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Big Daddy Kane lyrics - It's a Big Daddy Thing

Rap Summary (Lean On Me Remix)

Original and similar lyrics
Lean on me! (2X) Big Daddy Kane, a teacher.. (2X) Big Daddy.. Big Daddy.. Goes a little somethin like this! Can I get a yes (4X) Just lean on me - gt; Kane *cut n scratched* [Big Daddy Kane] Can I get a yes No Why I ain't happy Cause I came back for these troubles to grab me And they've gotten a hold on me My oh my, things ain't what they used to be Looks to me like Eastside got problems Now it's time to see what we can do to solve them Change for the better, letter New rule be enforced in school so we can get rid of all the bad apples in the bunch Clean up the wall and cook better lunch Put the students in class where they should be to stop roamin the halls, and oh could we PLEASE, eliminate the drug situation Stop smokin and get an education Point blank, let's change the whole scenery You need help Well hey, lean on me Just lean on me - gt; Kane *cut n scratched* LEAN ON ME! - gt; 2X Whattaya do in a situation like this Special mix Please! Like this.. like this.. Whattaya do in a situation like this Like this - gt; *cut n scratched* Goes a little somethin like.. like.. [Big Daddy Kane] Whattaya do in a situation like this Get tough - or get dissed The job is yours to play the boss enforce the laws because the source is knowledge, wanna go to college Or wannabe GARBAGE It's up to do so what you gonna do I-I prefer to learn, cause this is for your own concern You gotta-you gotta earn, however the world turns So wake up-wake up, to put some sense in your head Don't be-don't be mislead, use your brain instead Because-because a brother like me, can't understand you playin yourself cheap, like a soggy old Pamper Since I'm-Since I'm around, I'm destined and bound to resurrect and perfect the entire school around the whole-the whole entourage, a class so large under Joe Clark, I am the head [nigga] in charge! The man-the man with the master plan for discipline Makin changes-makin changes, no matter what we twist or bend You may not-you may not understand what this mean to me But for your-but for your own good.. just lean on me Just-just-just-just for your own good special mix You may not understand what this mean to me But for your own good.. just lean on me Just lean on me - gt; *cut n scratched* Big Daddy Kane, a teacher.. (4X) Special mix Goes a little somethin like this! .. Special mix (2X) Goes a little somethin like.. like.. Big Daddy Kane, a teacher.. *cut n scratched 2X* ..teachin a lesson *cut n scratched 2X* ..teachin a lesson to be heard, that's word Can I hear a yes (2X) [Big Daddy Kane] Can I hear a yes YES! Why Things are better And we are finally, workin together in unity, and you're soon to see Eastside High as a better place to be The students, the pupils, have morals and scruples Our learning ability is increased quadrupled And we're off to a brand new start I played my part to prove that you're smart and it's proven, but I ain't movin, I won't be gone I'm here, when you need someone to lean on So take heed to this as a blessing and remember.. ain't no HALF-STEPPIN Get in full gear, I'm sure that you'll care in the long run, when you got pull here That means AUTHORITY R-E-S-P-E-C-T Word! So let knowledge uproot ya Go for yours, cause we are the future The ones who rise to supremecy And if you ever need a hand, just lean on me * more cuttin, scratchin, and samples to fade*

I Tried

JADAKISS "The Last Kiss"
[Chorus: Avery Storm] Every day, somethin in my way, I try Shit ain't goin right, I try to see the light, I try Ohh, it's like my eyes got a cover on 'em, and somethin holdin me back A better man, better level, better know I try [Jadakiss] Uh-huh, get off me, AH-HAH! Uh, yeah yo Listen, I done played with the snakes in the grass Paid for my mistakes I made in the past Everybody ate when I came with the cash At least I tried to ride the wave 'til it crashed Same wood on the gun handle is on the dash All the hoods that son ran through is on smash They can't identify you with a mask And the bible'll tell you nothin is gonna last The name of the game's survival If you make it alive when you ride through they make it arrival My boo is gon' ride, you know I'm gon' ride too Make an M every day, I'm gon' try to - let's go [Chorus] [Jadakiss] Uh-huh, get off me, AH-HAH! Uh, yeah yo I tried to tell niggaz I'm willin to blast for it I only try to give it to niggaz that ask for it Got them things on the scale, I'm still weighin 'em Thought my dues was paid, I'm still payin 'em Couple Eleanor's and the Goose, I'm still Bay'in 'em Semi's and the fully's, know that the truth stay with him Wolves and gorillas is loose, so don't play with him Somethin's holdin him back, nothin that you could say to him Popped champagne with Biggie at the Palladium Put that good hawk work in with the titaniums Shit switch around when them heats get fired And ya peeps just died, but at least he tried - let's go [Chorus] [Jadakiss] Uh-huh, get off me, AH-HAH! Uh, yeah - watch the game get tooken over I'm still on the same side of the fence, I'm just lookin over A solider, from the gravel to the grass to the obstacles in life I traveled in the past Whether I'm holdin a mic or holdin a mac It's like an invisible force is holdin me back But I ain't lettin go of my pride After I get the dough I'll slide, better know I tried Let's go, uh [Chorus w/ ad libs] [Avery Storm] Here come another day up on me Put the pressure on me, here we go again ahhh I try to do what's right when life is so wrooooong I want a better way, I see a better day 'Nuff what the people said, I want a better me God knows that I try but time won't wait for me [Chorus w/ ad libs] [Avery Storm] I tried, hey!

