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Top Of The World (Remix)

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(feat. Brandy, Fat Joe) [Rodney] Yo I don't think they're ready for this one Another Darkchild remix Brandy, RJ, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Terror Squad Come on [Big Pun] Hear the truth shorty With my fruit punch and my forty Sweeter than candy, Brandy's the only one for me You get it up It's only the middle of the week But when you called Joe and Pun You kept it real with the streets That's the true honor Not the jewels or Garbana Any fool can't accomplish just a few hundred dollars That's paper thin, I got my mamma out the apron I'm loyal to her from eight to ten Make way for the twin [Fat Joe (Brandy)] Who the twins that be making it hot (Say what) Number one on you Billboard charts Showing love to them thugs who be holding the blocks And we be tearing up the club like the Three Six Mob Joey Crack baby, ain't no time to react lazy Brandy gave us a call and our track's gravy Perhaps maybe we can ball with this And all get rich, I ain't only talking ish! [Brandy] Some people say that I am not the same girl They think that I am in my own world What makes them think that I have changed, yeah A little dough can not erase my problems Me, like you, I have to try and solve them Yes everything is quite the same [1 - Brandy] Sitting on top the world Sitting on top, no that's not so Everybody changes, let it go Sitting on top the world I'm just one girl trying to live my life But someone telling me what I like [Brandy] Back in the days...when I was young I'm not a kid anymore But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again [Brandy] I wonder why it's often said that my life's A fairy tale and everything is so right I wish that you could know the truth, yeah My life is real so please don't get it twisted Problems the same and got to be dealt with These are the things I wish you knew, ooh yeah [Repeat 1] [Fat Joe] Ever since you wanted to be down I wanted to put you on But you ain't come around Had no time for the don Sixteen on the block The latest phenomenon Number one with a bullett And your own sitcom Brandy hand me one of the platinum hits People talk but they don't know the half of it Well the fact this is, we're in the worst business And anything you have you deserve it miss [Big Pun] Encima del mundo Follow the squad we never segundo Tell el mundo, telling vatos of every remover Word chula we packing men like Lollapalooza From here to Havana, Cuba then Puerto Rico en scooter Getting mula Sitting on top of the world like A Buddha Who the first Latin to go platinum without the basura Big Pun the caputera with cheddar Never settle for second best cause I'm primera, which forever [Repeat 1 till end]

Hood In Me

I-pod in my ride Ain't no headsets Your girl in the front seat givin me head sex My nigs in the backseat yellin out he's next We be in the pjects eatin like trex Smokin kush heavy Never seen no sets Till I left the west the greatest alive But u ain't seen my best I ain't reach my gold yet But you still upset You know my face niga You know my silloutte You know why I'm here The real niga's champ The real world love the j cause I'm born to rap He got a punch line or two but he ain't for jac When I was poor nigas left me hanging like a bat Only got it night time with a jawfull of crack Crack spittage and all Go hard at the trap drug dealer fa sho And how I carry myself is really starting to show So I married the life, keep the shit on the low Know what I'm sayin [Chorus:] It feel good to me Maybe it's the hood in me Maybe I should leave it alone Maybe I should give it away Clearly it's what's making me strong Clearly it's what's makin me stay Livin life in the cadillac drinkin purple sippin yak Caught up in this life got this rap shit on my back If you see my life yeah crown ya boy for living that Brought up in a house full of mice and them insects Seen it all done it all cutty I've been that Niga that you see add jack to your friends list Never get enough of me I was sent here to lead Bukin the hard times Follow allah times I'm ready to die tryin I was in the range steady dreamin the blood flyin They say they better than jac them nigas lyin They wish they was high as I am All the time hatin on me Boy they never shine [Chorus] 100 racks gotta nigga feelin amped as fuck Smackin messy marv smokin like "that's whatsup" Wasn't at the liquor store holdin it up Made em gimme all they scrill then I opened his guts I was thinkin bout my kids they future n growin up I was thinking bout the years for court I'm never showing up I'll never see my nigas again I'm on the grind It ain't never been easy is what they tell me It'll never be either Smokin tree to take a breather With the felons We hella deep but we ain't chillin Everybody sellin d and it's all in front of children Shoot outs everyday chips fallin from my building At the same time it's the place that I live in So I send my grace for everytaste when I'm eatin The streets got me fresh mother fuckers think I'm cheating I'm a king who ain't never been beatin of all time I suggest you fall back close your eyes and relax Before you leave the scrape with your brains in your lap [Chorus]

