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Big Daddy Kane lyrics - Veteranz Day

Terra N Ya Era

Original and similar lyrics
You looking in the mouth of madness, skilled out since I had this I'm talking bout nothing but pure D badness My acceleration is compatible to a bima My pockets looking greener, from the funky cold medina Don't tell me bout the things that you done did cause I done did it Don't tell me bout the skins that you done hit, cause I done hit it And once I rock these, with a style that's cock deis Good God, I get the crowd together like knock knees Now, I don't act hard, I just mack hard Baggin' video looking honeys with the big back yard Yes lord, girls I'm gamin' leaving the microphone flamin' Throwing up hip-hop signs cause that's the set that I be claimin' Guerilla war fares for those who love to pull your card Grimies from Fort Green to Malcolm X Boulevard Now, if that's what you're hoping then it's the wrong things you're scopin' I may not rap bout slittin no throats but trust me kid I'll get you open Verse 2 Here comes a taste of the rawness, like you never saw this Once I grip the cordless, my victory is flawless Chaos and havoc, lyrically psychopathic At times get pornographic, lord man I gots to have it Then I commit to hit you with this composite that's ultimate Too legit splendid come get wit' it for your comfort But then sloppily, rappers try to copy me Take pieces of my property, and use it all unproperly And probably, been focusing a while to copy my style But child what I'll compile is too versatile I'm too superior, it's sort of like comparing a Spanking new Desert Eagle to a rusty little derringer But skip the tool, let's try to deal here with the jewel That I'm droppin on you, now let me take you all to school You see, to graduate in hip-hop you must be smart And no you don't have to know how to paint to make your rhymes a form of art Poetry and literature is what makes this English fanatic Now dig this, I drop science but still deal with mathematics And since I don't be dealing with what's considered a mystery I learned the dead presidents to pass American History Got my degree in rapology Hip-hop had to set me free, look mom, a real emcee So you want yours now, well don't get caught with your drawers down Cause word life, this industry is half corrupt just like the Dogg Pound Verse 3 Rap godfather Oh goodness gracious, you better make it spacious For the vivacious, ostentatious, who feel courageous I put it on them using my tongue as a sword But at times get broader than broad for those who insist to get floored Whatever it takes to see your nerve gone, and word born Black Caesar gonna get his swerve on My name should be referred to in medical terms Cause I get way up in the cut and I'm talking way worse than germs You like to chase it playin catch like Tom amp; Jerry But on the contrary, I'd rather sip the Dom Peri Lay back in harmony, because it's so bizarre to see That all the hard core rappers are slowly turning R amp;B Well pardon me, you contradict yo'self, I see you not perfect yo'self You like that type music yo'self, stick yo'self What happened to black men of pride ‘nuff men have died Nowadays what's been applied, in hip-hop is genocide That's when the rappers go get the clappers Can't you see they trying to strap us just to trap us, good god it's backwards One nation under a groove, that's how we move It's time to teach the youth get it together show and prove Me no run with the gun or speak of none for action When you get done scream I'm the one, it looks like an illusion I deal with equality so never call my brethren son Yes mon, me got mad flava just like jerk chicken

The Lord Loves The Drinking Man

Chesnutt Mark
The Lord loves the drinking man He sent honky tonk angels To the promise land I hear that he can turn the water to wine Any man that can do that oh he is a good friend of mine I've been baptized in beer, I'm here to testify I was speaking in tongues when I came home last night Some folks say I'm living in sin but I know the Lord loves the drinking man Well the preacher man he told me boy you ain't no good The devils gonna getcha best start acting like you should Oh, the cold beer and bright lights, staying out all night Good book it tells me boy your souls going to burn Momma says son you heading down the wrong road They don't let honky tonkers up in heaven I've been told But don't you worry momma, I see you up in heaven I've been thinking bout and I come to this conclusion now The Lord loves the drinking man He sent honky tonk angels To the promise land I hear that he can turn the water to wine Any man that can do that oh he's a good friend of mine I've been baptized in beer, I'm here to testify I was speaking in tongues when I came home last night Some folks say I'm living in sin but I know the Lord loves the drinking man Well my Daddy said son your living your life all wrong Lighting going to strike you down before to long The man upstairs he don't like what you do When you reach those pearly gates you aint getting threw Well I've been thinking got a brand new plan I'm going to start a little church down at the Stumble Inn Yeah that's right, I'm going to start my own religion Well be drinking and a dancing at the church of Hank Williams yah The Lord loves the drinking man He sent honky tonk angels To the promise land I hear that he can turn the water to wine any man that can do that oh he's a good friend of mine I've been baptized in beer, I'm here to testify I was speaking in tongues when I came home last night Some folks say I'm living in sin but I know the Lord loves the drinking man Yeah he does The Lord loves the drinking man He sent honky tonk angels To the promise land I hear that he can turn the water to wine Well any man that can do that oh he's a good friend of mine I've been baptized in beer, I'm here to testify I was speaking in tongues when I came home last night Some folks say I'm living in sin but I know the Lord loves, I hope he does, the Lord loves the drinking man

