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BIG TYMERS lyrics - I Got That Work

My Life

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(feat. Hot Boys) [Mannie] I done teached and talked Walked away and fought Went from cussin and bustin Hustle from day to dark Turned nothin to somethin Introduced to stunnin In my life In my life I done caused some hurt And I done did some good Said I can't even when I could I was stopped and tested fingerprinted and arrested In my life In my life Just say no when I really meant yes I'm gon smoke all night til it hurt my chest Slim told me over the years that shit gon tear up careers In yo life In yo life What'chu gon do when snakes come to yo crew I'm a get on my knees and ask the Lord please Separate good from fake and the love and the hate In my life In my life [B.G.] I mean fuck I done had a rough life you know what I'm sayin B.G. lived that thug life I done done it all in my life I done done time I done lived in group homes I been on the third floor of hospitals I mean it's just been a stuggle for me But now I'm on top you know what I'm sayin And it ain't to turnin back And I take chances in whatever I do Cuz if I don't take chances I don't see the life after all [Mannie] The night in the Rover When the niggas came over You went out like a soldier And I still can't get over What fake bitches done done Got me clutchin my gun In this life In this life I used to wonder why All the good niggas die Why some soldier gotta suffer And mothers gotta cry Why my daddie gotta lie Cuz he don't even try to be In my life In my life Take care of your crib Where you lay down and live Forget and forgive cuz you done put it through some shit Had yo daughter and yo son Been down since day one In yo life In yo life What the fuck is wrong you don't understand this song Tell yo momma you love her before she dead and gone Nigga that don't quit that's some real ass shit In this life In this life [Juvenile] Man I mean me Juvenile drugs tore my family up I'm from the projects so you know I just realized What it means to be successful Cuz I been through all kinds of shit man bullshit And I live through Baby, Slim and the Lord to help me And I came to them as a real nigga And I said look dog I'm tired of livin like this man [Baby] I had pounds of coke I had money to blow I had a felony charge I had to fight in the court I had warrant reports Shot up cars before In my life My life I got kids to feed I got niggas to watch I need a hundred mil I need to get off the block Wear soldier Rees In the gamblin spot In my life My life I could cook it and cut it I could bag it and move it I could toat in the budget Got money to prove it I done flood the public Hope Beatrice'll do it In my life My life Now my name is Baby But the call me Bubba Ain't a bitch that I know that can say that I love her Gettin pussy from a boss bitch wearin a rubber In my life My life Let me stunt and shine Let me bling and floss Let me ride without the law always searchin my car I just wanna chill fuck bitches and play In my life My life Hoes cry in my world give me that Baby shit Goin to the people knowin that they made me and shit You just don't know what I go through In my life My life I got Bentlys and Jags got Prowlers and Vets Got Benjamins, Hummers, Cadillacs and vests Condos and houses Cardiers and Rovers In my life My life I got cars and broads with money to make I got that brown wall and that white gate Got bitches and hoes love that platinum and gold In my life My life [Turk] Beautiful Baby what's happenin This Lil Turk you heard me One of the Original Hot Boys I done did it all you heard me From runnin through cuts and hallways Runnin through projects bustin heads Yeah that's that lil nigga Turk Young and Thuggin you heard me I know you gonna let me do what I do Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful you heard me We on top now nigga no longer livin that trife-life you heard me Respect and a check we ain't doin nothin but poppin bottles and fuckin hoes You heard me, makin money that's all nigga Uh-huh