What If

JADAKISS "The Last Kiss"
[Jadakiss] Yo, take a second What if we could rewind the hood? Better yet, what if the Lox woulda signed wit Suge? What if Puffy neva signed us? What if Oprah made them comments like Imus? What if you designed us? Thought like I did, said it like this What if Payton was fightin' dogs instead of Mike Vick? What if Arnold woulda just let Tookie get Life? What if BIG missed the party? What if Pac missed the fight? What if you was caged in? What would you change then? What if there was no Rockefeller law for made men? What if hate ran thru me? And what if Portland woulda drafted Jordan instead of Sam Bowie? What if you really had to be nice to get a deal? What if all of these rappers ice was really real? What if I hit you wit the razor from cheek to chin? What if Mike Jackson neva woulda bleached his skin? [Hook - Jadakiss 2x] What if you neva knew things that you needed to know? What if you neva been places you needed to go? What if you get there and learn them as you go? What if is the question, can I ask them once more? [Jadakiss] What if the pain went away? What if you changed in a day? What if you could eliminate all the games people played? What if Shyne beat the case? What if Diddy did a dime flat? What if Nelson Mandela could give his time back? What if Malcolm was silent? What if Martin was violent? What if you could really sneak an Uzi on the Island? Yeah, what if I make you kiss the nina? What if a brick was only just a misdemeanor? What if Manhattan was hit by Hurricane Katrina? What if a Black man was the one controllin' FEMA? What if we ain't neva let emotions come between us? What if the last time we rode somebody seen us? [Hook - Jadakiss 2x] [Nas] Yo, I flow calm but don't push What if Saddam hung Bush? What if 'One Mic' was called one hook? What if the Bridge neva showed me how to hold a weapon? What if I ran up in that sick shit wit no protection? What if I neva wore an Army jacket? Carhartt to match it, unlaced Timbs The hood on my first album cover under plastic What if I was another corny rapper? What if I went instead of Notorious? Who would tell my story after? What if I love less and lust more? If Obama was on Rushmore Would Ali give Tyson a bust jaw? What if I neva glared out that project window? Would neva be scared for the life of me and my kinfolk What if that gun pin broke? I would neva linked back in the Enzo, all red What if real niggas was all dead? What if Hilary and them was Reptilian? And 2012 was the end of men and all world civilians? [Hook - Jadakiss 2x]

Contract Out On Cupid

ANDRE NICKATINA "Booty Star: Glock Tawk"
Man I'm a king in my own rhyme So you can picture what I am In my own mind And baby set your ears up for a cold line And I ain't neva liked your ass bitch The whole time I like to take trips, buy clothes, yo Get cars and stuff My little RX7 I burned out the clutch I gotta contract out on cupid He runnin for his life cause he seen how I do it Mix rap love with the bullets Get ya blown away On Valentine's with Jennifer Holiday It's high fashion baby to the nines Prayin' to the maker yo While livin' in the rhyme 'Fore I leave the house I like to get my shoes shined Then movin' the ride with interior design I do it like (?) Spend money like a Leo A Pisces vertigo Life like a Scorpio And ya know that the flow I Is straight for the dough I need the dough To get the freakin' from the rhyme I get you freakin everytime From the flow Then playa pimp my playa pimpin' pimps like a pro A supa dupa Coca Motorola G-I Joe Man I've been fightin' my addictions with thangs That make me addicted Man welcome to the rap world Baby girl it's twisted Man treat a situation like a rental Thank God I got insurance We can trick it detrimental Like jail sleep time I get down Man welcome just in time so I could rock another town Bought some new rangs Sold all my chains My lady put my hair in a bun when it rains Co-Co-Cocaine Is what the homies say They gotta get it quick an sell it Make their money stay Fly by night Fly harder in the day Like Cheryl Miller's brother Man they shoot long range Put me in the game I'll show you how to spend a grip And though I like the number 7 I can roll a 6 I like to watch pancakes when they 'bout to flip And with that syrup waitin' on em at a quarter to 6 And it's Nicky in em Jordan number nines Walkin' outta Popeye's eatin on fries (?) My homie said "Reno" I said "I'll drive" Some think I'm Indian I say "What tribe? " If I was a judge I would take all bribes NO LIE


