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BIG TYMERS lyrics - I Got That Work

10 Wayz

Original and similar lyrics
[Mannie Fresh {talking}] Turn it up Turn it up Turn it up [Hook2x (children)] Ten ways to a G Three situations - pay attention to me [Fresh] Yeah, yeah [children] Ten! [Fresh] First, ya gotta go get the chips Scope out the section, tell 'em, 'Go get the bricks.' [children] Nine! [Fresh] Then ya gotta find a place to meet You better bring your heat 'cause them villains ain't sweet [children] Eight! [Fresh] Ya better let your chick drop to get 'em And follow that broad to make sure them people not with 'em [children] Seven! [Fresh] Don't bring () around your house Cause you don't want that heat pepper nowhere round your house [children] Six! [Fresh] See how it come back before you start And if it come short bring back everything you bought [children] Five! [Fresh] Wait, if lil' daddy on the street Cut the cake, hit the hood the next day about eight [children] Four! [Fresh] And if you can't move it all, call your dog Jam him up, and tell him, 'Fool, me and you about to ball.' [children] Three! [Fresh] Split it up - four quarters-a-piece And if y'all do that everyday, that's fifty-six-a-week [children] Two! [Fresh] When the money start comin', keep sellin' Don't buy nothin' special unless you got good credit [children] One! [Fresh] Make sure you put some money aside And in a month call the man and tell him, 'Bring a extra five.' [Hook2x (children)] Ten ways to a G Two situations - pay attention to me [children] Ten! [Fresh] Gotta floss everyday of my life Forget the price - get the ice, hit the club every night [children] Nine! [Fresh] Buy the ball, let 'em know you a star When everybody come outside to see the dubs on your car [children] Eight! [Fresh] They gon' hate - so keep that tool Scratch off and holler out the window, 'Boy, I'm a fool!' [children] Seven! [Fresh] When ya meet, take a broad to plug And make sure that chic was the baddest broad in the club [children] Six! [Fresh] Lay it down when you're comin' around - bumpin' the sound Got the truck touchin' the ground [children] Five! [Fresh] 2000 Range Rover, you see Leather, wood, television all over it, B. [children] Four! [Fresh] Watch bracelet - wodie, shop daily Everything them wannabe's got, I played it [children] Three! [Fresh] Two dice on the block - keep it real Bet the house that's about two-point-five-mill [children] Two! [Fresh] Keep cheddar - what you got, I can match it Ride everything chrome, rock everything platinum [children] One! [Fresh] Keep shinin' 'til it burn me out But never ever let the money, baby, turn me out [Hook2x (children)] Ten ways to a G One situation - pay attention to me [children] Ten! [Fresh] Tell a broad, 'Everything for free. You can shop 'til you drop, shorty, all on me.' [children] Nine! [Fresh] Number ten ain't nothin' but a lie Don't buy the broad nothin', and I'm 'bout to tell you why [children] Eight! [Fresh] Sell the skank a dream bigger than life And she gon' stick around for the shoppin' spree, alright [children] Seven! [Fresh] Tell your broad you know me, and we jam tight And you like what I like, and you gon' be alright tonight [children] Six! [Fresh] Nine times outta ten I went out with the broad you with But that shouldn't stop you from doin' what you do, slick [children] Five! [Fresh] Then turn to her - tell her you love her, and don't laugh And if I had a penny, baby, then you got half [children] Four! [Fresh] What's yours is mine, and what's mine is yurn And you got it right now - and that'll leave a-thousand dollars to my tax return [children] Three! [Fresh] At this point, if you love me, you'll make my fantasies come true And if she say, 'What it is' - To sleep with your sister and you [children] Two! [Fresh] Don't love these () - love yourself And if you pay attention to this you'll have plenty of wealth [children] One! [Fresh] I'm done, and I ain't got nothin' else to say 'Cause I can't think of nothin' to rhyme with this shh.. y'all have a nice day [children] Ten ways to a G [Mannie Fresh] Good night, everybody [children] Ten ways to a G [Mannie Fresh] Yeah, yeah, yeah [children] Ten ways to a G [Mannie Fresh] What What Now looky here [children] Ten ways to a G [Mannie Fresh {talking}] I gave you three situations And ten ways to deal with it You see what I'm sayin' If you apply that to your everyday-life whether you slingin', you dig Ballin' Or playin' on broads You, too, can be scraped I said scraped - that's right - scraped See what I'm sayin' And these () I mean, we gotta get together - marry yourself, man 'cause ain't nobody gon' care 'bout yourself but yourself Know what I'm sayin' Go marry yourself, go on a honeymoon - treat yourself I mean, 'cause can't nobody cheat on theyself You gon' be with yourself, but you can't cheat on yourself You know what I'm sayin' Man, that's ballerrific Stuntastic And I like to say one more time: good night Mmm-hmm And tell myself, 'Self, I am so enfatuated with you.' [self] Hey, thank you I'm enfatuated with you, too [Mannie Fresh] Good night, self [self] Good night Good night, Mannie I love you