My Speakers

ACE HOOD "The Statement 2"
Ace knocking my speakers [x3] [Hook] Ace knocking my speakers [x12] Okay I'm still spitting that ether Real shit on your speakers No top on that Beamer Diagnosed with Leukemia I'm that young nigga who don't pay Old school on duece treys Real nigga no fool gaze Shoot clips like P Swayze Young boy, he swagged out Diamonds on me, they stand out Big money, don't do drought Fuck her she don't use mouth Ace Hood in your speakers A lot of ya'll my sequel Walk a mile in my sneakers But a nigga won't reside in my features I'll be okay flyest nigga on your runway No kids allowed we on that gun play And sweep put it on my mama I'm a dog when it come to them commas You play you lay wit my nigga rose [Hook] Ace knocking my speakers [x12] Okay now money of them bitches Hopping up out of that new Bentley Strapped up like Yosemite Gotta keep that from my enemies This smoke fool no chimney That getting money my remedy You's a family guy you to giggity That hating shit it waste energy Nigga I'm riding round and I'm getting it That Mossberg in dickies My jury called me 250 I'mma talk a bitch out her vickies Boy I can knock my speakers That stealing flows from their teacher Ain't rock around with no skeezer That's straight droppin this speaker I'mma let my nigga rosay teach em Anybody want problems see me 20 grand won't do no freebies I'm rated R and you PG You sweet homie like kiwi Your money small lie a tepee We headline TMZ Out the bed I've been born a G [Hook] Ace knocking my speakers [x12]


Umm, yes, yes, yes, y'all Let's ride, let's ride, let's ride Sho nuff Let's ride, let's ride [Mr. G Stacka] I'm Mr. Everyday Chiefer Full of herb And this killer ass reefer got a nigger feeling swozy I'm slowly, creepin' up through the hood And I see my niggas, and the smoking real good So show a nigga love, what up kinfolk And while you at my nigga, won't you past the dope You know a nigga has to choke Of killer both for me, I got the smoke flowing down my throat So playa won't you ride with me We can get quizzer in the front of my drop top Caddy With my heat just ready to skeet So playa please don't drop no fire on my feet But it's all good, cause it's much love And I got my mind twisted off kind bud I'm screaming out Dirty thug Sipping on the Cognac with the hardest buzz So tell me what it was What it be like Mr. G living up to this gangster life And it's got me on a flight higher than a kite And my eyes real low so I have no sight I'm feeling really right as I keep flow, through the sky Way past cloud number nine Chiefing all the time, blazing on an ounce Cause I just can't make it with a nickel or a dime Everything looking fine in the Gump city Girls walk around short skirts on looking pretty You can tell the thugs from the sedity All the high-class girls always acting nitty But showing no pity, in the land Of blunt passing Niggas be everlasting Where Mr. G gone blaze the weed Until I'm dead and gone off in my casket [Chorus 1-Mr. G] Now take a trip in my 'Lac with me We can patch in You can go half on a sack with me We can find a freaky slut to beat And if it come down to it We can bust our heat in the street See, it don't really matter Long as I'm down for you And you down for me We can ride together, forever Rolling through the streets of the G-U-M-P [Chorus 2-Khao] It ain't nothing like riding the track, rocking the show Making the crowd get hype, letting them know Is you ready to wild out, I'm bout to flow Got you peeping the style out, as I go [Chorus 3-Big Pimp] Now should I drop the game on them hoes Now do you really understand How the pimp game goes It's all about money and hoes Keep us in it, with your mind froze And slamming Cadillac doors [Khao] Now I'm a ride on the track Giving you something that you can feel Better buckle up before you go, haters hit the door Cause we be hitting you with the skills Don't give up before you flow, I'm a let you know That my adrenaline assembling That's enough to have a emcee trembling Just give me the mic and them Frank Benjamin's And call the paramedic, I'm about to injure men Finish him, ain't many left to cope Hearts stopped beating, listen to this stethoscope So many emcees getting' left for broke And try to make a comeback, shoulda kept the joke Khao be the name, try dissin' me Your history, your absence a mystery Dried your game up like an antihistamine Put that on Big Pimp and Mr. G This'll be, something that people can ride to Laid back, track cool like Rallo Hit after hit we follow Wanted to nibble and bit off way more than you can swallow Y'all must be drunk off the bottle Hating on us, don't talk, bring yourself to me I don't need nobody helping me I'm about to lyrically burn a brother to the 12th degree What y'all wanna do now, huh Humiliated, didn't know, Krumbsnatchaz affiliated With Dirty, came up and really made it All these cats wanna be down with us I really hate it, but illustrated, the picture It takes skills to grab the mic And keep it tight, some want, simplified: Some had it, some got it Some wish they did, and some don't [Chorus 2] [Chorus 1] [Chorus 3] [Big Pimp] Now let me take you to the land where the riders see Pardon me shorty Let me introduce you to my pimp psychology Let a young nigga hold if you down with a holla at me Now follow me, to my '98 'Lac outside Now is she ready to ride Slip cover your eyes, it's a surprise I'll be obliged if you slide where them Dirty boys hide And I was hypnotized when a young playa saw (um,um) Your pretty brown eyes And I apologize if I came to hard Trying to get between your, sugar brown thighs You know the pimp hide And it's 12 o'clock tonight I got late night lust We need to, bring a pen and pad And keep count (keep count) Of the nuts I bust (I bust) I'm swerving, looking through my rearview nervous While your head steady working And your neck steady jerking Up on your knees in my seat And your lips steady slurping I don't just kill a knob And I know your mouth finna' throb And baby if you could Shine and rob with your tongue Like old Inga Shywood (Shywood), situation all good I love the way you got straight to it And plus I love the way you do it I wouldn't take nothing from you Girl you's a true headhunter Booger-lips turner You must have got it from you mother Now look up in the sky, it's a pimp in the air So freaky bitches better beware I got your mind, mega blown With the game that I spit And keep them freaky bitches horny as hell [Chorus 3] [Chorus 2] [Chorus 1] Ahh Sho nuff, sho nuff In my 'Lac with me On a sack with me Ahh Drop the game on them hoes {*Fades Out*}