Hard Out Here

LILY ALLEN "Sheezus"
I suppose I should tell you what this bitch is thinking You'll find me in the studio and not in the kitchen I won't be bragging 'bout my cars or talking 'bout my chains Don't need to shake my ass for you 'cause I've got a brain If I told you 'bout my sex life, you'd call me a slut When boys be talking about their bitches, no one's making a fuss There's a glass ceiling to break, uh-huh, there's money to make And now it's time to speed it up 'cause I can't move at this pace [Bridge:] Sometimes it's hard to find the words to say I'll go ahead and say them anyway Forget your balls and grow a pair of tits [Chorus:] It's hard, it's hard, it's hard out here for a bitch It's hard for a bitch (for a bitch) for a bitch, It's hard It's hard out here for a bitch It's hard for a bitch (for a bitch) for a bitch, It's hard It's hard out here If you're not a size six, then you're not good looking Well, you better be rich, or be real good at cooking You should probably lose some weight 'cause we can't see your bones You should probably fix your face or you'll end up on your own Don't you want to have somebody who objectifies you? Have you thought about your butt? Who's gonna tear it in two? We've never had it so good, uh-huh, we're out of the woods And if you can't detect the sarcasm, you've misunderstood [Bridge] [Chorus] A bitch, a bitch, a bitch, bitch, bitch [4x] Inequality promises that it's here to stay Always trust the injustice 'cause it's not going away Inequality promises that it's here to stay Always trust the injustice 'cause it's not going away [Bridge] [Chorus 2x] Bitch

What Am I?

