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BIG PUNISHER lyrics - Yeeeah Baby

New York Giants

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. M.O.P.) C'mon.. Yeah yeah.. uhh, uh-huh.. (Oh shit!) Hehehe.. (Ohhh shit!!) C'mon (yeah yeah) c'mon!! Uhh, yeah, this is the motherfuckin uncut Long time comin, ya heard M.O.P. (c'mon, uhh) Big motherfuckin Punisher [Pun] What'cha gon' do Uhh.. Terror Squad (yeah) Bronx.. Brook-lawn collabo' [Pun] Yo, yo, yo.. Ya heard me [Big Punisher] This is for my twenty-five to life bidders, pork fried rice eaters New York, New York - ice rockin tight wifebeaters We the truth - don't let yo' dead body be the proof Leave your Wisdom rottin with holes - and I don't mean ya tooth I'm hundred proof, that's perfect percentage Since birth I inherit the gift to spit a verse that refers to ya parent The spirit's born, here to bring light to the dawn Made right where you starrin from night to the mornin plus the light that give light to Muhammad or Christ how you want it I got what you need From God to the streets, c'mon motherfucker you talkin to me Big Pun!! The papichulo out to screw you , hunchback, like Quasimoto [Chorus: Big Punisher, M.O.P.] [Pun] Set off the sirens [MOP] Form the alliance [Pun] South Bronx, Brook-lawn nigga [MOP] New York Giants (c'mon!) [Fame] Leave em brainless [Danz] Hit em with the stainless [Fame] It's the.. 'World's.. world's.. world's famous!' [Pun] C'mon - violence! [MOP] Form the alliance [Pun] South Bronx, Brook-lawn pa-pa [MOP] New York Giants [Fame] Leave em brainless [Danz] Hit em with the stainless [Fame] It's the.. 'World's.. world's.. world's famous!' [Big Punisher] I bring death to your front door like an escort from Hell or ring the bell like you wanna just talk, and just - rock your world like believe me, my Squad get busy if you try to diss me Cock the glizzy give you one back word to 'Pac and Biggie Cause my commitee ain't only known for the flowin Put they holes in your colon send you rollin like when you're bowlin a perfect strike - let me show y'all niggaz what I learned from Ike I hurt your wife - put the trife ass in the earth aight I'm shootin at you - and that's off the top like Supernatural turn his moves to statue like Medusa was lookin at you Clap you with your own heat - by all means If this was L.A., I'd be a motherfuckin O.G. [Chorus (first 1/2)] [Pun] Violence [MOP] Form the alliance [Pun] B.X. [MOP] Violence [Pun] B.K. [MOP] Violence [Lil' Fame] I breaks the world off with a bang (BANG!) 'How About Some..' FUCK THAT! Look nigga, you know the name It's the One slash, Seven One Eight, slash M dot O dot P dot, First Family dot Boogie Down, Brooklyn (DAMN YOU) Step the fuck back, before I get Big Pun to earth-slam you I rep for my cellblock niggaz and cats from Puerto Rico, Uptown screamin out, 'Perrico!' Yep, this nigga strike, I've survived mad nigga fights Lil' Fame, insane brain, to fill your gigabytes Merc out on machines with loud pipes Niggabytes, six-double-oh's, and bikes [Billy Danzini] You want Seven One Eight Terror (SQUAD), William (DANZE) First (FAM).. easy soldier! I'm not a killer, I just pop a lot Grew up in Brownsville, in a brownstone, by a vacant lot Seance got - my mind, my body, and my - SOUULLLLLLLL Ohh! I don't blame you - you switched your gameplan when you found out your main man was named Danze Nigga - I'm filled with anger! You fuckin with a hooded soldier, Code Red your life is in danger (FIRST FAMILY STYLE) all the way out BANG (BANG) BANG (BANG) til your brains hang out

