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BIG PUNISHER lyrics - Endangered Species

Wishful Thinking

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Fat Joe, Kool G Rap, B Real) [Chorus] [Fat Joe] What would you do if you could do the unbelievable [Kool G Rap] Once you rule the world every girl will want to be with you [Big Pun] First I get the money then I get the power [B-Real] B-Real of the hill eliminate the guitars [Verse 1: B-Real] Thinkin' of takin' a plane to take a flight out to the red light and smuggle 10 pounds of weed make it home tonight be the number 1 smuggler in the area got enough weed to fill up and air craft carrier erb slanger, Hasila Incorporated state to state and over seas gettin' faded buddah king had seen the green proton I'm bringing it on right back home to Don many different strains of erb in my brain I'm slippin' through customs in my hydro plane skunk and the one chocolate ty bud niggaz lets get high in the sky hit the blunts and the bongs, fill up the lungs, niggaz don't stop fools get sprung when they get there smoked up for crops like gettin' props, where all the soldiers in the board yo what would you do if the world was yours. [Chorus] [Kool G Rap] What would you do if you could do the unbelievable [Big Pun] Once you rule the world every girl would want to be with you [B-Real] First I get the money then I get the power [Fat Joe] Joey crack twist the caps enemys I devour [Verse 2: Fat Joe] Yo it's only a dream 16 battin' Beamers and Benz's lying penance with diamonds ill as lacin' in a face with avengances having blocks on in the lava parts dome my mankind with crime is how you shine if you can't rhyme dime droppers will give ya fad time if you sleep but momma single be mastera heater on city streets in the east I be known as Don Cartegena claimin' the () like () lacin' the china wit Menida to seller need repeater or be a leader like a preacher or presume a steeper peep the shit that I be on, sippin' Don until I'm drunk with a million in my trunk like Nikki Vons come on I be the top extortionist adopt adopted foster kids right out the muthafuckin' orphanage yea, I do it for the youth, I'm livin' proof all my peeps in the streets know I speak the truth. [Chorus] [Big Pun] What would you do if you could do the unbelievable [B-Real] Once you rule the world every girl would want to be with you [Fat Joe] First ya get the money then you get the power [Kool G Rap] G Rap bustin' the gats slangin' last by every hour [Verse 3: Kool G Rap] No doubt, I be the crime story of all ghetto territorys soldiers at war be blowin' up niggaz like glory with pharmasoticle lavatorys major to chemistry, PHD in streetology degree in drug industry combinin' HO with matter from crack batter rest it through molecules scatter launchin' rockets to make the pocket fatter mind bitin' an arm starts a crime G equals and MC dat aint near the square son I gets mine but yo the kill the fill with force fields and shields and holy steel, a nigga keep it real you know the deal, if the stakes ain't to high for me to grab I got's to have, stack all the cabbage from constructin' a drug traffic police a jam me in try to find a new pot to frame me in Aramians so I resort the evil thoughts like Damien this flame of fury to the D-A and the jury 100 grand the judges hammer slams I'm a free man. [Chorus] [B-Real] What would you do if you could do the unbelievable [Fat Joe] Once you rule the world every girl would want to be with you [Kool G Rap] First ya get the money then you get the power [Big Pun] Big Pun's the same son bustin' my guns for the Dollars [Verse 4: Big Pun] Yo, I'm walkin' waters spit fire and shit Hen-Dazs idolize no man like Conan and stand beside the guards be larger than life, twice as nice as ya idol pump you with pride, then guide you str8 to hell like the bible I'm lible to start manipulatin' minds infiltratin' clown 'm out the pitfalls of life entice with nickle plated nine it seems every time I'm dream I'm in a nightmare of fiend livin' a world of mothers and queens and men would fight fare [Fat Joe:] Hell Yea! I wish I could, I wish I could never forget this whole damn world aint shit I'm just a hood yo I change my life make my wife and get the chance for the pain and physical abuse, give her back her best years grab my chest hairs, pound my fist on the hard cement spark the scent, and cloud the sky till my heart's content repent and vow she be forgiven how could we be proud to live in a world which condems man, child, to women child to women.