Baby Mama Drama

Grand Puba "Understand This"
Yeah...uh...yeah...uh Grand Puba...yeah...uh Let's talk about it, huh [Hook] If ya have a kid with a chick then I hope that chu' love her There's no stress like Baby Mother Some of these girls use a baby to get back at a brother Cause it ain't the same as it was Some cats bounce, leave the chick to play the daddy and mother It's all about the kid and not her If you and her don't work out then you still gotta handle your's nigga So handle your business nigga [Verse 1] She got chu' for everything The crib and the whip and the bling, ka-ching Now if ya ain't feelin' shorty like that Then you better put it on, put it on, put it on, put it on And shorty if ya feel the same back Then you better tell dude put it on, put it on, put it on, put it on There be a whole lot of seeds made from Hennessey and trees Once you raw dog hit it The ya ass done committed Cause ya dick is thinkin' Too many trees, too much drinkin' A one time resentment got you a lifetime commitment You hate her now You tell her get rid of that shit But she had three abortions already so she's keepin' it Now ya got drama with ya soon to be baby mama Nine months of pregnancy No hair no seed It takes two to play Connect that seed with that ay So ya better strap it on if ya goin' all the way Best night of ya life could be the worst of ya days She'll have you unjust rappers talkin' bout chu' got to pay [Hook] [Verse 2] Now it's mommie's baby, daddy's maybe If it go like it supposed to then the shit go great You know what's up, if in doubt, do without Or get that funny feelin' when ya ass is pullin' out Like, what I just did I hope I ain't make no kids Every week you callin' (Yo you get cho' period) Some cats handle they biz some leave mothers stuck Seed growin' up not knowin' who they daddy is Misguided, undivided, tryin' hard to find it Only seein' life one-sided Come on do you But if you got a seed make sure you do em' to The same fuckin' way that chu' would do you That's what's up, some more hood drama And the baby daddy frontin' and it just be baby mama A little bit of something Is better than a whole lot of nothin' Cause nothin' from nothin' leave ya nothin' [Hook] [Verse 3] So tell me why oh why Why did I hit that straight up I hate them chicks who threatin' niggas with that court shit That support shit, knowin' a nigga bought shit You don't want her so she really on some sore sport shit It ain't about that seed no more, it's all about what she can get But that's that bullshit but that's how some of em' do There's only gonna be more drama if ya find somebody new Now she hatin' you, ya ass is really due If this new chick that chu' got is lookin' better than she do Cats be flippin' too, soon as she find somebody new They be loungin' in the crib, you be like who the fuck is you [Hook]

Heads Up

(feat. The D Boys) [Chorus (Baby)] I hear them people coming daddy (Heads up!) You better get to running daddy (Heads up!) They walking through the court man (Heads up!) You better stash your dope man (Heads up!) [Lac] I hear them people coming daddy (Heads up!) You better get to running daddy (Heads up!) They walking through the court man (Heads up!) You better stash your dope man (Heads up!) [Baby] Aye, I heard it was a murder (murder) Robbing and kidnapping Lil one with that jaw jacking Saying that he stacking - ain't packing That tool go to clapping You hear that 'click:pow' Move out before the 'click, click:pow' [Stone] Man I don't like that nigga anyway I heard he been ratting [Lac] We can drag him to the river Stone [Stone] Nah, leave him for Atrice [Lac] Look, I'm a gangsta, hustler, hoodlum (slow down) I came with the four pounds (pounds) So fucking let it go down (go down) I'm tired of them niggas talking I'm letting the trigga sparker Bull dog barking - Cadillac done did em' awful [Baby] He ratting, stooping, bitching, and busting balls Say Lac, I'ma send this nigga to the mall (It is what it is) Its one way in dog - Heads up! Grab on them K-9 dogs [Chorus] [Stone] Stunna a street nigga, straight up Make him act as money And I don't sleep nigga I stay up in a black 600 I play for keeps nigga (so pay up, ain't jacking nothing) The price is cheap nigga (Heads up! Crackers coming) [Baby] See I'm a known D Boy so they hits my spot Put my homies on they knees and they check for rocks So we change stash spots cause the blocks is hot On the rag-less cars so they can't clip my spots [Lac] The Caprice's on the block moving slow-ly (slow-ly) That's the mother fucking po-lice Here come the laws nigga heads up (heads up) Better raise up (raise up) Big chips if ya made something [Baby] Move, move out nigga They coming through (what about the traffic daddy) Nigga, fuck you! Heads up you know what to do You best to break, run, cause nigga they coming through [Chorus] [Lac] They told me put my hands on the car and show me your hands I had some raw in my draws so I broke out and ran I can't afford to be busted til my money advance But I'm running with the Birdman - so I'm straight nigga [Baby] I'm on the block with the rocks and the 44 Its hot and we still burn a pound of dro' Million stashed in the trunk or compartment doors A hundred birds stashed in a Bentley four door [Stone] I'm sticking to Tha G-Code - Tees and Bauts Break it up () covered in rocks Got a bitch on every exit that's holding my blocks And I drive a () but keep my Lexus by my older shops Streets watching - I know that's why I'm on my shit When them people riding with four doors - up my click Showing them off to rookie cops to watch out for me And I know this from crooked cops that get blocks from me [Chorus (Fades to Baby talking)]