Chino XL "Here to Save You All"
(Song intro) (Girl talking) Yo stop driving crazy! (Chino) Shut the fuck up yo! I drive...Yo word is bond i need a sign yo I'm stopping right here till i get a sign (Lightning Sounds) (Chino) Look at that shit! What's that nigga? Ohh shit yo! I can't believe this... (Angel Speaks) Chino my love although many will come before you trying to be just like you there will never be another you. You've traveled so far to get here. Don't allow the world to make you forget why. Our ancestors are with you, and will lead you. Never let your mental conquer me (Chorus) Never love my enemy You could never take my history You could never block my destiny Never did love follow me And i'll never return to poverty Never fooled by satan's jealousy Until my heaven inherits me... (verse 1) I won't lie, some nights i feel like i've been forsaken by God, victimized, plagarized like Speilberg did Amistad, He who laughs last laughs best but never again is the montra that I cry... I spit like Ming the merciless, blissless bliss high risk piss clench fist, the massicistic sadistic from every verse on this Behold my serpents hair like purseus ill impossibly, larceny, broken velocity through lightning speed viscosity My philosophy, speak animosity keep shit in a bag like a colostimy im pro you're junior varsity, If twelve angry of you was on MTV dis my shit i'll hunt down and kill 'em all individually, I make headlines considerably, Sorcery with no plea bargain, or glossary, Fuck the Insane Clown Posse, of rap their making a mockery You'll retire like Seinfeld waiting on titles that i've held rockin' gold like Dennis Leary blasting assasins sent to kill me feel me, you take notes like court stenography, you better watch me, I take beef personally to your villa steps like Versace More Colt 45's than Billy Dee, collecting disability I'll shoot out with Bill Hillary, still won't run out of artillery While you trying to make all net like Iver-son or Jor-don I'm extor-tin trying to make all net like Forbes the mega for-tune Stick that ass in phone booth's, drinking 151 proof, laughing at that bitch with a gold tooth, flicking my ashes out of a sunroof Uncooth industry snotty and shady can't no Bible save me, From throwing you offmy tour bus like Bobby did Whitney baby Get with me? Maybe, but then be hunted You ain't no killer or gangster smiling or dancing interviewed by Teen Summit My multi-topical written flows containing subjects that vary, but still all relative like West Virginian's before they marry I blind you in stereo or mono i'm deluxe while you ride econo out of there, broke like the first host of the Vibe show Your wives know I fuck like Marky Mark on Boogie Nights while Guinessed out, while famous bitches give me head with Pop Rocks in their mouths Me dissapear? Never again, go to war with Vattican men, it'll take a whole cast of yall to have your ass walking again You're an over-rated player that white fans love like DiMaggio You off-air like Wendy Williams, out of the air like John Denver till forever you remeber, i'm falling off? Never... (Girl Singing) I'm god... 4X (Chorus) Never can you stop my hostility Never love my enemy Never get me out your memory I am never beaten lyrically Never fear, go head murder me So my God will be right next to me... (Verse 2) I'm descending from the sky like Gabriel the arch angel with weight of world on shoulders like Aretha Franklin's ankles You liars, i'm tired of all your fake drug dealing tales the only time yall see grams is when yall drink them gingerales I hold the hammer to, your head piece flush you! like genitals I'll battle bring evil that'll make your priest abandon you Through translucent fuschia zones poems, my vocal tones are dark Catacombs that'll scatter domes with the phermones of old bones in Germany eternally my victim hemorages internally untill the scent of decaying flesh, accompany Manson's death If you ask, bet, i'll take your breath a diffrent aspect enter the lung get shredded by person to person contact But beyond that, any rappers death i'm behind that I'll get that ass touced in any jail you do time at In every verse ditto, my defeat you better have more blind folded fate than the kidnaped version of pinky's widow Kiddo, you ain't worth hospitals till im hospitable enough to put you inside of a hospital after i smoke critical amounts of dust Thus my mind spoke on Jedi pedestals and roasting demos semi seminals who try to test testicles of this mc's quotables I'll make the proudest of all Dominicans swing flags for Puerto Rico And kill any blanco gringo reffering to Chino as chico By summoning the smoldering murdering minister thats mastering mayhem slaying day out day in out'spoke'n like a dayton Rim that be keeping 'em staggering through lyrical pattern traveling through my abdomen unraveling at the speed of a javelin still reppin' Vatican And invade like Mexican notify next to kin cats i'm invested in Don't worship Christ, they worship the theives crucified next to him Poison men cringes, from poison pen syringes these niggas couldn't be stars if they were thrown by Chinese ninjas Chino you bring phantasm plus you G like the dwellas and been touched by an angel like Della, me fear yall niggas? Never...

Black Fathom 4

KANSAS "Freaks Of Nature"
(Steve Walsh / David Ragsdale) . Well it looks like it might rain but rain ain't what we need Sunshine and a war machine I'm gettin ready for another stampede Grease the gears with blood paint it black as night Ride through the city like a Trojan horse Convinced what you're doin's all right Hold on 'till the river goes down the river goes to the sea Hold on the rive's comin' down on me The killin' field has come to main street Scatter guns in the liquor store Rifled sinkhole graves in concrete it's out of hand At black fathom 4 Fallen leaves turn grey faces cold and worn Memories of a better time swept away like a firestorm Who can get it straight who can think it through When every time the telephone rings You think it's someone comin' after you Your mamma's shootin' Gallery wages Your daddy don't give a damn no more Keep these animals breakin' cages violent times At black fathom 4 Walk into my world where brave can get you dead You get together and a fight breaks out Someone didn't understand what you said Walk into my world anger's in my soul Quick money give me double trouble Friends are doing hard times in the hole Children crying sniper thunder case the alleys and the corridors Don't look back it ain't no wonder it's open season At black fathom 4