The Cross

NAS "God's Son"
[Chorus 2X: Nas] I carry the cross, if Virgin Mary had an abortion I'd still be carried in the chariot by stampeding horses Had to bring it back to New York I'm happy that the streets is back in New York For you rappers, I carry the cross [Nas] Y'all can keep y'all weak beats, from your corny producers There's a new king of the streets, you're gonna get used to I was the old king of the streets, that y'all once hated But now I reinvented myself, and y'all all waited NAS, N.A.S. mean Niggaz Against Society Noisy I aim not silently, noose all surroundin me I hang 'em I string 'em up ain't no thing I just drop 'em to which doctor you copped and you locked and it ain't what it was I changed it up from that pop shit it's hard to see R&B rappers arguably, started fuckin up the game horribly Cause, I parted the sea, then these novices targetted me Bitches infatuated say they love me lyin to me What I've discovered is my brother's tryin to be the next me, yeah I support him but he's blinded I see jealousy he love me to death am I buggin I love him for life We both still mournin on our mother's, life And I don't need much but a Dutch, a bitch to fuck A six, a truck, some guns to bust I wish it was that simple, the last emperor, hit yo' ass with the Nasty Nas, diary, get out my path [Chorus] [Nas] I can't keep a bitch cause none of them come before little Des' I can't be too rich, too many hoes, lined up for sex I can't rest until my niggaz in houses with pretty maids Water and flowers in 'em While my niggaz walk around in they trousers grinnin Gotta keep a lot of heat; 30 cals 10 millimeters 40 cals plus the heckler, to set y'all straight You too light I shoot your freckles out You too dark The infrared show you what the tec about Huh I'm stressin out, need more offices for bosses Secretaries and meetings with big sharks, who mad greedy We can sell mo', boats on the coast Give, coats to the po' and give, hope to the broke then live low But that ain't reality, I look happy but under the sky You see a nigga who know, out of three women 2 out of 3 will love you but lead you to they own, hidden evil BITCH! You the reason niggaz be beefin, hoe get on 'Posed to be Earth, ain't worth the pussy that you sit on From here on, it's a new day Million dollars ain't, what it was yesterday Many problems, many niggaz, most involved but they fake Hope y'all relate [Chorus] [Nas] I carry the cross

Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now

JOSS STONE "Introducing Joss Stone"
Yes, we have arrived Joss Stone Uh huh It's for the world world world world Uh [VERSE] You don't have to make your mind up I just wanna take my time with you yeah If that's alright, it's alright Oh forgive me if I get too shy but maybe you're the reason why, love I'm feelin' butterflies Somethin' bout the look in your eyes Oooh it just makes me feel so right [CHORUS] When my mind's void You're my joy You're the dream when I sleep And hey I'm for ya yeah I adore ya you're everything That I need And I love how you love me If I'm made for you you're made for me It's too good to be So tell me what we're gonna do now Yeah tell me what we're gonna do now yeah yeah [VERSE] Funny how my world keeps spinnin' sometimes you can be so silly You know just how to make me laugh Ooh, your skin is so lovely It moves me when you touch me I know that you got my back It feels so safe when you hold me It's already like you know me When my mind's void You're my joy You're the dream when I sleep And hey I'm for ya yeah I adore ya you're everything that I need I love how you love me If I'm made for you you're made for me It's too good to be true So tell me what we're gonna do now [BRIDGE] Oh right now See baby I love how you make me smile Don't leave please stay awhile Let's make this happen I don't care how [Common] Right now lets stay in the present Can't worry bout tomorrow cause today is a blessin The world in a state of aggression I find calm in you I see my mom in you It's like a feelin' in ya stomach when you want it so bad If we keep keeping it fresh it ain't gonna go bad I've been through the valley of love Rode through the shores of Cali just to find peace of mind Looking to the sky asking for at least a sign Beautiful you came at such a decent time When we combine it's like good food and wine Flavorful yet refined You remind me of the divine So easy Love can be lost and then found, like Stevie I just love having you around you wearing the gown I'm wearing the crown pound for pound we the freshest couple in town [CHORUS] When my mind's void You're my joy You're my dream And hey I'm for ya yeah I adore ya you're everything And I love how you love me baby I'm made for you oh you're made for me Ooh tell me what we're gonna do Tell me what we're gonna do Tell me what we're gonna do Tell me what we're gonna do