Hillwood Hustlaz II

[Chorus:] Hillwood Hustlaz You can't See us We run Houston Thousands Of tons [First Verse:] i'll take my gun and make you run cuz it really dont make me numb, slip through the hood dope i cook. living my life the best i could, robin hood the youngest crook here they come now watch out look. go by the book, jaws i shook. its that mexican dance with wolves. swimming pools we some fool's diamonds and them ruby jewels. making moves, haterz lose, just last week i made the news. They accused but I won't lose Mama's happy, Daddy's cool What about you What do you do If you young, stay in school We stay true, Dopehouse crew Smokin' yabba dabba doo Jam this crew, we brand new Followin' up this plan I drew SP-Mex bubble jet Countin' dollars and them cents Kick your door down and have you tryin' to jump your own fence [Chorus] [Second Verse:] You haters ain't no friend of mine Boys don't wanna let me shine That's all fine, take in mind Bust a rhyme, like a nine How many times do I have to tell ya All my life I've been called a failure Write my friends in the pen 'Are you gettin' these letters I mailed ya' Rock and roll, opthimals Then go eat at Poppa Dough's So many hoes in the club Pull my cash and buy them all a rose Eighty-four, the story goes On about that boy Carlos Sippin' fours, hittin' dro But never put nothin' up my nose Body froze, casket closed Nightmares of the life I chose Try my dope and overdose Suckin' up my killer flow Freestyle pro, style: girbauds Silky socks and matchin' clothes Mama told me life was like ballet, you gotta stay on your toes Crackin' jokes, spin a spoke Silly question, do I smoke Breakfast Milk and Quaker oats Eighty thousand dollar boat Better not puff, better not pout SPM is in your town El Coyote in el mote, a.k. Senor Charlie Brown [Chorus] [Third Verse:] The barbarian Look where we buried him In the hole, right next to the librarian I married in, to the very end Have your kids askin', 'Daddy, who are those scary men' Make a stripper bitch, wanna be my fuckin' wife She told me 'This the biggest tip I ever got in my life' Nothin' can save us, starched, stuffed Ben Davis Sellin' dope, to my coked out neighbors First full trip and let my clip get to rippin' Blood drippin' out his shit, tryin' to run, but he limpin' I come from the slums, survived on crumbs I live like a man, and I'ma die like one [Chorus]

Subterranean Homesick Blues

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS "The Uplift Mofo Party Plan"
Johnny's in the basement mixing up the medicine I'm on the pavement thinking about the goverment the man in the trench coat, badge out, laid off, says he's got a bad cough: wants to get it paid off God knows when but you're doin' it again! you better duck down the alleyway lookin'for a new friend the man in the coonskin cap by the big pen wants eleven dollar bills: you only got ten Look out, kid Look out, kid, it's somethin' that you did Look out, kid, 'cause they keep all hid Maggie comes fleet foot, face full of black soot talkin' at the heat put plants in the bed but the phone's tapped anyway, maggie says that many say they must bust in early may orders from the D.A. Walk on your tip toes, don't try no doz better stay away from those that carry around a fire hose keep a clean nose, watch the plain clothes you don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows Look out, kid Look out, kid, it's somethin' that you did Look out, kid, 'cause they keep all hid Looks to me like you did a little to much hittin' kid you should've took it to the bridge before you started to skid Look out, kid the good god willin', we'll bebop to Bob Dylan chillin'em, thrillin'em, and red hot killin'em killin'em Get sick, get well, hand around a ink well ring bell, hard to tell if anything is goin' to sell try hard, get barred, get back, write braille get jailed, jump bail, join the army, if you fail But users, cheaters, six time losers hand around the theatres girl by the whirlpool lookin' for a new fool don't follow leaders, watch the parkin' meters Look out, kid Look out, kid, it's somethin' that you did Look out, kid, 'cause they keep all hid

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