The Hilton

GHOSTFACE KILLAH "Bulletproof Wallets"
(Raekwon) This Nigga just bought eleven machine guns And he brought them in my crib (Ghostface Killah) Glittered out, stout face, teck, Rae up in the Hilton Heard Nia Long is in the building Penthouse fashion, ordered out room service It looked bugged cause the waiter looked nervous Lift off the lid, seen two shiny thirty-eights aimed at the kid What I do, duck! Rae up in the shower singing Son don't know that it's real Coming looking like he about peel something In a tight jam, red down, matching like santa If I could just reach my hammer He bust two shots, I played mice Ran to the spot were the sun was at, quickly he was blinded by the ice That's when Rae ran out of the back Towel on, soap on his arms, spit duke around, fell on my lap (Raekwon) Yo, what the fuck happened (Ghostface Killah) It was a set up to get wet up (Raekwon) Starks your bleeding (Ghostface Killah) Nah, his blood fucked my white leather up Ten G's down the drain Yo hurry up, we got to get him up Get the sheets son, let's fix him up Lock the door, turn the TV off, your kicks is near the light switch (Raekwon) Just give me two minutes to iron my shirt, find my ices (Ghostface Killah) The hit came quick Hit the jack, star six Ghost (Raekwon and Ghostface Killah) Put down the phone stupid Wipe off your prints (Ghostface Killah) Rae ran hysterically Slipped on soap Landed on his back, with his gat, now that's dope We got three minutes, nobody seen shit Somebody might have heard shit Singing on some Martin, were my momma bird shit Fuck your socks, that's when we heard the door knock Everything all right Partying son, balloons popped Threw this dude under the bed A half dressed Raekwon, swallowing diamonds Had money in juice up on his wedding day The phone rang off, the tea kettle blew, wifey hitting me, What you want sweaty, lima beans and kidney Trashed the beeper, slowly I reached for the reefer Throw a Costa, peep oh son the house keeper Soap suds dripping from his nuts, cut up gut Praying how me make it out the telly and touch (Chorus - Ghostface Killah) Fuck it, a Wesley Snipes movement on a Sunday in Bermuda We laptop niggas, thugs in a computer Caught up in the grimy shit Finding two days later a murder and we got to make this flight shit It was a Wesley Snipes movement on a Sunday in Bermuda We laptop niggas, thugs in a computer A Wesley Snipes movement on a Sunday in Bermuda We laptop niggas, thugs in a computer (Raekwon) Ayo, the pressures on, sonny got murk Its time to move fast Ayo, Deini it's on, check out the news flash Flew out the next day, back to the Tony estates Blew on the first class flight to L.A. It ain't take long, I pulled a few strings on the horn So were it came from That nigga we stuck and took the caine from We should have killed him when we had him Yo I was holding a Magnum Yeah we bagged him, but we let him slide in the wagon His bad little brown ho, from out Chicago She move his cargo, good at handling Roscoes We had our eyes closed God, we should have seen it coming He should have seen me coming, running out the shower gunning Now that I figured it, she put the waiter on It all came to me, in back of my mind, just like my favorite song Dawned on me later on By then the day was gone How dare this nigga even think that he could take us on Smoke the Cee Allah Sent the kite through the Pens Him and big Dan Known to split wigs, with razor sharp gems Giants from Attica riots Halls is quiet CO's with babies on their arms look tight And this nigga from down state got shipped up north Stocky young fella, running his lips on how he set it off Then heard that shit, plus got that kite Money got murdered in his bunk that night (Chorus)


JOELL ORTIZ "Free Agent"
[Large Professor] Yeah! What we talkin 'bout? Yeah! What we doin here? Joell, with the Large Pro-L [Chorus: Iffy] When you get'cho money, get'cho mind right I say what's real, fuck that limelight! All these haters, they don't want it All these haters, know I'm on it And I got 'em like AYYY-OHHH; and now they like "Oh!" Then I got 'em like AYYY-OHHH; and now they like "OH!" [Joell Ortiz] Yeah - you niggaz think it's a game See a smile on my face, Freq' turn me up Pro - go wild on my bass, these muh'fuckers gotta know I'm crack cocaine in the 80's, I got a flow I rap so crazy, you play with me - adios Homey, I'm the second coming This ain't the first time I've been on a record buggin Sho' nuff won't be the last, I'm just gettin started You hollow, no furniture in a big apartment I ain't a rap nigga, I'm a nigga that rap And I can scrap nigga, don't get your ligaments cracked Man I'll get at Twitter (ha!) I'm street to the 9th power Walk in the spot, one deep with a light, yaowa I'd be lyin if I told you that my bucks major But I walk in and pick the broad that I'ma fuck later Club carpet becomes garbage for the Dutch paper I see you watchin - whattup hater?! [Chorus] [Joell Ortiz] Somebody said his homey was better; I guess he lied I'm hot, got my borough on lock, like 25 to life when I write feel the ground shakin E'ry word that I recite, get the town bakin I'm not yo' average beast (nope!) I can't stomach y'all, make my abs get weak Extra nauseous from the blab you speak So drop your pens, rip your notepad and skeet You not a friend, don't make me have to grab you creeps I count to ten; one.. two/too late, bastards Look at y'all, shook, Kool-Aid packets You know the situation, I'm that intimidatin Cold dog, I flow like a fridge in Nathan's You tryin to bring it back, I'm just tryin to bring it You got them Red Bull bars, you just kinda wing it Like a butter knife, that ain't gon' cut it But I ain't even mad at y'all fuckers! [Chorus] [Joell Ortiz] You niggaz can look around, ain't nobody as hot If you nobody, I stop by and body your block (WHATTUP?!) If you somebody I turn you to the first nigga; I'm the worst nigga Call me Mr. Earth, niggaz bodies are dropped My team really 'bout it homey, shotties are popped You a BITCH! Probably shit, get on your potties and squat This rap music is my new hustle I don't plan to post up, with a few bundles I'm on the grind all the time with a 9 nigga, headnod shit Y'all weak; man this is sweet like a eggnog mix Every word I speak's like a splurge out of the pound Y'all birds out here TWEETS, like words after a # Say my name and I'ma put you in your place No not a song - I'ma come see you and punch you in your face!! (BLAOW) Bling Brooklyn, cause that's where I've brought up You ballin, I'm above the rim - don't get caught up [Chorus]