Bush Babees "Gravity"
Yes..check me out like this yall..and then like that yall Mr. Man up in ya area (la la la la la la laaaa) It's like that Brooklyn is makin' noise yall planet Earth is makin' noise yall (Mr. Man verse) come follow the leader as I feed the info into your recorder mr man is coming through more fluidic than running water since I foretook my form my status is not the norm the pattern has been reformed so lyrically I swarm to be specific I build the most terrific electrifics verbally im gifted and mentally scientific get it embed it let it enter your brain or vice versa coz with my mind I keep each line on point like a cursor so you should never oppose the flows that are choose by the pros who compose and speak lines to blow weak minds back to the essence my presence and appearance lessens the interferrance so rappers would have no clearance so realize (realize) we the guys that penalize as we analyze and sanitize the minds of those that vandalize the earth (the earth) ever since the birth of time I've been waiting to get inside your mind (la la la la la la laaaa (maaayyyybbeeeee (la la la la la la laaaa or maybe not..) (Lee Majors verse) every dollar you save is a dollar you have earned coz in the school of life it's all about what you have learned too many people in the world do not seem concerned so when the roof is on fire sometimes you got to let it burn (let it burn) so many people nowadays have twisted views they really have no choice coz they never had to choose win or lose (lose) I think that they will all stay confused about the fact that responsibility is on you (it's on you) they be complaining about this and that talking 'bout they bring the drugs in and they bring the gats but yo who are they and why do you always place the blame on somebody who dont even have no name it seems to me like all these people claim to be the victim acting like the whole entire world is out to get them stand up on your own and prove that you are grown because the life that you save may be your own (ya big dummy) (la la la la la la laaaa (maaayyyybbeeeee (la la la la la la laaaa or maybe not..) (Mr. Man 2nd verse) with every rhyme I try to fit my mind between the lines but it seems to be too broad for the confines of the design of the paper over which I'm writing this monologue or should I say the autobiography of this emcee (this emcee) sometimes I stand in front of the mirror just to see the world a little clearer as the future gets nearer coz presently it seems I can't escape my desinty as a real-life super mc (mc) (and it's like that yall) (la la la la la la laaaa (maaayyyybbeeeee (la la la la la la laaaa or maybe not..) every single day time passes by time pass by every single day every single day I watch time pass by as time passes by every single day, it's like that yall

Revolving Door

CRAZY TOWN "Gift Of Game"
[CHORUS:] Now Ladies come, ladies go, Out my revolving door Some ladies never come back, Most come back for more. I've got a house in the hills With a door that spins. Goes in and out, Out and in, ‘Round and ‘round again. I live a life these player haters Would love to be living. Since a kid, I've been surrounded By beautiful women. And slippen' in them To win them The unforgiven. Still something's missing, Cuz deep inside I'm suffering Of a lonely heart condition. Wishing I could find a girl That would take me away From the chaos of the city And the everday part that I play. Tell me why lay low, Why say no When I got girls serenading at My window. Ladies good to go We's major league The new breed. No so-so. Highly advanced and got the game To get in any girl's pants. And romance her stone Cuz I more than hold my own They call me Shifty Capone I make them moan Yes, I'm the one. Between the sheets, I amaze and stun. Ain't no need for me to brag About the way that I'm hung. Let's just say I got the skills To get the flyest girl sprung. Or to take and make An older lady feel young. [CHORUS] I keep my girls in rotation, Door rotating. You looking for a good time, I'm always on vacation. You could stop by baby, If you want to try your luck. But don't waste my time, Unless you're down to fuck. Unless you're coming back for more, Well then you know what's up. You know the routine Girl, you're not the one. You're just a one night fling. Some ass to hold this casanova over. Till the right girl pass, I'll drop this lifestyle fast. Cuz what I'm really looking for Is the one will last And make my present past. My adolescence surpassed. By the will to chill, I'm looking for something real. In a world of fake hos in high heels I'll drop hot wax on your nipples, Causing trouble. And when you ride me, Yo, I'll be throwing up that triple double My sex drive's kicking. I'm sexually exploring. So many possibilities, It seems my life could never get boring. Cuz I'm not fucking around. I'll rub you down the right way. I'll rock your world nightly. So, can I hit it lightly Yo, girl, I like it like that. Let me hit it from the back. I'm a natural aphrodisiac. Better known as a Mac. [Chorus]

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