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Get Together

Original and similar lyrics
You gotta get together... Love is but a song we'll sing And feels the way we die You can make the mountains ring Or making just cry Though the bird is on the wing And you may not know why C'mon people now Smile on your brother Everybody get together Try to love one another right now Some will come and some will go And we shall surely pass When the one that left us here Returns for us at last We have but a moments on life Fading in the grass C'mon people now Smile on your brother Everybody get together Try to love one another right now C'mon people now Smile on your brother Everybody get together Try to love one another right now Wanna grab all all your friend Nothing for deal and is just for making Live in this situation Must forward in this generation Seek the truth in your heart, in your mind Do what's right and you shall fight There's a universal family Peace my brothers and my sisters C'mon people now Smile on your brother Everybody get together Try to love one another right now If you hear the song I sing You will understand (listen) You hold the key to love and fear All in your trembling hand Just when key unlocks them both It's there at your command C'mon people now Smile on your brother Everybody get together Try to love one another right now C'mon people now Smile on your brother Everybody get together Try to love one another right now Right now Right now...

My Farewell

(farewell... rest in peace) i cryed my last tear drank my last beer i stoped livin in fear knowing I'm going to jail for years, man cuz it's clear that my last breath is near, i cry to the lord but the devil is the one that hears, my heads down around my peers, my eyes bleed blood, my saliva is toxic, i get no love, i hold myself with my hands in my pockets. around my neck is my love lost in a locket, the pain i got it, four toed is the insane profit. recarnation a joke, but no one can stop it. my lungs punksured my tunge has no appitite, i stay awake at night, stare at the stars, cigarette after cigarette i light, just hopein' i might live through this strife. i will give you this knife if you promice me life. whitch doesn't sound right, im condemed by deamonds, screamin, internal bleedin with a gun plenged in a triger teasin. this is my soul im leavin, a spoken word in a broken world, garunteeing lonelyness to my chosen girl, as i slowly wither, ridein on a brothers biter. as my coffin is caried by my brother and my sister. all things are tragic is wonder and all ya'll in posible mixture ( yah, it is. theres alot of beauty in the world it's just haven't found it. my farewell. ) the silence eats away at me each day, people say i need to pray but i dont need redemtion, i need a way to find a ray of sunshine. hopefully whitch i find sometime before i loose my mind, my months are planted of green filthy crimes, speaking with mimes, seaking for designs that i can buy the time. profisize, monopolize, sorta ties that keeps me alive. my heart still beats but months ago i died, i've cryed and i cryed and dont ever think i ever tryed. i lost my pride, on the journy, cant stride, just tryin to survive mind walkin on a plank, beein stalked on a chase to save a heartbreak. disapointed and creation isnt what i'm doin but it's what i'm sayin translation. ( cuz i've got nothin to give ) ( uh huh, sing it girl, you got to do the solo, when you dont think theres gonna be a tomorrow, my farewell, i wanna feel the soul i want you to sing it for me, right here, my farewell, my my fare well, nah, i aint over reacting your too jam'd ) your right i am a lozer a full time alcohol abuser, rugged around the edges and i will never get smoother, my parents told me all i do is take and i think about the shit when i shake, cuz i realize that i'm a big mistake misplaced and soon to be traced in every member there is a discrace, if i died the question is who would know and realize it. i'm filled with love and have a good soul, im careing always sharin, i get mad sometines with nostrls flarein, dispite what you think it's becasue i care. i dont really care to drink or even speak i would rather just be happy for one fuckin week, but i'm far from it and soon to plumit so this is my farewell buried with dipresion and i couldn't get above it. i do belive in god so the people who care dont worry. i just realized you cant see your future with your eyes blury( no you cant, i've been through it and i'v tryed and i've tryed, gotta give up sooner or later, my farewell, to all the people who really loved me from day 1, good-bye i love you too, we will see eachother someday in a better place uh huh, uh huh. my farewell, tragic tragity. )


JIMMY NEEDHAM "Nightlights"
Be Thou exalted over my reputation 'Cause applause is a poor form of soul medication And I've tried it for years but my symptoms remain Still fretting the day that they'll misplace my name Still selling my soul for American fame Treating the promotion of Jesus like a well oiled machine Advancing His kingdom just to snag some acclaim Now, I'm both comforted and haunted that it isn't just me though I see a nation of people needing to feed their own egos Parading status like steeples Do we not know it's evil to love ourselves More than both God and His people? But see, here's where You turn this poem on it's head 'Cause the greatest among us came as servant instead And You humbled Yourself to the point of Your death Apparently love for the Father's glory runs red So friends, will we point to the Son till our own flames grow dim? Will our bright lights become merely night-lights near Him? Words echo once, let them echo again Be Thou exalted over my reputation

