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Big Daddy Kane lyrics - It's a Big Daddy Thing

The House That Cee Built

Original and similar lyrics
Introducing ladies and gentlemen the young man that's had over thirty-five soul classics Among these classics are tunes that will never die Tunes like -- FUNKY! I get +Raw+ Set It Off Ain't No Half-Steppin' I'll Take You There Yo, Word to the Mother! The Wrath of Kane Mister Cee Got a Master Plan This is a house that.. {Cee} ..built y'all! Get up! Huh! Get up! Cause it's party time! Clap your hands! Here we go.. - gt; Slick Rick I knew I was the man with the master plan - gt; Erick Sermon Mister Cee! {these two lines cut n scratched 4X} Here I come! - gt; Mighty Mouse Yeah Kane! - gt; Flavor Flav {two lines cut n scratched 3X} Oahhhhhhhhhhh-owwwwwwwwwww! Here I come! - gt; Mighty Mouse Yeah Kane! - gt; Flavor Flav {two lines cut n scratched 3X} Oahhhhhhhhhhh-owwwwwwwwwww! Here I come! - gt; Mighty Mouse King Asiatic {two lines cut n scratched 3X} Oahhhhhhhhhhh-owwwwwwwwwww! Here I come! - gt; Mighty Mouse King Asiatic {two lines cut n scratched 3X} Oahhhhhhhhhhh-owwwwwwwwwww! Here comes.. .. the DJ - gt; 3X Here comes.. .. Mister Cee! Here comes.. .. the DJ - gt; 3X Here comes.. .. Mister Cee! You-you-you, you-you, y-you-you You-you-you, you-you, you just got ta Jump jump jump to it! You-you-you, you-you, y-you-you You-you-you, you-you, you just got ta Jump jump jump to it! Scoob Lover my brother, Scrap Lover my other - gt; Kane He's the greatest ever! (2X) Scoob Lover.. He's the greatest! Scrap Lover.. He's the greatest! Scoob Lover my brother, Scrap Lover my other - gt; Kane He's the greatest ever! Hey hey hey! It's.. - gt; Fat Albert .. Mister Cee as we say, my man with soul - gt; Kane {both repeat 4X} [Scoob] Yo Cut man, yo whassup with them pretty young skins out there Man what'sup [Mister Cee] I don't know man, they ain't lookin at me I think they lookin at Scrap, whassup Scrap [Scrap] Yo, I could use some new exercise Yo Scoob man, I don't know, what's goin on [Scoob] Yo why don't y'all come a little bit closer and umm, sit on my lap, and talk about the first thing that pops up [Mister Cee] KnowhatI'msayin [all together] Cause you can hurt me, hurt me! Hurt me, hurt me! Hurt me, hurt me! Hurt me, hurt me! Hurt me, hurt me! Hurt me, hurt me! Hurt me, hurt me! [Mister Cee] Awwwwwwwwwwww yeah! Yo I wanna take time out to say whassup to my brother Shannon My brother Knowledge and Baby B To my homeboy Eric B, Kamir and Robin Thyra, to my man, Mulah De La Soul, and Prince Paul To Nice and Smooth, Melle Mel, AB, J.R. To my man Easy Mo Bee, DJ LG and the LG Posse Swivey Bee and Easylee [Scrap] Yo I'd just like to say what's up to the leader of the Wolf Pack The Baby De La-ner himself I'd just like whassup to the DJ Mister Cee And to my brother Scoob Lover [Scoob] Yo I'd like to say whassup to everybody that stood by us, yknahmsayin My man Kane out there, the whole posse, Eazy-E Keith and Sally from the Valley My man Laze, Eazy-E and the whole nine yards Can't forget nobody! [Mister Cee] Awwwwwwwwwww yeah! Can't forget my man Kito and Pony y'all [Scrap] Can't forget the clubhead herself, Joanne [Scoob] Yeahhh (peace) house music!

