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Big Daddy Kane lyrics - Veteranz Day

Earth, Wind Fire

Original and similar lyrics
I'm from Brooklyn, New York City I be the Earth motherin', smotherin' MC's Sha Queen covering 360 degrees See I blow like the wind when I flow to this song Cause a riot like Kaiser like that then I'm gone I bring the fire burn it down to the ground Think of dissin' me, Kane will leave that ass rotisserie (What) Earth, wind, fire we be those elements It's evident, as we come to represent [Sha-Queen] I feel the need to get iller than All these fuckin' wack Mc's, realest Bitch that ever been Dropped the hit single that was flying through the roof I'm lyrical living proof, you can't handle the truth After you heard me spit, still convinced that you ill Who you tryin' to fool me or yourself, bitch for real Everybody know the deal, you ever get a hunch To fuck around with Sha-Queen, then I know you out to lunch Break that meaning down, that means disturbed in your mental And that's absurd, I kick the illest shit you ever heard Every rhyme to the last line and pronouns and verbs Too hard to see with your two eyes, then check with your third My frequency's not tainted with thoughts of whores That can only get raw on all fours, with sore back doors Precisely, far from your average girl So, sit back and shut the fuck up, cause Sha rules the world, word [A.B. Money] Listen there was a man in Brooklyn, New York City Where the guys are fly and the ladies looking pretty I'm a let you know, that stuff you pop is junk Cause when I flow, it's the flava of the month Hold up don't worry about nothin', tot shit in a smash like crash dummies This fast money, make me wanna fuck around and blast money I heard your spot makes a lot and give you props This deal is hot, runnin' from the cops'll get you shot But don't sweat it, dry them niggas up like prunes The war's on like Platoon Shot through a crowd like a cartoon Rappin' is fundamental, that's right, re-arranger Hit you like Mortal Kombat, you in danger I got the chronic, six million bionic This rap shit make me wanna scream like Onyx I'm comin' through, that's right I'm gonna split ya Soul survivors on this track, we comin' to get ya Woop, woop, five-o's comin' in the exit Keys jinglin', nine danglin' to wreck shit Step into my cypher, haven't you ever heard a Throwin four five six, ceelo, to one twenty third a Chorus: Earth, wind amp; fire you bout to learn We can make the world turn, or make the world burn The three deadly elements for your concern Cause anything you want up out of life you got to earn Repeat See now bring it brother well, well [Big Daddy Kane] Since hip-hop genesis, I been at this in the mix In Bed Stuy tenements, rippin' rappers endless But I won't sit and dwell upon the things I been had Instead I appear, and take your fuckin' spot like Sinbad Now, tell me who shall be first to suffer crucial If you don't know defeat then allow me to introduce you So how you want it, coming through beatin' ya down Watching disaster strike when Busta Rhymes ain't even around The Prince of Darkness be that one man That made them Al B Sure lookin' niggas get a sun tan What I drop should not be followed by anyone else At times I'm scared to kick a second verse after myself As I proceed, followers take heed I made many men bleed, I made hairlines recede This rap skill here, I destined for a mill-aire And this is one ass whippin' you will wear, you still here Chorus: repeat 2X