NBA Allstars

[Introduction] (Let's Go) It's the N.B.A! (YEA) They cheerin for me (Huh it's me) And now (captain of the team) (I love you too) (Alright let's go) Startin at (I love you too!)All 5 positions (ha-ha) Straight from Harlem N.Y.C (Lights out for me) it's Jae Millz Ownin on the's the N.B.A! UHUHH! [Chorus] We up and down the court Back and forth Save the talk for the post-game It's time to ball It's the N (n) B (b) A (a) N (n) B (b) A (a)!! I'm shootin, I'm dishin I'm dippin, I'm dunkin! Nobody lazy on my team Playa we all runnin It's the N (n) B (b) A (a) N (n) B (b) A (a)!! [Verse 1] Homie I'm too fast for an instant replay You gotta freeze that, speed back The defender ain't even see that Guardin me is like the ref. tryin to D' Shaq Or seein a citizen tryin to guard T-Mac Don't even reach haters I'm like B. Davis One dribble (LOOK) Now I'm past three playas No matter who you ask (ask) I'm the main topic Roll it better than Gerve Not even Yao can block it When I'm heatin up There's no way to stop it Perform like LeBron Dribble up stop and pop it I'm like Jermaine O'Neal K.B K.G Fresh outta high school Playa don't hate me Get the roc and switch speed fast like Steve Nash And get my Jason Kidd on and dish off a sweet pass And just when you think the lane to the basket is empty I finish it off with an oop like Finely OH! [Chorus] [Verse 2] I'm tough in the zone Can nobody stop me? (Nobody) And I love this game It's not just recreation or a hobby No point-guard But my no-look is swifter than Vlade's And my young energetic defense is like Omarie's So don't drive down my lane Cuz like Artest I won't just lock you up I'll rap you in chains And in offense Who you gon get to get me When I'm movin' through the D swiftly Rainin on 'em like Nowitzki Droppin trips like Stojakovic My shot fierce like Paul Pierce I barely acknowledge picks Put your best man on me Put your whole camp on me I'll leap over your team like Vincanity Or Shawn Marion cause I be jumpin But my game is big Like T.I.M Duncan My heart is huge like Iverson's And if you ever guard me, like Marbury I'm invitin 'em and slicin 'em [Chorus] [Verse 3] I doubt you find anyone as smooth as this I'm a Vet like Erving Whether it's Johnson or Julius The court is where my heart beat You can't guard me I'm a beast on the court Like Lenny B. and Barkley If I want I can glide like Clyde Or drain three's in your eyes Like Byrd from any side I could, lace up my sneaks And leap like Dominique Or I, could give your team flashbacks Of Pistol Pete point blank Gettin the win for my team is the job That's why, on the court I'm the King like Bernard All in above the rim like Daryl Dawkins Or flat our single handedly Disgracing your team like Jordan Either way I'm puttin it down Playa I been had games Since I've checked The Mack-a-Do was around You ain't gotta ask You know how I'm built Drop three digits on your team Alone like Wilt You know what it is YEAA! [Chorus]

Finest Lovin' Man

BONNIE RAITT "Bonnie Raitt"
The man I'm lovin' Don't worry 'bout me runnin' around You won't ever find my baby Hustlin' after me all over town He don't have to shout He don't even have to call Knows I'm comin' home Even if I got to crawl He'll get me when he wants me He's the finest lovin' man around When he gets up in the morning Or when he comes home late at night You know the man's always hungry Knows I'm gonna cook it up just right He don't ever hurry He just takes his time Just a little taste is all it takes to make him mine He'll get it when he wants it He's the finest lovin' man around Some women they act just Like their men will never come to no good You know they are always on the cheat And never treat him like a good woman should You want him to do you right Honey, that ain't the way You got to love him all night You do just what he say And you get just what you give out That's the only way to gain his faith [solo] Now me and my baby We always know just what we're puttin' down And we know we'll be together Til the day when something better comes around Til that day comes You won't hear me complaining I'll take him as like he is Cause you know I can't change him I'll love him best I can He's the finest lovin' man around