2PAC "Until The End Of Time (Disc One)"
(feat. Outlawz) [Chorus 2X: 2Pac] M.O.B., nigga 'cause we mob on you tricks and you know we keep it money over bitches [2Pac] Thugs known to bust on sight God bless my crazy life la vida loca homie livin that thug life Been raised in violence homicide's my lullaby Came with the homies and learned to kick it until we die Boss players you wonder why I live the life of a ghetto kingpin, just let me ride Bitches and niggaz in penitentary suits I send 'em letters and money orders and make 'em my troops As for you females, I got no time, I gotta get mine You cannot blind me addicted to a life of crime My time as shorty was full of car chases While runnin with John Gotti's and Scarface's Niggas knew, I'd be the Don in my own crew A million niggaz with automatics who swarm through You wonder who shot me here's a clue, stay alert Cause we comin' for you, and keep it money over bitches [Chorus w/ ad libs] [Fatal] I blow you up on the spot, these glocks hot 'til you drop All you wannabe cops, you don't wanna see shots I beef deep with the police peep what these streets do to me Actin all new to me I creep on you like puberty You don't wanna see the bad image of this scrimmage From here to East Greenwich through every state with a sentence Frozen weight in the cooter, ten plates to soup ya 1 2's we oughta cruise right by the state troopers When I'm drinkin Cristal, start thinkin 'bout Al Bacardi coverin my body at the wink and a smile Bag a hottie or two, cause butter shotties for you I got more bodies then Drew, I drink Mynotti on New, fuck your crew This type of shit I do for a petty hobby Fuck the world it's Fatal dog against everybody [Chorus] [Mopreme] My shit's phenomenal, droppin like domino Comin with the real yo and fuck what you feel yo This is not for all the freaks in short skirts This is for my niggaz nationwide doin work, get your feelings hurt Lose mo' faith than a composure, money and the doja Bitches is a cobra with deadly venom Move as smooth as I get 'em, stackin G's My niggas crosstown got ki's Hoes get diseased and fleas, for these enemies money over bitches (Nigga!) [Chorus] [Big Syke] I'm hittin sixteen switches, my money over bitches The struggle continues I'll miss you on my road to riches I'm contribed to strive never laggin Disappear in the night with my 64 dragon, rag flaggin As I get 'em up and leave 'em stuck Pager blowin up but I don't give a fuck I'm fully stocked on the block, pockets full of rocks sellin Loc'ers and smokers engaged twenty-fo'/seven So what can you do for me and what can I do for you But stay true, and do the things that we do Blinded evil-minded no option for my offspring Reminded can't find it complications what the future brings Losin my mind why you sweatin me all the time I'm caught in a bind, quality time on my grind Rather be lonely honey and dodge you like snitches I'm 'bout my riches, money over bitches [Chorus] [E.D.I.] That's from the time a nigga close his eyes I'm hopin, I hope he awoken Payin my own that's tokin chokin off-a glocks smokin Money and power watch these bitches cause they skanless Gettin niggaz fucked 'n stuck from Timbuk' to Los Angeles Ain't a nigga ruggeder than this grimy Heine' guzzler Cowards better duck before my calibers start rubbin ya Me and my troops play blocks in groups, runnin in flocks Deuce-deuce in my socks keepin a watch out for cops Gettin kicked, I keep my mind on my riches While uncontrolled schemes keep me choosin my money over all my bitches [Chorus - 2X] [2Pac] That's right nigga Money over motherfuckin bitches M.O.B. on 'em nigga Keep your motherfuckin mind on your money, fuck these hoes (Thug life baby) You don't need no motherfuckin bitches You need some motherfuckin money Get your mind right nigga, keep your game tight Play right play by the rules and you'll get paid fuck the fools We up out of this bitch here [E.D.I.] BIATCH!