I Don't Like

[JME:] Yo Police harassing me the shit I don't like Promoters gassin' me the shit I don't like Bare Pricks on BBM the shit I don't like I've got an iPhone 4S with a code light I've shown you on a track I did with Joe Grind Yeah rap meets grime you need to hold tight You got Beef with Skepta you think I don't mind? I'm his brother so I will fight Jo's fights Oh please, Man will tear up these MC's You wanna know what I don't like well I don't like man that don't like me straight! Why you lookin' at me like I just robbed you and your friends for your P's Skepta told me don't watch nothin' So I went home and smashed my TV I tweet everyday, everybody knows Jme BBK When your in a club hear me on a CDJ Boy better that's me yeah Trust mans gonna Max out like TK Boy better know mobile yeah Pre-Pay Won't say that again this ain't a replay S-A-A-A-Y nothin' [Jammer:] JLS's shoes you know I don't like Snitch niggas on the news you know I don't like Man are asking me for twos you know I don't like And if I can't bring the crew you know I don't like I don't L-I-I-I-I-KE Don't L-I-I-I-KE Man are acting like they Rocky with a crack-pipe Smash my iPhone 4 you know I don't like Niggas shitting on my door you know I don't like Alright did I tell you a couple of things that I don't like Bacon sandwich that I don't like Jamaican antics that I don't like – (ey wah does bombaclart mean?) Don't chat to me like that that I don't like Don't call me my yout that I don't like Don't run if your not gonna fight that I don't like Girls with size 9 that I don't like Man on the sideline that I don't like Chatting shit on my timeline that I don't like Can't connect to the Wi-Fi that I don't like Dry toes that I don't like Swag weave that I don't like Broke swag that I don't like Snakeymans Bankcard that I don't like [Skepta:] A snitch nigga that's the shit I don't like We'll be driving through your hood through the whole night 3 niggas in the whip 2 on a bike One fucking rule fucking move to him yeah on sight On sight, On sight Couple niggas left cause I'm doing right I remember '05 I was selling white Two packs in my whip big up Suge knight Sitting on the wall smoking weed if I see feds then we disappear And I know this estate so well that feds can't catch me around here If you talk about music I swear nobody here fucking with my crew this year I'm in a crew full of G's but them man hang around dicks like pubic hair Too many wannabe wifeys playing hard to get games when I know they're simple I put an end to your games when I blow my whistle I'm so official I don't like girls that only tell me they love me cause they hear my single And I don't like niggas that tell me they love me cause they take Dizzle

Break A Brick Down

JUVENILE "Reality Check"
(This is, this is, this is, this is!!) Yeah... ha ha! Whoahh (yeah) [Juvenile] You put the coke in a tube, and whaddya get Whatever you want a car to the flip of your wrist Drug traffickin been happenin since seventy-six They lock us up cause government be wantin tax from the shit I call my people in Detroit, they get that 9-1-1 Hoe gon' put it in her pussy and come flyin with son And it's plenty full so he gonna consignment some Same nigga that I be gettin the lime-ah from Got yay too! How you want it? Soft piece or hard piece? Work ain't movin, I'll break it down in a heartbeat I'm tryin to put the new 25's on my Rover So when I hit the lakefront they gotta slide over Yeahhh, these hoes be respctin my cars When I pass, they smile and start adjustin they bras Niggaz peep hard and get to twistin they lips But they could easily meet God so homey don't even trip [Chorus] Ridin with the strap on my lap, other one in the dash On the way to drop this nigga off a fo'-and-a-half Last time he put my shit on his tongue He frowned up, cause the boy was NUMB Can you break a brick down? I can break a brick down [3X] I can break a brick down, but I prefer to sellin it whole [Juvenile] I read the paper today and everything was kinda chill Word is circulatin niggaz is tryin to find a deal So he could ride behind the wheel of the 300 and put the dub deuces in the grill You think you can't get killed? Me neither That's why we almost forced to keep heaters A quick ruckus if a bitch touch us Ain't got no beef with no Muslims but move or you get hit brother These streets move forward and backwards These fiends out'chea somethin more than just actors One nigga get popped, another fo' get a package Watchin out for the law man patrollin the action What next? We tryin to bring it back to the team Let our dogs see how it is to do your own thing Not like Baby though, really put your own bling You ain't doin nuttin for me nigga, do your own thing [Chorus] [Juvenile] G shit to 'em, I don't just write rhymes Goin platinum offa talkin about my lifetimes I'm gettin love in these streets cause they like how I rock I'm just a thug on the beat, fuck a hip-hop cop Not jumpin on the bandwagon to get my props Got somethin happenin fo' me right within my block Now, everybody wanna be the king of somethin I guess I'll just call myself the king of hustlin I make things happen nigga, I'm a panhandler Shit not like how it's lookin on camera Won't exercise the right to put the bandana up And nobody gon' handle us, we never put they hammers up You couldn't make it where I survive Right now my city murder rate is at it's all time high And it's a must I have the piece in sight When I'm drivin know I'm showin them no teeth, just eyes [Chorus] [Chorus - second half only minus last half of last line]

All My Life (In The Ghetto)