Rich Niggaz

JUVENILE "400 Degreez"
Why, why, why Why, why, why Why, why Cash Money, Rich Niggaz Look [Lil' Wayne] Loud pipes, big rims Nigga, that's my life When I pull up at the club sorry that's my night I know a lot of haters probably sayin that that's not right Well, my diamonds so much bigger So, that's my life Bling, bling Now, only carry big face and you hear the ching, ching Now, you can ask your wife and she will say the same thing And your children be amazed when they see me on the big screen Ha, ha, ha I crack myself up I know I talk lot but I can back myself up Got a little house on the beach that's where I shack myself up You ain't really got more money than me Think about it Let's just say somebody gave me a check to think about it So I just bought a new Rollie and got to take a link up out it And me with no ice is like a Prince concert that ain't crowded They see the Beam, and the truck, and the B-12 And we was next Then that's when I pull up in the B-E-L Le-Le-Lex Ha [1st Chorus] I'm on Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot We on Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot [Juvenile] Juvenile used to be R-E-T-A bound Now I be bustin these bitches head when I come 'round Acting like a nigga that ain't never had shit Look into my bed sayin that's a mad hit I'll damned if these diamonds and golds ain't shinin My Rollie ain't mine and my bank ain't climbin You lookin at a multi-millionaire in the flesh Might don't have it now, but I just got me a check I can walk it like I talk it, play it how I say it Teach it like I preach it; now, put that in your head Nigga, bet a thousand, shoot a thousand - ain't nuttin Smoke a pound, pop the Cristal and drink somethin Meet me in the casino, way in the back Losin money like a motherfucker, still shooting craps Tomorrow I'll be back, I got millionaire status We make so much money IRS be lookin at us [Repeat 1st Chorus 1X] [Turk] I got more ends than Bonnie have in a factory I'm Lil Turk, I'm living large, got the baddest hoes after me Picture me, a young nigga bawling out of control Playing with millions, laying in condos Nigga I shine, shine through the fucking week The flyiest ride with crystal in the passenger seat Don't hate me, 'cause I'm a little bawler Got more weight than Angola Fucking your girl Carla Nigga I stunt, And I'm a stunt 'til I can't no more Chest lit up like the oaks >From the diamonds I sport Yo, I can't be touched Don't think I'm too much, nigga I'm rich what the fuck Rolex crushed out with the bezel And all the foes that get close to me got to be on my schedule I got so much money I don't know what to do Buy isles and cars And break bread with my crew [2nd Chorus] I'm on Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot We on Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot B.G. on Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot [Paparue] Uh, uh, uh Hear me It's like, monkey see, monkey do Rolling with the Cash Money Runners I stay true Cause when were running and climbing on the million-dollar scene Holding together, mo-de-ming, mo-de-ming When I bring out the rubber around the Hummer Benz, or in the Lex Bubble When I start they said I had no fame Now all the girls just end up calling my name 10 G's to Fax the contract to big Cash Money Cause you know this whole clique right with me They're right with me Sip-pe-di-dy Won't count the diamonds just around my neck X amount-a dollars on a bankroll check If you want to really come and sing with me Those that got me wicked, then I do some free For free!