New Bitch

IGGY AZALEA "The New Classic"
[Verse 1] He got a house that's too big Sits on a hill in the valley Said he trying to move on with life but he still wanna be a good daddy So I sit in the ride cause I don't want us overlapping Spendin' money on Mac, that's cute, I get checks from them in Paris Better check my tax bracket What you think was gonna happen Naggin', now he's had it And y'all fell off like Mad Men These exes excessively hatin' on the next bitch She's no housewife, just desperate I know it's hard to let go but accept it [Pre-hook] Cause the whole world is watchin' And the paparazzi is flockin' Cause we fly shit when we drop in And we shut down your party 'His' and 'her' gold chains Gold watches, everything His old girl, she gon' hate They gon' have something to say [Hook] When I hop out his new six Fresh in some new shit "Damn, she is too thick, who is this?" Yeah I'm his new bitch I'm his new bitch And I'm spending his new cash Few trips, new bags Damn, she is too bad Oh you mad? That I'm his new bitch Yeah, I'm his new bitch [Interlude - Spoken] She be the one that be like "Hey, girl, what's up? You in town?" Yes, I'm in town, kissing ---- on the face, and you know this So just say it [Verse 2] It's always jealous broads wishing they was in my shoes But I'm a debut, you a deja vu Girl, you know the drill, I got a couple loose screws Driving, riding, all black suits up Up north in a coupe before I meet him with the crew And what I do, it can't be compared You well done and bitch I'm rare So stop popping up unexpected Stop sending threats and text messages We too grown for this messy shit This will be my last conversation If you don't want no problems, move yourself from the equation [Pre-hook] [Hook] [Bridge] Tell your friends to tell their friends too He got a new chick but it ain't you I'm just saying, you know it's true Cry a river and swim on through I know you hoping we won't make it Clyde and Bonnie, let the world chase us Ride or die where the world takes us If we end up poor or rich and famous I'm all he needs and more chick His home chick His tour chick His 4th finger, left hand chick And all those people go 'Damn, chick' [Hook]

Disco Inferno

1 2 3 Let's Go Little Ma Ma Show me how you move it go ahead put ya back into it Do ya thang like it ain't notin to it Shake Sha Sha Sha Shake that a** girl. (2X) Go Go Go 50 in da house bouce yall already know what i'm about tha flow sound sicko over dray drums I ain't stupid I see dot then ma dough come quicka (wo). Shawty hips is hipnotic she moves so sorotic watch I'm gonna bouce that ass girl I get it crunked in here I make it jump in here front in here and real thup in here (ho). So gutta so ghetto so hood what gully so grimy whats good I shot the benze on duve and inda club with a snuve don't start nothing it won't be nothing (uhhh) Little MaMa show me how you move it go ahead put ya back into it Do ya thang like it ain't nothing to it Shake Sha Sha Sha Shake that a** girl (2X) Let's party everybody stand up everybody put yo hands up let's party everybody dance with me some champange and burn a little renary this is hot Disco Inferno Let's go you now rocking with a pro i get dough the flip dough and get mo fa sho and get my drink on and get on the dance flo look ho me i don't dance all i do is this the same 2 step with a little twist listen busta i ain't new to this and true to this pay attention boy i'll teach you how to this s**t you mix a little twist with a bourin dawn barryon and a little Henicy and you know that ganna carry on malin at the strace that's trying to get right we go be up in this s**t till it brake day light. Little mama show me how ya move it go ahead put ya back into it do ya thing like it ain't nothing to it Shake Sha Sha Sha Skake that a** girl ?(2X) You see me shining lit up with dimonds cause I stay grinding (uhu)Only If only you can catch me swooping in a Bently coopiing switching lanes ( haha) You see me rolling you know i'm you know i'm holding about ma paper yeah I'm serious I ain't playing i doing better brain hop off the chain G-Unit! Next Level now turn it up a notch emen dre sent me to tear up the spot Front on me ohh no and i'm local hands up on the dance floor ok lets go. little mama show me how you move it go ahead put your back into it do ya thing like it ain't nothing to it shake sha sha sha shakethat a** girl. (2X)

