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Big Daddy Kane lyrics - It's a Big Daddy Thing

Smooth Operator

Original and similar lyrics
Well excuse me, take a few minutes, to mellow out Big Daddy Kane is on the mic and I'ma tell about a minimum length, of rhymes of strength and power, so listen to the man of the hour Flow and go to a slow tempo and you know sing hoe, swing low, then yo the show will go on, as I perform Transformin on stage like a Decepticon But I'm not animated like a cartoon I'm for real, shootin lyrics like a harpoon Across the crowd, the listeners, the spectators So let's groove with the smooth operator cause I'm so smooth... -- gt; Rakim (repeat 2X) The B-I-G, D-A-double-D-Y-K-A-N-E I'm good and plenty, servin many and any competition, wishin for an expedition I'm straight up dissin and dismissin, listen Rappers act so wild, and love to profile Frontin hard but ain't got no style I give nightmares to those who compete Freddy Kreuger, walkin on Kane Street Confuse and lose abuse and bruise the crews who choose to use my name wrong, they pay dues Destruction from the exterminator But in a calm manner, cause I'm a smooth operator cause I'm so smooth... -- gt; Rakim (repeat 2X) Now girls step up to this One simple kiss, and it's over Miss Sold to nice dreamers, high as the price seem girlfriend, you been scooped like ice cream So just swing or fling a gathering try to cling Cause It's a Big Daddy Thing And I'm lovin em right word is bond So just play Marvin Gaye and Let's Get It On I make it real good like Dr. Feelgood To make sure that my point is understood That when it comes to this there's none greater Sincerely yours... the smooth operator cause I'm so smooth... -- gt; Rakim (repeat 2X) Now ain't that the pot callin the kettle black Sayin I'm a new jack, you need to be smacked The smooth way I say em and the way I display em to make them sound different in a way that's gifted and hey I'm, makin sure every lyric is done fine And I make one line, bright as the sunshine Attack you like Robatussin on a cough If you know like I know -- step off! Competition, I'ma get rid of You can't get a bit of, so just consider a break or rest vacation hibernation And make way for my smooth operation I'm a smooth operator cause I'm so smooth... -- gt; Rakim (repeat 2X) Ahhhhh yeahhh, and you don't stop Genuine for eighty-nine And I still ain't half-steppin, peace!

Redstorm's Domestic Lesson (Interlude)

SYLEENA JOHNSON "Chapter 4: Labor Pains"
And the saga continues, Another domestic lesson Open yo minds people & check it! Cuz its a straight up blessing Now, for those that it applies to, I think you've been lied to Believing that a real woman's place is behind you So you commence to beating her and treating her like some kind of creature Disregarding the words of the Most Highest teacher Your duty is to preserve her Homie Not hurt her Deal with her from her neck up! And not her naval down! And show your God you deserve her! You gotta understand a real woman's worth The same one who give birth to Nations Is the same one you hurt Well, she wuz meant to be your heaven on earth She, the one who suffered through your every bid While you wuz locked up, Man she struggled with yo kids! Depressed and stressed out and mentally abused! When all you wanted wuz pictures of her half-nude! Yeah. . . that shows where yo mind is at Society feeds yo sex drive to keep yo thoughts like that No wonder, they talking about "In-de-pend-ent Women" They don't wanna mess with us no more Based on the way we living Man! Out all night hanging, slanging, Risking yo life out there gangbanging Leaving yo lady twisted, missing her man Yo kids, they're government-assisted, Out there bad While you wind up behind bars, Their lives become scarred Reduce to the embarrassment of linked cards And wishing on stars Now yo girl's spirit is straight up scarred Once a real woman gives up on her man, The serpent is worn out on God's original plan Cuz we wuz meant to be a pair To secure reproduction But if you aint there to stand on yo function Yo seed is wide open to a world of corruption So stop trippin and get on yo buziness! Locate the message that You need and LISTEN! LISTEN! Try to find life before You killed in these streets Cuz if the game don't do it This system will (this system will, this system will) LISTEN!!