Be Healthy

DEAD PREZ "Lets Get Free"
It's all love . . . I don't eat no meat, no dairy, no sweets only ripe vegetables, fresh fruit and whole wheat I'm from the old school, my household smell like soul food, bro curried falafel, barbecued tofu no fish though, no candy bars, no cigarettes only ganja and fresh-squeezed juice from oranges exercising daily to stay healthy and I rarely drink water out the tap, cause it's filthy Lentil soup is mental fruit and ginger root is good for the yout' Fresh veg-e-table with the ital stew sweet yam fries with the green calalloo careful how you season and prepare your foods cause you don't wanna lose vitamins and miner-ules and that's the jewel life brings life, it's valuable, so I eat what comes from the ground, it's natural let your food be your medicine (uh huh) no Excederin (uh uh) strictly herb, generate in the sun, cause I got melanin and drink water, eight glasses a day cause that's what they say They say you are what you eat, so I strive to be healthy my goal in life is not to be rich or wealthy cause true wealth comes from good health, and wise ways we got to start taking better care of ourselves They say you are what you eat, so I strive to be healthy my goal in life is not to be rich or wealthy cause true wealth comes from good health, and wise ways we got to start taking better care of ourselves, be healthy y'all . . . Yeah, yeah, yeah, hold the fuck up, yo we'll take this little intermission, listen what the fuck we gotta say, y'know? Word is bond son, niggaz been livin fat for too long, knowamsayin? Smokin bogeys, fuckin drinkin all types of shit wailin out, not givin a fuck what they puttin in they bodies, son, knowamsayin? 態out time niggaz start thinkin about that shit, son, knowamsayin? That shit is fuckin, makin us deteriorate, son word up, we gotta care bout our little babies an shit, son niggaz got kids to raise, straight up ya gotta start learnin yo self, learning bout ya health, son learnin this world we live in, kid, knowamsayin? It's time to start changin all that shit god, word up so I'm gonna leave y'all niggaz on some shit like that, ya knowamean? Word up, y'all niggaz better start usin y'all minds an shit, kid Peace


As for you, my my galvanized friend You want a heart You don't know how lucky you are not to have one Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable The rain was pouring down I just embarrassed you Told you I'd take care of you Too much to drink Your turned your attention To someone I didn't know And you thought I could take the blow I can barely think And I Will find you in another life One where we are never gonna fight And I Will find you in another life Forget tears of sadness I could save us from the madness You woke up, You threw up Oh, it never happened again I spoke up, We grew up Oh, we never have to still pretend (Unbreakable) In and off, And we slept alone A small space to be so cold Rain dripping on both our souls You turned your back on me baby You swear you did it out of love You swear you did it out of love And through the fighting With strain and bruises and tears we made it This far with scars as big as our hearts And now my heart can't take it I swear I did it out of love I swear I did it out of love And I Will find you in another life One where we are never gonna fight And I Will find you in another life Forget tears of sadness I could save us from the madness You woke up, You threw up Oh, it never happened again I spoke up, We grew up Oh, we never have to still pretend (You woke up) (You threw up) (Oh, it never happened again) (I spoke up,) (We grew up) (Oh, we never have to still pretend)

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