Lover I Don't Have To Love

I picked you out Of a crowd and talked to you. Said I liked your shoes, You said, Thanks, Can I follow you? So it's up the stairs, And out of view. No prying eyes. I poured some wine. I asked your name; You asked the time. Now it's two o'clock. The club is closed, We are up the block. Your hands are on me, Pressing hard against your jeans, Your tongue in my mouth, Trying to keep the words from coming out, You didn't care to know Who else may have been here before. I want a lover I don't have to love, I want a girl who is too sad to give a fuck. Where's the kid with the chemicals? I thought he said to meet him here, But I'm not sure. I've got the money If you've got the time. He said, It feels good. I said I'll give it a try. Then my mind went dark, We both forgot where your car was parked. Let's just take the train. I'll meet up with the band in the morning Bad actors, with bad habits... Some sad singers, they just play tragic. And the phone is ringing, And the van is leaving Let's just keep touching, Let's just keep...keep singing I want a lover I don't have to love, I want a boy who's so drunk that he doesn't talk. Where's the kid with the chemicals? I got a hunger and I can't seem to get full. I need some meaning I can memorize. The kind I have always seems to slip my mind. But you, but you... You write such pretty words, But life's no storybook. Love's an excuse to get hurt. And to hurt. Do you like to hurt? I do, I do. Then hurt me, Then hurt me, Then hurt me...

Mom Praying

(feat. Scarface) 'Oooh...' I just hear mom praying, I just hear gran sayin... 'Somebody oughta just, reach out and, help me...' [Verse 1] Eight decades and four years and gran still kickin Look at ma, still whippin Still keep a strap, won't hesitate to give the kids whippins Tryin to make it to heaven, still livin Make a visit, stop by the weed spot grab a dub I know grams gon' have me a grub I hit the front door, smell aroma of her food cookin My favorite, a pot of rice and her stewed chicken Hit the basement, holla at Uncle Doc Nephew, wit Snu kickin Where dudes, what's your new mission We bust it up he cold frontin I know this nigga wanna hold somethin I know grams upstairs preppin for church Matchin up her hat, shoes, pocketbooks and skirts I break her off some dubs, so she can go see the preacher man Even though I know he false teachin, damn [CHORUS:] 'Ooooh...' All I hear is grams prayin, I keep hearin moms sayin, shit 'Somebody oughta just, reach out and, help me...' That's all I hear is moms prayin, I keep hearin grams sayin... 'Somebody oughta just reach out and, help me...' [Scarface] Don't cry mama, your baby boy done weathered the storm And I found peace right here in your arms By the way, how you gettin along, huh I know it's been tough bearing the pain since daddy's been gone But, all in all, you still stood tall and never shedded a tear I'm thankin God you still here Cause, only heaven knows all my heartaches and setbacks Goin from a high school dropout to shovelin wet wax I'm never gon' forget that, look in your eyes, (look in your eyes) When you told me that my grandfather died It was like nothing had happened, (naw) and I'm knowin that you miss him But to accept death, is just the side of a good Christian And I miss him, just words, and I lived it in life (lived it in life) and I take it step by step, but I take it in Christ (take it in Christ) Cuz I'm knowin I can't make it alone (uh, uh) You told me not to buy you a new house because in heaven's your home and as hurt as I was, I had to smile witcha and thank God that we crossed paths cuz you one strong sister and I'm never gon' forget ya Heaven sent us an angel and the world gon' miss ya... mama [CHORUS] [Verse 3] I'm in love with two women The one that birth me and the one that birth her Know that you gotta hurt me Before you hurt her or hurt her Or hurt them or hurt we I cursed see the worsest death Beat you niggas to a thirsest breath Off wit ya head niggas, fuck that all purpose vest I'm ridin all out for Umi Christian Caffer, though I follow the path of the sumi What can I do but bow down and give offerings For the lady with the softest skin Keep picturin grams tuckin me in Breakin me out of her change purse Slash teacher, slash preacher, slash changed nurse One woman, ten boys, seven daughters Three story house wit no supporter Damn, you wanna get your life in order Words from the oldest boy of your youngest daughter [CHORUS]

