glory with pharmasoticle lavatorys major to chemistry, PHD in streetology degree in drug industry combinin' HO with matter from crack batter rest it through molecules scatter launchin' rockets to make the pocket fatter mind bitin' an arm starts a crime G equals and MC dat aint near the square son I gets mine but yo the kill the fill with force fields and shields and holy steel, a nigga keep it real you know the deal, if the stakes ain't to high for me to grab I got's to have, stack all the cabbage from constructin' a drug traffic police a jam me in try to find a new pot to frame me in Aramians so I resort the evil thoughts like Damien this flame of fury to the D-A and the jury 100 grand the judges hammer slams I'm a free man. [Chorus] [B-Real] What would you do if you could do the unbelievable [Fat Joe] Once you rule the world every girl would want to be with you [Kool G Rap] First ya get the money then you get the power [Big Pun] Big Pun's the same son bustin' my guns for the Dollars [Verse 4: Big Pun] Yo, I'm walkin' waters spit fire and shit Hen-Dazs idolize no man like Conan and stand beside the guards be larger than life, twice as nice as ya idol pump you with pride, then guide you str8 to hell like the bible I'm lible to start manipulatin' minds infiltratin' clown 'm out the pitfalls of life entice with nickle plated nine it seems every time I'm dream I'm in a nightmare of fiend livin' a world of mothers and queens and men would fight fare [Fat Joe:] Hell Yea! I wish I could, I wish I could never forget this whole damn world aint shit I'm just a hood yo I change my life make my wife and get the chance for the pain and physical abuse, give her back her best years grab my chest hairs, pound my fist on the hard cement spark the scent, and cloud the sky till my heart's content repent and vow she be forgiven how could we be proud to live in a world which condems man, child, to women child to women.

Not To Be Fucked With

THE LOX "Money, Power Respect"
(Stylez) Another small town cat with a million dollar fetish Learned my first lesson in jail from a peasant Always seem pleasant Happy to be present Said he past due, shouldn't have been in the essence Streets is like your girl, treat it like your wife You can flirt around with drugs, but don't hit the pipe You can mess around with guns but death ain't right Hold your breath, next step, cause life ain't right If you with the wrong cats then your cyph ain't tight Stylez hit the darkside, show them the light Life ended to the ice that freezes m.c.'s Friend of the flame, burn 'em in one game Tell oxygen he ain't hoppin in He a little time nigga, I ain't thinking of stoppin him Catch up first, you stretch up worse than them Been experts and done less work than them With no album, we net worth more than them These cats didn't think that the Lox could do it Got a hundred different styles that will guide you through it I'm the ghost of this shit, I provide you fluid Never crack sidewalks or ride the sewers You got some fly shit, but my shit Is like the whole city fallin out the sky bitch Loud tracks I'm the quiet loud ass Quick to set it off on your fucking foul ass Make six digits eight and cop a palace Make every rapper sick and call me malace Y'all niggas never know what the Stylez have Some shit in the stash that would crack a cow's back In a hundred pieces in they ass, and how's that? Never answer back, I'm the cancer on the track Just think, I could blink, and make the Pink Panther black Chorus x2 (Jadakiss) Who's not to be fucked with? (Stylez) That's me (Jadakiss) Who's to be fucked with? (Stylez) That's them Why don't you watch my back while I go ask them? (Jadakiss) And if they want beef later on I splash them (Stylez) And if they want to flow, right now I thrash them Should I give it to them new style or old fashion (Stylez) Do I have to break down the walls Stay off the floor I'm the general dog, I start the war Make every m.c. never spit again When I leave 'em empty No guts, no chest, no brain, no game Stylez go broke, I'm a rob the folk train I feel no pain Steal cocain Fuck black thugs that run through whole gangs Anytime that I want it nigga, better listen Blunt is the magic wand, I'm the magician Stylez is the virus, ain't no physician With an anecdote that can stop my colission Before you start asking, I'm a start splashing When I come through, it's like ten planes crashing Twenty ships, full of thugs, all of them is bastards Mashed up, looking through binocs, about to crash in What's the next issue? Sheek did official Called Spielberg, cops get tissue So you can rock in the sky when feds come and get you Next question is where nasa at? We need a hundred g's, can fly, when traffic bad When we down on the craps We plasmic gats Tellin you now you can't fuck with dinero Got a lot of space when it seem real narrow Sagitarrius style, spittin out arrows Hundred at a time, killin a hundred heroes Chorus x2