Daddy I'm Fine

SINEAD O'CONNOR "Faith Courage"
I was born in Dublin town Where there was not too much going on down For girls whose only hope Was not to find a man who could piss in a pot So early I heard my first guitar And I knew I wanted to be a big star And I told my poor worried father Said I ain't gonna go to school no more Cuz see I wanna look cool and I wanna look good With my hair slicked back and my black leather boots Wanna stand up tall with my boobs upright And feel real hot when the makeup's nice I get sexy underneath the lights Like I wanna fuck every man in sight Baby come home with me tonight Make you feel good make you feel all right I'm going away to London I got myself a big fat plan Gonna be a singer in a rock 'n' roll band And I'm gonna change everything I can Sorry to be disappointing Wasn't born for no marrying Wanna make my own living singing Strong independent Pagan woman singing And I feel real cool and I feel real good Got my hair shaved off and my black thigh boots I stand up tall with my pride upright And I feel real hot when the makeup's nice I get sexy underneath them lights Like I wanna fuck every man in sight Baby come home with me tonight Make you feel good make you feel all right I'm glad I came here to London I've myself some big fat fun And I have even made some mon' I got the most angelic son My baby daughter is golden And I do what I like for fun And I'm happy in my prime Daddy I'm fine I'm fine Daddy I'm fine Daddy I'm fine I'm fine Daddy I love you

Bad Day

Keith Murray "It's a Beautiful Thing"
Yo shit is real dog, you know? Stay out the web, cuz once you get caught up in the web That's it, you know? They get you they got you good Yo do the knowledge, take notice, stay focused Shit is real, and it's real hard out there, for a black nigga [Verse 1] Ayo the way they doin me I can't stand it Branded as a social bandit, but I'm a man and I'ma handle it I'm not the first and I won't be the last Just look how they did Pac and Tyson in the past Yo at times, sometimes, I feel like I'm cursed Because my life done went from bad to worse Through all the stressful moments and all of the worry I'ma still remain the same Keith Murray Because I know deep in my heart God is on my side If I gotta do my time, then I'ma do my time They label you wrong, when you try to do right And then they wonder why a con is so uptight I'm just livin proof, of when you livin the truth I been goin through bad times, since I was a youth Now look, they got me locked in jail People wonderin will I prevail or fail But only time will tell My mind, just now and then Lookin down the corridors and wonders what might have been It was a bad day [Verse 2] Yo, I wouldn't even stand here and lie to you, yeah it's true All the shit that you hear about I'm goin through And we good people at heart Jesus knows that we try So I wonder why we get a break no time My little sister just died, and the judge let me fry And now I gotta kiss my lil daughter goodbye All the pressure, make me wanna grab the tech off the dresser But understand that don't make you a man So I address the, situation best way that I can With a letter to the senator, from the lyrical political prisoner That the system label a sinister In jail while I confess my sins to the minister It's enough to make a nigga go A-Wall But for now I leave it in the hands of the Lord It's a real situation we all go through You know, unfortunately, Today was a bad day Word, recognize, I'm no different from you You no different from me, you know It was a bad day [Verse 3] No slack for the rapper, no rest for the worried Now everybody in the world heard of Keith Murray When the hype dies down and reality sets in We all goin through the same thing for a friend And it aint nothin good in the hood Your own people will stab you in the back Set you up and get you good From the start, I came from the heart Giuliani got the nerve to oppose the million youth march They confiscated my passport, though I might of boated I'm young black and dangerous that's why I got railroaded And magazines, as if it's been misquoted, let it be noted They can't break me to the streets I'm forever devoted Yo I'm tellin you man, this is life, you gotta live this life Would you fall, would you make it, you never know Today was a bad day Livin proof of the truth, locked the fuck up, on some bullshit You know, you livin, right or wrong It was a bad day But yo keep your shit tight, cuz when the get you they get you good I had a bad day Yeah, I understand you had a bad day