Wish You Could See Me

HAYSTAK "Car Fulla White Boys"
I wish you could see me crying like a baby Grieving not believing he's on a machine keeping him breathing He aint leaving hell naw he's staying right here Hoping Im dreaming caught up in a nightmare Emergency technicians cut him out his clothes So they could see tha bullet holes put tubes up his nose I suppose I'm suppose to be strong but damn that My boy was supposed ta live longer I'm remminesn bout drinking brews and smoking blunts Prayed for the first time in months God I know you cannot allow this madness to go on for so long But I think you proved you point were going to live right for now on His momma helped to tell me his fight was incredible But it's inevitable if he makes it he'd be a vegetable Raised nurtured him too much love Too sit and watch him hurt so him pulling tha plug I walked in seen him laying there Looked like he was sleeping lights was blinking machines wasn't beeping It was just me my homie had flat lined so I hugged him told him I loved him For tha last time [Chorus] I wish you could see me I wish you could see me Wish you could see me I wish you could see me Cruel intentions complicating doom Pulling for my partner in tha operating room Sewed him up put him in I.C.U. The doctor told his family thieve done all they can do We had high hopes just knowing he'd pull through But he got this look on his face like he just knew He might not be able to come back I said squeeze my hand if you feel me he didn't react So that's one more homie that we lost to the late night [Rain Starting] Kill tha head light pull up at tha grave sight We were there twenty minutes seemed like forever it lasted His brother broke down his moms collapsed on tha casket See tha caretaker throw the first shovel of dirt I cant begin to describe how much that hurt I can begin to describe I aint going pretend I can't begin to describe that [Chorus] In this game I don't lost some money but I can make my N's back I done lost some homies but ill never get my friends back Thick and thin we thought it wouldn't end But we were wrong son life does not go on Alone he died, He's strong I tried But even grown men cry sometime no sunshine Just gray skies tear filled eyes sad goodbyes Visualize my homies ride, [] before he died he said Be patient it'll happen god aint calling you to balling Stak you is meant for rapping be in shape For your life to end you wound up in the Penn For a mistake missed your big break So now Im trying not to die myself Choose my goals go for the gold and apply myself I felt pain for henrys; I stained middle ones hurt worst I see us putting you in the hearse The redwood casket all gold trim Three piece pin strip gators and brim I can here him saying straighten up, you got music to tend to Tell the country how we made good all that bad we been through [Chorus] Ohhhhh I wish you I just wish you Could just see me man I just miss you And I just wish you could be with me cause I miss you and words can't describe the pain That I have felt since you have been gone Since you've been gone long, long, long, gone Ohhh I wish you could see me

Lover Please

A shot in the dark I woke up to find You had broke all the rules And you changed your mind Didn't I love you good Didn't I love you right Then tell me where are you going Dressed to kill tonight Oh this one's gonna hurt like hell Answer my prayer and answer the phone Think twice about it honey Turn around and come on home Lover stop lover don't Lover stop Lover lover please It's the same old tune I have sung before It's the same old game It's just a different score If there was just one thing I could call my own It would be your love That's sinking like a stone Oh this one's gonna hurt like hell And they hold you like I want to And they give you what I want to And they take it like I want to And they make it and they break it Why must you reject me Why can't you protect me