Plastic Soldiers

AESOP ROCK "Music For Earthworms"
[Sample: Freestyle Fellowship - "Heavyweights" from "Innercity Griots"] Style messiah, Hot like a volcano with fire [Verse 1:] The sound of silence versus the sound of War Echo death shock-renegade Crooked cynic tyrant Your ignorant bias is my Goliath Starving alliance seeps under the skin The seven deadly sins That seven elements of the malevolent The relevance of Graphic endeavours Drastic measures took for defence My secrets unfolds codes of conduct, raid Blade runner, intima-dating figment in the minds of the malignant Your opinion, not significant, bludgeon Poetic potential draws dotted lines between hunter and hunted Liquefied thoughts seep through the cracks in side-walks Lieutenant cynic consist of anonymous all this seems famished Vanished in gritty streets til' city seeks, sleep, head, rush Scope, infra-red touched Temple's the torment Pressure point contact Crush the dormant with missing links Syncopate movement, Our troubled blockade ends but I'm blemished in the blueprint Behold of the hideous I'm assaulted by the anthems of the lesser Concerned, I squinted through tinted pains of pressure Transcend, backlash, jet black ink bleeds to breath abstract interpose passages Database entries slip through the fingers, you're forgotten A faceless figure shall put among an infinite citizens capital coward branded in the backbones of the stranded As Ace's hungered for upper handed plan strategy: strike force Pays quicken upon asphalt light source sun burst beams A portrait of pillage Multiple put-downs paint burn marks on perception Indulge indefinite challenging chapters never before have human eyes looked upon The unbearable weight Contaminate little thieves Heaves, breath, the last gasp And I last grasp, but trace through your trickery, pinpointed Technique cast on the fresh but it's now thickly anointed, vicious cycle Ya'll spinnin if you tread before you think The center of my web is pen and ink It's the merciless, masquerade merging separate flows of music's martyrs Threw my flag into the ground and claimed your land for starving artists The masquerade merging separate flows of music's martyrs Threw my flag into the ground and claimed your land for starving artists [Sample x8: Freestyle Fellowship - "Heavyweights" from "Innercity Griots"] Style messiah, Hot like a volcano with fire [Sample: Mike Batt - "Zero Zero" from "Zero Zero"] Dear Colleague I am so very sorry that my son has made such an exhibition of himself with your daughter It really does seem quite out of character Although I have to admit it is quite funny Of course he's really got into trouble with his supervisor But I'm afraid he's only got himself to blame It really... [Verse 2:] All I see is little plastic soldiers with little plastic holsters Spit on plastic cultures belittled by sarcastic vulture swarms Warning I'd skip your stepping stones down by the sea shore It's that scarlet welcome carpet that I fiend for My dreams spore schemes each more malicious than the pre-ceding Red skies bleeding acid this is best inspired by your doubt All through flood fire and drowning tied rapidly into humid winds Lucid lens bend sigil spectrum's drippin' shades of rays I prayed for days lacking discolouring [?] Bigots may seems to scare me I dissect voids my friend drawin' cranes with metal flanks [?] Walkers cross Battlestars I travel far my radar flips Eye of the storm following scraping my backbone I try to spring clones leaving em like tendrils, that require, More than a click-click five While figments of malignant spine pleasuring quick to pigment puddles Gathered in gutters Type B-negative whirlpool I swarm fool like you, poetically puncture As still in dreams while empires fall apart He a cyborg killing machine with wires in his heart I'll never know of you Emotion reads close encounters I run The last classic example of a love of mic and sample Trampled pride is resurrected with ample improvement motor movement mandatory Not a question of should I But I passively consumed the role casted by masters of supreme sources Crafted by supreme forces Seemingly dream catcher Aesop Rock computer Hacker! See you lack a dispatch to request back up Collapsing scaffold mad pole crusher russian robot recruits We shoot starving artists 'de trops' and intrude I am waterfall I'm excluding inaudible slaughter calls Venomous survey calibrating mics for lurkin' [Sample x8: Freestyle Fellowship - "Heavyweights" from "Innercity Griots"] Style messiah, Hot like a volcano with fire [Sample: Mike Batt - "Whispering Fools" from "Zero Zero"] This young man is clearly a genetic throwback He seems to be experiencing primeval urges and feelings which frankly Unless we can terminate will contaminate others And threaten entire structure of our society