JAY ROCK "Follow Me Home"
[Verse 1: Jay Rock] I was on the block right, wasn't in my right mind Just a young nigga, hustlin', tryna get mines Movin' with the 9 double m Niggas like "You don't really wanna fuck with him" Yeah, young teenager, 'fatuated with paper Yeah I had to get it, cause momma, she wasn't able Black and white TV set, no cable Forties in the fridge, chicken noodles on the table I wasn't born with a silver spoon Child of the ghetto, raised off a different tune Watchin' Bob Barker in my living room If "The Price Was Right", I could get you a whole living room Yeah, them was my gutter ways back in the gutter days No education, but the gutter pays Through it all came a long way From sellin' the yay', fist fights to gun play Back then [Chorus:] Sittin' on the block and I'm doin' bad Dreaming about the things that I never had Got me thinking to myself "I gotta get it man" You can play if you want, I'm gon' get it man I say, all my life I've known One day eventually I'll blow [Verse 2: Lil Wayne] Yeah Times is torn as it is That's why I got guns, and my guns got kids That's why I be goin' so tough on them hoes I play my own hand, I don't shuffle or fold Fuck with a nigga, let go fuck with some hoes Hear them bitches screamin' like they stuck in a hole I am not a deamon, but was once a lost soul 'Til I found myself a block away from the cross road I have, outgrown the fishbowl And I'm on my feet like a fuckin insole Yeah it may hurt like a fuckin' left no But it's "fuck the world", like a fuckin nympho And we spend dough, cause we make more And I make sure, when I say so It's Jay Rock and Weezy, need I say more Closeline the beat tear, DB I say flow Yeah [Chorus:] Sittin' on the block and I'm doin' bad Dreaming about the things that I never had Got me thinking to myself "I gotta get it man" You can play if you want, I'm gon' get it man I say, all my life I've known One day eventually I'll blow [Verse 3: Jay Rock] Jay Rock, still that same O.G. I ain't tryna see the grave or the penitentary Everyday living, tryna stay on my feet Even though a nigga paid, but my heart in the streets See my dogs I'm a beast, so hard on these beats So my family can eat, I'll be damned if I see No income, here come Jay Rock, they know crack music Drug kingpin flow, oh [Lil Wayne:] Kingpin hoe, need I say more Your family could die, when I say go (go) Green light green light, whatcha green like? Before ya size me up, get the seam right And I just hop in the phantom when I'm being nice Cause drivin' slow in the Lam', it doesn't seem right Yeah, and I remember them long nights Livin' the wrong life, but I made that wrong right Weezy! [Bridge:] All the struggling All it does is keep my hustling, oh my [Chorus:] Sittin' on the block and I'm doin' bad Dreaming about the things that I never had Got me thinking to myself "I gotta get it man" You can play if you want, I'm gon' get it man I say, all my life I've known One day eventually I'll blow