'98 Freestyle

BIG L "The Big Picture"
[Big L] One-two, one-two Kinda tired.. Big L, 'bout ta.. get into some shit Aight check it out Yo, fuck all the glamours and glitz, I plan to get rich I'm from New York and never was a fan of the Knicks And I'm all about expandin my chips You mad cause I was in the van with your bitch with both hands on her tits Corleone hold the throne, that you know in your heart I got style, plus the way that I be flowin is sharp A while back I used to hustle, sellin blow in the park Countin G stacks and rockin ice that glow in the dark Forever - hottie huntin, trigger temper I'm quick to body somethin You lookin at me like I'm probably frontin I fuck around and throw, three in your chest and flee to my rest I'm, older and smarter this is me at my best I stopped hangin around y'all, cause niggaz like you be prayin on my downfall, hopin I flop Hopin I stop, you probably even hope I get locked or be on the street corner with a pipe, smokin the rock I got more riches than you, fuck more bitches than you Only thing I haven't got is more, stitches than you Fuckin punk, you ain't a +Leader+ what Nobody +Follow-ed+ you You was never shit, your mother shoulda swallowed you (Mmmm.. WHOO!) You on some tagalong flunkie yes man shit Do me a favor, please get off the next man dick And if you think I can't fuck with whoever, put your money up Put your jewels up, no fuck it put your honey up Put your raggedy house up nigga, or shut your mouth up before I buck lead, and make a lot of blood shed Turn your tux red, I'm far from broke, got enough bread And mad hoes, ask Beavis I get nuttin Butt-head {*laughter*} My game is, vicious and cool Fuckin chicks is a rule If my girl think I'm loyal then that bitch is a fool How come, you can listen to my first album and tell where a lot of niggaz got they whole style from (YEAH!) So what you actin for You ain't half as raw, you need to practice more Somebody tell this nigga sum'un, 'fore I crack his jaw You runnin with boys, I'm runnin with men I'ma be rippin the mics until I'm a hundred and ten Have y'all niggaz like, Damnit this nigga done done it again I throw slugs at idi-ots, no love for city cops I sport a pretty watch, eight-hundred and fifty rocks I'm makin wonderful figures I don't fuck with none of you niggaz I might pull out this gun on your niggaz and rob every last one of you niggaz [Bobbito] YEAHHH! (What) [Big L] I'm TIRED [Bobbito] For somebody tired, that wasn't, that wasn't too bad!

Break A Brick Down

JUVENILE "Reality Check"
(This is, this is, this is, this is!!) Yeah... ha ha! Whoahh (yeah) [Juvenile] You put the coke in a tube, and whaddya get Whatever you want a car to the flip of your wrist Drug traffickin been happenin since seventy-six They lock us up cause government be wantin tax from the shit I call my people in Detroit, they get that 9-1-1 Hoe gon' put it in her pussy and come flyin with son And it's plenty full so he gonna consignment some Same nigga that I be gettin the lime-ah from Got yay too! How you want it? Soft piece or hard piece? Work ain't movin, I'll break it down in a heartbeat I'm tryin to put the new 25's on my Rover So when I hit the lakefront they gotta slide over Yeahhh, these hoes be respctin my cars When I pass, they smile and start adjustin they bras Niggaz peep hard and get to twistin they lips But they could easily meet God so homey don't even trip [Chorus] Ridin with the strap on my lap, other one in the dash On the way to drop this nigga off a fo'-and-a-half Last time he put my shit on his tongue He frowned up, cause the boy was NUMB Can you break a brick down? I can break a brick down [3X] I can break a brick down, but I prefer to sellin it whole [Juvenile] I read the paper today and everything was kinda chill Word is circulatin niggaz is tryin to find a deal So he could ride behind the wheel of the 300 and put the dub deuces in the grill You think you can't get killed? Me neither That's why we almost forced to keep heaters A quick ruckus if a bitch touch us Ain't got no beef with no Muslims but move or you get hit brother These streets move forward and backwards These fiends out'chea somethin more than just actors One nigga get popped, another fo' get a package Watchin out for the law man patrollin the action What next? We tryin to bring it back to the team Let our dogs see how it is to do your own thing Not like Baby though, really put your own bling You ain't doin nuttin for me nigga, do your own thing [Chorus] [Juvenile] G shit to 'em, I don't just write rhymes Goin platinum offa talkin about my lifetimes I'm gettin love in these streets cause they like how I rock I'm just a thug on the beat, fuck a hip-hop cop Not jumpin on the bandwagon to get my props Got somethin happenin fo' me right within my block Now, everybody wanna be the king of somethin I guess I'll just call myself the king of hustlin I make things happen nigga, I'm a panhandler Shit not like how it's lookin on camera Won't exercise the right to put the bandana up And nobody gon' handle us, we never put they hammers up You couldn't make it where I survive Right now my city murder rate is at it's all time high And it's a must I have the piece in sight When I'm drivin know I'm showin them no teeth, just eyes [Chorus] [Chorus - second half only minus last half of last line]

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