I'm Still #1

Boogie Down Productions "By All Means Necessary"
Verse 1 D.J. Doc you know he's down with us D-Square, he's down with us Keyboard Money Mike, is down with us I.C.U., you know he's down with us D-Nice and McBoo, they're down with us Ms. Melodie, she's down with us Just-Ice and DMX, they're down with us My manager Moe, he's down with us Castle-D boy, he's down with us D.J. Red Alert, he's down with us Robocop boy, he's down with us Makin' funky music is a must I'm number one. People still takin' rappin' for a joke A passing hope or a phase with a rope Sometimes I choke and try to believe when I get challenged by a million MCs I try to tell them, We're all in this together! My album was raw because no-one would ever think like I think and do what I do I stole the show, and then I leave without a clue What do you think makes up a KRS? Concisive teaching, or very clear speaking? Ridiculous bass, aggravating treble Rebel, renegade, must stay paid not by financial aid, but a raid of hits causing me to take long trips I'm the original teacher of this type of style Rockin' off-beat with a smile or smirk or chuckle, yes some are not up to BDP Posse so I love to step in the jam and slam I'm not Superman, because anybody can or should be able to rock off turntables Grab the mic, plug it in and begin But here's where the problem starts, no heart Because of that a lot of groups fell apart Rap is still an art, and no-one's from the Old School cuz Rap is still a brand-new tool I say no-one's from the Old School cuz Rap on a whole isn't even twenty years old Fifty years down the line, you can start this cuz we'll be the Old School artists And even in that time, I'll say a rhyme A brand-new style, ruthless and wild Runnin' around spendin' money, havin' fun cuz even then, I'm still number one. Verse 2 Blastmaster KRS-One of course comes to express with style the lost ways of rhyming, old and new, past and present Knock, knock, who is it? A brand-new style, hup, time to change People talk about me when they see me on stage Live in action, guaranteed raw I hang with the rich and I work for the poor Now tomorrow you can say you saw KRS-One stompin' once more I play by ear, I love to steer the Alfa Romeo from here to there I grab the beer, but not in the ride cuz I'm not stupid, I don't drink and drive I'm not a beginner, amateur or local My album is sellin' because of my vocals You know what you need to learn? Old School artists don't always burn You're just another rapper who's had his turn Now it's my turn, and I am concerned about idiots posing as kings What are we here to rule? I thought we were supposed to sing And if we oughta sing, then let us begin to teach Many of you are educated, open your mouth and speak KRS-One is something like a total renegade except I don't steal, I rhyme to get paid Airplanes flyin', overseas people dyin' Politicians lyin', I'm tryin' not to escape, but hit the problem head-on by bringin' out the truth in a song So BDP, short for Boogie Down Productions made a little noise cuz the crew was sayin' somethin' People have the nerve to take me for a gangster An ignorant one, something closer to a prankster Doin' petty crimes, goin' straight to penitentiary But in a scale of crime that's really elementary This beat is now compelling me to explain in silence why my last jam was so violent It's simple: BDP will teach reality No beatin' around the bush, straight up, just like The P Is Free So now you know, a poet's job is never done But I'm never overworked, cuz I'm still number one. Kool Moe Dee, he's down with us Eric B. and Rakim, they're down with us Stetsasonic, they're down with us Dana Dane, he's down with us Sleeping Bag Records, they're down with us My lawyer Jay, he's down with us Jive/RCA is down with us Makin' funky music is a must I'm number one.

Universal Soldiers

Killarmy "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars"
What is your style and what is your Clan? The soldier, and uses military style. Oh? So there may be a war. [Killa Sin] Universal soldiers Yo, yo Automatically I reign supreme, laser beam tracks and graze your brain Hit your spleen, ricochet and decay, exit clean Find a lies, cries, complies Close your eyes soldier's lies Look beyond the skies though the soul roll with pride A few brave unmilitant names who misbehave Killarmy style rushin the stage in jiggy waves The Killa Bee ministry forms another industry Physically recoffin and killin any savage mentally Solidify negative vibes are liquified by the masses Prolly find them bastards in gaseous regiment For stampedin in all illified elements Universal soldiers, combine the sacred seven men [Dom PaChino] In the industries enemies tryin to diminish me Finish me, mercenaries go on a killin spree The art of war, plannin a siege is risky Like an armed struggle, shots flingin doubles and they missed me Cause I'm immune to tight situations Manuverin is my formation to different locations If I get caught then I been gotten That means the plan I was plottin wasn't stable I gotta go back to the drawing table And start from scratch rearranging the whole map Changin the blueprints, make sure no one's been tapped In fact son, that must've been the problem Take the horns off the hook, we gonna do this deal solemn In us we trust and when the narcs came and rushed Ain't no time to discuss, grab our God jewels and bust Cause I roll with the unit, 360 degrees Tight like an ovary, ain't no more casualties Bein reputed, we sever reign undisputed [Shogun Assasson] Yo kill to protect and arm myself with intellect Life is on edge cause I serve at the dude in the army I come with the New Wu Order and documented notes The battlesite, planet Earth, stabbin niggas quotes Attack the wilderness like a virus Planted with no anidotes There is no immunity Wagin war on the devil's community Zero in and I catch a vision I see a valley of men castin weight on those who did sins 19 million strong, appear in your atmosphere in military gear Camouflaged commandos, outlaws, desperados take the world by storm Operation come and attack Devil City Seek and destroy illumination The worship of light, skull and bones was the devil's hope Twelve whipped cardinals and one pope [9th Prince] Yo Arabian knights Killarmy left on the battlefield Warfare's revealed Soldiers sport navy seals for pella fighter in armored jet planes I burn hotter than propane Army suit is stained with bloodstains from soldier's remains The Red Army, movin across the desert on camels and black horses Camouflaged fortress, four horsemen blowin shit out of proportion I'm trapped in a line of fire, all our desires be inside the empire Rhymes are sharp like barbed wires Vocal shit the air like skydivers On gunpowder rains like April showers Camouflaged pillow with skies in Range Rovers Soulful soldier soul controller I kill Jehovah left the sash as closure Casualties of wars Battlegrounds ruled by lords armed with swords I meditate seven miles away from Kuwait Where water runs dry through rivers and fountains On weekends catch me collectin heads at the Caucus Mountains

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