Hottest Of The Hot

(B.G.-talkingUh huh, look, this for my dawg, Gigitty-gangsta Ya heard me, original hot boy, sterling, mosquito, duran Rest in Peace [B.G.] Now if ya know me then you know I'm bout that shoot em up and Bang Bang, got ya white tee full of red stains From the blood, that's leakin from your forehead When I'm at war, raw is the only way I play it You think you was on NBA Jam, you hear that choppa Go Blakka-ga-blakka, Boom-shakka-laka-laka It get know - hotter than Geezy, I swear to that Trust me, I bust ya up wherever I catch ya at It could be night, It could be daylight I'ma show ya what the - AK like Them bullets burn, they don't come straight they flip, they twist, they turn Now is ya ready for it Then I'ma bring it to ya, if you insist playa I'ma discharge all fifty out the clip playa That's how I roll dawg, better get ready That's how I roll dawg, ya better... [Chorus: repeat 2X] Man, I'm the hottest of the hot, I be burnin up And I'm ready to set it off, so turn it up Let's get crunk dawg, let's get buck dawg Where ya sets at, put em up dawg [B.G.] If ya down wit me, come on and let's get loose Anything goes, hair down, do whatcha do I ain't seen a girl shake like a hot girl shake From Detroit, Texas, to Orleans, to M-I-A Alabama, Cash-ville or Atlanta, GA They damn the do, I mean they do the damn thang Down South raw, can't forget rough and rugged We be clubbin, thuggin, hustlin, and head bustin Teeth platinum or gold, everyday dress code T-shirt, Reeboks, bandanas, and Girbauds It'll be uncivilized, don't stick to the G-Code Under twenty, ya ride natural, I'm on twenty-fours 2003 black Hummer, H2O 450's, DVD, XBox TV's Mouths drop, I come through, heads turn, eyes buck Like whoa, who that is, he burnin up [Chorus] [B.G.] Ashanti - hot, too too hot Beyonce' - hot, too too hot Alicia Keys - hot, ooo that girl hot Foxy, Cameron E., man them girls hot Man that girl from the sunshine state, she hot I wanna see Trina just drop it like it's hot Charlie Baltimore - hot, that girl so hot And hottie yellow thing with Rocafella, ooo she hot Give props when it's due, man Abrea, she hot God bless the dead, Aaliyah, and Left-eye hot Kelly that sweet, petite thing, she so hot Chilli and T-Boz, man them girls hot That girl Vita, thugged out, straight off the block I like em like that, man that girl she hot That girl on 106th Park, ooo she hot Cita girl, it's yo world, you're just too hot [Chorus] [B.G. - Outro] Man I'm a hot boy, Original, original Man I'm a hot boy, Original hot boy Is you a hot boy, cause I'm a hot boy Kizzle's a hot boy, Is you a hot boy Gar a hot boy, Is you a hot boy Snipe a hot boy, Is you a hot boy Kid a hot boy, Is you a hot boy Red a hot boy, Is you a hot boy Chopper City hot boys, We some hot boys Wide Open hot boys, We some hot boys Is you a hot boy, I wanna hot girl Cause I'ma hot boy, I need a hot girl Is you a hot girl, cause I'm a hot boy Hot hot boy, number 1 hot boy Gizzle - ha, ha, ha hot boy Uh, hot boy, it's the return of the hot boy It's the return of the original hot boy hot boy, I'm a hot boy H-O-T, B-O-Y, Uh

Bro Code (The Motto Freestyle)

Better than you rappers, It ain't click huh? You still hate me baby And you can't quit huh? I'm a go & body this, It's what I do. B.O.Dubb all day, And night time to I handle B.I., B.I. Get the business, Baby make the call And if you're talking too much here, Then we gon take it off. I tell em if I pull it out, You gotta take it all I do it like this, Cause I ain't finna play with y'all. Back it up and then dump it, I'm a pick it up then stick it. If you drop it down and spread it, I'm a take it down and lick it. After that, be quiet, Don't Twitter-talk, no mentions. You ask me what I'm doing? Riding around and I'm gettin it, Uh That's how you feel, Oktane that's how you feel? I tell the girl yes and then I jump behind the wheel So enjoy it, Love it uh Just know that we live it You rap about it, talk about it. Just know that we get it I say my name, shake her hand She give me the digits. So understand I been the man, I drink for a living. And from the club where ladies shaking, And nothings forbidden. The B.O.Dubb what brodies repping And nothings forgiven. So all the brodies, stand up This one for you And my city, I.E. Yeah this for you too So from hearts that I broke, And the feelings that I hurt. All the way down to the logo on my shirt, BOW nigga, wassup Now she want a photo IE to NoHo I hit it, girl be quiet Don't be talkin, That's the bro code And we bout it e'erday, E'erday, e'erday. Half an hour, then we shower Baby we ain't tryna lay E'erday, e'erday. Don't care what your man say, You ain't with it? Baby get up out my way Bro code, Wassup One time better yet, two times Even side reppin Pinkie-Thumbin for the deuceline Only date models and dimes But we don't do nines... I keep her on her knees like a shoe shine When I leave, That's when your girlfriends cries And I don't even wanna tell you What your girlfriend tries Behind closed doors, she say she don't Your girlfriend lie I'm out here thuggin wide open Like your girlfriend thighs, ha They mad, cause they lame... I brought my team with me, away game Yeah, forget a beach, You looking at a cash leecher. Lil niggas want problems? Well meet the math teacher, huh Got my brodies from back and on the side of me Try the G and we riding deep, Riding deep till we finally meet, Try to speak, I'm a slide yo cheek Take your girl and play hide and seek After you get done riding me, Baby please don't say hi to me! In other words I duck 'em and dodge 'em If money talks, then yours has a stuttering problem You niggas is all trash waiting on the truck Oh, you mad? Line it up, Like you waiting on the bus, ha I see the money and I gotta Grab it B.O.Dubb the future While I magic Go against them boys and it will be tragic. Wanna kill the cat, I bend it over and stab it Yeah I beat the beat, And I ain't learning any drama. Cup full of brown, I'm barely turning 21 But I stay fresh, And I'm sharper than a needle. Shouts to G-Mar, Double oSo, Very nice, Che, Rory, Ceedo Boy, that's the team, I just gotta name a few. And I do it for the toe Like the bottom of the pool BOW Now she want a photo IE to NoHo I hit it, girl be quiet Don't be talkin, That's the bro code And we bout it e'erday, E'erday, e'erday. Half an hour, then we shower Baby we ain't tryna lay E'erday, e'erday. Don't care what your man say, You ain't with it? Baby get up out my way Bro code, Wassup Bro code, Wassup Bro code, Wassup