Da Cypha

WYCLEF JEAN "The Ecleftic * 2 Sides II A Book"
INTRO: Yo 1, 2, 1, 2 The Clef is back with some adjustments Refugee camp [Turn it up! Turn it up! Turn it up!] Yo, you see them Refugees right there, they goin in the car HOOK: WooWooWooWooWoo Keys they goin in the trunk WooWooWooWooWoo Fiends they don't give a uh [Marie Antoinette] And Flex couldn't save you even if he dropped a bomb in this You still gon be found in a ditch My name should be Robin Banks the way I be robbin banks I'm a fiend for the S-500 I want it Used to stay high and blunted, but all that had to stop Chick like me be chasin after cops And they don't stop at my block after the Diallo shootin Soldiers in waitin, marksmen recruitin Salutin, thug confederates, rhyme and reason Time and treatin, Air Force One we leavin Panama red, holdin 52 hands for ransom My man Johnny Handsome, itchin to cancel 'em I'm like hold up, wait a minute, let's get down to buisness We could shoot up everything soon as the deal is finished Blah, blah, I got two hours to kill We want like 5 mil in a private jet so peel [Supreme C] Supreme C been after mean figures, ask my lil nigga Since back in the days, before he was raised Aint nobody puttin fear in my heart, who need a jumpstart My art sharp, shoot your posse apart Nigga take you on one by one, gun by gun Son by son, done by done Whoever come murder fest, one of the best I'm gettin assets, collect ass bets, squat by your address I come to kick it wit you, walk beans stickin wit you Why try to hide from accomplice vibe Yo we break bread, break heads, my people shake feds Gamble and scramble, F what your man do It's all about this husltin game, muscle and fame Tussels in rain, take aim, blush you with game My language is unexplainable, switch, changeable And I stay remaindable, with bigger guns aimed at you HOOK [Hope] I run up in Da Cypha heavily armed with endless bars of metaphoric harm A python with poisonous charm, extending my arm Pushing figures way to the back Out of your reach, excessive like Fatal Attract Freeze, a renegade bar stroke, an ace of spades I'll kiss you wit a blade when I think I'm gettin played Made woman, you never in bed with the same woman You say you want it, you don't wanna see the omen When my sixth sense start flowin I bless like holy water I don't wanna die cuz I'm my daddy's only daughter But yo, sometimes I see the writin on the wall You know the ghetto testaments, the shootouts, the brawls Close frames in the hall, will you stand or will you fall Your whole click is on the run now would you tell it all About the night shifters, me, I'ma cypher drifter My sixteen bars is up so peace to the mixes HOOK 2X [Wyclef] October 31st I was standing by the sour These thugs don't wanna talk they want these Pumas I just bought Fresh outta school, picked on cuz I'm bilingual I barely spoke English but the gun language was universal Ran in the grocery store, spoke to Gabriel He said, you have problems, here's a feezy from Israel Ran back outside, just before I could say... another homicide Threw the biscuit in the bushes runnin like Jesse Owens Police showed up, but I was nowhere in existence Back in the crib thinkin bout what I just did I'ma police of defense but I'm bound to catch this bid My hypothesis was right, they knocked the door, homie Like a super in the projects wantin rent money Just when I thought I get my life straight in the states Is when I found myself climbin down the fire escape Bodies found in Virginia under the dumpsters, no 18 shell cases in front of the grocery sto' Flee the scene of the crime before y'all kick the door No your honor that must be some old rhyme that I wrote And lyrics sometime man they misinterpretate it For example when I say gun I mean my pen and paper And everytime I wave and spit the crowd jump Cuz I'm still Digital Underground like 'humpty hump' Feel the funk comin through your elephant trunks I aint even *Kriss Kross* my clothes yet And yet y'all wanna 'Jump, Jump' in Da Cypha, 'Jump, Jump' You in Da Cypha HOOK OUTRO: Stay in the house when you hear WooWooWooWooWoo It means the murder's outside you hear WooWooWooWooWoo Where the real killers at you hear WooWooWooWooWoo Honey who chill with the gats you hear WooWooWooWooWoo Yo don't talk crap man WooWooWooWooWoo Just cuz your girl's wit you man WooWooWooWooWoo Cuz both o y'all gon go man WooWooWooWooWoo To a place where no man knows man WooWooWooWooWoo Femme fatale, Hope WooWooWooWooWoo Supreme C, kinda dope WooWooWooWooWoo Marie Antoinette in the back with the techs WooWooWooWooWoo Y'all know the flavor Refugee Camp... WooWooWooWooWoo...

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