The Right Way

PETER ANDRE "The Long Road Back"
Thinkin back to the time when I was so into you I thought that I knew it all my perception of love well it was something to do but I didn't expect the thought I understand your feelings of doubt I know I must have let you down but I wonder would you be around if I loved you the right way Loved you the right way I would have put that smile upon your face Loved you the right way Never thought that I'd thank you for the heart and the pain and the changes you put me through I guess I needed to look at my intentions again I didn't give enough to you My mind has never been so clear and I feel my happiness is near But I wonder if you'd still be here if I loved you the right way coz you deserve the right way I should have put that smile upon your face I should have kept you in my warm embrace Loved you the right way Sometimes love is so mistaken simple values put aside Mind love is just a ride When its over no one seems to care If I ever find myself with someone new I'll remember what I learnt from you Yeah and I will love her the right way love her the right way I will put that smile on her face I will keep her warm in my embrace I will love her baby make each day a better day never gonna sacrifice a mean I will love her the right way I'm gonna love her baby I'm gonna love her baby

Love Iz - Al Green

Artist: Erick Sermon f/ Al Green * Album: React Song: Love Iz * all of the musical vocals in parenthesis are Al Green samples People in the house - Slick Rick (Welll...) [E-Dub] Sermon - aiight (Aww yeahhh...) As we proceed.. [E-Dub] Holla at ya boy - People in the house [E-Dub] Scream at me - aiight [Verse One] (Love is) - Yeah, music that you feel good Neighborhood hood, gully Roll through cause it's cool to boost the spirit For the folks young and old and infants can hear it (Love is) - Knowin the rap game is not the same And still I came Whoever killed 'Pac and Smalls, they're lame Erick Sermon, learn my name (Love is) - When I come through your spot With no security guards, just me and the Squad, uhh I got love, a cat got checked by a fan Holdin me down, I got street respect (Love is) - When true fans who don't believe in rumors Real consumers, who love what I'm doin That's why I.. PROCEED! Superman, the E don't bleed [Chorus] (Love is) - Yeah, never hatin Everybody's out there is (people) Yeah, why you wanna take my car, so we can be (Walkin together) (Love is) - Def Squad, Keith Murray Redman, that's my (people) Conversate with the next man, so we can be (Talkin together) [Erick Sermon] (Love is) - When the planes hit And the world got together like baseballs and mitts New York's Finest, so I represent my home Hold weight on this microphone (Love is) - When I pray for my enemies If drama cats get smoked like chimneys I'm not dyin for a fake thug who need a hug Not E-Dub - I'm focused man {Jay-Z} (Love is) - When your man got your back And, hold you down when no one's around, and Bless that, and get that money And then pass it around so nobody's hungry (Love is) - I do what I do When I can do it like no other to help my brother And, I hope racism as a whole don't walk through life, with a blindfold [Chorus] (Love is) - Showin love to those who paved the way, that's my (people) Politic with Al Green, and now we're (Singin together) (Love is) - Yeah doin it for black and white That's my (people) Get tight altogether, so we can be (Livin together) [Erick Sermon] (Love is) - Yeah, to be able to live With a, beautiful chick and a couple of kids Uhh, with foreign cars, a house on land I'm blessed no doubt y'all - Check this out (Love is) - When your man can't pay the bills And you loaned him a couple of bills, uh Now that's real, I come from the heart told ya Erick Sermon, the underground soldier (Love is) - Yeah, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye And that's what I rock every day And take what they say, and then relay When I R-A-P for y'all to play (Love is) - Yeah, God Almighty The Alpha Omega, there's no one greater Then comes your moms, your fam is second And love is, the name of this record [Chorus] (Love is) - Yeah, rockin the house for hip-hop underground (people) Yeah it's only one God, whatever you call him we still (Prayin together) (Love is) - Yeah, for all my true dawgs out there Y'all my (people) I'm in the house, cold lampin, and we're (Livin together) (Singin together.. what it is) (Love is.. love is..)

Take This Heart

End is the time I hear you wisper words Tender and kind they make me feel allright As when I'm dreaming that you hold me in your arms And when you smile I'll lay on to your charmes You'd feel me... chorus: Take this heart don't lose it Take this heart take care of it Cause only love can bring it back to me So it's always yours to keep my... heart Gotta be strong turn tears into a smile Show the world I'm really doing fine They say I'm young so life will be kind But death is a thief and I'm treat be left all here without you... chorus Sometimes I wonder if I'm gonna make it alone Without your love it seems so hard though the rain will always fall behind the clouds there shines the sun I'll always believe in Chorus

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