Let Me In Now

ST. LUNATICS "Free City"
[Nelly - talking] Oh, baby girl like to shake a lot more, drop it like over herr baby girl, uh [Chorus - Nelly] Let me in now, there it go I love it when you make your knees touch your elbows, boom boom Let me in now, there it go I love it when you make your knees touch your elbows, boom boom Let me in now, there it go I love it when you make your knees touch your elbows, boom boom Let me in now, there it go I love it when you make your knees touch your elbows, boom boom [Ali] Let me in ma', so I can hit it Make you wanna leave wit' it, take you home and sleep wit' it Tell your friends that we did it in the back of the Coupe With your back on the sunroof holla'in out 'whoop-de-whoop' You be like 'girl, he put in work, hit it all night He rocked my world, came out that skirt, soon as I hit that door He thorough, while you twerk, so much Mo' and Cris' I urled all on my skirt We still kicked it,' (let me in know) You ain't heard, that playa bad St. Louis nigga to the end, with a fo'-fo' mag And 'til them 'tic niggas kick in, let a fire bag The party just would not begin, 'til you shake that ass, now shake that ass I'm like, uh, 'whoa hossie' and that ass ain't playin I'm a teach it to go varsity in a passin Ram Marry me and, divorce me and get my cash advance Your best bet's to deep throat me as fast as you can, I'm like [Chorus] [Murphy Lee] Ay yo, I'm Murphy Lee the ashtray, I touch butts all day Treat me like a toilet, you can sit on me And let your knees touch your nostrils Show me that big ol' brown booty hole, let me record it like a studio You can go and get your crew, girl, like Freddy Huh, you Raw like Eddie, call me Murphy if you ready Ready for whatever, Strictly Business like Halle Berry When I'm with you like Tony Terry, say my name more times than Bloody Mary Kinda scary gettin more head for stones than cemetaries done ran through more halls than Barry At school, in the Hall gettin busy like Arsenio I'm a rat trap like club Casino [Keyjuan] Ay yo, it's on fo' sho', low-cut Capris so her thongs could sho' She probably got a man, but I've been wrong befo' All I know is that she make her knees touch her elbows just to get in a show I'm startin to think, this how it's supposed to go Get blowed before we go where we supposed to go Workin since ninety-fo', I'm supposed to blow Blow on the dice, before I roll a ten-to-fo' Rollin Mo-Mos, Optimos, they burn slow Rollin fo'-do's, sippin Mo' with fo' hoes I'm a two-triple-0, U-City, gigalo Duece Duece Bigalow, love a man, Joe Blow And you should pay me, I'm Super like Nintendo Make your hands touch the flo', your knees don't bend tho' In the Benzo, tinted windows, if the bounce is right, the ounce is right Meet me at my house tonight [Chorus] [Nelly] Now baby girl got a rump on 'er, fo'-do' and a trunk on 'er Low miles, no dents, title readin 'one owner' Some are wanna-be baller, baby daddies that don't want 'er He ain't trippin 'til he see another nigga get on her But she a good girl, actin bad when she need be I wish you would girl, hit me so often she beep me On some 'Nelly, come meet me, it's the first lady My president is out the country I need the VP' I'm in the White House, butt-naked and iced out Turn the lights out, and I'm turnin your wife out Same chick you jumped the broom with, throwin the rice out Same cat shoppin with rats, throwin the mice out I like 'em clumsy mo', just let everything hit the flo' Not once, not twice, three times, but fo' Each time, makin her knees touchin her elbows I said, each time, lookin at me, yellin she want mo' I'm like, ohh! [Chorus] [Nelly - talking] Baby girl like to shake a lot, huh, baby girl like to shake a lot Huh, baby girl like to, uh, uh, uh, uh Do your thizzle Moet, hah, hah, and do your thizzle Moet Hah, hah, shake it like that for, hah, yeah Three-one-four fo' sho', S-T-L and I connect the do'

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