Chante's Got A Man

CHANTE MOORE "This Moment Is Mine"
Chante's got a man at home And he's sure good to me I'm sorry that your man ain't home I'm sorry that yours left you alone It's such a shame your man is playing games And I heard you say that men are all the same No, no, no 1 - It's not the truth girl Cause I got proof girl Oh I got proof girl I got a man at home 2 - Chante's got a man at home It hurts me your man's leaving you all alone I can't help it that your baby's bad Creeping out, cheating on ya, beating on ya Chante's got a man at home And he's sure good to me Listen Now why'd you let him beat you down No, no, what's up with that There's good men around Don't you know how beautiful you are inside girl And don't you let nobody go and steal your pride Oh no no, I know your thing girl Repeat 1 Repeat 2 I once was where you are Thought men were all the same But I never gave up hope And now my life has changed Listen to me girls One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch girl He always treats me right, we never fight He sends me flowers and wines and dines me Took me home to meet his momma How he loves me One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch girl Give it one more try Before ya give up on love Repeat 2 until fade

Swinging Swords

Killarmy "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars"
These rhythms can't deface me Hot rhythms stimulate me Can't help but swing it boy Swing it brother swing Don't stop the beat that's slapped this foolish brat Come on swing me boys Swing it brother swing Word up, let's take 'em to war, son Show 'em how it should be done It's real God Yeah, Yeah Stimulate the brain cells Check it, Check it Yo Killarmy bounty killers Industry kid shivers Shells up through your liver Dead corp float the rivers Murderous style is superior from Shaolin to Nigeria Stalking through the monitor With the wisdom for dynamical fessor (?) Lyrical kid in processor Nat Turner was my militant ancestor I capture your mind put in isolation Control the soul automation Victims became mechanical slaves again Read the East Coast historian As you oppose this Your walking dead soldiers can't get close to this I be splitting shit like Moses Then celebrate with Guns 'n Roses I turn soundtracks into startracks My tongue is symbolic to an axe I used to be caught up in the world of Mad Max Now come against the consequence of the 9th Prince I sit upon my throne and chop off domes Then send them home to your peoples So they can sew 'em Thoughts I generate like high forms of energy My brain's energetic Ultramagnetic synthetic Burn like oil High octane let it drain upon the Shaolin soil You get trapped inside my rap coils Like my phalanges rip the microphone When I recite a war poem It's writen in my soldier's log It's a Killarmy espionage Puerto Rican mobster in camouflage Perform at the Mirage my entourage Get the ticket through Telecharge as I massage lyrics get enlarged Grenade particles rip through your fatigue articles You flee for shelter My tre pound rounds'll melt you Like camouflage vinyl in the force of Delta What, what, one time Come on, swing it Bring it, what Killarm, yeah, swing it The Gods gonna bring it Real, what Yo, yo You either get down shut the fuck up or catch an uppercut Rough enough to muffle up your jaw when we knuckle up Knuckle what? Bacardi hit me harder than you You crash dummies show respect when the Gods is coming through Eyes swollen up the size of coconuts Your body folding up Allah the soldier struck and through the cut I walk and hold you up Sit back hang from your hip like loose Kani's Try to flip it on the strength of your wis' and let you slide Savage eighty five trying to test sides True we're living thirty two shots We're sending a rocket to your prison Caught you bubbling Like a cold sore the money coming in Juggling the church and street life you got me wonderng and catch 'em I let Allah bless 'em That's the question You dealing with a madman's profession So choose your weapon Word up, Killarmy Taking y'all to another war ground Hold down the battlefield, word up Shout outs to all my Universal Soldiers Killarmy, word up Deep Space 9, the Clan, word up Sunz of Man My nigga High Style, word up To all the soldiers in all the fifty two planets New York, Ohio Philadelphia, word up My Anna locked down Atlanta, for real Little Rock, Miami Pittsburgh, word up Washington D.C., upstate for real To all my juvenile niggas that's locked up in Tober Center Word up, Ryker's Island Peace to Big Queen (?) and Supreme Word up the God and General Wise General Wah Word up to the last soldiers My nigga Islord still locked down in the jungle, son Word up keep your sword up son, Killarmy gonna represent this shit, son Word up, peace Get out of here Peace

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