E-40 "Charlie Hustle: The Blueprint Of A Self-Made Millionaire"
[E-40] Mobb that shit out nigga! Bosko, mobb that shit, BEYOTCH! Mobb shit (mobb shit) We invented this shit (what'd we do?) Boy I helped pioneer this Boy I helped pioneer this.. .. HOE BEOTCH! I'm irkin; head spinnin dome swervin Emergin to the right to the left, see three, hallucinatin Stoned ain't got a lick but a bra protection on my phone therefore that'll make it this that much easier for anybody with a computer that got the right data information software to CLONE, clone it off the streets - how much? Basshead dis down playa price boy a hundred piece (hundred piece) Shit I don't figure dat dere ain't no mo' worse than clonin sheep Just understand, I dub this for my weeples More hair on my face than my daddy do (daddy do) I guess it's them steroids that they been puttin in our food (in our food) Shit the man behind the counter at the liquor store asked him for ID before he get to askin me and if he ask me for ID then I'ma get ?? bitch to use some of that swindlin ass fast-fast talkin con man ?? in the ghetto urban reverse psychology Niggaz got it tough out here; tough out here, it's rough Niggaz got it rough out here; nigga out here it's tough Chorus: E-40 (repeat 2X) Let's hit the weed spot, let's hit the L.I.Q. Let's hit the liquor sto', let's hit the L.I.Q. Let's hit the house party, let's hit the L.I.Q. Pull up sideways, doin about a buck-fifty [E-40] Hello my friend! Whassuper dude? Give me a pack of sunflower seeds and a box of larger size Magnum rubbers A generic lemon squeeze lime juice and a bottle of Goldschlager A pack of licorice, lick-em-and-lock-em Zig-Zags a hard boiled egg and them pickled pig feet (pickled pigs feet) Shit I gotta do as much fuckin and partyin as I can I gotta go turn myself in next week (BEOTCH) I'm up all night - playawhatchagonnabedoin? Up in somebody's ?? layin pipe Bitchbetalkinaboutsuin and try to accuse yo' ass of rape; cause you rap Sa' HOE, I ain't even tryin to entertain that See I dip in mo' holes than a golf ball Pussy fallin all out of my Granada Squabs in Kansas City, squabs in Colorado Learned how to pop my collar in the city where they shot The Mack Dem were some of the players that helped tie my shoes and lace me name was Curtis and B.O. Well whaddya know? Doo doo dirt clucks ?? Messy and tap that ass fool we in hella mo' (BEOTCH) Bitch-ass niggaz like B-Legit and ?? ?? and Mac-Shon, mack D-Shot and Lil' Bruce - BEOTCH! Chorus [E-40] On the dope track where the bassheads be comin through I see more killings and more hop than the kangaroo My baby's momma she sick, she on that glass dick Be crawlin all on the RUG lookin for that shit! Hogan High School prom queen right? On her hands and knees pickin up lint and anything that's white That's how you can tell that a dopefiend's gone psycho when they get to hah.. lookin all out the curtains with they high beams On the corner, be that dice game unfoldin (what happened?) One of my dudes, SERIOUSLY, he rollin then a couple of fools pull up and went for theirs a-course with intentions of splittin my wig but it wound up gettin reversed I left they kite flyin, down for the grind, witnesses dissolve A prime example of bad karma, Murphy's Law If you gon' be a fool then be a fool, shit But just know when to act a fool and who to act a fool with! Chorus [E-40]


Dayton Family "Dope House"
By: Gabe Whoa, whoa, whoa, All the drug dealars, ?niggas? unable to be faded. Feds they want Bootleg permantly incarserated. but i never lets them see me sweatin' my Teck striking a pose. hanging out the cuddy', nutty, nigga, busting at hoes. I robed a little, rigged a little, stole a little i admit it, But I bet one wittnes wont come forth and ever say I did it. Cause those who snitches, sleep in ditches. ya'll know the story. I refuse to have to FBI and police searching for me. was renegade when i was younger but i never been afraid, to jump out windows and bust at hoots whenever them bitches raid. im tooting cane, catching trains ??? inhale it and i keep a K inside my head. for things thats on servalance. have you ever heard of a murder commited with a house appliance. i was to smart to ever get cought, know my ferenzic science. my daddy never loved me before he left me and momma. Clio the Psychic told me fuck him hes running i went to see a srink. i think im dealing with some pain. gave me some pills, said keep it real . (medicate your brain) i live my life just like a fragil stuck inside a rock. everytime a cop would see me. fuck cops and hit your knot. Mutha' .fuck the FBI I rater die before the feds catch me. 36 hundred murders before them bitches could strech me. hollow green, to Fucking with my teeners where we ballin' candy loving these fist fulls. and shot that we calling. motha Fuck the FBI. Whoa,whoa whoa, these aint the feds you know, thell take your life and go, thell set you up for sure whoa whoa whoa whoa Niggas are sucking my dick for taste. licking my nuts all over the place. all in my face when stealing my bass. talking about my homies case. Dayton is on the rise again. was taking them up and bring them down. Fucking them up and shuting them up. Fuck you hoes we run this town. shoe is about that cheese and cash. boot is about to kill your ass niggas was running their mouthto fast. to damn quck and they got blast. all you hoes can suck my dick. fucking your street and cukcing your click. yall can't Fuck with Dayton. I know your feeling like me nigga, hear my shit and bite me nigga. you dont want to fight me nigga sucking my dick so write me nigga. dont you want to kill yourself Fucking around with T.D.F. the media till your shit was deaf. and left your tape up on the shelf. Fuck the feds Kill they boys. them lil boys aint made no noise. slaping in they backyards. we Eli's they Big McOys. Once again you know whats on I got something that will get you gone. shots blew out his dome, reported missing cause he wasent home. robbing,shooting, elevate, boot-Zilla and jake the Flake. dirty bird is back again here go the den Insert his 10 leave the streets no alib. back was blown helli tide

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