Hip Hop Drunkies

Tha Alkaholiks "Likwidation"
[Tash] What's yo' name What's yo' naaaaaame [ODB] *burp* My name is, Ol Dirty Bastard... and I'ma Alkaholik [Tash] Yeah me too nigga [ODB] *singin some crazy shit* [Tash] You're now rockin with Tha Liks so start reachin for the ozone I see some girls I know but y'all look different with your clothes on What's up though, Tash came to steal it like the Grinch While I'm leavin niggaz puzzled like I said my shit in French But it's all Olde English that I'm bringin from beneath Try to bite my style on wax and watch these lyrics crack your teeth Cause I make words Connect like Westside when I test glide my drunken lyrical hanglider, nobody's tighter than a ruff rap provider, with ninety ways to peel ya So I know the three words (Tash'll kill ya) sound familiar I filter out the weak everytime I speak I drink to hit the peak to make my mind go (beep) I'm def-da-fyin, you rappin like my client Tryin to scrape me for the style that slam harder than Kobe Bryant BE QUIET! This is Likwidation from the West Motherfuck ya boozy show, I got my own special guest [Ol Dirty Bastard] Yo, yo, breaker breaker breaker one-nine I bust this bitch in the behind with the silver shine Cause she thought she was fine She winked at me, I thought it was fine This nigga poutin, this hoe was mine I had the alcohol in me, took my time Let a nigga ro-tate turn on the table Put in the diamond needle, pull it to your ego What You the king in the chair on my ground The Tyson of sound, it's twenty seconds to a round Scavenger nigga, youse a shrimp, a full line of shit my ear can't digest it Stop drinkin all that motherfuckin water, let's take it to the land So I can Godzilla up your sheeit, Mr. Tiny Tim man Niggaz be creepin up my beanstalk When I start to come down on your fuckin asses Try to chip shit on up, get these nuts Motherfucker WHAT!! [J-Ro] The Ro pimped the flow like a hoe, so I should rap on the mack-raphone My rhymes hittin hard enough to crack a bone I divide square MC's like math Bend you in half and drink a Genuine Draft I stop him, then I skied out with all wampum When he's layin on the ground, I let my Dog Scrilla chop him (Switch reels) I feels its all about skills The outcome's unbelievable like Tyson/Holyfield Your lyrics are loaners return em to they rightful owners My style is wild, like G's or the pistolas No need to ask, I put you on like a ski mask We can Fight the Power like this was P.E. class I Bomb Squads like Hank Shock Peace to my nigga Scott puttin stickers on the block *burp* I drink more Brewsters than Punky It's the further adventures of the hip-hop drunkies *chorus* You bithces are hoes Put it in ya like my motherfuckin hoe or in your butthole/earhole Whever the fuck it goes (repeat 2X) [Ol Dirty] Yeah, yo, yo, yo No disrespect to any architect Who tried to perfect, oh what the heck I'm a MC director, rhyme inspector Rated top ten, Brooklyn borough sector [J-Ro] Its the Packtown original b-boy I'm rappin What's happenin, so dope got the pope clappin I'm smackin, on some chicken, what you kickin You trickin, while I'm vickin hoes you stick your dick in [Tash] Step outta place, Tash'll smack your taste out your face Cause there's nowhere to hide unless you move to outer space Cause I waste motherfuckers like toxic fumes So you betta (make room) when you hear the (boom boom) [Ol Dirty (rapping like RZA)] Hey sugar plum, how can you assume That the pitch of the volume, doesn't have no tune I'm not your everyday, regular rap star peddler One on one at your rap seminar Beware of the Hard Way, Three's the Hard Way At you fuckers... [J-Ro] So aiyyo, my name is J-Ro And my style is so dope they call it ya-yo I don't rap fast, I love green grass Nuttin nice on the mic, call me a mean ass [Ol Dirty (still rapping like RZA)] Extra da-llama, bring hahaha Extra extra bring the da-llama Verse a better one, then slice-a-versa God acre, massacre murdered Also known as a rap wrecka, not a rhyme rebel You're just rhyme to survive streets True beaters, minerals and rhymes survive lyrics Like the acre without the attic, but not the only Asiatic true God but my dick is my lightning rob Hoe don't kick that mumbo jumbo... [Tash] See this the type of shit niggaz don't try at home I come funkin up the spot like Micheal Jordan's cologne With the megadrunken, style to keep the crowd pumpin Niggaz lookin at me like, 'Tash is up to somethin' (Get drunk and I stumbled) but I didn't come to trip I came to bring it to ya humb-le Tumb-le all your plots and all your plans Ol Dirty's in the house and that's my motherfuckin man! *outro* It's the Likwid crew Comin through with Ol Dirty from the Wu Passin your party, jettin out with allt he brew So what y'all new, niggaz think you wanna do (repeat 2X)

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