Off The Corner

SISQO "Return Of Dragon"
[Intro] [1] Hello, hello [2] Yeah [1] Yo, where you at? [2] Yo, I'm at the airport I just got back from Paris Had this girl dancing for me and shit [1] Oh, word? [2] Yeah, where niggas at? [1] Oh, we all up in the studio [2] Oh, I'ite [1] Won't you drop this joint? [2] Yo, I can't yo I might not be able to make it there [1] For real? [2] Yo, I got a idea Put the, put the joint up to the phone And I'm gon', I'm gon' just I'm just gon' rock to it Just over the phone [1] Ayo, yo put that joint on the big speakers [2] Yo C, get me some water, yo [1] Turn it up real loud [2] I'm just gon' rock this joint yo Go 'head, go 'head [1] Here it come [2] Press record [Sisqo] Un, all eyes over here We about to show you You know Ballers down the hill [Associates] Yeah, yeah, yeah Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Ayo, my mental is keep the rock cut, keep the glock up Keep the rock pucks in the basement with the lock shut Used to sliding under street lights, puff a peace pipe Keep the heat tight by my side so I can lead right All I knew is hit the block and how to crack deals Make it hot with this rap shit and stack bills All I'm used to is struggling, juggling, bugging With thoughts in my head knowing crack kills Out for papes, gotta let the desert eagle blow I get cake, this rap shit is legal though Check the resume, slit that spit that And put my name in the game, Mr. Book I'mma shine till a nigga can't shine no more I'mma smoke so much weed I can't find no more I'mma keep my chest bluish Keep hitting 'em hard like Ray Lewis 'Till they can't feel they spine no more [Chorus:] Slow it down walk away And then you swear you heard this shit before Niggas say they from the ghetto Legend has that they from Baltimore Niggas off the corners now Ain't we gon' hold it down Associated, now we made it What can stop us now [Associates] Ayo, we bash in brains Then hit a nigga pockets for the last of his change Then put a slash through his veins Bullies of the block, we harass in the game With a sound that so hot it turn gas into flames Y'all keep jumping around like my rap's entertain Fuck around, get beat down with some bats and some chains When ya'll was on them lots, dropping cash on the range I was tongue kissing blocks, pump and stashing them things And now my nigga on only half of the chains See the corner's in the past, but my ass is still deranged I rumble in your ear like that flash when it rains When I hits, ya get the picture, knock the glass out the frame I rap for the name with dope, crack and cocaine And I'mma drill it in your ear so you can lapse from the pain And after the fame I'm goin' back to the wane But for now nigga, feel the wrath from my game [Chorus:] Slow it down walk away And then you swear you heard this shit before Niggas say they from the ghetto Legend has that they from Baltimore Niggas off the corners now Ain't we gon' hold it down Associated, now we made it What can stop us now The whole swell hold it down for my hometown Show the world how we live, how we feel, we get down That's my mission, show up in my diction Rep Baltimore every show 'till there's tension Ain't the fact that we arrogant, we just go hard High confidence gotten us feel we should bogard Take over like Bush did the poll sheets Alot of rappers falling off cause the flow weak That's what we here for, to bring competition Battle anybody, we them four lynchmen Ayo, I bet we won't lose, what track you wanna use Let's do it acappella, freestyle for your shoes Nigga make it hot, don't get it twisted Dumb gifted, Baltimore once again if you missed it Can't miss, the butch make it hot, Cooley High Associates coming and we knocking nigga out [Chorus:] Slow it down walk away And then you swear you heard this shit before Niggas say they from the ghetto Legend has that they from Baltimore Niggas off the corners now Ain't we gon' hold it down Associated, now we made it What can stop us now Infatuated by the clothes But it's more than that you know Uh, we got style, baby Infatuated by the style No, it ain't no stoppin' now Now, oh Oh yeah [Chorus:] Slow it down walk away And then you swear you heard this shit before Niggas say they from the ghetto Legend has that they from Baltimore Niggas off the corners now Ain't we gon' hold it down Associated, now we made it What can stop us now Uh Yeah, yeah [Whisper Chorus]

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